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Question Time

By Tony Marsh :  26/05/2008 :  Comments (1) :
If like me you are of the opinion that last season was a wasted opportunity, you will find it hard to digest all this talk of the 2007-08 campaign being a great success. I mean how do we now define success?

It seems to me that being also-rans is now considered an achievement at this club by its own supporters and I find that very sad. At one point last season, it looked as though we were in a great posistion to do something and many of you backed us to go on and lift silverware. But when David Moyes's team produced yet another Devon Loch type finish we ended up with nothing and then out came the excuses.

"You need big money to win anything or make it to finals these days", some of you said. "Only the Sky 4 are allowed to win things in this country" was another favourite kop-out.... Well, try telling that to Portsmouth and West Brom fans. When where any of these clubs considered big guns in the modern game? Even Poxy Walter Smith got Rangers to 'our' Uefa Cup final at Man City didn't he?

What worries me most of all about last season's capitulation is the way a huge number of our fan base just sweep it under the carpet and said. "Ah well, there's always next season" or "Nevermind, we did all we could seeing as how we are not one of the big 4". It's utter bollocks and I hate that kind of negative mentality coming from our fans.

What I don't understand is the lack of any inquest from our lot over the disastrous finish to the campaign. Where's the Stewards' Inquiry? Why is there no backlash from the supporters? Why do they take it so easily on the chin? It's all very strange to me.

If so many of them believe so much in David Moyes and his ability to manage the club then why is it not his fault we didn't strenghten in the January window? ? seeing as we were still in three cup competitions and in the running for a 4th-place finish. You can't have your cake and eat it can you?

On one hand, you are saying DM is the best thing since sliced bread and the best manager we could ever wish for but when he cocks up big time you will not even dare to question the man or his methods when they go wrong. Why is this? Perhaps we have too many sycophants following us.

When someone like myself decides to take Moyes to task over his shortcomings, all hell breaks loose and lynch mobs appear from nowhere. I only wish you showed as much passion when things start to go wrong, then maybe we would get somewhere. Sitting back and accepting your lot is no way to support the club you claim to love so much is it?

Here's another one for you to get to grips with: Let's say next season we end up winning nothing again, which is most likely seeing as the coaching and management will not change much and we drop down the league a few places, giving way to an improving Villa and Spurs, for instance. What then?

Will David Moyes still be seen as a hero or a dud? Will Moyes deserve to stay another year or should he be sent packing to take the Motherwell job or something more suited?

As far as I am concerned, we are no nearer winning a trophy now as we were when Wally Smith got the sack and yet so many fans just love to worship Moyes and all he does. The football at times last season was as bad as its ever been but that is overlooked as well because we threw in a couple of decent shifts at times and the 7-1 defeat of Sunderland had us all drooling.

My own opion is that we should stick with DM for two more years at most and if things don't change then its bye-bye Davey. We need the quality of the football to improve and the scouting network needs a total overhaul. Moyes needs a Number 2 and the sooner he gets one the better as he looks lost on his own when things start to go tits up.

I won't hold my breath though as so many of us think things are wonderful these days. There's no need for anything silly like ambition or having a winning mentality ? we have got Moyes and he is the best in the business and anyone who thinks different is a tosser...... Well I must be a tosser then because I just don't see it.

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Tony Williams
1   Posted 28/05/2008 at 22:12:38

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Tony you do make valid points sometimes but unfortunately you now have a reputation as a moaner on here.

I seemingly have a reputation as being overly sarcastic and apparantly often stray off topic.

A lot of posters would be more favourable to your posts if you could just be a little more realistic and not just highlight the shortcomings of Moyes and gave praise when it is warranted.

In regards to this season, yes it does seem like a downer but it was still a success but only in the aspect that we progressed further than we did last season. We moved up the league and got further in any cup competition that we have in over a decade.

I agree that there are some overly optimistic fans amongst us and can hear no wrong about Moyes or the team. I will defend them, perhaps a bit too much but I am realistic in the fact that I don’t expect too much from them.

We have over achieved for a few seasons now because if you look at our starting XI not many would get into a Sky 4 team, as much as I hate that phrase the Sky 4 do exist and have done, again for over a decade.

I don’t believe that Moyes is infalible, far from it but your comments after the Chelski semi away from home were unbelievably over the top.

A lot of posters blame Moyes for the slump at the end but I blame Moyes/the players and also the disappointment of teh way we went out of Europe.

It was a nice dream thinking of finish 4th or even 3rd but we simply didn’t have the squad or the players to get there and there was no one in the January window that we could afford that would have helped us either.

Your posts are contraversial and one dimensional but hidden in there sometimes are good, valid points. I agree we should not settle for second best but realistically we are not even that at the moment and won’t be ever unless something drastic happens in our league

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