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What IS Happening to Our Club?

By John Richardson :  31/01/2011 :  Comments (54) :

With the Transfer window about to close, and with our team Everton seemingly unlikely to make any significant signing, I have been reflecting on what is happening to our Club, and what may be about to happen.

I have watched with interest over the years as David Moyes rescued the team from the constant threat of relegation, and kept us near the top of the Premiership with less resources than many other clubs, but at the same time I have been frustrated ? not so much as how he managed our team/players/selections/tactics, but how he appeared, and appears, to be mismanaging the club overall.

Over the last few years, whilst he has recruited reasonably well, he has not appeared to keep an eye on the financial well being of the club by selling high and buying cheap, and in saying this I think of offers that have been made for players (eg) Saha last summer, and Yakubu recently, where the offers were declined, only for Yakubu to go out on loan, and for Saha likely to leave at the end of his current contract. One can think back to Richard Wright 'running down' his contract and leaving on a 'free', and only last week Pienaar was the motivating force behind his move to Tottenham ? not David Moyes, who was quoted recently as saying that Pienaar had cost little when he signed, that letting him leave for nothing wouldn't cost the Everton!

I am of the view that David Moyes has done a good job in stabilising the Blues, but then tend to lean toward the view that he has lost his way and that it may be time for him to move on. I do not accept the views of others that he will be 'snapped up' by some other club in the Premier League should he leave the Blues. Rather, I'm quite confident that there is absolutely no possibility of any of the top five or six clubs in the Premier League wanting him, as he has not shown the flair that would be required by these clubs ? either on or off the field.

Of course, Everton have played very well in many games against the top five or six, but the overall picture has been one of single goal wins, negative tactics and dour play ? but then, that's only my view. I would also say that over the last three seasons David Moyes has been personally responsible for the poor starts to each of the seasons ? regardless of where we ended up finishing.

For David Moyes to have said three years ago that his team was not fit to win a Premier League game was irresponsible. For him to have not recognised two years ago that Joleon Lescott would leave once man City showed an interest was naïve ? and of course I recognise the profit he made for the club ? but it was a reluctantly accepted profit. This season he was confident that he had the team to qualify for Europe ? with Tim Howard in goal, Leon Osman in the first team squad, and a new fat contract for Arteta ? heaven help us

Moving on. It's possible that there are a few ways in which the current circumstances may play out, and watching the body language of David Moyes on SkySports today, he may not be in control of some of them.

We are all of the view that the club may be broke, and that reflects the absence of any signings in this transfer window ? even players on loan. When the wage bill has been reduced on a weekly basis by more than £100k a week, and players sent out on loan, yet we are unable to make even a loan signing, something doesn't quite appear to be right. Could it be possible that the Board have had enough of David Moyes and are manipulating circumstances such that he might walk away from his expensive contract? He is being given no funds to strengthen the team or recruit players, so if he were to leave, any funds the Board may have, could then be made available to the 'new' manager!

It may also be possible that David Moyes has made up his mind to leave the club this summer and has made a decision not to buy/recruit players that his successor may not want. Watching his body language today, he is not acting in the best interests of the club, and his players may feel like leaving when he is shows his mental state, and display such a publicly negative outlook for rest of the season ? especially when one looks at the next two games coming up!

The Board of Everton have behaved ? on the face of it, disgracefully, but I cannot think that there are many other Premiership Managers who would have stood by and not have taken a public stand against their Board in similar circumstances, on behalf of the Fans. The stance Walter Smith took against Peter Johnson comes to mind, and it may have served David Moyes well to have taken a similar stand at several times over the last few years ? but he has chosen not to ? only he can justify his position

The next few weeks will I think turn out to be critical and interesting, but at the end of the day, the clubs future remains in the Fans hands. No Fans through the Turnstiles equals the Board gone

Reader Comments

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David Cornmell
1   Posted 31/01/2011 at 23:45:22

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The board manipulating Moyes? Sounds a bit far-fetched. I think the reason funds have not been made avaialble is the obvious one. They don't exist.

And I disagree with you re: Moyes's future job prospects. I am sure a better resourced and more ambitious club will come in for him, probably sooner rather than later. I'm not sure he can live up to the expectations of fans and board where he goes, but I think he'll get his shot.

But I do agree with quite a bit that's written here.
Michael Tupper
2   Posted 31/01/2011 at 23:47:02

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Come the summer, Leicester are likely to pay more for the Yak than West Ham were prepared to last summer. Yobo and Vaughan may add a little to the coffers and in the meantime it makes sense to pair down the wage bill.

Billy cost a fair chunk of money and hopefully will now show he was worth it as Pienaar's repalcement. I see little point in splashing out cash in January unless there is someone really worth buying within our limited budget and hopefully that will be a bigger budget come the summer.

It seems that so many football fans today demand that endless piles of money are thrown at the transfer budget when things aren't going to plan. I don't think Moyes has performed perfectly during his time at Everton but I do believe we are a considerably better team and club today than when he took over.

It's been a bitterly disappointing season so far and too many players have not performed as well as we had hoped and expected they would. Ask any sensible supporter of any other club in the Prem what they think of us and Moyes and generally the response is respectful and praiseworthy. Even when we are under-performing we are considered a real threat by most other teams.

I would dearly love to see success restored to our wonderful club but the idea that merely to sack a manager and give a new one a few mill to spend would achieve that is lunacy. If we are to get back to where we want to be, it's a long haul. In the meantime, let's get at least a point off the Arse and beat Chekski at their place to welcome Reading and hopefully a QF spot in the Cup!

