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David Moyes is Everton

By Nick Entwistle :  03/10/2008 :  Comments (47) :
"Sack Moyes, sack him now, he is turning the club into a joke and should go before we are relegated." ? Hands up who agrees with this?

The late MP and all round serial womaniser and wit Alan Clark once said, ?It is always easier to extol the virtues of a hypothetical alternative than to justify a cautious and disappointing reality." Well, I will give it a try anyway.

David Moyes is the reason for Everton being where they are, by that I mean the best of the rest. Not good enough for you? No, of course, we're Everton, we have a club motto that demands the best.

It demands it true, but of course is far from the case. We all know there are clubs in better positions be it financially, geographically, institutionally, with bigger squads and higher kudos for signings yet they finishing below us every season. Why then do we expect over the course of the season to go even further and break up the top 4, all among the top 8 teams in Europe therefore the world, and all of whom have recently become Champions League winners and finalists? Well, we do, and I will tell you why. It is down to David Moyes.

It is up for argument of course that his failings have cost us a top 4 berth in the past, though he is the only manager to have managed this since this top four elite came about. It is close to impossible for any team to take this step up, yet here we are demanding it. We had by all accounts had a good season last year and Liverpool a poor one, yet they finish 11 points better off. Given what Moyes said about £100m after the derby, that's about £9m per point spent by Liverpool on transfer fees to gain that margin. And they really did spend that much!

David Moyes's record at Everton is rightly revered by teams around the land. One thing though I am never in favour of is that former glories (or such) mean that a manager has a right to prolong his career at a club when it is not working out. There's no place for sympathy with who is in charge, only retrospectively once he's gone. So where does that thinking support David Moyes at this moment?

Managers are employed to bring out not only the potential of the squad but hopefully more. The old 110% adage perhaps. But being nine games into a season, 6 in the league, is not enough to know that things are not working out in the grand scheme of things. It only shows they are not working out right now.

With all that Moyes has done with the club, showing what a good manager he is by allowing us to in the very least have great expectations, he should not only be given, but rightly expect the opportunity to use his skills to turn around a current bad situation and bring back winning ways before the ever helpful knee-jerk reactionaries start calling for his job. This is not sympathy, this is common sense.

With the chopping and changing of Premier League managers approaching the turn-over seen on the continent maybe we have forgot that managers can turn bad situations around. Has not David Moyes done this before then had us finish 4th?

I love Everton and I love (in a thoroughly manly hetro way) David Moyes. My support are one and the same for him and the club and my pleasure to see Everton succeed, to be nothing but the best, would be in equal measure for the club and David Moyes as a person. I do this because he has thus far earned it. I don't understand Neville in the middle, or the hoof-ball or his 60th minute substitutions in every game, but I do know that a team striving to get somewhere in this modern era of football have to forgo style to gain results. He will install the change in Everton that will see us happy once again.

No more untried 16-year-olds in the centre. We have our key players back to fitness and playing together for the first time since the end of last season. Things will change, hopefully against Newcastle, maybe not against Man Utd and Arsenal, but that is what sporting competition is about. You need to fight hardest when you're down. And if you agreed with the opening line, then you want to throw away all that Moyes is, simply for a justification for your anger.

I'm with Moyes and I know a hell of lot of others are too.

Reader Comments

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Anthony Jaras
1   Posted 03/10/2008 at 15:34:20

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Best of the rest???


Villa, City, Christ, even Hull & look to be in better shap than we are, is this a serious article, if so, can I have some of what you are having please cos it must be potent.

My hand is in the air, and I know a lot of others will be too.
Clyde McPhat
2   Posted 03/10/2008 at 15:40:56

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Last night was the single worst team selection in DM?s tenure. Liege lays back to play for the nil-nil, and it seems we had no idea they were going to do that. WE had three midfielders on the pitch who CANNOT pass the ball. We had a left back who has been exposed as a lightweight and a right back who was so bad last night...I felt sorry for him. DM used a crucial game to remove Yobo from the first 11 in order to play Baines so he could get forward and put crosses in. Someone forgot to tell Baines, though.

