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The Mail Bag

Silverware or Champions League

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After watching last night's game and seeing us progress to the quarter finals for the first time in 19 years, I was wondering what Evertonians would prefer from this season if all was to go incredibly well, but you can only choose between:

Some guaranteed silverware, either Carling or FA cup but to finish in lower mid table

OR a place in next year's big money spinning Champions League and a chance to further enhance our squad with big money buys?
Peter Toney, Birmingham     Posted 01/11/2007 at 10:37:17

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Nick Entwistle
1   Posted 01/11/2007 at 18:08:03

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I’m probably too pesimistic on the traditional cup competitions but they sold out years ago, and only really become important once you’re in the semis for league cup and quarters for the FA... For me, being trounced by Juventus, Barcelona etc seems more enticing... how crazy.
Martin Cutler
2   Posted 01/11/2007 at 18:09:36

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For me the answer has to be whatever keeps us in Europe next year.
Top six this season is not out of the question (if we beat Brum on Saturday we’ll have more points than the corresponding game last season...for what that’s worth) so I assume it’s reasonable to expect a top six finish (ironically Spurs are not the threat but I suspect both Blackburn and Portsmouth will be) but I have to admit winning the League Cup and/or The FA Cup and/or the UEFA Cup would be incredibly satisfying....why people knock the two domestic competitions (especially the FA Cup) is beyond me........I think given the injuries/new players we’ve had this far so good although it would be nice if we had a game where we had it in the bag at half-time and with a bit more flair and Arsenal-like play.
Mick Mac
3   Posted 01/11/2007 at 18:51:47

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I would love us to win any trophy, great day out. But these days the money is in the CL and all the glitter that goes with it. It as become the dream of modern players to play in the camp nou and Bernabau, it used to be cup finals at wembley when you used to look forward to them for weeks even if it was someone else playing. Now they come and go and have come a bit predictable were you cant even remember who won it last May. But I still think a day out at wembley cant be beaten.
Erik Dols
4   Posted 02/11/2007 at 08:22:29

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I’ll take any of those, to be honest.

Although I really would like to see us winning the League cup, because that’s the trophy missing in our cabinet, winning the FA-cup has more prestige.

Winning the Uefa has even more prestige on the continent, although I personally do not hold it in that high regard any more. The last six winners are Sevilla (2 times), CSKA Moscow, Valencia, Porto and Feyenoord. Teams that either play a big role in competitions that are considered to be just outside the top-four (Premier League, La Liga, Italy and Germany) or teams that are considered to be just outside the top clubs in one of those big leagues (well, only Spain in this case). Sounds familiar, Everton would fit in this group of names. But it’s not the trophy it was some 15 years ago.

And qualifying for the CL (provided we do reach the group stage!) means we’ll get some tens of millions, right? And some really prestigious games against big clubs. But it isn’t winning silverware.

Good question, but I would sign for any of those, tbh.
5   Posted 02/11/2007 at 10:57:15

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Silverware everytime....!!!
Lee Spargo
6   Posted 02/11/2007 at 14:13:48

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what’s this choosing lark?

we’re gonna win the quadrouple!
Andy Callan
7   Posted 02/11/2007 at 14:11:30

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Football is about winning things.

Fuck all the ?big? teams off and let them go and play in their Euro league; at least then it will give the rest of us a chance.

I would take a day out on the piss for a final any day of the week....
Al Dugan
8   Posted 02/11/2007 at 17:31:09

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I think you have to be a mathematician working at Google on their latest search algorithim to figure out the coefficients for the European competitions, but I think going deep into the Uefa Cup is more beneficial in the long run than the League Cup or the FA Cup...If we were to gain 4th again this year, we would most likely play a difficult opponent in the qualifiers because of our European status. So, if I was to pick one, it would be UEFA Cup, and then top 4 next year. Sounds crazy but it is what would move us up in Europe. Look how long it took Chelsea to get a better ranking. And they won the Prem in a bit of a stroll.

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