Trevor Lynes
3   Posted 31/01/2011 at 23:56:01

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DM will not resign. He has a no lose position... good salary and no blame can be attached because he has had no monetary support. If it is a battle of wills between BK and DM, only the club and fans will lose!!

Our squad is eroded by being loaned out and sold... whoever came up with the idea of a loan system between clubs should be shot!!

Guy Wilkinson
4   Posted 01/02/2011 at 00:14:24

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We are skint and the bank are cutting back the overdraft.
Marc Comman
5   Posted 31/01/2011 at 23:47:10

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Ok... First off, John it is not Moyes's job to run the club ? it is Kenwright's and the Board's, his sole responsibility is to manage the players and team end of.

It is not his responsibility to look at the financial well being of the club again that is Kenwright's and the Board's responsibility.

Selling our best players and then buying on the cheap is not a good idea ? all it does is allow teams like Spurs to think we are desperate and then come in with derisory offers (their original bid for Pienaar was £1 million and they just bid £1.5 million for our Captain). Do you have proof someone came in for Saha and the Yak? Or were they just the usual rumors that we get every season?

As for Pienaar, I agree totally with what Moyes did; he was our best player last year and he hoped we could re-sign him, we can't blame him for the fact that Pienaar was an ungrateful greedy bastard who was probably tapped up prior to signing for Spurs... can't be proven, of course, but the young South African that signed for Spurs did make a comment in a South Africa newspaper in December saying he hoped Pienaar would sign for Spurs as well.

I will take a 1-0 win any day of the week!!

You know what I keep hearing is that he has possibly lost his way and I am sure that, were I in his boots, and I had gone to my owner with cap in hand asking for funds to freshen up my team, and been told, "Sorry but you have to sell before buying," I would be in the same predicament.

Whether we like it or not, without Moyes, we would be a Championship team, no doubt about it. By the way, that is not only my opinion but the majority of the managers of the Premier League who have incorporated his style into their now successful teams (Sunderland, Stoke, Birmingham and a few more).

What has happened to us is not the fault of Moyes but the fault of the board in not supporting him in signings. Believe me, it would be interesting to know what really goes on when he asks for money...

Does Phillip Green tell Kenwright that he needs paying first before we can have players? It's simple: until Kenwright and his "Advisor/Friend/Spurs Fan/I owe him £15 million" Green leave the club, we will never be free. Kenwright keeps saying the reason he can't sell is because of our stadium... funny that look at how many teams have been sold and are still in their original stadiums!!

The club is broke ? not because of Moyes ? but because we have no-one on the Board with any money and no-one with any heart left to demand that Kenwright and his cronies resign. Sir John Moores must be rolling in his grave wondering what on earth has happened to his and our beloved club!!

If Moyes does go, who do you think will actually come in to manage us? Is there anyone that stupid to come to A CLUB THAT HAS NO MONEY? And saving on Moyes's salary will not allow us to buy any new players!

Should we just do what we have done for the last decade? sign young players, bring them through our youth development, and then sell them on? Maybe we should just close our Youth Academy down as we don't seem to like keeping the players.

With players like Rodwell, Coleman, Silva, Gueye, Agard, Baines, Fellaini, Bily, Beckford we have a nucleus of promising players who can, if given the chance to play, prove that we are a top 7 side. (Sadly Silva and Agard have just gone out on loan...)

If David Moyes has one fault, it is that he buys good young prospects and then leaves them sitting on the bench or sending them out on loan because of the loyalty he feels towards his senior players who have gotten him to where he is, not unlike Sir Alex.

Loyalty is a great quality in anyone but you have to know when the loyalty has to stop and the realization that the axe has to fall kicks in. It's not Moyes that needs to go, It's not the fans that need to go, it's his and our voices that need to be heard!!!!


David Hallwood
6   Posted 01/02/2011 at 00:26:40

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Can't agree with Michael Tupper (#2). You state that you see little point in splasing out in January, but we didn't spend anything in the summer, and by not doing so seriously eroded the club's chance to kick on both on and off the pitch.

Anyone that wishes run a football club does so with the knowledge that transfers are the lifeblood of football, and currently the board's inactivity amounts to dereliction of duty, and they should be asking themselves are they fit & proper people to run a football club.

I don't know the answer because I do not believe there is anyone out there that wants to buy the financial black hole that is Everton Football Club. But managed decline is in no one's interests especially the board members, who would see their assets depreciate even further.

A bleak moment in Everton's history.
Marc Comman
7   Posted 01/02/2011 at 00:53:01

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LMAO ? correction to my earlier post and The Yids, Wheeler Dealer 'Arry offered us 500 thousand for Pip to be paid in 2 installments and as Moyes put it accused Tottenham Hotspur of showing disrespect to Everton and Phil Neville after they made a £500,000 bid for the club captain on transfer deadline day.

LMAO ? but the best part is 'Arry called Moysie after the Chelsea game, chatted to him about the Sun and weather and then horsies... then said hey I'll give you £250k for Pip ? cheeky fucking bastard!!!

Steve Edwards
8   Posted 01/02/2011 at 00:44:51

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Michael (2) Don't hold your breath for a bigger budget in the summer because we have been here before. What happened to the McFadden money when he was sold in January? We still had buttons to spend come summer.