We know Cahill can?t pass, PN can?t pass, and Osman can?t pass. Who knew Arteta?s skills would break down so much that he can?t get the ball over the first defender on corners and frees? I was stunned by the game. And to those who say we can now concentrate on the league by being out of the cup...are you out of your mind? Let?s lose so we can concentrate on staying up? How about if we win.

I love Moyes for what he has done, but he is no longer capable of pulling us out of the nosedive. This is a horrible time to be an Everton supporter. And it will only get worse because the fear that we put in the eyes of our opponents is now gone. Unfortunately, he has to go, and he has to go soon. Thanks for all you have done and the excitement you brought all of us. But, it?s time. That was horrible.

Barry Sherlock
3   Posted 03/10/2008 at 15:44:07

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Very well written. I’m totally with you.

You are not a Doddy.... trying to paint it white or putting a positive spin on it. Because it is NOT good at the moment. In fact it’s pretty piss poor.

But David Moyes has earned respect. We stick with him and support him. He has come through hard times before and now he has to dig deep and sort this one out.
Ciarán McGlone
4   Posted 03/10/2008 at 15:58:49

Report abuse

No shít sherlock!

sorry. Couldnt help it.
Nick Entwistle
5   Posted 03/10/2008 at 15:59:24

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I don’t mind people disagreeing with me at all, please do so. But I would prefer they entered into this with an open mind and a potential for debate on the points raised in the artical rather than the supposedly adult version of sticking fingers in your ears and screaming ’LALALALA I’M NOT LISTENING’ ... Clyde and Anthony.
Anthony Jaras
6   Posted 03/10/2008 at 16:08:02

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I fully understand and appreciate the points raised in your article, however I have heard it all before mate.

Not having a go at you bud, just don’t agree with a lot of what you say.

I don’t think Moyes can take us any further than he has, also, I don’t wanna end up hating him cos he has been good for us in the main but his stock is falling rapidly with every dire showing that we put on.

We are not the ’best of the rest’, simple as that Nick.
Steve Grimshaw
7   Posted 03/10/2008 at 16:07:11

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Having watched the shananigans at Newcastle and Spurs recently, I do not see a better alternative to Moyes at this present time! Having said that I do put the blame on our current management for the shambles we currently are in. Last nights game was lost last summer by our lack of action on the player front. Personally I would have bet a lot of money that we would start the way we have, if I was a betting man.
Stephen Stuart
8   Posted 03/10/2008 at 16:18:24

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David Moyes is NOT Everton.

He?s the manager, a pretty overrated one at that.

The fans are ?more? Everton than he will ever be - remember the fans will be there long after Moyes has gone - hopefully, these days.....
Mike Hayes
9   Posted 03/10/2008 at 16:29:29

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The official website has Newcastle memories.
Wins against the barcodes, better off showing it to the Everton team on how to win a game!
Dave Ush
10   Posted 03/10/2008 at 16:20:57

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Last night i was screaming at the tv after the game that he should go but after calming down a bit since then and getting over the hangover I’ll admit I was wrong.

Things are admittedly not good. The performances have not been up to scratch and there is obviously problems all over the pitch. Out of two cups by October a poor pre season and poor league results tell the story so I won’t go on....

BUT Moyes has earnt the right to put this right and does not deserve a knee jerk reaction from fans that have probably seen the best Everton team in the last 20 years under him. 4th 6th and 5th in the last few seasons does make us ’the best of the rest’ despite some snide comments to the contrary and we should have respect for that at least.

We are 6 games into a season and will probably lose 2 of the next 3 meaning it will look worse still in a few weeks. Despite this it can turn around and Moyes should allowed the time to sort this mess out.

Remember we are not Newcastle ffs.
Martin McGeever
11   Posted 03/10/2008 at 16:16:01

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I do not concurr with those who are calling for the head of David Moyes, if We take last nights game I felt that He played the best team available to him based on what He had witnessed in the First leg at Goodison.

