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Half truths, lies... a right mess!

By Paul Lenehan :  03/10/2008 :  Comments (8) :
To say Evertonians have been treated poorly over this last year by the powers that be is an understatement. I was a loyal, some would say blind, Kenwright supporter. I had many a go at Tony Marsh last season in response to what I felt were over the top doom mongering posts, but as each week passes my once unbridled positivity has been chipped away at to have me at the point of near depression with direction our club is taking and how we are being led down this path.

Kirkby for example. When the plans were officially announced I was a supporter. We were told a 15 million contribution would get us a world class stadium. The 15 million would be easily raised by selling Goodison and naming rights.

Leaving aside the fact that there are obvious travel problems and its in a retail park, the club never once made reference to this blatant lie (which was made before the poll took place) when a few months later the figure of £70 million was neatly slipped in with little fuss or discussion. A stadium at no cost to us. I don't think so.

Fans have made genuine efforts to find viable alternatives which have been constantly shot down by the club. I mean the Loop site being a prime example. Now I'm from Ireland so I stand corrected if I have got the wrong end of the stick here. But did Bestway not initially say that they owned part of the site and with support of all appropriate parties a stadium and commercial enterprises both within the site and in neighbouring sites could be realistically developed? Wyness shot the idea down because it didn't have the potential to expand to 80,000! Such rubbish I have never heard, I mean we aren't Real Madrid and I can never see us needing an 80,000 capacity stadium.

If this was what Wyness and the club believed fair enough. But I have not heard this mentioned again. Instead following KEIOC's recent meeting with Elstone we are again told about no viable business plan. No mention of our capacity. Of course there will no viable business plan to do this the club would have to engage with bestway and other partners. The point is in the past Bestway have made it clear that there are commercial possibilities in developing the site.

I don't want this to turn into a debate about the proposed move I'm just using these as examples of the half truths and lies we have been told.

BK says he is searching for investment 24/7. Ashley decides he wants to sell Newcastle and within three weeks eight consortiums are talking to him. I appreciate that Goodison isn't a particularly strong selling point from a financial perspective but I can think of 100 other selling points that make us an attractive option. Wyness leaves and nothing from the club. I'm not saying I wanted him to stay but if your CEO suddenly walks something serious has gone on. Moyes's contract and nothing from the club.

I'm sorry if this was painful to read and I may get slated for it but I am just so deflated by the direction or lack of direction or club is taking.

Reader Comments

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Andy Kelly
1   Posted 03/10/2008 at 15:39:02

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One direction mate - that’s down!
The club we all love treats us like complete gobshites. I have a feeling the worse is still to come. But hey, its Friday. At least we can go drown our sorrows and not worry about work in the morning.
Jay Harris
2   Posted 03/10/2008 at 15:36:09

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totally agree with your sentiment.

Kenwrights regime is peppered with lies and deceipt.

We now find that the contract that Moyes was reported to be unwilling to sign has been sat on Kenwrights desk for weeks and with no apparent haste to get it sorted.

There is obviously something seriously wrong upstairs with the sudden resignation of the 4th chief exec since Kenwright took over (one of the few positions in football that people seem to hold for a lifetime)
and the suspicion that Earl and Green are wielding far more power in the boardroom than their position justifies.

I would like however to put on the record that GP is mortgaged for 15 million and is reported to be worth slightly less than that so it would in practice cost us money to sell GP so there is basically no contribution to be had towards Kirkby. Also in addition to all the reported negatives about Kirkby one less well publicised aspect is that it will cost EFC Millions to decontaminate land it will not even own.
Jamie Rowland
3   Posted 03/10/2008 at 16:33:27

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Good article - the bit that worries me the most is about Mike Ashley. BK puts us up for sale and nothing... then Ashley puts that lot up for sale and they have loads of potential suitors. It's worrying that we have nothing...
I?m generally not a doom and gloomer but I, like you, have had a lot of positivity chipped away from me and last nights performance took what was left... bad times.
Dave Wilson
4   Posted 03/10/2008 at 18:07:52

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Don't think we need to sell GP Jay.
I went to the game last night, the stadium was built on an area a fraction of the size of GP, Its was quite basic in terms of seat quality, but the facilities were adaquate, three sides of it housed three steeply banked tiers, Even the back of the top rows were much closer to the pitch than a lot of the premiership stadiums, this made for an incredible atmosphere, It would be interesting to know how much it cost

Tom Hughes has been advocating this sort of design for a long time now, I wasnt convinced . . until last night

Having visited every stadium in the Premier League, I have to say, none of them create anywhere near the noise levels this relatively small Belgian crowd were able to generate last night.
Tom Hughes
5   Posted 03/10/2008 at 22:34:35

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There are lots of similar tightly arranged stadia on the continent. I think the actual tiers at Liege are probably steeper than allowed in the UK nowadays, but there is still room to expand GP on 3 of the 4 sides if necessary (in sight-line terms). A tier behind the Bullens with just a small landtake blended around and behind the Parkend could create something similar at GP with a substantially larger capacity than the Belgian stadium and even DK.
Mark Williams
6   Posted 04/10/2008 at 06:54:24

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Weve been lied to so many times. I have only been 1 game this season (Blackburn home) and I decided then I won't go until BK goes.
What's the crack with this Indian fella getting conveniently leaked to the paper but no follow up to explain either way??? GOBSHITE you are BK. Fuck off from our STILL great club.
Tim Lloyd
7   Posted 04/10/2008 at 12:33:36

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Comment from a great Evertonian supporter:-

"GOBSHITE, you are BK. Fuck off from our STILL great club"

I despair
Mark Scarratt
8   Posted 05/10/2008 at 09:38:39

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I agree

Nobody expects everyone to agree, but surely if you do object to Kenwright can’t it be done without all this filthy abuse.

I got stick the other week because I said an article was rubbish. I didn’t swear.

Recent posts I have read seem to have descended into slanging matches between opposing sets of views.

I though the posts to this site were monitored.

Have your opinion by all means, but do it without resorting to vile language.

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