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The Mail Bag

Moyes, what's my view worth?

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Having stumbled across this superb site a few months ago I?ve enjoyed replacing occasional work time boredom with reading the fans comments, and I?m most intrigued by the apparent diversity in opinion surrounding the performance of David Moyes as manager of this great club. To put my views into context I?m a football fan who has followed Everton for 20ish years, but given the regularity with which I visit Goodison I?d be cheeky to call myself an Everton fan!

I would like to hear your views on whether Moyes is the right manager to lead Everton into a position where they are consistently challenging for the Premiership title?

For what it?s worth I think he is the right man.

From memory when he took over the reins in 2002 he inherited a small squad that lacked quality, a club that lacked transfer funds, a club that lacked progressive management, ownership and stability (5 managers in circa 9 years), and a side that had seemingly always languished in the bottom half of the premiership, occasionally narrowly missing relegation.

Under Moyes Everton have finished 7th, 17th, 4th, 11th and 6th, a big improvement on the group of preceding Premiership finishes, even though the squad was still small and for the most part transfer funds still lacked in comparison to rival clubs. For me, the improvement is largely down to Moyes intelligent management; he plays a style of football that is best suited to his squad i.e. in the past, Hoofball that was not pretty but relatively effective given the squad. Before I get the ?sounds like your advocating Hoofball? replies thrown at me, I don?t support it for the current improved squad, but I did understand its place while we lacked quality.

OK, I accept that the club is probably now under new better ownership and transfer funds have improved (if only this or last year) but in my opinion under Moyes Everton have overachieved based on the standard of the squad ? and Moyes is to thank for that. I also agree that Moyes is prone to the odd mistake, tactical naivety at home to Metalist, occasional suspect player selection but he is still cutting his teeth as a relatively young, inexperienced manager.

Moyes is intelligent, willing and able to learn, hard working, mostly liked by his players and determined to win trophies with Everton. He gives Everton much needed stability. He is now buying better quality players and slowly adapting our play away from the ugly, but at a time successful Hoofball, to a more attractive passing style.

For those Moyes doubters out there, what am I missing?
Gavin Uren, Midlands     Posted 01/11/2007 at 17:03:53

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Louis Huglin
1   Posted 01/11/2007 at 20:45:49

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David Moyes has brought Everton Football Club and its supporters from despair, disillusionment and a constant threat of relegartion to a point where we are not dreaming of, but rather realistically targeting, regular European qualification and cup success. All this in 5 years of steady, consistent progress.

This is not to say I am not frustrated by the anomalies of Moyes’ management style: strange substitutions, periodic reversion to ugly route one football, and occasional displays of tactical naivity. Disappointing signings, namely Kroldrup, VDM, Beattie and Da Silva, have played their part.

But on the whole, I believe Moyes is still the man to take us forward. He has displayed signs that he has the potential to develop into a top Premiership manager, and thus develop Everton into a team able to break into the lucrative top 4 oligarchy. Tactically astute, sensible, and with the ability to bring players to fulfil their promise (Rooney, Lescott, Cahill, Arteta... Vaughan and Anichebe), David Moyes is currently still the man to take Everton forward.
Martin Cutler
2   Posted 01/11/2007 at 21:43:55

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Without doubt the club is far better off under Moyes over the last 5 years or question about it. Could somebody else have done better? Of course...but who? Considering what he had to work with, the lack of funds and his own lack of experience (a point few seem to touch on) he has turned this magnificent club around and the mere fact that we can talk about Europe and winning trophies (remains to be seen if we do of course) but the fact that we can even talk about remarkable!
One thing I’d like to say is that people still point out his "bad signings"..............I don’t think there’s any doubt that his "good signings" far, far outweigh the bad.
One final said:
"To put my views into context I?m a football fan who has followed Everton for 20ish years, but given the regularity with which I visit Goodison I?d be cheeky to call myself an Everton fan!"

