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Derby Week

By Tony Marsh :  14/10/2007 :  Comments (42) :
Another Derby game looms this week and the memories come flooding back. We are all supposed to know where we were when JFK got shot or when John Lennon died but to Evertonians no matter were you were when ever we we beat Liverpool you always remember it more than anything.

I have been lucky enough to have been at the match whenever we have beaten the RS over the years and have my own way of remembering these games. I tend to recall the Everton victories over Liverpool by players names.

If I say the Andy King Derby, those old enough will l know what I mean. Then there is the Graham Sharp Derby,The Big Dunc Derby, The Kanchelskis Derby, The Danny Cademarteri Derby, the Lee Carsley Derby and more recently the Aj Derby. All memorable times defined by the player who made the victory so sweet. Some of our older fans will no doubt have even fonder and older stories to tell.

So what can we expect this week from an Everton side who are average most weeks but who can turn it one when the mood is right?

First of all, I don't rate Liverpool as much as they rate themselves and if Everton put in a good shift this coming Saturday we can turn these twats over. I love nothing more than strutting about with a chest like Arnie Schwatrz whenever we do the RS and I am expecting to be in Terminator mode this weekend.

Although we will be the underdogs for this match and Devon and Norway's finest will be out in force at Goodison with thier witty Scouse humour, we should sit back and laugh at the Spanish Waiter and his Billion dollar strike force. The red rag has been waved at the Bull [small club jibes] and I only wish we had a Young Big Dunc or a Dave Watson to lead us in to battle.

This is my main concern regarding this game ? lack of leadership out on the field. We have too many light-weight players who will hide if its not going the right way. Tommy Graveson could make all the difference if fit and I pray he is.

This is the week were I lay off Moyes and get behind the team and the club because to me this is what determines our season. I can take the thought of not winning a troph y[again] but losing to this shower of shite will send me over the edge. This is a cup final to me.

How about another repeat of the Kanchelskis Derby only this time its AJ who does the damage?

Limpar picks up the ball in his own half and goes on a mazey ru and he beats 4 men and slots a through ball in to the path of Andre Kanchelskis. Kanchelskis takes the pass in his stride and buries the ball in to the net in front of the stunned Kop. The Evertonians go wild especially our little crew who were in the Kemlin Road.

That's what I am talkin about. More of the same, please.

Reader Comments

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norman merrill
1   Posted 15/10/2007 at 07:27:39

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Geat shout Tony, You have started something? it brings back my proudest derby victory, and at Analfield.
It was in the 60’s and Mr Shankly’s reign, there was not much to pick between the two sides, but it was the sheer delight of beating the shite on the own miidden, and the scoreline of 0-4 was fully deserved.
I stood on the kop that day, with many Blues fans, we may have been scattered about, but we soon showed our presence, one thing still stays in my memory, and that was the sight of the much underated and very talented, Johnny Morrissey tackling the Analfield Iron Smith before slotting into the Analfeild end, all goals that day were special.
I cannot remember much of what happened, after the match, due to the help
of the alcohol consumed, but Monday morning could not come quick enough.
Just hope those memories are revived.
James Byrne
2   Posted 15/10/2007 at 08:26:33

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Great read Tony,

I am just out of bed and already I am almost punching the walls with anticipation for this weekends derby, I can’t wait.

I think it is fair to say for every bluenose, regardless of what happens in the season I just wanna turn the shite over, it is that important.

We are not playing too well this season, have conceded far too many goals for my liking but we can beat that shower of shite without a doubt.

