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For those about to rock

By Greg Murphy :  11/03/2008 :  Comments (18) :
Just a word to say that if you can do so - e.g. if it?s a choice between having a last pint and not - then what about as many of us as possible making an extra effort to be in the ground at 7:15pm for Fiorentina?

Only reason is this (and I?m sorry for bringing ?them? up): but I?m convinced that one reason Chelsea have pooed themselves twice now at the pit is because they were intimidated even when they emerged for the kick-around 30 minutes before the start.

Put simply, if the Fiorentina players? first impressions of match night hostilities are formed doing their stretchies listening to ?Teenage Kicks? (serial early attenders will get the gag) amidst a half-empty Goodison, then we?ve already lost a key psychological battle.

Sustainable match-long atmospheres that aren't spontaneously triggered by a bad ref's decision or a goal-line clearance early doors, need to build, in my view, and often it?s impossible to suddenly turn the switch-on at five minutes to kick-off.

Admittedly, it is a bit difficult trying to get some volume going now whilst most of us (me included) just stand gawping at the Alex Young films but I witnessed loads of game Blues (particularly in the Lower Gwladys) prior to the Chelsea semi trying to work-up a bit of intimidation towards Joe Cole and the boys but it was simply impossible due to the lack of numbers in the ground and the drowning-out sounds of ?Spirit of the Blues? (which is well intended but can sometimes have the opposite effect to the desired one).

People go on about the Bayern Munich night - and I?m sure many younger Blues are fed-up of it - but one of the reasons there was such a palpable buzz in the air was that the pay-at-the-gate terraces were chocker from about 6pm (we needed to get there early to ensure you got in) and Matthaus, Augenthaler and most definitely the goalie Pfaff were spooked from the moment they went out to limber-up (yeah, yeah, I remember they went one-up - but you get me drift).

Anyway, it?s now been announced that we?ve got a full-house on our hands so that will help no end.

But I?m reading between the lines regarding what Moyes and Neville have been saying about the need for the crowd to do the bizz for Fiorentina (had your e-mail yet?) and I reckon they want us to ramp it up far more than we did against Chelsea in the Carling.

We did allright that night (despite how the Sky microphones skewed it) but we could have done better.

I?m as guilty as the next Blue for squeezing a last bevvy in at 2.30pm or whatever and I?m not exactly a chant starter when I am in - but I?m easily led.

How about we all lead each other as early as possible, then?

Coz if we treat it like a normal home game and we all do our same old pub or chippy routine (one of the benefits of having a ticket is that we can stroll-up with 5 or 10 minutes to go and be guaranteed a seat) then we?ll have missed a trick.

I?m certain Le Viole will be in there as handy as they can be making their inordinate and disproportionate racket.

So while we need as many of us as possible in there early to counter-act that, we also need to send an implicit ?this is different - we?re up for it - we believe? signal to our lads to pump them up before they return back to the changies for Moyes? last gee-up.

See you at 7.15, then?

Forza Azzurri!

Reader Comments

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Ciaran Duff
1   Posted 12/03/2008 at 04:32:36

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Agree totally with the crowd is a 12th man concept although I won’t be at the game living in Sydney.
In 2006 when Australia had a do or die second leg WC qualifier game v Uruguay the crowd had a similar effect. The mgt and team built up the expectation in advance, they played emotional videos before the game, Aussie band etc. They even had the Australian kids choir singing along the touchline right beside the opposition warming up. They weren’t happy. Unusually for a Australian crowd the atmosphere was intimidating and I believe that it made a difference to the game. I’m sure it would be the same (better) in Goodison. Refs, even Euro ones, also seem to get intimidated. I’m sure Howard only got booked because the crowd whistled every time he was lining up a goal kick. Pay back time boys.
Terence Leong
2   Posted 12/03/2008 at 08:05:01

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That’s what I’m talking about : )
yup, can do my best supporting from the sunny island of S’pore. The last time I wrote something like that, I got a "talking down" when some of our Blues fans misunderstood what I meant. Nonetheless, let’s really rock the place. Do what we’ve never done before, "suck the ball into the net", line the streets, be there when the Italian boys get off the bus, cheer on during half time, let both the team know that Goodison ain’t going down with a fight. It’s not over till the fat lady sings. But no violence pse, laser pointers, coin and bottle throwing : )
Other teams have overturned a 2-0 deficit before, we can do likewise. Yes, it might not be something we can claim in abundance, but our team needs all the belief they can get, no matter how much they earn. I don’t think it’s a matter of not getting it up, or not willing to play for the shirt, but really, everyone’s human. All can do with strong encouragement. NSNO.
Colin Grierson
3   Posted 12/03/2008 at 08:41:19

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Well said Greg!

I wish I could be there at all, never mind at 7.15. NIghts like Bayern will always be with those who were there. For those who weren’t let’s have another to remember eh? The psychology of the twefth man cannot be undersetimated!

If you can get there early and make some noise do it. Who knows it may make a difference.

It will be 2.45 am kick here in Bangkok so I’ll be gettin up at 2.15 and tryin not to wake the kids when the third goal goes in!

Steve Carter
4   Posted 12/03/2008 at 09:01:14

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We salute you for this Greg, but you’re really going to get us rockin at ACDC warp volume now that the Shite have seen off Inter. I’m not going to be able to face the red shites tomorrow if we don’t, I’m really not...
David Moore
5   Posted 12/03/2008 at 10:18:52

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On the subject of arriving early, i thought the ground would be packed about an 1 hr beforehand. In sydney the afl team the ground already has 20-25 thousand in around an hour before kick off. So all of you get there eary and hurl abuse at Kroldrup esp.

