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Big Club — Small-thinking Board

By Ged Dwyer  : 12/2/07
Great letter by Tom Hughes on 9/2/07. Spot on mate.

There is no need to move. We are unique. The ground is unique. If Liverpool owned Goodison, the irony is they wouldn't move because they have a Board with the vision to know what to do with Goodison. And in their ground move plans is the proposal to build a structure at the corner of Stanley Park, by Goodison Park, so if we were taken over by a different regime it would stop a major redevelopment of Goodison.

Kenwright only needs to ask himself why Liverpool, with all their support ,won't move any further than Stanley Park. IT’S BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT IS TOO MUCH OF A GAMBLE! We are a two-team city which makes a massive difference.

Make no mistake, Liverpool are out to destroy our support. They know we are now run by amateurs. This is their chance and they will be jumping for joy if we move away. And they are scared stiff of a rich backer coming in for Everton because it could affect their plans. The 'small club' comment was said for what reason. The bigger picture is my opinion. It wasn't a slip it was repeated and repeated and how do we know that won't keep a rich backer, who knows nothing about Evertons MASSIVE HISTORY and potential, away. And if it was an innocent comment it is massively damaging and they know it. SO EVERYONE WAKE UP TO WHAT'S GOING ON.

The short cut to being a big club? Easy: a cracking manager. The rest then follows. Success, bigger support (and gradual ground re-development can then be done), better sponsorship, players wanting to join the club instead of wanting to leave, development of good youngsters etc. Remember in 1983, no Evertonian thought we were going anywhere. The right managerial team was put in place (Harvey joining) one shrewd cheap signing of Andy Gray, Peter Reid starting to blossom, and all of a sudden we were the best team in Europe. That wasn't money. That was creating the right blend.

It's the same now but Moyes can't do it. In 1985 we were one of the Big Five. Why? because the team was right — not because we had endless funds.

Because Kenwright has debt worries and is being influenced by all the wrong people, he is taking us down the wrong road. We should do exactly what Liverpool are doing. Stay and fight for our corner. They will hate it, believe me. And we will gain more from it in the long run.

We should let the world know that we are top of the all-time First Division, we are one of the most successful clubs in England, we used to get the biggest gates in the country, and have more potential now than any club in the land.

No way are we a small cub and we can be massive if the Board stop thinking small. And it’s not all about the money.


This article by Ged Dwyer was probably the most delusional I have ever read.  He is living in Noddy Land if he believes that the root to success in modern British football is simply a great manager.  The wealth gap in football now simply means that if Everton or any other team outside the Big Four land themselves a great manager, then it is only a matter of time before that manager is poached by one of Europe's elite. 

When on earth will football supporters wake up and realise that only a massive downturn in football finances or a fundamental change in the rules such as a salary cap (which of course the Big Four would fight like tigers) will enable other clubs to compete for the major honours in English football?  It's now 12 years since any club outside the 4 won either the Premier League of FA Cup. How many more years will this go on before the Ged Dwyers of this world wake up. — Geoff Barnes


Could not agree more with the scribe, it is indeed a sad time looking at who runs Everton's affairs.  This is a club with a great history and to top it all we are an original twelve club something the so called big four cannot claim.  Every effort must be made to stop the move from Goodison.  The City of Liverpool would lose a massive piece of history should this happen.  — Mike Campbell

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