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Remember The Name...

By Tony Marsh :  27/10/2008 :  Comments (54) :
What happened on Saturday? Where did that second half performance come from? Is this the face of things to come? Has Moyes finally seen the light? Has Wayne Rooney realised he is a treacherous shithouse and finally flipped?

What ever the answers to the above questions may be, you wont hear me complain if we continue to play like that for the remainder of the season. The commitment, the passion and the spirit shown on Saturday afternoon is all I have ever asked for from the team. The Hoofball mentality was nowhere to be seen either and that made a big difference.

I can't believe it's the same players who were out there on Saturday that have shown so little for nearly a year now. The best Everton display for many a long year if you ask me. Ok the Mancs a gave us a good going over in the first 45 minutes but it was the way we responded after the break that has given me so much belief back.

Man Utd are the current League and European Champions yet we made them look second rate at times. The biggest compliments came from the Mancs themselves all though they didn't know it. Once the diving and the whinging starts, you know they are rattled. Once the ref starts getting the blame it's even better .Oh and once shithouse Rooney starts his antics, then we know we have definitely got them on the back foot. Didn't you just love that badge-kissing twat getting pulled off?Only goes to show what a thick little runt he really is.

The big question now is can David Moyes keep us playing with the same determination and desire as we showed against the Mancs? Can we sustain the passing game and the workrate we put in at the weekend? Will Moyes revert back to type at Bolton on Wednesday night or has hoofball been consigned to the history books for good?

We have seen Everton sides play some good stuff over the years only for us to go back to basic long-ball tactics the very next game. If Saturday's second half display hasn't once and for all put to bed the bad habits of the past then I don't know what will. Surely Moyes has realised what many of us have said for years... Hoofball doesn't work anymore.

If I had to single out one player for praise from Saturday's fightback it would have to be Phil Neville. The tackle Neville made on Wonder Woman Rohnaldo was the turning point that ignited the crowd. Once the Blue touch paper is lit at Goodison Park very few teams can cope with the atmosphere, including the mighty Man Utd as was proven.

Saturday 25 October 2008 was the day when a little bit of light was seen at the end of the tunnel. When Wayne Rooney finally lost any small piece of his Scousness he had left and where Phil Neville cast off his tag as a Man Utd sypmathiser and earned the right to be called a real Bluenose.

More of the same please, Davey, and let the players play. They proved some of us doubters wrong on Saturday and now it's your duty to repeat the dose. No more Hoofball and lets get the pride back in to the Everton team. Play like we did on Saturday and the crowd will be with you all the way... See you at the Greybok Wednesday Boys ? I am back on board.... COYBs

Reader Comments

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Tom Campbell
1   Posted 28/10/2008 at 14:18:35

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I cant believe Tony is being positive and praising PHIL NEVILLE!

I hope Marshy doesnt jinx the turn of form...
Ajay Timothy
2   Posted 28/10/2008 at 14:31:58

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Not sure what sparked this complete reversal in the second half. We all love to speculate and say that this performance will be the catalyst that changes our season much like the back pass at Oxford all those years ago when Adrian Heath?s goal revived our fortunes. Please let this game have a similar effect for us. (I can dream cant I?)
Shane Corcoran
3   Posted 28/10/2008 at 14:32:33

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I hate to be the one to be negative on what is a momentous day for all toffeeweb readers but I saw the game differently. Yes we were outplayed in the first half and yes the Neville tackle was what set it all off. But isn?t that the point? It took a bit of controversy to raise the crowd which in turn raised the players. Added to that the two unforced errors by Ferdinand which also got the crowd going and I think that we in fact didn?t play that well. I think we still hoofed it and Osman & Pienaar still looked like school-kids running after the big boys.

It?s great to see some passion & spirit back in the players but I?d be surprised if Andy O?Brien doesn?t spend most of Wednesday night out-jumping the Yak as Saha looks on from the bench.

Gareth Cooper
4   Posted 28/10/2008 at 14:40:01

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Well said Mr Marsh

I?ve got too say that in the last couple of months Tony you have spoken a lot of sense. Previously I have looked for your posts just to make my views seem slightly more balanced. This piece really underlines for me that you do give credit where it is due (although I do get the feeling this hasn?t always been the case).

Phil Neville was fantastic at the weekend, and we did have the Mancs on the ropes. To see Rooney with his knickers in a twist did highlight how much we got under their skin.