We don’t have AJ and they don’t have Torres but it still could be a Yakabu Derby, or a McFadden Derby or maybe even a Lescott Derby, who cares, COYB!
grant jump
3   Posted 15/10/2007 at 09:25:30

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Yes Tony i was also at my only derby when the joke got around " Wheres Kings Cross", Back of Ray Clemmence s net. What a win too the mighty Toffees. Well i ll be watching this weeks derby here at home in Aussie, 9 30 at night on my SAT.with a fridge full of beer, cant wait go the Blues do us all proud. And i hope Aussie Tim can put a few in against them red shite. Go you TOFFEES......
Arthur jones
4   Posted 15/10/2007 at 09:24:51

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Stubbsy summed it up when he derided Lurch’s comment . If beating your local rivals is not a priority then they have got a problem , I bet gerrard and caragher are kicking his lanky arse all around melwood after that stupid remark . And beneathus wants the rs to be the Real Madrid of England ???? Ha , not while he’s in charge , he’s spent vast amounts of money since going there and they won a couple of cups on penalty shoot outs , not even come close to winning the prem , spent £100m on strikers and sold Owen for £8m , briliant business acumen , We will go into the game on Saturday as underdogs , hopefully with TC fit , even half fit they’ll panic and who knows , Derby’s are strange games , The Yak might just come up with the goods .....??? I hope all the sky commentators write off our chances , I love seeing those smarmy bas*ards eat their words especially Big Nose and Charlie (my brain hurts) nicholas . We’ve got to win anyway ’cos I couldn’t stand the shame of playing second fiddle to the most over-rated team ever....!!!!!!
Terry Maddock
5   Posted 15/10/2007 at 09:31:18

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My favourite derby was May 23rd 1985..1-0 to us ..what an 8 days....Rotterdam on Wednesday, Wembley on Saturday..and then beating the red shite on the Thursday..singing "hand it over" and Champions non stop thru the game..(cos we had already won the league)..that was a great night ..and a terrible two day hangover followed
Terence Leong
6   Posted 15/10/2007 at 10:15:02

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Ah yes... local pride, bragging rights. I’ve been proud of it since I knew about it back in ’85. And of course, even though in those trophy laden years, it bugged me to no end that we seldom overturned the Reds then.
Yet, when I read entries like "between winning a trophy and winning the derby, I choose the derby", I think we are losing some perspective here.
It’s one thing to acknowledge that we’ll give no quarters, but another to wish for this kind of ultimatum.
Pse, let’s not sound like Man City.
Their season revolves around beating Man Utd (unless this season is different). That masks all their underachievement and problems.
If I had to choose?
I’ll choose finishing above the Reds over 38 games, rather two derby wins. That is true bragging rights i.e. we’ve aced them over the whole season, we are the better team. The league table doesn’t lie.
Still, I won’t take it too well if we lose this weekend.
But you won’t hear me exchanging a debry win for a ultimate superior placing.
lee rogers
7   Posted 15/10/2007 at 10:56:58

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my favorite day was when we beat the r/s at analfield 0-2 get in there ratty straight under grobblar’s legs woohoo did i get drunk or what
Chris Masey
8   Posted 15/10/2007 at 11:29:07

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I agree with the lack of leaders phrase. I have to be honest, this is the least optimistic I have been about a derby in a long time. AJ is out, McFadden will go missing, (I wish he wouldn’t but his scotland form doesn’t fool me!) and no doubt Neville will lead the midfield, with Babel terrorising the out of form TH. I want to be positive, but our form recently suggests we may be turned over. I don’t fancy Pienaar, Yakubu and even Jags performing in their first derby, and I can already predict the column of pain Tony will be submitting on monday. Sorry for not being more positive.
Steve Lyth
9   Posted 15/10/2007 at 10:32:58

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Mo johnstone and Peter Beardsly, 2-1 cracking game and Beardos goal was a beaut, happy days
Chris Masey
10   Posted 15/10/2007 at 13:07:45

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I’ve just done the missing men quiz on, and they wanted to know the team that beat liverpool in 97 at goodison. I got everyone apart from one legendary midfielder, who’s name eluded me for a painful 10 minutes.