I've followed this club all my life but find myself becoming more and more disheartened as time goes by. This club of ours is quite simply financially fucked. When we can't even compete with rag, tag and bobtail teams like Bolton, what else is there to say??? How the mighty have fallen. I think we all need putting out of our misery.

Still, this latest kid we've signed for buttons could be another of Moyes's secret weapons...
Martin Farrington
9   Posted 01/02/2011 at 01:23:58

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Brief History: Dad's a cockney, Mum's a Kentish woman. They moved to Liverpool decades ago. Dad a Gooner, realising he couldn't follow them in reality, fell in love with Everton after his next door neighbour, Ian St John, showed him The Shite and us. I was born. I was treated to the same and became a blue.

I'm 46. I've been watching our club since 1972. I've had articles published including a centre spread in the Echo ? thanks to David Prentice!!

So I'm an experienced Bluenose. But not a fool. However, as a fan, I have despaired from a a prepubescent teen to present day about how shoddily this club has been run. Philip Carter has been there throughout all this. Board members say and do NOTHING. But they get their money at the end of each fiscal year.

Kenwright has now got to go. He has been given year after year after year. Chance after chance after chance after chance. The man sells rubbish to the country's theatres. He is selling rubbish to us. Annually. And we suck it up ? even EGMs are impassed.

I don't doubt he's a blue. But he's a blue with no clue. His business world is a mile from Everton's. If the guy was any good he'd be a multi millionaire many times over. He ain't. We've no investors and no one interested hey Bill. Despite our massive crowd of followers both on matchdays and throughout the world?

So we have gotten rid of The Yak and Pienaar. Loaned out 20% of what would have been our substitutes bench for the Gooners match tonight, and given Davey a greek kid 'with potential' to slot 'straight into the reserves'.

Everton are dead and Kenwright doesn't care. He hasn't spoken a word. Davey's been left to battle a losing cause. The toffs in the toffee's have had it rich for a long long long long time with NO thought for the fans who work hard to pay premium prices to follow this wonderful club. Isn't it about time we did something?

BTW, I am not rich but try the Euromillions every Friday ? god the dreams I've had for Everton had I won... like you all. If you feel the time is right to start action, email me Nothing offensive and I am not thinking of anything other than peaceful but significant ways of moving our club forward ? gulp!

Dick Fearon
10   Posted 01/02/2011 at 02:40:38

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Steve #8, Don't hold too much hope for Vellios, the new lad. He hasn't yet been through the Moyes school for strikers and we know what that gang of ex-defenders will do to anyone with a spark of goal scoring ability.
Roman Sidey
11   Posted 01/02/2011 at 02:32:49

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Marc Comman #5:
That is the longest piece of apathy I have ever heard towards Moyes.

"Whether we like it or not, without Moyes, we would be a Championship team, no doubt about it."

As this is hypothetical, there is doubt about it. Anyone who says that Moyes is the reason why we are still in the EPL obviously has no imagination. Probably the same people that say we couldn't get anyone else to manage the club.

Get your heads out of your arses and stop only looking to the current Prem managers for replacements. My mates give me shit now because I used to be staunch Moyes and now openly support the idea that we need a freshen up. There is always someone who can do a job, and quite frankly, at least 80% of them (EPL included) are working for probably half of what Moyes is getting.

When you compare Moyes to the only other two EPL managers who have been at their respective club more than five years, it is actually laughable that he is still in the job.

The sad thing about the DM debate is that, if we do go on and win the FA Cup this year, (not as far fetched as it sounded a month ago), all the apologists will say "I told you so". They will not, however, be able to answer this question:

Is one FA Cup after nine years and approximately £14million acceptable? (if we are lucky enough to win it, that is).

Jackie Barry
12   Posted 01/02/2011 at 05:22:54

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I find it absolutely amazing how certain people can still find optimism in what is going on at Everton FC. I'm disgusted by it all, but you know what disgusts me more? The complete and utter lack of a fight in what I considered to once be the best fans in the world.

All I keep hearing is we have no money, so that's that! What a pathetic statement!

I don't want to mention them here but Liverpool fans have far more passion for their club than we do, we just accept everything and anything that comes our way. It's so sad.

Marc Comman
13   Posted 01/02/2011 at 05:04:35

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#11, Roman, I totally disagree. First off, name one manager who would willingly come to our club with the knowledge that there is no money? Just name one.

I would support a new manager if we could convince someone to come in; not gonna happen I'm afraid. We only have to look across the park to see the way a club has gone through managers ? crap ones, I agree ? but still so-called international managers, and now they have a manager who hasn't managed a club for what 12 years?

Maybe we should go ask Mike Walker or some other has-been to manage us, but no young up-and-coming manager would consider us as we would most likely ruin his career prospects.

No matter what, until we have new owners with money to spend, we will not know how good or bad a manager DM is. If he has been keeping us in such high positions because he is a crap manager then the next manager we have better be getting us the Premier League title!!!!

Whether we like him or not, DM has made the team a group of over-achievers. How many of us actually expected to be where were have been since the 04-05 season? Four of those six seasons we have been in Europe; yes, we should have done better... but again, that is down to the board and their Idea of investment!!!

Let's let DM go tomorrow and all of us armchair pundits that think he has done a shite job try and do a better one on the shoestring he has had. Come on, Roman, let's see you do a better job. Like I said, I would willingly accept a new manager if we could actually get one that is willing to take responsibility for a team who has no money and a chairman and board not willing to buy without first getting rid of our best prospects.
Christine Foster
14   Posted 01/02/2011 at 05:40:50

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Jackie, I visited the official site this morning, and the complaints are hitting their comments thick and fast, so much so that they are now pulling / vetting anything that's confrontational or unsupporting of the club or its board. You can't even complain anymore as many articles have had the comments section removed as well. Nothing to do with vetting abuse, just sanitisation.