As you say, lets hope for some more. Less hoofball is certainly the progressive stance we need to take.
Colin Potter
5   Posted 28/10/2008 at 14:38:51

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Two substitutions on 70 mins, and I would have been confident of winning 3-1 at least, but at least it's a start to getting away from the dreaded hoofball.
Alan Poss
6   Posted 28/10/2008 at 14:45:04

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Shane, for a moment there I thought we were all going to be positive & supportive for a change. I should have known better. I resolved weeks ago not to comment unless I was being positive. So here we go. The 2nd 45minutes on Saturday were head & shoulders above anything we’ve seen for months. The team played with heart & passion. I don’t care what started it as long as the team have remembered what they can do when they put the effort in. COYB
Brian Baker
7   Posted 28/10/2008 at 15:02:13

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Tony, have plenty of rest and keep taking the tablets. I am sure you will start feeling better soon.
Paul Martyn
8   Posted 28/10/2008 at 15:03:53

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I had to check twice who wrote this! What a difference 45 minutes has made.

We even got the Mancs moanin? in The Times about the way we treated Judas on Saturday. No-one forgets an old mate who turned out to be a back-stabbing liar; let?s make sure he?s reminded of it at every opportunity.

If Moyes (or Jimmy Corner) made the difference at half time on Saturday then praise is due. Just hoping that the pride and passion carries through for the full 90 minutes on Wednesday ? and long may it continue.
Anthony Jaras
9   Posted 28/10/2008 at 15:15:56

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Yes, I agree, this is the performance and heart we have been asking for for a LONG while.

Full of heart and fight (Just like my article asked for a few weeks ago).

All we want is that level of commitment every week and we will be happy with the application of the team.

The results will follow!!!

ps: By far the best game Phil Neville has had for years.
James Marshall
10   Posted 28/10/2008 at 15:18:17

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Oh the fickle finger of football.....

We can still win the league by the way.
Matt Kay
11   Posted 28/10/2008 at 15:21:41

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Will the REAL Tony Marsh please stand up..
Where?s me tablets???
Ha ha, roll on Wednesday and we?ll see,,,,,
Andy Crooks
12   Posted 28/10/2008 at 15:44:08

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Tony, thanks for demonstrating that those of us opposed to Moyes and his tactics do not revel in defeat. We really do want to be positive. To criticize hoofball and lack of passion is not being disloyal. Let?s hope the attitude is the same tomorrow night.
Clyde McPhat
13   Posted 28/10/2008 at 15:45:55

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I thought to myself this morning to check the site to see if TM had posted.... and good for you, Tony. Anyone who ever questions Tony?s credentials should look no further. He will be in Bolton on Wednesday. Will you?

Anyway, we needed just a piece of luck on Saturday to win the match and the luck went off the far post on the Yak?s effort. But, I watched the match again last night and except for that period of time from about 15 mins in to about 40 mins in, we did all the things we need to do on a weekly basis.

And now, I can say with a straight face, we are out of two cups and we CAN concentrate on the league, and we CAN prepare for a long run in the FA Cup. So, our short-term goal is to keep up the spirit of the match from Saturday, and long term it is to climb into the top half, and make that run starting in about two months.

Will Cahill be available tomorrow? Has he served all three? And when he is available, does he go straight back in?

Martin Hughes
14   Posted 28/10/2008 at 15:56:25

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Cahill is back, but based on a 4-4-2 formation against United (Yab & Saha upfront) can we accomodate him?
Mike Oates
15   Posted 28/10/2008 at 16:02:04

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Well said Tony.

Just on one point, I do not for a minute believe that the team is sent out to play hoofball. Hoofball is the end product when the players lack any confidence to try and pass their way out of trouble, or are in such poor form that the players do not want to take responsibility.

This lack of confidence to me stemmed from our pre-season lack of form, basically due to having only 4 first teamers available for most of July, and about only 10 available at the start of the season.

Once we started poorly, the confidence totally drained away and it's taken a small number of steps, one at a time, to get somewhere near to last season. Hopefuly it's virtually 100% restored now.
Matt Malecki
16   Posted 28/10/2008 at 16:31:50

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Like many, I never thought I would see Tony Marsh show up and say good things after a good display.

Much respect to you Tony, well done.

As far as the hoofball mentality etc: I noted a few points in the second that we had an attacker bearing down on their defender and the Devils had put the ball out of play or just hoof it away. Maybe not as common as us in the first half, but I can be sure that they were not told to hoof it. We were on the attack and under their skin.