Who remembers Danny Williamson??? Everton legend, the man who bossed the midfield in a famous win over the RS?? Its amazing how these names come up and you don’t associate them with famous wins. In fact, the first thing you think is, lots of potential with a big future. Joined Everton and turned shit!!
Tom Hughes
11   Posted 15/10/2007 at 11:38:54

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Derbies are the only league games that still give me "butterflies". When I was a kid I used to get nerves before every game, but time has cured that (mostly). Not so with the derby..... more so at their place where it all feels that bit more sinister. In the days of terraces it had the added spice of having them all around us at times, and us at their place, the banter could be pretty "warm" shall we say. It was always unusual watching the paddock and enclosure seemingly celebrating goals from either side with equal enthusiasm. The King one was a great day because I’d never seen us beat them..... it lifted a big cloud. Last year was special though.... having that much breathing space to celebrate was great, and I took my little lad who was only 7 at the time. The celebration for the first goal actually scared him such was the pandemonium around us, he was used to it by the end!!! More of the same please.
Gavin Ramejkis
12   Posted 15/10/2007 at 13:55:11

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The Andy King derby was my favourite from when I was a kid especially watching that copper shoving him off the pitch as he was getting interviewed after the game followed v closely by the Sharpy Show when a bloke that is the spitting image of Statto ran across the pitch after he scored that screamer, does anyone know who he was/is and does he still look like Statto?
Gavin Ramejkis
13   Posted 15/10/2007 at 13:58:32

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Look out for statto in case it’s you!!!
Mike Murray
14   Posted 15/10/2007 at 14:27:00

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Imre Varadi - 2-1, 4th round of the cup, 1981. My first derby experience. Andy King 78 - First result I remember, Sharpy 84 - after the 5-0 against Man Utd the week before, that’s when I really thought we were on to something. The Sharpy memory leads me to another that is not a favorite. I remember the 5-0 ’Glen Keeley’ derby vividly. I was in tears after the match and was immediately fearing school on Monday. I asked my Dad something like ’Will we ever be any good?’ and without hesitation, he replied ’Yes son, foorball works in cycles and it’ll be our time again." I didn’t believe him until a couple of years later! Football’s changed, but there’s still a little part of me who thinks it’ll be our time again...... Well, that’s what I tell my kids......!!!
glen strachan
15   Posted 15/10/2007 at 15:27:57

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Maybe it was back in the mists of time - but for me Derby day or night to be exact was never better than the ’Alan Ball’ game.......the cup tie when Bally scored what looked an impossible goal.

Varadi’s game and his pie in the gob as he celebrated was great but like a few of the others , Sharpy’s epic suggested that happy times were here again.............and all too briefly they were.

Like most Evertonians I would rather have enough points to win the Premier but if they included 6 points from our two games with the Cornflake Killers , that would surely make things even sweeter.
John McFarlane [Senior]
16   Posted 15/10/2007 at 14:52:08

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"Norman Merrill", I’m afraid that time has dimmed your memory somewhat, the game you refer to was in September 1964. Everton were without the services of West [long term injury] Parker, Young, and Vernon, it was also at the time of Albert Dunlops "Purple Heart" allegations. Tommy Smith did not play in this fixture, his Derby debut was in April 1965 [a 2-1 victory for Everton]. In the 4-0 game Everton took a 2nd minute lead through Derek Temple, further goals from Fred Pickering and Colin Harvey [all at the Anfield Road end] gave Everton a 3-0 interval advantage, Johnny Morrissey completed the scoring by floating the ball over Tommy Lawrence in front of the Kop. As ridiculous as it may seem in a 4-0 victory, Andy Rankin was deemed "Man of the Match" in many quarters. I too was on the Kop that day and considered it ample revenge for the 4-0 defeat inflicted on us in the F.A.cup match of 1955,[Liverpools first away win of the season] they were of course a division two outfit at that time. I hope you don’t think I am scoring "Brownie Points" it’s just that I am a stickler for accuracy, and here’s to another pleasant "Derby memory".
Charles Rane
17   Posted 15/10/2007 at 15:44:30