If You look at the Bench nobody stood out as a player with the potential to change the game, there are those who will point to Pienar (but He was not match fit) and Yes Anichebe coming on lead to the Goal, but He does not possess the Guile or pace that was required that James Vaughan (when fit offers us).

Liege allowed us to play the ball around and keep possession in area?s of the park that did not seriously affect them, they were also able to work more effectively as a unit ? something that our defence this season has not!!

Jagielka was the only person in a Blue shirt to come out of lasts nights game with any credit, Hibberts lack of awareness for the first goal was on par with Schoolboy football.
We had lost this game before we had even started due to the fact that there is disharmony in the camp, I have on very good authority (from somebody that works for a number of the players) that they are unhappy with (A)- Moyes not signing his contract- (B). the inclusion of Neville in midfield and also it would appear that a certain Philip Green has more control than We would be led to believe.
During the Transfer deal that took Felliani to Everton ? I was told that Moyes was summonsed to a Hotel in London, where Green & Kenwright were brokering the deal with the Belgians (so much for all this ??We have been tracking him for a while??) Moyes knew nothing!!!

more worrying was the fact that Felliani did not want to leave Liege ? in fact, He did not know who Everton were or where We resided. He was only swayed when He was told that He would be earning £50k a week.

I have to ask Myself on hearing this who realy is running Everton FC and I can understand Moyes?s frustrations. Until we sort things out at the top - we are on a rocky road to nowhere!!

Anthony Hawkins
12   Posted 03/10/2008 at 16:39:17

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Barring a few other managers there is not one who could do a better job than Moyes on the limited funds he has on offer.

All those people calling for Moyes head - Would any other manager have bought any different players in the close season? Would they have bought anyone sooner?

Short answers are "unlikely" and "unlikely". There were limited alternative players to purchase in the time frame left after the money was made available so late in the day.

The team selection is certainly up for debate however Phil Neville does have the most experience of the current Everton squad and for that reason I can see why Moyes chose him to be captain. Moyes probably does need to change that and is possibly viewing it in the same light as he did David Weir.

Anyone know if right back Jacobson is still around??

In all that?s been said SOMETHING needs to change but the question is what can MOYES change rather than changing Moyes.
Jake Spiring
13   Posted 03/10/2008 at 16:50:27

Report abuse

If things are as you say they are,Martin,then Moyes should ’do a Keegan ’and then tell the world about it. In truth,I don’t believe a word of it.Neither do I think the players give a stuff about the manager’s contract or who is pulling the strings behind the scenes.
Some of them aren’t up to Premier standard and too many of them as are are way off form. It is Moyes’ job to put that right and I would give him until Christmas to do so.No longer.
Clyde McPhat
14   Posted 03/10/2008 at 17:13:39

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Nick...I was entering the argument with my eyes wide open. I?m just saying that last night proved the naysayers right. We couldn?t get past the 10 men behind the ball strategy in the second leg of a cup. We had an 11 that was incapable of getting the ball out wide and having wither the right back or the left back drive to the corner flag and get a cross in so Timmy could get a head on it or a knockdown and a spin move from the Yak. I can?t tell you how many times the ball went the other way when there was an open winger. How many passes did we make that were last ditch? I?m sorry, Nick. he has been great. But all good things must come to an end.

And it is over for DM. he seemingly has lost his players. If you look at the Derby and this game together, you?d have to admit that things haven?t been this dire in a number of years. Two horrible performances. Two horrible tactical mismatches. And why would a club pay 15 million for a midfielder AND agree to not use him in a competition against his old club?