Everton FC, its board and its chairman have systematically removed the ability of fans and shareholders to discuss / protest or even ask questions of the club.

The People's Club no more. It's a bit like the old saying, divide and conquer, Kenwright has split the fanbase and it's not recovered. It will. But not on his watch.
Dermot Ryan
15   Posted 01/02/2011 at 07:40:18

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Can we lay off references to "Jews," "Jews money," and "yids," when we're discussing Spurs? I've noticed it on a few threads now. It's ugly and stupid. You know, like all racist and bigoted shite. Evertonians are bigger than that, right?
Dale Hathaway
16   Posted 01/02/2011 at 08:34:12

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@ Marc Comman, do you have proof no other manager would want to come to GP?

@ Dermot Ryan, The Spurs fans call themselves Yid Army! Whether they are Jewish or not.

Let's make it simple until the following two things happen...
1. David Moyes is sacked as manager
2. Bill Kenwright (and his followers on the board) must be forced out of the club.

(Our safest bet is Sir Philip Carter, a true Evertonian.)

Marc Comman
17   Posted 01/02/2011 at 08:42:13

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The Yids is what Spurs fans call themselves, Dermot, as to Jews that is what all Jewish people call themselves. There is racism and then there is what people are and what they call themselves; Spurs are a club who have many Jewish supporters and decided to nickname themselves The Yids. Look it up check out scroll down to where it says
Champions League Chat! Yids On Tour!
Marc Comman
18   Posted 01/02/2011 at 08:54:12

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#16 Dale Hathaway: Nope, I don't; do you have proof one is willing to come? We can all dare to speculate but what we can't afford is to gesticulate. Until Kenwright is gone we have nothing but our own armchair punditry.
Richard Dodd
19   Posted 01/02/2011 at 09:22:02

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The only thing that depresses me about Everton is most of these Jonahs on Toffeeweb. For Gawd`s sake brighten up and try to show a little SUPPORT for a change!
Paul Ward
20   Posted 01/02/2011 at 09:19:54

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Jackie Barry, you are spot on. Since Kenwright became the major shareholder, we have been fed lies season after season. Because of our loyalty to the club, we forget the selling of our best players each season and hope it won't happen next year... but it does.

I'm still convinced Kenwright would sell the club tomorrow if somebody was stupid or rich enough to make him a huge profit, after all he is a business man. In the meantime, fans will blame DM or BK or both.

Whoever is to blame the only way to seek the truth would be for the real supporters to stand up and refuse en bloc to buy season tickets for next season and refuse to budge until some signings are guaranteed. We know that is not going to happen, so Bullshit Bill continues his reign and 40,000 of his subjects turn up for most games until we get relegated.

John Richardson
21   Posted 01/02/2011 at 09:56:56

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Marc #5 ? Of course the Manager has a responsibility towards the club. He must look at how much a player is worth when he is bought, and equally, know when the right time to sell a player, with respect to the players age and wellbeing, and the offer that is made by the buying club. The Board cannot do this ? only the manager. It's happening to other clubs all over the country - it's what makes the football world go around. Of course we have a poor Board, but David Moyes has his own responsibilities, which cannot be ducked or avoided.

To say there would be nobody willing to take on Everton should Moyes leave is ridiculous ? there would be a long queue, and the Board would provide funds ? Boards always do.

Please don't hide behind David Moyes's record or behaviour. I've watched the Blues since 1956, and wheeling and dealing has always been part of the game. Buying cheap and selling dear does not necessarily mean buying in the bargain basement ? simply buy players you know you can move on for a profit when necessary. Just think how much we would get for Leon Osman, Tim Howard, Tony Hibbert, Victor Anichebe!!!!! Perhaps at the present time ? even Mikel Arteta!

Phil Bellis
22   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:04:27

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God, Richard, you're easily elated. "Support!" you shout... how ironic coming from such a ball-bag.
Gavin Ramejkis
23   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:24:35

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Doddy, have to ask, when was the last time you were at Goodison or an away match?
Michael Lynch
24   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:07:12

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Richard, how can you continue to support this board with such blind faith? We have supported them since 1998 and look where we are? They are ripping the heart and soul out this fanbase. We no longer aspire to be the best, it's a fuckin disgrace. Even Appy Arry Redknapp is trying to take to the piss. What is it going to take to make us take a stance against these thieves in charge of us?
Roberto Birquet
25   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:39:49

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Roman Sadley
"When you compare Moyes to the only other two EPL managers who have been at their respective club more than five years, it is actually laughable that he is still in the job."
You utterly fail to compare the wealth vs paucity of resources those three managers have had to contend with. Do you seriously believe Alex Ferguuson would have the success he has had without Rooney, Ronaldo, Ferdinand, et al?

And what is now happening ? a team without a single reliable top-flight striker (Saha is made of glass FFS) cannot afford a loan striker.

Everton's current team cost £50M:
Howard, Neville, Distin, Heitinga, Baines; Coleman, Arteta, Fellaini, Cahill, Bily; Saha but the first seven subs just another £5M: Mucha, Hibbert, Jags, Rodewell, Osman, Anichebe, Beckford.