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I can barely remember my first but it was an FA CUP tie in 1981. Imre Varadi scored for us to beat the shite. I think we eventually got to the last eight that year. Since then i have been present at some of the most memorable games you can imagine. The 4-4 in 1991 has to be top of the list for the never say die lazarus type comeback that will be remembered for many a year. Of course the two final defeats still hurt and i will always hate that miserable shite ian rush. I have always said that apart from the old firm matches (ive been to four so take my word for it they take some beating), the merseyside derby is the best head to head of local rivals in the united kingdom. you can take your london derbies and your city vs united but derby day on the mersey is always eventful. Ive just realised that people before me have already selected the 81 cup match as their first or favourite so its good to see that others still have that experience fresh in their memory. I also remember almost like yesterday when kanchelskis scored twice in front of the crap, sorry, kop in october 1995. There simply are to many memories to mention, some of them bad or just plain frustrating but the feeling of beating those red shirtlifters is second to none. A repeat of the 3-0 of last season looks unlikely especially with last years instigator out of the picture. Or does he play in time? Not entirely sure but i would go for a front pairing of mcfadden and anichebe. Yaku-boo looks a poor purchase and is short of confidence, and with johnson not playing it seems and vaughan still out i would go for those. Can I also say that despite being a avid supporter for over 25 years now I was an AC MILAN fan for one night back in May. The feeling at the final whistle and the looks on the faces of the miserable shits, gerrard included was priceless. Istanbul must have felt a long way off that night. So lets be positive and get behind the team on Saturday despite another belligerent kick off time. We can beat the shite. And remember as if you did not know already- One evertonian is worth twenty liverpudlians. EFC 1878
Peter Manning
18   Posted 15/10/2007 at 18:21:19

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The Andy King For me as well (many more since though) 6 of us nearly walked all the way home to Huyton singing before we got on a 75 bus by Bellfiled, went striaght to the dovie (Western Avenue and sadly no longer and much missed) and drank myself stupid. My younger brother (Red Shite becasue of a cousin) said he heard me singing all the way down the ave and my sisters cleaned up the sick from the bathroom floor and put me back to bed naked (never lived that down) but did?nt and still dont care as the story often comes out at christmas partys.
Keep the faith.

Tony Marsh
19   Posted 15/10/2007 at 19:05:11

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Its sad Peter so many of the old Huyton Boozers have closed down .The Eagle and Child the most famous pub on Merseyside local of the late Evertonian legend supporter Eddie Cavanagh [1966 cup final pitch invader] The Bluebell and the Hillside both gone and once full of some great Evertonians. Terry Kermo manager of the Hillside. No one fucked with Big Terry or his cousin another top Evertonian Brian Basher Jones. My local the Quiet Man is safe for now and is still the top Blue house Huyton. it will be rocking Saturday night if we can put one over the Shite. Yes Derby fever is defo setting in. COYB
Connor Rohrer
20   Posted 15/10/2007 at 19:07:45

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Completely agree with the Thomas Gravesen shout. If it was up to me I?d get Cahill, Vaughan, Stubbs and Gravesen on the park as they are all players well suited to derby games. Agressive and dont shirk tackles even if they cant actually tackle(Cahill and Gravesen). I would seriously go 4-4-1-1 aswell. I know people might its a negative formation but I disagree. That formation is our most effective as Tony said because we have lightweight players so that extra man is always handy.

This is what I?ld go:






That team in my opinion would be able to get us a result. Lots of agression in Gravesen, Cahill, Stubbs and Vaughan aswell as creativity in Arteta, Pienaar and Gravesen. I always love derby week even though they are nervous moments but I suppose thats what makes it so special.