One point does not make a line, but there is now hope that the players we brought in late are solidifying as a team and that we can continue with confidence and passion.

Michael Hunt
17   Posted 28/10/2008 at 16:43:57

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Another good article, and well received for a change from TM! It is Moyes?s job to keep the lads upbeat, not let the fragile confidence drain from the squad even if minor setbacks occur, and instill ever greater belief.

Moyes seems genuinely perplexed as to why we?ve generally been so shite so far this season, but fuck that which is in the past! Gotta get the lads fired up to storm the Reebok, thump Fulham and get this start of the march into a season long charge....

The ingredients are there to get in the run of form we had last season around this time. Only now we don?t have the mid-week Uefa and Milk Cup games, plus AFCON to knacker the whole squad up good style! So, for Moyes to justify his mega wages (which I?m confident he can do), he needs to get the focus right to get stuck right into a long, long run of form in the league and FA Cup. Can and the lads pull it off? We don?t know of course, but if we can get behind em like we did on Saturday then together we can get there... COYB! Bring on the notlob for starters...

Keith Glazzard
18   Posted 28/10/2008 at 16:56:25

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Fair comment - and a post which seems to sum up what most Evertonians thought about the performance on Saturday. No doubt that the lads came out for the second half with a ?sod this for a game of conkers? attitude, stopped them playing and started playing themselves. And so-called class players like Ferdinand and Brown (god help us!) started to make mistakes did they? We might be biased, but we know why they cracked ?under pressure.
Lee Smith
19   Posted 28/10/2008 at 17:18:44

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I had a weekend away on Saturday in Cambridge with the missus. At 1pm we stumbbled across an ale house showing the match live on a dodgy sky channel. As I went up to the bar to order a couple of drinks, I noticed it was full of mancs with smug looks on their faces, and the commentator was saying how lucky we were to be only 1 down, and I thought to myself "I aint putting myself thru 45 minutes of shite hoofball and embarrasing myself getting wound up at the tv". So we left before ordering the drinks and spent the next hour looking around clothes shops.

The worst mistake ever made by a human being? Quite possibly! Fucking gutted.
Lee Hind
20   Posted 28/10/2008 at 17:27:50

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Genuinely feel for Lee Smith above :0(, or indeed any Evertonian that missed that fine 2nd half showing
Paul Lenehan
21   Posted 28/10/2008 at 17:31:20

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Fair play to you Tony.

The second half showing has inspired such positivety amongst the fans and the club generally it would be criminal to let it slip backwards.

Christopher Mowll
22   Posted 28/10/2008 at 18:02:11

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Well said Tony - I just hope if we go to 4-5-1 tomorrow to accomodate Cahill we don’t revert back to hoofball. COYB
Bill Hawker
23   Posted 28/10/2008 at 18:12:26

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Tony I’ve been quick to criticize your recent articles so I believe it’s only fair to commend you when you write an article like this.

Well said.
Ray Roche
24   Posted 28/10/2008 at 18:11:47

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Sorry, I prefer the old Tony Marsh. I?ve got no-one to argue with.
John Sreet
25   Posted 28/10/2008 at 18:12:46

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Well said Tony Marsh, and well done; it shows that you really do have balance and will give your less than favourable posts more credence in times future... However, let?s hope you have no reason to post anything less than positive going forward.
Michael Hunt
26   Posted 28/10/2008 at 18:16:28

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Footyfansite scoop...’TM in TW mailbag positive love-in shocker!’
Ray Robinson
27   Posted 28/10/2008 at 18:21:28

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Absolutely right about the turning point which was the crunching but legitimate tackle on Ronaldo. I swear that Neville was looking for an opportunity to get the crowd wound up, even if it meant getting a yellow card ? and it worked! Anyone doubting the value of Neville by the way (and there are legitimate complaints) should have seen the effect he had on the team and thereby the crowd last Saturday.
Damien Kennedy
28   Posted 28/10/2008 at 18:25:54

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What is all this prise for Tony from Mars> He tried his best to remain negative ? "Will Everton revert to typecast in the next game", but realised he couldn?t as it was a great 2nd half performance and not even he could deny it. We have had a dip in form from the back end of last season and start of the new one, but to me it proved what I have known all along; we are a great side on our day. Hopefully the impetus will stay with us. Our defensve frailties will disappear if the eleven players put that effort in.
Tony Williams
29   Posted 28/10/2008 at 18:39:01