£55 million for 17 players ? some £3.3 million each.

Our main striker is hit with a bad injury, and not one striker over £2 million is recruited since. Despite all this: four times, we have scored over 60 points; on two other occasions, 58 and 59 points. I have asked this before, but can anyone mention a single team to have done that on such limited reesources? Name just ONE!!

The only time Moyes has had money was in the two to three years following the sale of Rooney ? for what seems a ludicrous small fee now.

My fear has become a depressive cloud all round me. Why must I put so much inrtio supporting a team that is handicapped by first little funds, and now seemingly has the creditors at the door.

No journalist has unearthed what is happening at Everton ? maybe they are not trying, so interested in the spenders they miss the possible fall of a great football institution. This could be the end of Moyes and this entire team.

And the major fear is that the Spurs' bid for Neville demonstrates the rest of football knows it and is coming into pick off our assets at rock bottom prices.

Tony Dove
26   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:35:29

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The revival of the Shite and the fact they have made two great signings in the transfer window at no cost is only going to fuel the present unrest at how this Club is run. The only extravagance we have is paying Moyes more than any other manager in the Premier League bar the top 2 or 3. That rewards his loyalty to Kenwright but is way in excess of his managerial achievements.

There is continued speculation on the state of the Club's finances and the supporters are entitled to is a detailed statement in that regard from the Chairman as a matter of urgency.

Julian Wait
27   Posted 01/02/2011 at 14:42:17

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I posted this on another thread but I think it belongs here...

It's only one possible rationalization and obviously the most optimistic: the behaviour is compatible with a sale or change of ownership of the club, perhaps not of BK or DM's choosing.

1. Clear out the players you do not see as strategic / key assets.

2. Reduce wage bill to increase operating profit.

3. Don't make any significant signings but buy low cost players with potential / tie up loan deals for what might be key signings in future.

4. BK goes VERY quiet.

5. DM looks uncomfortable because he knows a change in ownership undermines his own job security; he is possible nay likely to be replaced if anyone with real / more money comes in.

6. Accounts not published.

I think what we all agree is that SOMETHING is afoot, but it could be the above scenario (we wish) or the alternate universe of being skint and about to go bust.

Having been in several situations both where a company gets bought and where there's real financial difficulty (and in fact, in one case both), the visible signals to the "workers" (analogous to fans in this case) are often very similar, i.e. cost cutting, trimming budgets etc, with the exception being pumped up revenues in the case of a sale.

Either scenario explains why the latest set of accounts have not been published at such a late stage.

Serious food for thought....
KPR Williams
28   Posted 01/02/2011 at 15:09:45

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I got emailed this by a mate today... reliable information by all accounts...
Rumours flying about everywhere about Everton:

Right, horrible, horrible news.....its all kicked-off at Goodison tonight. The Manager will, likely, go at the end of the season! He's told the board unless they're prepared to back him seriously, he's not prepared to ruin what bit of reputation he has left with an unambitious club.

We've missed out on EVERY loan target this window (SWP, Vicente, Santa Cruz and Ireland were on his 'Want' list) and the slim squad has depleted further. The board are ok as long as we avoid relegation; no other objective has been set!

Kenwright asked the board on the Neville offer ? Elstone said to go for it due to his age. He then asked Moyes, which is when it all kicked-off, who said he's had enough and will go tonight if that happens. It's the fact Kenwright even considered it and then asked the board first that has left Davey livid!

The 'Senior' players - Cahill, Jags and Arteta - are still fuming over the wages shit from last month and that nobody has been brought in this week. Those three have said they're considering their position at the club and may (probably) be open to moving on in the Summer. Fell's IS being tracked by a "big Premier League side" for the Summer as well. I don't know who, but can guess it will be Chelsea, Manchester United or Spurs.

Basically, we're seriously, seriously, seriously in the shit more than ever before! Manager probably off, players to ask for transfers (notice how I missed out Heitinga? That's because he's looking to go anyway ? he wants out and has done for a while), fuck all investment, disinterested board ? it's not Admin, but it might as fucking well be!

I knew about that Neville bid at 6 yesterday, mate.... the players hadn't been paid for 2 months, that's why they had to sell Pienaar now coz he wasn't meant to go until the summer. His agent was going to the papers and everything to tell them Everton weren't paying the players but Everton made a deal with him so he didn't do it. That's why we let Yakubu go ? we got £750,000 for him to go on loan, it's that bad... Moyes didn't want him to go but had to get him off the wage bill.

Tony J Williams
29   Posted 01/02/2011 at 15:40:45

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Absolute bullshit mate. I know it's not you who has said it but what poppycock.

The players haven't been paid in two me a fecken favour!!!

Do you honestly believe that a club could keep that quiet?
Larry Boner
30   Posted 01/02/2011 at 16:05:37

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The way we have been playing, it's lucky they get paid at all!

Arteta is considering his position at the club... well so are 38,000 Evertonians, just what position does he play?
Andy Graham
31   Posted 01/02/2011 at 17:06:29

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I've been hearing for the last few days now about this rumour of possible administration being bandied about. Don't believe it for a second but it is a horrible thought -- has anyone else heard it?

Everyone around me seems to have heard it and know people who also know about it. It's got to be rubbish but, at a time like this, when we have nothing to spend and a seemingly dodgy board, I do worry because it's spreading pretty fast and I'd love to know where it came from.