Richard Harris
15   Posted 03/10/2008 at 17:08:55

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If we’re the ’best of the rest’ I pity the poor fans of the other Premiership teams that are not part of the Sky 4 !! Just remember that Spurs were the best of the rest for a couple of seasons and before that Newcastle and the (now not so mighty) Leeds. We can’t expect to keep on with the same tactics that haven’t won any trophies and maintain ’best of the rest’ status, while the teams around us try to improve and overtake us. If you were Newcastle (a club in crisis) who would you most fancy playing this weekend to put your season back on track ? If it’s any club other than us then you haven’t been following recent results. A team that have crashed out of the UEFA and Carling Cup (where last season these competitions helped the players and the manager’s confidence) and who have conceded the most goals in the Premiership. Remember last season at Fulham when we expected the players to take revenge after going out on penalties to Fiorentina and we barely raised a whimper. Successful teams with a winning mentality take adversity and the backlash starts with the next few games after a failure. But unfortunately that is not the (modern) Everton way........
Nick Entwistle
16   Posted 03/10/2008 at 17:23:39

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Hey Clyde,

He’s cup tied that Fellaini fella, but don’t you think that Moyes deserves the right to turn this around? Rather than pay for the situation with his job, he shoulders the responsibility to change it? Does he not have the ability, shown through his tenure to do this? It may be yes, it may be no, but allow him none the less.
Besides, all this is pointless as we know BW aint sacking him !!
Alan Poss
17   Posted 03/10/2008 at 17:40:59

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Teletext says that Moyes will sign his contract over the next 48 hrs. Let's hope the uncertainty has now ended & we can all get back to what we do best - support the Blues.
Simon Jones
18   Posted 03/10/2008 at 18:04:54

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Yeah let’s sack David Moyes, it would be a right laugh. Why not get in Venables, or Keegan or Kinear when he’s finished at the barcodes.

Or, why not support a man who has stuck with us, despite the moaning from the fans, the lack of funds from a board and the uncertainty over a new ground. He would probably walk into a job at most other PL clubs, maybe he might even get he Man U, after all Ferguson wanted him as his number 2. He has his shortcomings for sure, but I’ll take his grit, loyalty and bottle over, say Keegan’s footballing nous and total lack of balls.
Anthony Newell
19   Posted 03/10/2008 at 18:18:18

Report abuse

So to the people on here who want him to stay on, do you think a 5 year contract is sensible?
David Holroyd
20   Posted 03/10/2008 at 18:10:14

Report abuse

Lots of people seem to be happy Moyes is going to sign his new contract...great: more crap football... great. The team is not balanced. Six years to find a wide man who can beat a man and cross the bloody ball. Six years to find one defender who can pass the ball. Crap tactics, and aimless football more often than not, quick ? sign before anyone notices.
John Doolan
21   Posted 03/10/2008 at 18:17:26

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Nick - you are wrong about Moyes. When Houllier had outlived his usefulness at the RS he was sacked and they went on to better things. Houllier won 4 trophies and finished second but his time was up. Fans like you will hold us back by clinging to Moyes for dear life. Don't insult my intelligence by claiming there is no one out there who could a better job ? of course there is; we just need a chairman with the guts and knowledge to find him ? that of course is another story...
Tim Mongiat
22   Posted 03/10/2008 at 18:07:19

Report abuse

We’ve had a poor start to the season but that was due to a lack of financial backing from the board during the transfer window which constrained moyes significiantly. We are all dissappointed by the standard Leige result, but lets not forget that they are a very good team, a team who deserved to knock liverpool out of the champions league. We have been badly affected by carsley’s lost but moyes will sort it out. We had far greater problems a few years ago when we were rooted to the bottom of the premier league and moyes turned it around to take us to 5th, to the semis of the carling cup and to quarter’s of the uefa. All of this on a budget significantly less that that of all our rivals. The fans need to stop panicking and get behind a manager and a team who have done fantastic for us, every club goes through problems but Moyes has sorted out our problems in the past and he will sort them out again.
Nick Entwistle
23   Posted 03/10/2008 at 18:36:08

Report abuse

Jon, I think you’ll find we agree with each other, except on the possibility that moyes may have outlived his usefulness as you put it. And you know what? There certainly are better managers out there but they are in the top 3 or abroad. And every manager better than Moyes abroard will want CL and they know that isn;t going to happen... unless there’s a billionaire come knocking.
Dean Adams
24   Posted 03/10/2008 at 18:59:02

