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Graham Poll Would Have Been Proud

By Charlie Skinley :  20/10/2007 :  Comments (16) :
Whilst walking towards the ground today, I had one happy thought, there would be no Graham Poll today for his annual 'fuck Everton in the derby' quest..... But, just when you thought it was safe! Rob Styles commited the ultimate sin this season by awarding a penalty against Liverpool, he was duely dropped for a couple of matches by the FA... do you think Mark Clattenburg will suffer the same punishment for his performance in today's derby? Of cause not.... it was in favour of their beloved 'fab four'.

Have you noticed how the vast majority of controversial refereeing decisions are always in favour of the so called big four?? I'm not for one minute suggesting there is a consipracy towards Everton, or indeed the rest of the Premier League; however, I feel cos of the ridiculas amount of media coverage these four teams get that referees are terrified of giving a controversial decision against them. Whether we like it or not, giving a bad penalty against Liverpool would bring much more flack a referees way then making a bad decision for Everton and co, so they just don't do it, shit houses.

Its such a pisser because despite a shakey first 15 minutes, the boys actually took control of the game and there only looked to be one winner. Oh boy, only Everton could end up loosing this match. Whether Stevie G (or whatever the prick likes to be called) dived or not every one in the ground new what he was going to do, expect Hibbert, but to have a yellow card and then change it too red because that's what Stevie wanted??

And how on earth did Kunt (I think thats how its pronounced) stay on the pitch after that terrible lunge at Neville? And Carragher, he should have well been in Clattenburg's book earlier for his constant shouting and arm waving at every decision he made, if he waved his arms any faster he would have ended up in the top balcony..... oh and I can't even face putting in writing my feelings regarding our penalty.

And don't start me on Pugwash, accusing us of using the long balls!!!! Fucking hell it was his Premiership hopefuls (yes I'm laughing as well) that resorted into huffing the bloody thing up the pitch towards the end of the first half. Accusing Lescott of diving, the Spanish tosser is determined to cause ill feeling between the clubs and the FA must surely charge him for speaking total and utter shite.

Anyway, I'm off out to a party so thanks for letting me get this off my chest or I would probably have ended up getting my 'ed kicked in tonight.... night's still young I suppose!

Reader Comments

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Gerry Rutter
1   Posted 20/10/2007 at 23:00:36

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It’s the morning after here in Australia and once again I went to bed feeling gutted. Was Carragher on Ritilin or something else? He should have been off the pitch long before the end. As for Stevie G getting a red for Hibbo he should be hauled up for unsportmanlike behaviour. Til the next time yours in blue.
Wesley Coles
2   Posted 21/10/2007 at 00:39:33

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The refereeing was a disgrace. All we ask for is consistency, and i could spend a few hundred words reminding everyone of similar incidents from other matches that were judged differently!!

How he didn’t have the guts to blow for a pen i’ll never know...thats one of those "Ferguson at Villareal" moments that will haunt me forever..

(another one is Don Hutchison’s goal with his back that wsn’t given, Poll...)
Al Dugan
3   Posted 21/10/2007 at 04:15:07

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Folks...Hibbo’s was beyond a penalty...he grabbed Gerrards shirt and kneed him in the thigh...the only question is was the ball in playing distance...

Kuyt should have gone...easy. Lescott should have forced two...

We lost a match we should have won 3-0. Hibbo is horrible.
Matt Traynor
4   Posted 21/10/2007 at 06:16:42

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If it’s any consolation (I know it’s not), all of the TV presenters out here in Singapore absolutely slated the ref. Some of them are ex Reds players, and they were embarrased.

The newspapers ouit here have also gone big with headlines like "’Yellow’ Clattenburg makes Toffees see red’"

Full of letters from "neturals" all stating that it was a disgrace and Everton should’ve won.

And best of all they after match comments from the Fat Spanish Waiter have all been reproduced - yet another embarrassment to the Liverpool fans. Loads of the reds I know out here hate him. Some of them even texted me after the game apologising.

There’s going to be lots of debate on the local TV Sports channels about it this week - and it goes out to 24 countries and 400 million households - only one team’s fans and manager are going to be embarrassed with all of this - and it won’t be us!
Liam Loftus
5   Posted 21/10/2007 at 08:09:14

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after that yesterday, i just went on a crackin bender which ended up in creams 15th birthday (yes it was class) but everything just goes back to that game. to be honest, iv never felt like i did after yesterday. no anger, no bitterness (to start with) but just complete disbelief at so many decisions. id love to sit the ref down and ask him how he came to the conclusions he did, it was frankly embarrising and he’l admit it. obiously 1 day, 50 years from now in his shit autobigraphy comically called something shite like "the man in the middle" or sommet like that. iv never seen so many big decisions called wrong in a game. not a "the refs against us", jus really poor decisions that even a 5 year old could call and even the most kopits fan could see that was a pen at then end. ah well, thats over now and im finding it harder to get angery bowt them games more than any other

ps, dunno if youl read this but, outside the bogs in nation last night they av some lad who wont let ya take bottles in, obviously so youl buy more at the bar. but he was there in an everton top on, was class (coz in cream, its a worldwide brand and there was so many people from outside the city, jus really was brilliant to see that). good lad! .
James Cho
6   Posted 21/10/2007 at 08:41:17

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Im a little amazed at the attention directed at the referees for our loses.

