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That Winning Feeling...

By Gerard Quinn :  27/10/2008 :  Comments (7) :
 Grey clouds and rain
The ground less than full,
Boy wonder returns
Seeking his ton.
4 home games played
With one point to show,
One point from hoofball
Bereft of a flow
That would quell the masses?
Collective unease,
Awaiting the game
To finally appease. 

Appease the faithful.
Show them the worth,
Of a Royal Blue army
Engaged back and forth
In a war
With the champions
Of England and more,
The champions of football
Played on the floor. 

And for all the endeavour
The huff and the puff,
After forty five minutes
We?d just had enough.
Out thought, out fought
Out passed and out tackled,
Had the Royal Blue men
Lost their taste for the battle? 

How low had it been
In the half time gloom?
In the stands, on the pitch
In the dressing room?
What could be said?
What could be done?
Plain and simple
The Mancs,
They had us outgunned. 

Fear not loyal hordes
Fear not the pain,
Of watching your charges
Fall short again.
With fire in their bellies
Emerging intent,
From the tunnel they came
And all were hell bent.
Hell bent on righting,
Righting the wrongs
Of previous matches
Disappointing the throngs. 

Blackburn twice, Pompey,
Liege and the shite,
Dropped points to the barcodes
It just wasn?t right.
Had Moyes let them have it?
Left no stone unturned?
To help them remember
The football they?d learned.
Learned and employed
To such great effect
At the end of last season
Fifth place was correct
And a fitting reward?.

Second half whistle
Pierces the air,
Ronaldo?s Irish dancing
But Nev doesn?t care.
Slides in with a tackle
Hard but fair,
Twinkletoes triple rolls
Oh how could he dare?
To have tackled the winker
To put boot on ball,
Never at Madrid
His face says it all. 

Which is less than was said 
By the galloping Rio
Or by Giggs recreating 
A United trio,
But this time dear Nev
Remembered the Blue
That he?s worn these past years
And ignored the two.
Just turned to the ref
Took yellow in stride,
And plotted the downfall
Of his previous side. 

As downfalls go,
It was more up and down
Up by Nev
Down by Big Bird,
Smack off his crown.
To the bottom right corner
Of van der Sar?s net,
Hairdryer himself
Was starting to fret.
For all that it mattered
Goodison gone wild,
Adoring it?s new
Badge kissing child. 

More tackles, more chances
The Yak off the post,
As an embittered Ferdinand
He surely did roast.
Rooney on Mikey
Oh what a clown.
To kiss the Manc badge
On the golden ground,
Of Goodison. 

No more to be had
From our prodigious son
Dragged off by Fergie
Lest his work be done.
By the referee
With a card just as red,
As the jersey worn
By the boy born and bred,
In the ways of the Blues. 

Not long to go now
But it?s end to end,
How long to endure?
How long to contend
With the disgruntled devil?  

To be honest who cares
The game?s for the taking!
Snatch victory from defeat
It?s there in the making.
If this titanic struggle
Is going to be won,
It?s the Toffees who?ll cheer
At Goodison. 

Mr Wiley however
Has no such plans
Saves the Mancs from defeat
Whistle in hand.
Now in mouth - pheep pheep pheep,
It?s the end of the game.
But the start of the season
For all those who came
To the see the Blues play,
To see the Blues fight,
Despite all the wrongs
To see that their?s light
At the end of the tunnel. 

Nine points from nine
?Tis a sorry sight,
But with Saturday?s point
Some wrongs are now right.
Six points from two
Now that?s what we need
Just have to keep faith
Just have to believe.
Bolton then Fulham,
We have a great chance
Let?s just pretend
That we?re playing the Mancs
That winning feeling
And that from a draw
Let?s feel it again
But by winning them all! 

Reader Comments

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Michael Hunt
1   Posted 28/10/2008 at 07:33:01

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A rhyme of our time,
From Gerard of Quinns,
Now blue boys stroll Forth,
And bag us those Wins!

Nice One Gerard :-)
James Byrne
2   Posted 28/10/2008 at 09:58:51

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Thanks Gerard......................

Your poem should be hanging in the Everton dressing room, home & away to remind the lads of where and when their season started!

Last season the shite, this season the Mancs.

Ben Howard
3   Posted 28/10/2008 at 11:40:20

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I really enjoyed that.
Cheers Gerald!

6 points from the next two is a must now.
Alan Rycroft
4   Posted 28/10/2008 at 09:22:21

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Dear Mr. Quinn,
You are truly a literary talent sir! Really great narrative poem. You should publish it and hand it out next home game! As an English teacher I couldn?t resist my own little verse, mercifully short, here goes:

There once was a team in Red
who thought since they?re gods they?d put this game to bed,
Till one unusually good cross from the Nev
Had them rattled with the loss of their nerve,
It was met by the giant
Still gentle in fame
who goes by Fellaini by name -
So different from the Shrek
that young Judas brute
who only loves his loot
and putting in the boot. -
T?was the Belgian who lifted the Goodson gloom
and said that?s enough,
it?s not more of the same
but a new day, a new team
let?s go forth and bloom!
Alan Gubbins
5   Posted 28/10/2008 at 22:55:23

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Come all without, come all within, you’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn.........COYB
EJ Ruane
6   Posted 29/10/2008 at 10:56:06

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Mauve world, green me.
Black him, purple her.
Yellow us, pink you.
Lead pipes, fortune made,
Six-to-four, come in second,
Green country, blue Haringey.
And White City.
Hick. Hike. Hock.

By Sidney.
Sean Condon
7   Posted 30/10/2008 at 02:04:30

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Yee-hah! We?ve got the first three! Well done, Screech! COYB!!!

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