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We have no money for future transferes. Who in the world of football managers would want the Everton job? Dont bother answering, we already have the best, proven prem league manager. If only we had money to spend then I know DM would woop some arse and prove he can cut it at the top.
Paul Columb
25   Posted 03/10/2008 at 19:22:46

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Give Kevin Sheedy a bell, a million quid a year, the current squad and say have at it............I’m sure the football on show would be more uplifting than the spineless status quo. DM truely needs to held accountable for what has been a miserable start to the season in terms of tactics, selection/positioning and leadership.
Paul Rigby
26   Posted 03/10/2008 at 20:11:28

Report abuse


Your heart’s in the right place, but the brain appears to have gone walkabout. The logic of this extract escapes me:

"I don’t understand Neville in the middle, or the hoof-ball or his 60th minute substitutions in every game, but I do know that a team striving to get somewhere in this modern era of football have to forgo style to gain results."

Checked the results recently?
Clyde McPhat
27   Posted 03/10/2008 at 20:07:49

Report abuse mistake on Big Bird as I thought he WASN?T cup tie?d based on it being a different competition (much like Manny last year)....

I do think if you lose the players (an who actually is playing BETTER than in the past?)...then it is time to go. He is stubborn and not at all creative. Our players, because of small squad size, face NO competition for a place. Do you think Tony Hibbert off his performance Saturday was worthy of inclusion last night?
Tom Brown
28   Posted 03/10/2008 at 20:10:51

Report abuse

Last night was shit. After the final whistle, I sat limp for 20 minutes while my wife gently strokes my shoulder with wet eyes.

Last night was shit. But. But last night was not made last night, it was made two weeks ago in leg 1. Liege knew we had to press up the pitch to try and score and knew a counter attacking strategy was the best plan. Luckily counter attacking is their forte.

Liege are not a bad team and good at counter attacking, forcing a win in tose circumstances against them was a tall order and we weren't up to it. A little luck and we could have done it but we didn't. It was lost in the first leg two weeks ago, yesterday was a window into the past. A mediocre performance made to look awful by the context.

Reasons to be cheerful: Injury list has shrunk, injured players getting back to match fitness. Saha looks to have quality. Yakubu and Saha are potentially lethal. Castillo looks decent except for his English, which, in that role in the middle, is crucial to helping the team play as a team. His english will be getting better all the time, I hope they have a good teacher with him and not just a translator.

Fellaini has shown flashes and could still turn out to be the closest thing to a complete midfielder we are likely to get in the realist near future.

Saha and yak has great theoretical potential but that means 442. Cahill cant do 442. We can only do 442 if we find a completeish midfielder. If fellaini comes through as that, we are laughing. We have noone else who could be the complete midfielder we need to make 442 work.

Without 442..... saha or yak sita out and back to last years team minus Carsley plus Castillo. Carsley was great but finished. Castillo has potential to be twice the player carsley was, though he is half the player now.

Guys, now is the time to support not revolt. Fellaini, Castillo and Saha could all help us be better than we have been in the last 20 years but it is too soon to tell. This is what they call a transitionary period. Bloody painful one but transitionary all the same.

If you want the team to get better, join me in some blind faith and get behind the team, pushing the negative to the back of your mind. Give them time and then if they fail us, join me in unleasing furious anger at betrayal of faith.



We don't care what the red shite say...

Lewis Barclay
29   Posted 03/10/2008 at 20:47:31

Report abuse

Whatever the issues with Moyes’ contract. If he signs a new one before Sunday, I think it says a lot about the man. A lot of lesser managers would do a runner, and have from other clubs siting differences with the board or claiming that they can do no more at the club.

DM clearly wasn’t happy with a lot of what happened in the summer, but didn’t start rocking the boat and screaming about how it wasn’t his fault. Now, when things are not going anywhere near great, he’s not doing a runner when there are probably places for him to go.

Although I don’t agree with everything you said Nick, we have to give DM some credit for his loyalty,no matter if costs £17.5m for 5 years.

Right now, I can’t think of another manager who could get us out of this situation any better or quicker than Moyes.