I mean how can it not be a foul with a clumsy hibert closing him using the body.

How can it not be a penalty and red card when a midfielder save a goalward bound ball using the hand.

As for the fouls on Lescott, come on, lets be real. Do you watch football only todays? If you have been watching footballl for more than 10 years, you should know an offence in the box with so many people cluttering around dont usually gives a penalty.

Im happy that we lose. If we dont,
Moyes will think that his tactic works fine. We cant be worse putting ADM in, or even baines as left wing, with arteta in the middle.
Whatever it is, it just does not work with neville in the middle, jag is getting worse, and hibbert seems lost this season.

Im tired with Moyes. He simply keeps on whining about the referee like some peope here and refuse to look a the fundamentals, or rather the statistic (.with neville at the center or rb, or with adm, etc...)
Dave wilson
7   Posted 21/10/2007 at 09:55:26

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Just watched football first
I normally dont bother, I like to think that what I see at the time is the way I’d like to recall it, but the two footed challenge, made me do a double take yesterday, I had to convince myself it wasnt as bad as it looked, it was actually so much worse

I’m sorry I warched it coz I’m seething, it wasnt anything that happened on the pitch that sent me into the rage I’m in now, it was the after match interviews, how can tha odious little twat get away with calling Lescot a diver after the assault by his captain
Managers are brought to book for being critical of refs, so what gives this cowardly little gobshite the right to question our boys integrity ?
jimmy hoffa
8   Posted 21/10/2007 at 11:30:28

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Lay off Moyes and Lay off the team.

We just came back from a two week holiday. We ’re bound to be bad.

But for a long period of time, we were in control and the RS didn;t get a shot at goal. THe ball was mostly in their half.

Until the referee came and saved those bastards.

We could’ve added the tally easily if it wouldn’t for the referee stepping in.

We actually managed to bring the game to them, for once.
9   Posted 21/10/2007 at 11:23:16

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If it wasn’t bad enough yesterday seeing Gerrard referring the game by bringing out his red card, then Benitez calling Lescott a diver (maybe he should look at his captain, not only yesterday, but i remember an england game not long ago when Gerrard went down looking for a penalty I felt embarassed by his dive), but then Carragher on Sky Sports News this morning saying the 2nd Lescott penalty wasn’t a pen as it was a man’s game!!!! How can the man play the game when he is dragged to the floor. It was almost a case for assault (carragher that is, let alone the ref).
When did a ’smaller’ club get a big decision against one of the ’big 4’? When Liverpool conceded a pen against Chelsea earlier in the season, there was an uproar. The ref was suspended (was it 3 games?) and the media try to make everyone feel sorry for Liverpool. Watching Sky Sports News this morning, no mention at all of Gerrard influencing the ref. Reading this mornings paper, no mention of Gerrard influening the ref, apart from Moyes’ comment about it. Gerrard should be slated for getting a fellow pro sent off. Remember Ronaldo and Rooney after the World Cup? Ronaldo was made a public hate figure for getting Rooney sent off. OK it was because Rooney was English, but the principle remains that getting a fellow pro sent off which ultimately changed the whole game is more than frowned upon. Yet no mention at all in the media of Gerrard doing it to Hibbert. Reason? Because Liverpool are a ’big 4’ and Gerrard is a ’’’’great player’’’’’????? If this was the other way round and Gerrard/Rooney/Terry/Lampard, etc got sent off by an average premiership player, all hell would break loose and it would be everywhere in the media. In fact, forget that as the ref simply wouldn’t do it. Lets wait for the ref’s suspension by the FA. I’m still waiting for the Hutchison goal to be allowed as the ref blew his final whistle as the ball rolled towards Liverpool’s goal, there was hardly any mention of that in the media as well I remember!!!
By the way, who referred the Kharkiv home game? It wasn’t Clattenberg was it?
Gareth Owen
10   Posted 21/10/2007 at 11:19:09

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Another unjustified smash and grab with Clattenburg acting as the gettaway driver. That man’s balls, tiny as they are, should be nailed up on the door of the FA’s headquarters. Never have I seen a game that championed the call for a second "studio" referee so much as this one.It comes to something when your rivals have to have you reverted to 9 men, using the very tactics they bemoaned us for using last year, before they can squeak a victory with the full collusion of their "killer-sub" Crappenburg. All we want is consistency in our officials. If the rolls had been reversed yesterday and Liverpool had been on the receiving end of Clattenburg’s lunacy, the roar for a "replay ref" would already be deafening.
Richard Davies
11   Posted 21/10/2007 at 11:58:12

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As a red we edged it with some good fortune

Clear peno at the end -even the most passionate red couldn’t argue against that one.