Dave wilson
21   Posted 15/10/2007 at 19:08:22

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We’d won the cup and the shite won the league. Ingerland were world champs. Some really clever gardner had done some incredible work on the island outside Lewis’s - loads of Blue n Red flowers split in half, me uncle turned up and told me to get me coat on, we’re going to Goodison for the charity shield. They even paraded the world cup that day. Me uncle being RS took me to the park end side of the old Goodison Rd terrace, we lost I was surrounded by delirious crowing RS, I still feel the pain now when I think back to that day, I was nine but that didnt stop the taunts

The next couple of derbys at the old lady, I purposely took my place amongst the RS

I had learned how to take it, and didnt need a tutor to teach me how to give it back.
Bally put them to the sword in a 3-1 win, Howard did likewise next time when we beat them 1-0, but best of all, was when when sixty thousand of us taunted them with the Mohamed Ali cry of "whats our name" when Bally sent them crashing out of the cup one Saturday night. I was in the pen that night and remember the goal as if he scored it yesterday,

Whenever I think of that night I cant help - if no one is around - throwing my hands up and screaming YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS
Dave wilson
22   Posted 15/10/2007 at 20:04:49

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Kin ell Tony

I wish you’d left this one alone till Thur/Friday, me pulse is racing already.
I’ll need a few large Captain Morgans to get me off tonight and its five days away ! ! !

Ray Robinson
23   Posted 15/10/2007 at 20:04:24

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John McFarlane, I remember the 4-0 at Anfield. My dad, who is a red, was a season ticket holder at Anfield and came back with a ball which he’d won in the Golden Goal competition (for being one second out - I think Temple’s goal was scored after 53 or 54 seconds!).

It was a brand new ball without laces, covered in the autographs of the Liverpool team. Well me being a Blue and not the least interested in having the signatures of Ian St. John, Ian Callaghan, Roger Hunt et al, I went straight out and played with that ball, erasing all the signatures in the process. I wonder what it would have been worth today!?

Favourite Derby victory - the 2-0 at Anfield in 1970 when Whittle and Royle scored.We went on to win the League that season. It went some way to erasing the memory of the Sandy Brown og at Goodison which was the only defeat at home that season.
Anthony Newell
24   Posted 15/10/2007 at 21:10:25

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A couple stick in my mind. The replay won 1-0 after the the 4-4 courtesy of Dave Watson. Christ we had some bitter red shite bastards sat behind us on the natty express all the way back to London later that evening. Big Dunc’s first Derby goal. I thought we gonnas that season but the Fergie loan signing was inspired. I prayed we signed him after that game. They genuinely shat themselves on seeing him in the starting eleven. Unfortunately I also remember the disallowed Hutchison goal and wanted to murder that Poll twat

The Tony Cottee/Mark Ward Derby sticks in my mind too. When Cottee danced around Grobelaar for the second goal the place just went into raptures, Goodison rocking. McManaman nearly coming to blows with Grobelaar was pure quality followed by us pulling up next to him at the traffic lights in a black cab beating a hasty treat. "Well look the fuck who it isn’t, Bruce Grobelaar" We gave him a good send off!

I agree, the game is an opportunity to put the season back and track and lets hope for this. It all comes down to the line-up and tactics once more. Take Neville out of fucking midfield, put players in their most effective positions, start feeding the forwards, keep the ball on the deck and there is every chance. Fingers crossed
Paul Price
25   Posted 15/10/2007 at 21:49:49

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This Thread has got me thinking, this may be one for the staticians here but when was the last derby cup tie. It certinly hasnt been in the 14 or so years i can remember ! Surely we are due another 1 eh ?
Steve Hig
26   Posted 16/10/2007 at 02:15:24

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Great stuff! yer right about recalling by players names.....but Alan Ball derbies need the year too coz he was the man in a few games against them! He loved beating the RS even when he went to Arsenal...A leader like him on Saturday will do me!

And when Varadi scored his wife Olive was in the stands....old one and still shite!
Kevin C
27   Posted 16/10/2007 at 09:18:09

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You dont have to be a local Evertonian to feel this way. I am a Malaysian Toffee since I was 8. Now I’m 34 and still supporting Everton.

I have friends who are RShite Fans over here. As a matter of a fact, I’m the only Evertonian where I live.

