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Please! Give me something for the pain!

By Jamie Rowland :  03/10/2008 :  Comments (2) :
After watching the lacklustre display last night I wanted to find reasoning behind the disillusioned and disappointing players. Why is our number one midfielder not skipping, stepping and twisting anymore? Why is our brutish Aussie not hurtling over defenders in the box? Why are our two decent centre halves not passing the ball and playing the hoof instead?

I am no footballing expert ? in fact, I have never played at any level other than the weekly 5-a-side kick about with my mates. It may only be a kick around but for some reason, I give it my all every time I play ? I want to win every week. So why do players who get paid (sickening amounts) to play the game ?they love?, perform so badly? Last night was farcical. We looked tired (and its only 6 games into the season), we lacked invention and most of all we lacked pace. We cant play one touch or quick passing football, we cant send a throw in to feet and we can?t thread through balls for our attackers. Instead we played like a championship side ? like Stoke ? and opted to get what we could from set pieces and when all else failed, hoof! hoping for the best from the Yak ? who quite clearly just wants to be given the ball at his feet.

I watched the derby from my regular Park end seat?Liverpool, get the ball in their own half?bang, bang, bang and suddenly they where on the edge of our box looking like opening us up. Last night, Liege, picked the ball up, a few passes and then they would be deep into our half with our midfield clambering to get back.

Where has it all gone wrong, why do we not play carpet football. Where has the illustrious School of Science gone?

Last season we played some decent football and we were difficult to beat. Teams didn?t want to come to Goodison (but I fear that now they can?t wait!). So somewhere in the closed season, it all went a bit ?belly up?. So I?m going to concentrate my efforts on the closed season.

Moyes wont sign his new, lucrative deal. Why? A reported sixty thousand a week and he?s stalling, there has to be good reason for this. Was he offered a better deal by our board and when push came to shove, they couldn?t give it to him? He was promised to be bank rolled but the board couldn?t do it? He was promised big signings but the board couldn?t provide, or deliver? I for one don?t blame him for not signing the deal. He has a fantastic reputation amongst the LMA and premier league big wigs and understandably he doesn?t want that to be marred by not being able to continue to produce a good side.

Unfortunately, Moyes (did anyone else see his face at the final whistle last night?) has lost heart. Its just not in it and a change is required. Something needs change to give him the motivation to push us forward again. I don?t doubt that he is on the training field every day stroking ego?s and telling the players that they can do it ? but they know Moyes and they can sense that he is tired and weary from the summer catastrophe. They can see that he is bamboozled by the off pitch affairs and perhaps the ?well done lads? doesn?t sit too well with them in the tone in which it is currently delivered.

Either way the result is that the shit sinks to the bottom and for me the contract situation has effected Moyes more than perhaps even he thinks and its rubbed off on the training ground and ultimately on the performance of our team.

Before we start sticking daggers into backs and turning up with banners and chants calling for heads to roll we have to be clear what and/or who is at fault.

  • Moyes hasn?t signed the contract. Was he promised big things or is he holding out because he is aware of a takeover? Or is he looking for a career promotion to a better club?
  • Kenwright openly admits that he can?t afford to run Everton FC. Is it his fault that he doesn?t have the collateral? Did he make promises that he knew he couldn?t keep?
  • Is the new Stadium debacle the reason that we can?t progress? Why have Newcastle got 8 potential suitors, yet we have no one interested in buying us?
  • Is the distinct lack of atmosphere at Goodison (the lack of singing at the Derby was awful) to blame?
I don?t have the answers to why the lads look disinterested but I wish they would be honest with themselves, and us, and be brave enough to voice concern and get it sorted. I am struggling to watch a team that can?t give 100% at the very least. I am struggling to turn up and play my part when the return I get is slow, boring and frustrating. I love Everton FC and its painful to watch the current demise. Come on Everton?go up a gear ? and that?s to all staff: Players, Managers, Board room members?its all dismal and it needn?t be.

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Pete Waring
1   Posted 03/10/2008 at 17:05:41

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Very much old ground that ,Jamie.The contract issue is simple really.£17M on offer over 5 years.Manager sends it back with a demand for £16M over 4.
Result =stand-off.
Watch this space for resolution.
Paul Lyons
2   Posted 03/10/2008 at 20:06:02

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Good article, Jamie!
Pete, it's not old ground, it's very current ground! I think its more complicated than a manager getting more money out of the club for himself. I think he wants more assurances of transfer funds over the next five years.

Jamie, I agree we need to know more about what's going on behind the scenes to decide where the fault actually lies. Pete has already made his mind up!

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