On the Bayern game, does anyone have any youtube forage or the like that i can watch on thee net of that famous night.

on another note do we have many good songs to slag off Kroldrup.

Ciaran Duff
6   Posted 12/03/2008 at 11:03:40

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Jeez, I love the title of this thread.

Theres a bit of footage of Everton v Bayern at the start of this Youtube clip about football in the 80s:-
Chris Fisher
7   Posted 12/03/2008 at 11:23:04

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Please lets do what greg says!!! hes tottaly right! whats more important getting one more beer in or getting in the ground and singing till your throat gives out and scaring seven bulls of shit out of them italians and letting the boys know how much we beleive in them i really beleive it could make all the difference i know im definetly going to do it!!! but if im only one of a few whos going to take notice of this then it wont make any impact what so ever so come on all you TRUE BLUE FANS get in there early and give the boys all your support!!! fuck i love everton!!!
Dave Yates
8   Posted 12/03/2008 at 12:09:34

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Well said Greg, we must play our part tonight, an intimidating atmosphere can be 2fold, scaring the shit out of the italians and making the hairs stand up on the neck of our boys, we must be there for them tonight, at the start and all through this game, no moans if we havent scored early doors, and lets scream at the ref for everything, throw, corner, and even a pen !!! The feelings are starting in me now as i write this....When i here that drum role for z-cars tonight...its going to be emotional...all aboard the Everton rollercoaster once again boys....believe...Nil satis
David Edwards
9   Posted 12/03/2008 at 12:15:12

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Anything we can do to intimidate the Italians beforehand with a good pre-match presence and more noise will help our cause a lot - but I remember many us pleading for the same thing againast Chelsea in the Carling Cup Semi, and I was very disappointed by our response.

However, much of the crowd need something happening on the pitch to maintain noise levels and I hope DM and the boys will not go into their shell like they did last time. I don’t think it will be the same because:

a) We are back to my favoured 4-4-2 with Yak back to join AJ
b) 2-0 means we have to go for it, whereas 1-0 always gets you thinking you can defend solidly and sneak it on the break. Whilst not being gung-ho, I think the size of our task demands a much sharper tension (but defence need to push up much more too)

An early goal would make it so ’game-on’ that the team and crowd could probably do the rest - but if we don’t get that initial breakthrough, we must have more patience (let’s face it, Florentina were last week).

I think Florentina are going to be in for quite a shock if they see us play with the pace and urgency we know we can play with. However, to be honest, it’ll be one of our ultimate achievements to over-turn this deficit, and even though I think the Italians will sit deep, I wouldn’t put it past them to have chances on the break as well. However, I hope DM has studied the video of their weekend defeat and learnt that they are good, but still as fallible as any team.

Last night Inter learnt how being at home with a huge crowd doesn’t automatically mean you can overturn a 2-0 deficit against a well-marshalled side (that’s the last bit of credit I’m giving the RS this season!)

It’ll take some doing but I think it’s within us to have a special night and we have a part to play at Goodison tonight. COYBs
Col Wills
10   Posted 12/03/2008 at 13:08:37

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WHilst i agree that the crowd will play its part, the team cant go treating this game like a derby match and start crashing into their players, getting bookings and even sending offs. We have to get the ball in behind them and play in their half as much as possible. Possession is the key in Europe an if we can keep the ball, there’s always the chance of the european referee giving us free-kicks to allow us to get the ball into the box frequently.
Brian Potter
11   Posted 12/03/2008 at 14:15:33

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gordon blurr
12   Posted 12/03/2008 at 15:59:11

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I will be in there about 6pm.....

Brain Labone suite....
Ben Wilson
13   Posted 12/03/2008 at 17:08:41

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Tell me ma me ma, to put the Champagne on ice! BRING..........IT.............ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben Wilson
14   Posted 12/03/2008 at 17:13:32

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In fact Im taking me mam to the match tonight. Her first game ever. She’ll be listening!
Greg Murphy
15   Posted 12/03/2008 at 17:28:55

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Right, that’s my work over for the day (haven’t been able to concentrate anyhow!) and I’m off to The Spellow (see some of you by the Bobby Moore picture - for the others around the world, you’ll be there in spirit).

And I’m out of there at 7.05pm for a 7.15pm Park End arrival.

It’s gonna happen! Yes it is!!
Derek Turnbull
16   Posted 12/03/2008 at 17:57:35

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You make a good point about getting in there helps the atmosphere build. As you say maybe there’s a good argument for not having the video screens. There’s been a pa since the 60s though and there’s been atmosphere building since then, so that can stay!

It is also an argument towards unreserved seating
Brian Garside
17   Posted 12/03/2008 at 18:10:48

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If the "last pint" is so important why not have it in the ground. More bodies and chatt give a bigger buzz thereby creating the the base for the singing and desired atmosphere."
Michael Dawson
18   Posted 12/03/2008 at 18:55:29

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Me and the lads were already planning on getting in nice and early tonight - got to make sure the Italians know they’re up against 12 men tonight.

Think we might need patience tonight and not let up the atmosphere for the full 90. As long as we score first I think we’ll do it, and even if that first goal doesn’t come until the 85th minute, we’ve got to keep willing the boys forward.


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