KPR Williams
32   Posted 01/02/2011 at 18:16:09

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I dunno Tony, I'm really not getting any good vibes about the future at all just now. I'd hate it if Moyes went. I think we'd be out of the league within 2 seasons. Them European nights a few years ago now seems like a dream. We have no expectations left only really bad ones.

Gutted at how badly this season has gone for us. Do us a favour Bill... sell us on eBay, ya fuckin imposter.

Alan Noon
33   Posted 01/02/2011 at 18:26:23

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YAWN.... everyone's got a mate who..... yeah yeah...yeah.

In saying that, something is a foot, as you wouldn't let two of your centre-forwards go willingly if you can't bring someone in during the window. Also, the lack of activity indicates they don't wanna increase the wage bill. All-in-all, it may be a good thing that will now force BK's hand into getting an owner, if Blackburn can find one then surley we can.

Colin Potter
34   Posted 01/02/2011 at 17:58:04

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Dodd most likely has to have permission off the doctors at Ashworth if he wants to go to the match.
Jeremy Benson
35   Posted 01/02/2011 at 18:36:47

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I just love the "reliable source", who sounds so cock sure of himself, yet puts "probably" at the start of every sentence. Moyes "will probably go at the end of the year..."

Tomorrows breaking news : the invention of the wheel...

Haven't laughed so much in ages...
David Alexander
36   Posted 01/02/2011 at 18:25:42

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Reading all this its dificult not to worry but a lot of what's being said just doesn't wash.

Firstly, even if Moyes doesn't have a good rep amongst Evertonians (some ToffeeWeb readers in particular), he has a superb reputation in the English game. He would be a candidate for any job that comes up, only the very top clubs ? United, Chelsea and Arsenal maybe would think twice about him, but he would still be on their shortlists for sure.

Secondly, there would be a queue round the block for the then vacant Everton job, regardless of the money, because it pays a ton of money. The problem is, money or not, there is no gaurantee you're going to get a good manager in, that's a lottery.

Thirdly, if half the squad do leave in the summer, there will be lots of money to spend, whether it's Moyes or someone else, that chance to rebuild is tempting for any manager.

Fourthly, if we were in these dire financial straights and close to administration, then we would know because we would have sold a big money player in January. It's much better for the club's owners, who aren't entirely the fools they are made out to be, to sell a player to protect their investment than to let the club suffer administration and a 9-point deduction.

Personally, I think Pienaar was sold this window because Moyes can see we won't be challenging for Europe and he may as well get the £3M in to spend in the summer, when player prices aren't so massively inflated.

Just hope I'm right.
Jeremy Benson
37   Posted 01/02/2011 at 18:42:34

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Piennar was sold this window simply because he'd have gone for nowt in the summer. He clearly wanted to chase the dollar elsewhere.

Moyes (and probably the board) just made the same decision any rational sane person would do - sell now and get £2.5 million for him (and have him off the payroll), rather than get nothing and have a disinterested player for the next 3 months.

It's not rocket science.
Banff Johnoson
38   Posted 01/02/2011 at 18:46:38

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Someone please correct me if I am wrong but Administration doesn't make any sense..

If Everton were close to administration, they would have by now:

1. Sold Neville - £500k would have bought them a month.

2. Sold Saha... if Newcastle offered £3M that would have bought more time.

3. Sold Jack Rodwell for a knock-down £10M... they could have done that in a heartbeat yesterday and appeased us all by saying "rising to £20M" with various different nonsense add-ons.

4. Borrowed £5-10M from Bob Earl or Phil Green. After all, if they own what they are meant to, it's cheaper to plough £10M in than go into administration, get docked points and be relegated. Administration would wipe their current investment out.

6. Not spend £250k on a Greek lad yesterday.

7. Not have made an offer for Mbokani on loan. Moyes said he did. So he didn't bring anyone in yesterday because he didn't fancy them.

Rob Sawyer
39   Posted 01/02/2011 at 19:00:13

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I think we are not in a great place financially but impending adminsitration? I think not. If that had been on the horizon we would have cashed in on one of our big assets (Jagielka, Rodwell etc) in the Janaury window and not risk entering admin with 10 points docked.
We do need new "investment" and/or ownership but we also need to be susatainble with income matching outgoings. Yes I would have loved to see someone come in to replace Yak and Pienaar but am glad if we kept the finance on track then that is better than blowing cash we don't have. Some other clubs will live to regret not being cautious.
Leon Perrin
40   Posted 01/02/2011 at 18:44:14

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I'll tell you what's happening: the cash cow of Tesco's Kirkby for Billy and his mates got fucked off. They said there was no Plan B and weren't kidding, their own bullshit saw them walking away with a tidy sum and the club easily sold to a shiny new owner in a shiny new stadium, with world class players banging down the door to play for us and season tickets like gold dust.

To quote Delboy "everyone's a winner". Just like Delboy, they're comedy businessmen, inept and full of bullshit ? but this time no-one finds it funny. That's why Kenwright's in hiding ? he's run out of bullshit.

Ryan Holroyd
41   Posted 01/02/2011 at 19:20:26

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Roberto # 25

"I have asked this before, but can anyone mention a single team to have done that on such limited reesources? Name just ONE!!"

No one can any your question mate because there is no answer to it.

Finally, I think, I hope, people are starting to see Moyes isn't our main problem but the shithouse rat currently hiding in the gutter where the piece of shit belongs. Namely our "true blue" chairman and part owner.