Every Derby Match is full of tension. I was watching the derby last year together with 4 RShite Supporters and when we won 3-0 courtesy of AJ I just burst out as loud as I could. They just looked at me! It is as TENSED over here in Malaysia!!!
Walter Peck
28   Posted 16/10/2007 at 10:53:30

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Listening on some obscure radio station at eight o clock in the morning in san diego whilst on holiday in california back in autumn 1993 when mark ward and tony cottee scored to beat the shite at goodison. You know the one with mcmanaman and grobelaar beating the crap out of each other following the first. And what seemed an eternity when cottee beat what seemed like the entire (or lack of it) shite defence with four minutes to go to cement a blue weekend back on merseyside. One year on and im back at goodison to witness Big Joes inaugural success with goals from Rideout (god bless him) and Ferguson. Also worth noting that on the same day we beat spurs at elland road the shite lost at anfield to leeds united (brian deane). I can almost see the faces now at anfield that day. Final score - shite 0 leeds 1 - and also we have news that everton are through to the fa cup final! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Wild Times.
Eddie Flat
29   Posted 16/10/2007 at 12:21:22

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"I can take the thought of not winning a troph y[again] but losing to this shower of shite will send me over the edge. This is a cup final to me."
If a kopshite read that it would only confirm to him that all we care about is beating the shite. When they start giving trophies out for beating them then I’ll consider it a cup final, until then it’s just another game that I want us to win.
"We don’t care......................."!
Mark Stone
30   Posted 16/10/2007 at 13:01:55

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Great goal that Grame Sharpe one 1984.

Hoofball though.
Winston Zeddmore
31   Posted 16/10/2007 at 13:10:23

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Ever since they tried (and sadly succeded with devastating results) to prevent us from winning the european cup in 1985 I have always had a healthy disregard and a feeling of some animosity towards the other half of the city. Its not just the cup final defeats, the robbie fowler touchline antics or even the benitez "small club" jibes but them as a side in general. I can still recall to this days when anfields favourite son Clive Thomas denied us many a victory with his "impartial" sub standard refereeing abilities. Any toffee who can remember the 1977 semi final will know just what i mean. Just think of the additional points and maybe even a cup or two that could have been won if had not been for that "man". Subsequent inept dickless officials such as - you know damn well who they are, have done us no favours over the years. Personally i dont give two hoots if Doris Day referees on Saturday as long as we beat them.
Walter Peck
32   Posted 16/10/2007 at 14:11:48

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I was in threshers the other day - and lo and behold peter beardsley entered the store. He said - whisky please. Man behind counter - Bells OK?. Peter replies - I did not come here to talk about work. - Anyway yes, november 1992. 2-1. Maurice Johnston and said Mr Beardsley himself. Strangely seemed to enjoy scoring that too much despite five years with the opposition. In any event that monday night game sticks in my memory.
Neil Styles
33   Posted 16/10/2007 at 14:40:45

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Tony, great article and I love your enthusiasm. I cannot agree more with your summary of the reds. ’Spain’ consider themselves to be something they certainly are not: a title contending side. What Liverpool are is a good cup team. When it comes to knock out football they always surpass themselves (hence recent Champs’ league record). I agree we should do them on saturday especially of torres is out and Grav is in.
Quick question Tony, if you were a reds fan would you be equally as critical of the job Benetez has done/is doing at Anfield (especially given the spending that has been done there) as you are of Moyesey at our place? I’m not trying to stir things up here, its just I dont consider the job RB is doing as being that much better than DM’s- certainly not in the league anyway.
Denis Byrne
34   Posted 16/10/2007 at 14:48:12

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I’d come home from University but couldn’t get a ticket, but still NEEDED to be in the city for the match , and even better- listening to the game on the radio i the house with my dad, mam was too nervous and had gone out shopping - their courtship was spent at Goodison park and they were great blues. The goal drove me delirious, dad just sat there, his eyes filling up, it was seven years since we beat them and the pain was to much, finally finally the final whiste and me and me dad just standing in the middle of the room hugging each other, tears dripping. Mam came running into the house screaming, "we’ve done it, we’ve done it, we’ve beat the fuckers, at last at last at last"! The three of us cuddling and jigging in the front room. An eternal moment never too be forgotten, and the pair of them will now be getting their seat ready in Heaven to watch the game. Thankyou Andy King.
Ivor Reitman
35   Posted 16/10/2007 at 15:10:51