I know where you’re coming from but I’ve supported Everton since 1968.....I’ve seen them play live about half-a-dozen times...and whilst I admire greatly the fans who pay week-in week-out to see them play live I still consider myself an Everton Fan and I’m extremely proud to describe myself that way.
Come on you Blues.....let’s thrash The Red Shite in the League Cup QF, then Chelsea in the SF and then Arsenal in the final!!!
Jeez....wouldn’t we all be speechless if that happened!!!
Steve Ryan
3   Posted 01/11/2007 at 23:18:07

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Who are you kidding mate. You talk about hoofball and shit team selection as if it was a thing of the past. Six years on and he has clearly NOT "learned from his mistakes". Did you watch the Luton or Liverpool games by any chance?
Martin Cutler
4   Posted 02/11/2007 at 03:02:32

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Steve Ryan.....I assume you’re referring to my comment? Why is that people’s comments on this site have to be shot down by somebody?

Say what YOU want, I have my opinion and whilst I agree the quality of footy could be better...the overall results/attitude/expectations/average age etc., etc is much better.........I didn’t say the quality of play on the field is what we want and I implied that if we were to play like Arsenal it would be nice.

You can’t have everything..........not all at once anyway!
Kevin C
5   Posted 02/11/2007 at 06:02:07

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I’d like to see Steve Ryan manage Everton FC.
6   Posted 02/11/2007 at 08:50:37

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Doddy has obviously had to move down to the Midlands and is now hiding under the name of Gavin Urine-ideal for taking the piss,methinks!
Dana Barrett
7   Posted 02/11/2007 at 10:48:13

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I have nothing against Moyes both as an individual and as the manager of the team.

But- Five years on and apart from the league finishes in the last four years, The cup progession under moyes since 2002 has been a major disappoitment. Even with Walter Smith we got to the last eight of the Fa cup two or three times, even if the league cup remained elusive. Along with that remaining unbeaten in the derby games.

I hope we can win the league cup. That at least would paper over some of the cracks not only for the last five years but since the last time we won anything as a whole. A piece of silverware, could be the platform to go on and achieve something significant.

But i dont know, I dont pick the team, which subsequently goes out and plays together to get the results that are needed to move the club forward. Thats down to Moyes, my patience is wearing a bit thin but I have no immediate wanting to see the back of him.
Mark Stone
8   Posted 02/11/2007 at 12:59:11

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Dana I’d rather be safe in the league and getting in the champions league and UEFA cup than getting into the last 8 of the FA cup and finishing 17th in the league! Also - don’t you think there’s luck of the draw when it comes to cup competitions? With the exception of Shrewsbury many years ago Moyes hasn’t suffered any cup upsets has he? And more often than not we’re knocked out by one of the top 4. Post script - how far did Walter Smith get us in the UEFA cup?
Martin Cutler
9   Posted 02/11/2007 at 13:31:36

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I think winning The League Cup, even though some people seem to think winning a teddy bear at the local fair would be better, would be well worth it....and another sign of steady (yes slow but steady) improvement.
Winning The FA Cup would be better, the UEFA Cup even better and coming top of the Prem -- utter magic but that clearly isn’t going to happen anytime soon.....I think The Red Shite can be overtaken (they ain’t as good as they say they are)....but the top three would take some beating with their resources.
Dana Barrett
10   Posted 02/11/2007 at 14:28:46

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Managers do make football teams (successful) , look at Brian Clough and Bobby Robson in past times. Of course moyes has not had the money or resources and financial backing to take this club where both he and the supporters wanted, and in no way can compete with the immediate "big fish" who can owe their stripes to sugar daddys and foriegn investors.

The was a time in the recent past when foriegn takeovers and extortionate salaries where a thing yet to come, but there were specific managers who had the unique ability without much funds to transform a team into formidable opposition, and more often than not, involved when the end of season prizes were handed out.

Its easy to say that had some moneybags taken hold of our club we may well be in a better state than we are now. At this moment in time we dont have the financial clout to get ahead of others and the premiership is getting less competetive each year i feel.
Paul Rigby
11   Posted 02/11/2007 at 20:49:56

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Moyes has demonstrably improved our personnel, league placings, and work-rate. All these things are true, and represent no small achievement. I thank him for it.

It is equally true to say that the quality of football remains dire; and that we are unlikely to win anything under his leadership.

We need a change.

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