Nothing will change til that twat is out of EFC.
James Hollister
42   Posted 01/02/2011 at 21:12:24

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Chris ? I doubt we'd be in the shite we are now, with a dour very negative manager, who's fundimental understanding of tactics as completely eluded him when he was trained by Uefa coz he couldn't get his head around it.

Tonight at the Arsenal, second half absolutely fucking clueless, Moyes did absolutely fuck all to attempt to fix anything.
John Richardson
43   Posted 01/02/2011 at 22:03:04

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Another possibly good night that came to nothing as David Moyes yet again made his team sit back on a single goal lead, and yet again we have fallen under the resulting pressure. Two poor goals conceded according to Ronnie Goodlass!

There will no crowing from me on this sad evening, but Kenwright, however badly we all feel about him, cannot be blamed for the team selection and tactics employed tonight. If, in this last Transfer Window, players have been sold or loaned over the head of, and without the agreement of David Moyes, then the Manager had a duty to inform the fans ? or walk away.

All the Everton Fans do need to recognise that David Moyes has had his time as Everton Manager ? he will not 'come back' and has had his time. Over the last 50 years or more, the history of past managers at Everton has shown us that when the Manager starts to be questioned and doubted by large numbers of Fans, they eventually end up going, and for David Moyes it is just a question of time. He will go, and can have no complaints. Let's just accept that and look to the future with a (hopefully) new Board and a new manager.

Jamie Rowland
44   Posted 01/02/2011 at 23:11:39

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Kenwright? All Kenwright? What about the other 72% shareholders?

What about Philip Green ? does he own shares or does he have a bond... if it's a bond, then that could well be the reason we are in the position we are in ? a bond holder is first to any money that comes in! But I don't yet know the logisitics of the club's boardroom... although I'm working on it,.
Colin Malone
45   Posted 01/02/2011 at 23:21:10

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Bill, please stop using the word INVESTOR/ INVESTMENT.
The only word we want from yuor lips is BUYER.
Gerwyn Griffiths
46   Posted 01/02/2011 at 22:55:59

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I would like Kenwright to come out and say what is happening with the club which any fans deserve. It's been two to three seasons that Bill Kenwright has come out and said he is looking for a billionaire to buy Everton on Sky Sports News, which I did watch.

Why is it that Aston Villa, Man City, Liverpool have been bought by billionaires in recent times and no-one as come in to buy Everton? I'm sure that it doesn't take this long to find the right person to come in, and it's now been rumours about administration...

I am big Evertonian I hope the rumours aren't true. I thought the January transfer was bleak for Everton. And I also think teams like Sunderland, Birmingham, Newcastle Utd have money and are now leaving us behind. I just hope that it is not too long for someone billionaire to come in and put us back to the glory days.

Matthew Williams
47   Posted 02/02/2011 at 09:48:38

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I honestly think something has gone on behind the scenes maybe broken promises or just frustration but in recent weeks he has looked stressed and edgy and as though he isn`t enjoying the job anymore. Unless Kenwright can get him some decent money for the summer, I really think Moyes will walk and who could blame him?

This would be the second time everyone has felt we could be on the verge of something big (first time when we made top 4) but we never get those extra players we need at the right times and now it feels like we will get even weaker in the summer as a few of the better players won't want to stay if they don't see positive signings.

Danny Hinchcliffe
48   Posted 02/02/2011 at 13:41:35

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Could it be that we are (shock, horror) SAVING?? So, rather than just buy another Carsley, Oster or ? dare I say it ? Rideout, we actually end up with a worldbeating member of the team who will actually propel us to the place we are always so pissed off we're not?
Phill Capo
49   Posted 02/02/2011 at 13:53:08

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Right, let's look at the facts... a transfer window has yet again past us by without any major signings. (A 19-year-old greek kid doesnt count for me!) Moysey has let 3 senior players leave when we are already short on numbers and have seemingly not a bean to spare! The team have drawn 12 times, recorded 7 losses and have managed a palrty 5 wins out of 24 games to date... we sit 4 POINTS above relegation and the way I see it, we're not improving at all.

Ok now some people may say going to the Emirates and losing 2-1 isn't too bad, drawing 1-1 with an average Chelski team, fair to good. Previous games this season resulting in Everton playing "well" but drawing or loosing... welI I for one HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

For all the people that write ridiculous articles about the manager and his negativity etc etc... listen and think very wisely! Where was this club before DM took charge? Ageing, decrepid and seeking no ambition! Where are we now?? Well he has assembled as good as an array of talented young footballers far better than any manager in the premiership (given the resources), seeks further ambition and success but now I feel has taken us as far as he can... the reason??

Bill Kenwright and the current board! Now Blue Bill has to be commended for putting DM in charge and to a degree for steadying a sinking ship; now however, I feel that the good ship Goodison and all who sail in her are heading for one mother of an iceberg! I'm not trying to scare-monger but this board and current chairman have taken us as far as they can!

Why on earth are Evertonians so quiet on the subject of Blue Bill and his merry band of "elusive ghost directors"..... Seriously guys, do you think these clowns are gonna move EFC any further forwards?... NO CHANCE!! Could DM given the correct resouces??.... HELL YES!

It's time for every Evertonian to stand up and be counted and "GET RID OF THIS CURRENT BOARD" Nil Satis Nisi Optimum... nothing but the best is good enough, something I fear we have all been guilty of forgetting! This board is NOT good enough for this club. The farcical days of the "Fortess Sports Fund", The Kings Dock project and the recent Kirby debacle are just a scratch on the surface of what is fundimentally wrong at our club.