We got away with the other possible peno which are sometimes given remember Hyypia’s challenge at the Gladwys St end was probably less of a foul -but a peno given which Unsworth slotted

Two point s are worth debate -clearly the Dirkmeister’s challenge was a shocker but his feet were clearly facing away in the challenge and I don’t think anyone believes he was trying to do Neville -he seemed to me to be deliberately obstructing Neville-what he was lucky about is with all the focus on challenges with two feet off the ground he could easily have been sent off

If so the result could have been very different.

The other is the reaction of Gerrard after the first peno. It was a clear continuing foul even if the first challenge was outside the box- you can see the shirt still being pulled.

No what dissapoints is his reaction in getting a school mate sent off (they were both at St Michaels Rupert Rd Huyton).

He was clearly in a potential goal scoring opportunity but in the eyes of the law he had to go. FFs Steve let the beeping ref try to do his job.

When you look at the way the rugby lads play the game there are things football can learn -stop all this posing around when a mild challenge is made.
Paul Olsen
12   Posted 21/10/2007 at 11:37:27

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James Cho and your over-eager, Moyes slashing minions and masters.

If you can’t even see the fact that the referee played us yesterday then i strongly feel that you guys are in need of serious reality-checks.

Some people just can’t stop critisizing the team and Moyes, even when we’re good we’re shite apparently.

Liverpool played our game, Sissoko and Mascherano in the middle? It was always going to be a war more than a game of football. Tha’ts is the essence of the merseyside derby in my opinion.

As for the ref, no-one has said Neville shoudn’t have been sent off. That was the easiest decision of the day. Sure, Hibbert’s penalty and red card is also most probably correct. Although if you look carefully at the replays you’ll see it’s Gerrard holding first. He grabs hold of Hibbert’s shirt to keep him behind him. From there and on Hibbert must take the fault himself.
Although as long as the ref gives a penalty he must also send him off, the sportsmanship of Gerrard afterwards is nevertheless atrocious.

As for Lescott’s claims, do anyone seriously think he dived? Sure refs let a lot of holding go by, wrongly i might add. But, especially the second offense against our boy was horrid. Pictures also show that the first claim was just a legitimate.

I’ll agree to one thing though, our midfield can’t continue in the fashion it’s been in until now. We have no-one making the long offensive runs behind our forwards(which in my opinion is a reason why many of them seem out of sorts) and we lack players who can put through those nice through balls. But, cheer up. Our best offensive runner is back soon(Cahill) and our most creative offensive midfielder is returning as well(Gravesen) our options will become better from now and i hope Moyes will use them.

But, anyhow we were in my eyes the better side yesterday and i’m proud of the players for their courage and will to win even when we were down to 10.
Andy Mckenzie
13   Posted 21/10/2007 at 12:35:50

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Well i’ve got to say im still extremely angry about the game and at two individuals gerrard and clattenberg

That was the most rediculous refereeing performance i’ve witnessed and even though its 24hrs since the result it still raw, this man should never referee another everton game and his performance should be punished, even though i think nothing will come of it as its only little old everton.

as for gerrard he should be embarassed with himself for not only cheating by diving for the pen but then proceeds to get a fellow player sent off, seriously makes me sick because look at our captain, gets a kung-fu kick aimed at his hips (not his ankles, or knees) his hips and then just gets up and brushes himself down and gets on with the game, he could of cheated like gerrard and got kuyt sent off but we play fair, always have and always will, gerrard you are a disgrace to english football.
Brian Phythian
14   Posted 21/10/2007 at 16:23:41

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There are 16 managers in the Premiership who must have watched MOTD and thought, without any doubt, that if one of their players had produced a two footed tackle like that on Neville it would have been a red card. It was Sam Alladyce who, last season, incurred the wrath of the FA, when he said that we know that the Premiership is two leagues in one with the top four spending millions, but referees also have their own top four when it comes to decisions.
Rafa says Lescott dived in the last second trying to get a penalty - even Olympic swimmers cannot dive backwards in the way Lescott went down.
The incidents apart, the standard of refereeing yesterday was abysmal with nearly all 50-50 challenges going one way. I wonder which way that was?
15   Posted 21/10/2007 at 19:07:44

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There is only one reason why the premier league will not allow cameras to make big would stop them manipulating games so that the big four finish top.

They are shitting themselves that they would leave and join a european super league and all that television money would go with assured boys our national game is more corrupt than an third world african nation.

Thats why when we played united scoles stayed on the park......all the ref has to do is give 80% of the 50/50s to the favoured team and he can effcectively ensure the outcome of the game.......if you dont believe it just look at the free kick that gave liverpool the winner against villa.

football is corrupt and we have to live with it......
Winston Zeddmore
16   Posted 22/10/2007 at 13:32:33

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If the likes of clatterburg (styles, poll, riley etc) and gerrard, benitez were as good at honesty, fairness and gamesmenship as they were at sucking cocks then maybe we could have had a result at the weekend, and our league positions and cup progress may have beared some fruit in the past few seasons. I am sick and I am tired, as are most evertonians of being continually screwed over and denied legitimate decisions by these so called officials. Everybody has had their ten cents worth on saturdays debacle, but the fact of the matter is that the result will stand. we cant change it and although in future years it will read as a defeat, anybody who was there that day will know different.

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