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Did Doddy forget to switch user names and logged in as Marshy instead? ;-)
Stan Malcolm
30   Posted 28/10/2008 at 19:29:11

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Bugger me, Tony! You?re going soft in your old age.
Paul Jones
31   Posted 28/10/2008 at 19:49:12

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I loved the second half; however, a draw against the Mancs will count for nothing if we lose to Bolton!!!! "One swallow ....."
Steve Carter
32   Posted 28/10/2008 at 21:35:15

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My only gripe about the Neville tackle incident ? which, incidentally, I thought was a fantastic tackle, never a booking and Ronaldo should have been sent off for play-acting (no wonder my rugby-loving sons wind me up about this game) ? was that none of our blokes came in to see off Ferdinand and Giggs when they blew in from 100 miles away to put their tuppenceworth in. Unfortunately, Cahill wasn?t on to see to that. If only we still had big Dunc...
Ray Robinson
33   Posted 28/10/2008 at 22:18:58

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Thought I saw Tim Howard in there defending Neville?
Jarrod Prosser
34   Posted 28/10/2008 at 22:48:59

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You know Tony, I?ve generally seen sense in your more negative articles ? even though I've never fully agreed with them.

However, i?ve always thought you would shoot yourself in the foot by not seeing any of the good that happens ? just as Dodd refuses to see any negatives.

However, i must say that this is a pleasant suprise. Great stuff, Tony ? glad to have you back.
Ian Tunny
35   Posted 28/10/2008 at 22:55:21

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I am in complete shock by what I have just read.

I am speachless
James Boden
36   Posted 28/10/2008 at 22:41:39

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Well, there goes anyone's suspicions that Tony Marsh revelled in Everton's defeats. I couldn't believe how we changed the game 2nd half. Credit where its due, Neville was magnificent. So too was Jagielka who had Judas in his pocket. And wasn't that just typical of that little shit to kiss his badge again? And yet apparantly we are the ones who should leave him alone. Don't know who Ferguson is trying to kid there...

And the petulance of Ronaldo when Neville went into him. The audacity of Phil Neville to go into the World's Greatest Player who does he think he is? And then Ferdinand running across to get our Nev sent off. Well, good on ya Phil you changed the game. Maybe he is Captain Marvel after all.

But in all seriousness it was a fantastic performance. Any coincidence that we play so much better when we arent hoofing the ball. Hopefully Moyes has finally learned. If he has then I think we will be alright. But thats if!

Our next 2 games are massive and we really should be winning both. If we do pick up maximum points we could push on, but if we don't then we will struggle. Our next 6 games could give us the break we need to get into the top 8.

And finally, I must admit Fellaini is winning me over. I couldn't believe it when we forked out £15 million for him but he's really starting to pick up and this could potentially be one of our greatest ever signings. The future could be bright. COYB

Kevin Chung
37   Posted 29/10/2008 at 01:34:37

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Wow Tony... I have tears in my eyes reading your article... *sniff*sniff*
John Hill
38   Posted 29/10/2008 at 01:28:01

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Actually I?m a bit pissed with Phil Neville for not doing the job properly. he should have done the arrogant arsehole.

I know, I know negative but it would have been good to watch.

Anyway, Tony, I couldn?t agree more with your assessment and well done for giving credit when it is due.
Sean Condon
39   Posted 29/10/2008 at 01:59:09

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Welcome back, Tony (although you?d never really left, had ya?).

Santosh Benjamin
40   Posted 29/10/2008 at 02:22:39

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Wonderful article, Tony. I still feel the hair on the back of my neck stand on end when i remember our 2nd half performance against Utd. That passion is what I too want to see in each game we play... the results will come automatically. Hope this is a start of a good run for us... COYB
Julian van Lingen
41   Posted 29/10/2008 at 06:50:48

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I cannot agree more.

For the first time I can say that I am proud to have Phil Neville as captain of Everton Football Club.

Ever since his transfer I had the impression that he would rather be playing for United. That impression was booted, along with C Ronaldo, out of Goodison Park last Saturday.