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What do you call a Liverpool supporter without arms or legs ?
jacqui moore
36   Posted 16/10/2007 at 20:38:18

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Denis Byrne- just reading your comments has brought tears to my eyes, although only an 8 yr old myself at the time i can still remember. My heart is beating already and stomach churning for the match on saturday I only hope and pray we beat the Red Shite and sing and dance in the Wimslow all night long. Come on blues you can do it.
colin southern
37   Posted 16/10/2007 at 20:36:43

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Tony M - its a shame about the pubs in Huyton but at least the Oak is still open. I know Terry and the late Basher they were my old mans best mates and fellow evertonians too. When I was a kid I always thought of huyton as a red stronghold as there always seemed to be more of them bastards especially on a monday morning after a derby that was until Andy King restored some pride.
Neil Pearse
38   Posted 16/10/2007 at 22:30:58

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Tony, this brought back some memories! I went to the Andy King derby, all the way up from London when I was just 16. I still can physically remember the sensations of that shot going in, and then me tumbling somewhere down the Gwladys and finding myself in a completely different place from where I started.... Still the best!
Laurie Hartley
39   Posted 17/10/2007 at 11:54:02

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Tony - I couldn’t bear the thought of not winning another trophy. When we do you can bet we will have beaten the RS at least once in the season. I know what you mean though - they need shuttin up.

This thread has brought back happy memories for me - I was at the 4-0 at Anfield and it was the "Andy Rankin" derby as John McFarlane suggested. Andy pulled off the best save I have ever seen in my life during that game (in front of the Kop). There was a picture of it in the Liverpool Echo that night. (Has anyone got a that photograp?) We were definitely the underdogs and I have to admit I was a bit worried about how we would go before the game. But it wasn’t long before we were chanting "Whats our name?"

Off to the Charlotte Street wine lodge after the game to celebrate with one of the best gangs of Evertonians God has ever put on this earth. Then off to the Arrowe Park Hotel to finish off. (Yes we were all woolly backs). Many of them are dead now, my dad included - God rest their souls. They all loved Everton Football Club with all their heart as I still do.

My dad also told me "we will be great again". I still believe him. I don’t know how it is going to come about - but it will as long as the manager and the players have the passion of us Evertonians to tap into. That is why I am glad you finished your post by saying that we should get behind David Moyes and the team. You can be sure of one thing - this game means more to DM than it does to Benitez because DM knows how much it means to us. So does Stubbsy. I reckon DM should let Stubbsy give the pre match team talk and threaten to batter anyone who doesn’t give 110%. Come on the Bluuuuuuues!
Sharon Lord
40   Posted 17/10/2007 at 13:36:31

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I thought this was a sensible website for dedicated and "educated" supporters. Did some 13 year old bored schoolboys get on here or some inbred part timers with room temperature IQs.
Grow up people.
Dave wilson
41   Posted 18/10/2007 at 06:36:51

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Easy Sharon girl,
Its just a bit of fun girl,
Then there was the time when a conga seemed to stretch the length of Scottie, weaving through evey alehouse, participants pausing for a bev, then rejoining, all singinging in our best Dean Martin voices -not- "Varadi wo ho ho ho"

Magical, Magical night . .
Steve Connor
42   Posted 18/10/2007 at 16:27:08

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Just read in the Echo Fatty waiter is complaining that they have been given another away game with an early kick off after an international break!!

It might be difficult for that fat twat to waddle across Stanley Park at mid day following a mighty tapas style brekky but surely the rest of them can manage it.

Mind you might be tricky for their loyal supporters...getting here for that time will require a very early start!

Come on you blue boys!!

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