Marc Williams
30   Posted 03/10/2008 at 20:50:04

Report abuse

Martin McGeever - Bill Lechie from the Scottish Sun was on the radio today & stated that Fellaini was going to sign for another EPL side earlier in the summer for £4 million but the deal fell through at the last minute.
There is certainly something that doesn’t add up about this deal.
Nick Entwistle
31   Posted 03/10/2008 at 21:03:32

Report abuse

I don?t think any one has said he?s lost the players Clyde, more unsettled them with the contract talk. Maybe that?s a sign that they all believe in him... we just don?t know either way.
And Hibbert? Yeah strange one mainly because we had Castillo available. But like the article says I don?t get why he puts Nev in the middle...
David Nicholls
32   Posted 03/10/2008 at 21:05:18

Report abuse

Great Article Nick, A hell of alot of common sense written there.

David Moyes is not playing a football management simulator where you build up your team year upon year and everything goes smoothly. This is real life, things don’t always go to plan and that’s the beauty of sport.

We are going through a real sticky patch right now but I honestly cannot think of many managers I would rather have to get us back on track than David Moyes.

We will get through this and continue our our steady progression mark my words. As long as Moysie stays at the helm we’ll be okay.

Season starts Sunday


Mike McLean
33   Posted 03/10/2008 at 21:24:27

Report abuse

I believe Moyes is a one trick pony who has lost the trick (of inspring average players).

I?m not sure why your identification of club with man (a false one) should be the foundation of a new modus operandi: we increase your salary and tenure the worse the results get. Is it just a case of "And always hole on tight to nurse, for fear of finding something worse"?
Mike Oates
34   Posted 03/10/2008 at 21:27:25

Report abuse

Great article Nick .

The manager has delivered 4th , 11th, 6th ,and 5th place to us in the last 4 years on a shoestring budget compared to many others. He will take us through this period .

Every Evertonian with common sense must have known back in mid August that we were going to struggle until all the injured and new players were back or settled . It was staring you in the face that we didnt have the squad to compete . Moyes new this and the one mistake he made was that he held on to his principles re quality additions - and we all know the Board completely let him down . But Moyes also knows that as the manager he should have addressed this and brought in the players quicker than he did. He wanted better players to make progress this season and this is where we’ve failed.

Its like starting again but I’m sure come May we’ll be up there 5-7th place again. We dont have a devine right to be Top 4 , we dont have billionaires queuing up to buy us , as many articles on this web seem to think . The game isnt played on a level playing field anymore and the days when anyone could win competions have gone . It isn’t fair and the msitakes were made 15 years ago and we are still paying the price.There’s nothing we can do to radically change it other than support the true best of the rest . Our time will come again .
Carl Rutherford
35   Posted 04/10/2008 at 01:16:15

Report abuse

Hear Hear Nick,

Its a strange world being an Everton fan we finished fifth last year yet some of the posts on this forum would have you believe this is the worst period in the club’s history. I remember the day we sold Rooney and the day we lost 4 - 0 to Arsenal with Slaven Bilic playing centre mid and Tony Adams waltzing through our defence to seal the title for Arsenal. We are light years ahead of those 2 periods in the not too distant past.

While I agree we should not be looking backwards it is important we should not lose our sense of perspective as football is all about margins. We have played worse football than in the last 2 matches before and won and even on occassions played extremely well and lost.

David Moyes’ single best quality is his ability turn a few good results into a long and usually unexpected run of form. That is what he has done in all but 1 of the years he has had in charge of our club.

While none of us like the style of football that is being played at the moment it will bring a result sooner or later and in my opinion is far more likely to get a result for a team low on confidence such as ourselves than a more expansive game that is being called for by many quarters. I despair at the liberal use of the word ’hoofball’ that gets bandied around this site to undermine the current regime. I implore anyone on this site to try coaching a football team and improve their results by simplying playing ’better’ football, unfortunately the game is not that simple even at a local level. So please do not use bad football as a criticism of David Moyes as his football teams have played as good as football as anyone in the league when results are going well.