I hope we will be able to look back at "that tackle" as the incident that ignited our season.
Trevor Lynes
42   Posted 29/10/2008 at 07:49:18

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Just a note of caution!! Like yourselves I was totally elated at the second-half performance against arguably the best team in Britain. However, it was 45 minutes and the game is played over 90 minutes. We need to play for both halves consistently which is going to be very difficult for a squad our size. We need to buy some more squad members in January to make sure our season does not peter out like the last one. For the moment, though, let's just savour that second half and repeat the spirit and ability shown over the next weeks ahead.
Richard Parker
43   Posted 29/10/2008 at 07:47:09

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Bloody hell!!!! Tony Marsh is apparently feeling more positive than I am!!

I agree totally, that I’d rather see us play like that regardless of the result..... After seeing us bend over for Arsenal in the 2nd half, I never saw this coming.

Tonight’s game is really a big one now, I was hoping that we’d see an improvement against Bolton tonight, but we started 45 minutes earlier than expected!

I’m still worried, after all that has come before this season, but if the players needed a good lift before a must-win game, that second half was it.

Let’s just hope they don’t bugger it up tonight!!!
Barry Sherlock
44   Posted 29/10/2008 at 10:23:51

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This is a bit like when (dare I say it...) you’re watching X-Factor and Simon Cowell actually says something nice! You are expecting "Mr Nasty" but out pops the "Mr Nice" side!

Well said Tony.

Credit where it’s due. I thought the team did well. Some confidence returning and good football being played. Long may it continue.

EJ Ruane
45   Posted 29/10/2008 at 10:43:34

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It was a great showing in the second half and when we scored, being in the Park End, it was the first time this season I felt the urge to do my Gareth Hunt coffee-bean shake at the away support.

I don’t mind not winning, I just want that attitude for 90 mins EVERY game.

NB: So anything less than that attitude at Bolton and they can f....

Paul Tran
46   Posted 29/10/2008 at 12:15:02

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What’s all the fuss?

Some of us have a very simple attitude:

When we play well, we say so and why. When we play shite, we say so and why.

We point out what Moyes does well, we point out when he fucks up.

This makes neither pro nor anti-Moyes, we just describe what we see.

I’ve got no vested interested in blindly defending any manager or player - I want the best for Everton.

Is it really that difficult to understand?
Steve Lyth
47   Posted 29/10/2008 at 13:36:47

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"Remember the Name", surely you should have entitled it "Remember the Game"...... It's the first one I've seen us take part in, in quite a while.
Great stuff....... see you all later tonight.
Andy Burke
48   Posted 29/10/2008 at 13:48:10

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Long may Everton continue providing Tony with reasons to be positive.
Dave Lynch
49   Posted 29/10/2008 at 14:26:45

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What Paul Tran said.
I am reserving judgement myself.
Why? Because Moyes has shown in the past that he changes a winning and at times pass-and-move formation for his favoured 'direct' style of play. Otherwise known as hoofball.

Time will tell, he has no excuses as we have shown what we are capable of. If we revert then more fool him.

Dave Ush
50   Posted 29/10/2008 at 17:49:26

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Good on you Tony. Couldn’t agree more mate coyb
Lee Robinson
51   Posted 29/10/2008 at 17:27:58

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People are saying we have a better squad than last year, I don’t think we do at all, we lack creativity apart from Arteta and Pienaar and we have no leader at all apart from Phil Neville or noone who the players can look to as a true leader on the pitch. Someone mentioned that noone joined in when Rio and Giggs ran over to Phil, I noticed this aswell, last year Carsley or Stubbs would of been in there, or years back big Dunc, I think we lack and experienced pro or a real tough guy everyone can look too when things get tough. Also my point about flair we have lost Fernandes, Mcfadden, and Johnson in place of Saha, a lot more options and flair has dissapeared from last season which I feel will be our downfall when trying to snatch a goal in a tough FA cup match, how we expected this squad to get through europe is beyond me
Phil Mckracken
52   Posted 29/10/2008 at 18:43:33

Report abuse

Bit of a knee jerk reaction that Tony, not like you.
Joeynkoo Ludden
53   Posted 29/10/2008 at 18:44:27

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If Bolton beat us tonight, will Doddsie post an article damning all things Moyes or Kenwright??? The TW world is upside down!
Paul Joy
54   Posted 30/10/2008 at 10:32:50

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This is very hard to say and sticks in my throat - for the first time ever ever I actually agree with Tony Marsh. Is it possible our moaning negative Tony has had a revelation or some happy pills??

Bet you are back to your negative self after last night's Bolton game though.

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