We've all heard the "goin bust" rumours of late especially from the shower across the park but what is apparant is that there HAS and I repeat HAS to be something wrong at boardroom level. You don't let 3 senior players leave and not replace any of them in an already threadbare squad.

It's time for action on the terraces, no longer can we sit buy retisantly whilst our club dwindles away.


Adam Baig
50   Posted 02/02/2011 at 14:00:31

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Is it Moyes? Is it Kenwright? Is it both?

Kenwright clearly does not have the finance/acumen/skill to run a Premier League operation. however, he didn't make those substitutions last night.

I am at a serious loss as to whose fault it is now, and can even see the bigger picture of players' wages being at the root of it all.

We are in dire need of a 'top down, root and branch overhaul', otherwise the only way is down....

Danny Hinchcliffe
51   Posted 02/02/2011 at 13:43:34

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also have we not just spent £12 million on a new stand extension??

They said that wasn't coming from transfer kitty but it has to be coming from somewhere, wherever it is is obviously a long way from administration!

Moyes has always said he doesnt buy if he doesnt need to, prices are crazy at the mo, they are in all walks of life, why waste money now when the odds are in 6 months time all the clubs that have wasted money on just buying for the sake of it (villa & ireland for example) are needing to offload on the cheap.. if anything moyes plays the waiting game better than anyone and that we take these things about not spending money etc on face value just means we havent been watching whats happened in the past.. yes we're not a rich club, it's been a long time since we have been, but we have a good squad on nice long contracts, what do we need more? The answer is a striker, the most expensive piece in the jigsaw, if we rushed out tomorrow and spent £3 million on Darius Vassell or Benni McCarthy would we all jump up and down with joy? of course not, because when it came down to it even Andy Johnson was only just good enough and we sold him for £11 million..

The buying of young strikers is good business, because the odds are that one will come up good and save us £10 million before we have to spend.. on the scale of things the difference between a £15 million striker and a £14 million one is nothing... if it means we get a try on 4 of the most promising young strikers in europe in the meantime and none of them come up good its not that big a problem we can dispose of them and move on, if we buy a striker for megabucks and he doesnt work out then we'll instantly lose at least a million on him guaranteed..

Its obviously a discussion but if people are questioning what we're doing in the transfer market then they should have a look at the squad we have now compared to back then, whether its been on wages or fees you have to agree its money well spent, its only since fellaini came along that we've been comfortable in all the positions.

If people are questioning why the club as a business arent spending money in times of a recession then they should look at it like that.. yes other clubs are spending money but whats to say theyre not going to be f*cked in a few years time??

it's time for calm, to let the club go about its business in this comparatively dull time in context of recent history, and basically get ready for next season, when hopefully if we get the good start we havent had for years (now theres a problem worth shouting about!) we can be up there... maybe with one player (moutinho anybody?) that can really confuse the oppositions defences and not just some player we picked up because we could afford him at the time
Thomas-Jan Johnston
52   Posted 02/02/2011 at 15:39:36

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Why does David Moyes capacity as our manager even creep into some of these posts?? Something amazing happened to Everton when that twat Walter left. We signed one of the GREATEST signings in our historic history. I shake when I think what would have happened to us if he hadn't joined when he did.

"Blue Bill" is a bit of a gobshite, but the truth is that we dont know what's happening backstage at our club. Bill could be telling the truth when he said last year he was talking to "3 major" investors. The problem is the transparency of what Bill says,. Its hard to beleive anyone that just says things and very little actually happens.
What we need is some way of accesing the important information about OUR club. After all, regardless who "Owns" a club, we as fans are the true board of directors.
David Moyes has brought stability in a sense to the club, what we need know is a catalyst that can propell us back up the league e.g. Investment, New stadium etc.
Enough of just shouting blues, lets be productive! Support the supporters trust.
In regards to transfer window's, we suffered this one. But don't we always?? we don't have the luxury of signing Spanish transvestites for 50 mill. Its always Fellani or some other unknown namesake. But look at our squad. For the first time in years we have cover in positions that just looked inept. Personally I thought tony hibbert would die on that right side next to the family enclosure, but we have seamus now and how refreshing is it watching that kid play. And as for strikers, that has been a never-ending problem for us.
Not long from now blues, it will be that gang of anal discharge from across the park in the shit (excuse the pun) when there American owners decide to fuck off.
In Moyes we trust
Mike Williams
53   Posted 04/02/2011 at 11:14:28

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BK is like David Cameron. There are many, many people telling him he has got it wrong and isn't wanted. Unfortunately he will not listen. Time for you to go Blue Bill - quickly.
Mike Williams
54   Posted 04/02/2011 at 11:57:17

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I cannot believe those posters who are calling for Moyes to leave. Who would we attract. Martin O'Neil ? he demands and spends loads of money on average players ? no thanks. Mourinho ? Hahaha. Martin Jol ? acceptable but why would he come?

Moyes was a cowardly appointment in many ways and it was typical of BK. Had Moyes failed, Kenwright would merely have said that Everton were keen to encourage a well-regarded British manager who had put down good foundations in the Championship, together with comment regarding how sad it is that things did not work out. With the minor success achieved, stability etc, BK can claim his bold approach was rewarded with the development of a highly respected manager etc.

We need Moyes to stay and to keep us in the Premier League, large amounts of our debt are secured against the Premier League earnings, we'd be in administration in no time at all and be a Sheffield Wednesday style club.

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