We need to retain patience and a sense of perspective. Arsenal are the best footballing team in Europe yet they are not league champions or have not challenged for a number of seasons. Here is the reason why - direct football works! Some posters on this site seem to think that changing our style of play will magically transform our season, well unfortunately this is just not the case and will in fact just add to our problems.

Please keep faith in our manager - the one reason we have had any reason to rejoice in our recent past.
Ciaran Duff
36   Posted 04/10/2008 at 03:03:57

Report abuse

I am a Moyes supporter. There is no doubt in my mind that Moyes has done a great job given the situation he has inherited and limited budget etc. You might argue about the style of play but the league results over the last 5 years speak for themselves as do the awards and plaudits he has won from his fellow managers.

However, something has gone seriously wrong this summer. I don?t know who is to blame but the lack of signings and the lateness of the signings has seriously fucked up the start of our season. Our chance of a decent season is slipping quickly from our fingers which is all the more annoying given we finished 5th last year.

For me, its not the results themselves or the style of play although both are galling. It?s the fact that we are in this position through lack of planning and diligence. The manager/board have taken their eye off the ball. Why did they spend the whole summer looking for big name players and build up everyone?s expectations? Personally, I would have signed at least one solid premiership midfielder or an up coming championship player and Manny Fernandes early so that they get a preseason with us. After that, if you pick up another midfielder then thats icing on the cake.

Similarly, why has the manager?s contract dragged on for the whole summer? FFS, sign it now or better still leave til next summer and we?ll see if you deserve one.

Ped Pearl
37   Posted 04/10/2008 at 07:17:03

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Thanks Jem...
At least someone has a real perspective of things going on at the moment. It cost us dear not signing players early enough in pre-season, I dont know and neither does anyone else as to why that was. However, here we are, we will string together some wins to put us back up the table, and we all know that, we have enough good players that are more than capable.

We need to pull together at the moment. Moyes is still learning and I accept that because our squad continues to get stronger each season... and within the next few years I still believe that under Moyes management we will compete with the top teams. In Moyes I trust!!

jem bir
38   Posted 04/10/2008 at 10:20:46

Report abuse

Thanks for the vote of confidence Ped, obviously not shared by the purveyors of this site who removed my post probably because it had two many !!@@ in it (ok, and I’d had a drink or two....).

Frankly, I’m sick of this Moyes bashing; the team have been a bit dire of late, but for a long time that was the norm.

Moyes has given us back hope and expectations and I, for one, am truly grateful for that. With those expectations comes disappointment and I guess some of my fellow blues are feeling that at the moment, and I guess I should learn to respect that.

Alan Ross
39   Posted 04/10/2008 at 11:33:38

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Moyes of old had a backbone. There would be no hesitation in dropping those who were not pulling their weight, or for that matter sorting out controversies on the pitch like who takes penalties or dead ball kicks. He seems to have left all issues in abayance. The sooner he gets a grip the better. Though quite frankly, I don?t think he has it in him, for whatever reason.

Something is distracting him from the issues that need addressing and my bet is the frustration at the predicament Everton find themselves in. Namely, lack of finance, Desperation Kirkby, Billy Liar, and players not living up to their billing. If he has any pretentions at being a Premier League manager then he had better get his thumb out of his mouth and start affecting the one thing he is supposed to have control over and that is the performance on the pitch.

Garry Martin
40   Posted 04/10/2008 at 13:26:09

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Bollocks & double bollocks - why should we settle for second best, we are allowed to voice our opinion & dream of perhaps winning a cup, or is winning trophies only allowed if your?re in the top 4. I go to Goodison in the hope of winning and am not content with providing opposition for the top 4. You need to start being a bit more positive in your out look about our great club.
Neil Styles
41   Posted 04/10/2008 at 13:50:57

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At long last an article on DM that rings true! Nick, I couldnt agree more; the demands and ambitions of our fans far exceed the capabilties (at this time) of our great club. David Moyes is, for the vast majority of Evertonians, the finest manager we have had in 20 years. Furthermore, given time ? if not recognised by many already ? Moyes will be ranked in the highest echelons of Goodison chiefs.
Long live the Moyesiah!
Anthony Hughes
42   Posted 04/10/2008 at 14:26:30

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Lewis Barclay, it says alot about the man not doing a runner does it? Oh he waits to sign it until we are languishing in the bottom 6 and dumped out of 2 competitions already, the man?s shithouse,
Colin Grierson
43   Posted 05/10/2008 at 07:06:04

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I keep hearing that we have had a poor start to the season. True, but it's not just that though is it? We had a really poor end to last season and scraped into Europe more due to other teams faltering than us flourishing.

This season just highlights how our tactics are destined to send us to the bottom where our style of play deserves to be. Who wants to see the ball being punted upfield by overpaid hoofers?

If Moyes can?t deliver the passing game then he should go. I?d love him to stay and us to start winning but it ain't going to happen. No hard feelings Davey but we need to play football ? not hoofball.

John Andrews
44   Posted 05/10/2008 at 08:45:31

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Jem, that may well be the problem. Everybody's expectations were raised and most thought that we may well be able to push on and nick a spot in the CL. Unfortunately, the Board and/or the manager failed to do this and we ended up signing some players that most had never even heard of!

The standard of football being served up currently is appalling. And, usually, when that happens the buck has to has to stop with the manager and his coaching team.

I, for one, am not certain that Round is not complicit in this. From having one of the meanest defences last year, we seem to be giving goals away wholesale.
Just my thoughts.

Harvey Smith
45   Posted 05/10/2008 at 13:36:02

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Several people have cited the RS as an example for us, the argument goes as follows: Houllier won 4 trophies and took them to 2nd in the league (actually it was Phil Thompson who was in charge during that year) however this was deemed not good enough for Liverpool and he was sacked.

How many people have heard this argument being used?

Sounds quite inspiring doesn’t it? Nothing but the Best is good enough...fortunately, they weren’t able to nab this particular motto!

Anyway, look where they are my eyes they are actually further behind than they were then. Yes, they’ve won an FA cup and Champions League under Beneathus. However, the one trophy that every RS wants (cue bleating from Stevie Me every September) is the Premier League and that’s the one that seems to be drifting further and further from them.

What has this to do with Everton? Absolutely nothing, just don’t keep using them as a template or example for us.....even during the dark days of Kendall 3 I didn’t want to copy them - and we’re a lot better off now!

The only way to win things in modern football is to spend lots of money. The only way to ensure that you stay at the top is to spend loads, year on year. For those that quote Arsenal as the blueprint of how it should be done, I’d like to see the list of trophies that they have won...I think you’ll find they haven’t won anything in almost half a decade. In fact, when they did win trophies, they had spent more than their rivals. Bergkamp, Overmars, Petit and Viera came in multi-million pound deals at a time when £3 million midfielders were considered expensive.

I’ve written elsewhere that the true problem that faces our current squad is threefold. Firstly, there is no strength in depth. Secondly, the players do not possess strength when faced with adversity. Thirdly, they lack confidence in each others abilities when under the cosh.

I sincerely believe that Moyes should be able to solve the last two points. It should be based on this whether his services are retained or not....not based upon his ability to "crack the Sky 4".
Lewis Barclay
46   Posted 05/10/2008 at 15:50:45

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Anthony Hughes: I’m ever so sorry, I have completely misjudged Moyes’ ability to get us into Europe three times on limited funds and save us from what was certain relegation. I should of course be judging him on the basis of the last six games and nothing else. How foolish of me.

When you’re bringing home the pennies for your Mrs and kids I hope they judge you in the same way that you judge DM, and the fact that you didnt quite bring enough money home to buy caviar this week must mean that you’ll be buying Razzle and Haribo for weeks.
Kieran Jones
47   Posted 11/10/2008 at 16:16:22

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How is Moyes in the driving seat? Deciding whether to sign or not? Any other manager would be sweating on his job right now. It’s a joke. And so is this article.

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