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Love this

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Following link made me smile and rage in equal measure under the title "The Biggest Hypocrite in England".
Steve Guy, Harrogate     Posted 02/11/2007 at 12:52:04

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Unbelievable. When you see it all in context... well, there are no words.
John Lloyd
1   Posted 02/11/2007 at 18:13:27

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Gobsmacked, wonder if he has seen this. I would be embarressed to look at my father, grandfather, wife & kids if I behaved like that then came out & pretended I was whiter than white.

He makes me fuckin sick
Seamus Murphy
2   Posted 02/11/2007 at 18:44:59

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Unreal...And to think of all the crap AJ got, and the vast majority of his claims were legit
Keith Glazzard
3   Posted 02/11/2007 at 19:21:45

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Thanks Steve for the link. It is at least good to see with your own eyes what you have suspected to be true for so long - or in the Hibbert case for a couple of weeks.

The trouble is that its not going to make any difference - if video evidence was used on a match day refs would still give decisions to their favourites if they could.

Gerrard is a good footballer, but he wouldn’t dive if he played for Moyes. Our man’s moral high ground has been proven over and over again. For example, the comments he’s put on record about the referee and the opposition in that game - nobody in authority has even had the nerve to ask him to explain himself, let alone threaten disciplinary action.

A last word about YouTube. I was away for the Larissa game and I’d heard so much about Leon’s goal - and, of course, there it was. And what a fabulous move/finish. San Mikel is already in our hall of fame, Leon is a great Evertonian by any measure, and a backheel, flick to make Alex proud from a very promising Pienaar. But isn’t Leighton Baines - may he be free of injury for the rest of his days - going to be a truly great Evertonian? He’s got the makings.

Keith Glazzard, Fallowfield.
Dave Lawley
4   Posted 02/11/2007 at 20:37:30

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what a fucking wanker!
Andy Morden
5   Posted 02/11/2007 at 21:10:32

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He really does know how to play up to the media and refs to present a whiter than white image doesn’t he? It makes me wonder what really happened in the incident where a kid "ran" into the side of his car recently - that was given mass media coverage. Anyone would think he has Alistair Cambell advising him! SPIN SPIN SPIN!
Lue Glover
6   Posted 02/11/2007 at 21:28:32

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The man is a cheat and it saddens me that he, like so many other cheats and foul mouthed primadonnas, are role models for our youngsters. How can we ever instil a sense of fair play, honesty and integrity when this sort of hypocricy exists? God knows, I’m not perfect but this man’s behaviour is incredible. I wonder if he cheats at golf too? I played for many years and just about the worst thing a fellow golfer could accuse another of, was cheating. Shame those ideals don’t drift over into the world of football.
I’ve drawn a line after the derby fiasco but this has just rekindled my rage at the travesty of justice two weeks ago.
Damn that cheating man and his puppet Clottenberg.
Come on lads, turn it on again tomorrow, let’s win and do it in style.

Someone pass me my tablets please.
Ah well, the money I should have spent going to Nuremberg can be used for therapy sessions now! I’ll get over it, I WILL get over it.......
Dave Southword
7   Posted 03/11/2007 at 00:30:52

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I’m over the derby result now. Liverpool didn’t beat us, the referee did. We had them running scared, but when the referee decides the other team is going to win there’s nothing you can do.

That video is class. I’ve sent the link to all the Neanderthals I know.
Martin Cutler
8   Posted 03/11/2007 at 01:11:13

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Now there’s an overpaid player!!


9   Posted 03/11/2007 at 01:37:53

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Cheating bastard his players like him who ruin the game. He should take his own advise!!!
Derek Thomas
10   Posted 03/11/2007 at 04:30:22

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Any way to post it on all the redshite sites...not that they’d believe it even when they see it
Paul Maguire
11   Posted 03/11/2007 at 07:23:53

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I remember the Naysmith "challenge" well - it seemed to typify Stevie Me’s game at the time. Nasty shite. Interestingly I remember him getting sent off in a derby a year or two back by Phil Dowd (for kicking the ball away and another crass foul) and that seemed to end Dowd’s run as an "elite" referee. Coincidence? I hardly think so.That Youtube clip should be shown at referee training sessions - if they have them.
Peter Pridgeon
12   Posted 03/11/2007 at 08:22:19

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He’s a dirty filthy nasty player and I fucking hate him, always have done. He specialised in undermining David Beckham’s captaincy during his England tenure. He set about undermining Sami Hypia and succeeded. I have no doubt that he has fantastic ability but he will never be held in high regard by genuine football fans, never taken into the hearts of England fans and will hopefully fade away to Real Madrid at the end of the season.
Desmond Prosper
13   Posted 03/11/2007 at 09:14:51

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Don’t insult hypocrites by calling Gerard one. Red Shite Wanker!!!!
Tom Edwards
14   Posted 03/11/2007 at 09:52:03

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Nice one. It just confirms my long-held belief that he is a ferret-faced; scum-sucking, dog-licking, ass-kissing, cheating, diving, weasely little runt with the morals of a jackal and should have been drowned at birth.

James Newcombe
15   Posted 03/11/2007 at 10:38:33

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Some of them are shocking! I hate that gobby prick even more now.
shaun sparke
16   Posted 03/11/2007 at 10:47:28

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That video has highlighted some of the less than sporting moments of Gerrard’s career to date. He does have too much influence on some referees and some of them are in awe of him. However having said all that. If he demanded a transfer tomorrow from Liverpool and stated that Everton was the only club he wanted to play for, how many of us would not welcome him with open arms? Come on lads admit it, as much as we all hate him, he had dug them out of the shit so many times he could be the difference between us finishing in the top 4 or just the top 10.

I await howls of derisive scorn!
Neil McKinney
17   Posted 03/11/2007 at 11:59:02

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Great video byte!

I think you could probably put together a show reel much the same for many other top footballers, but when you actively protest and campaign against diving, cheating and influencing the ref (as per the quotes), you should make sure you are whiter than white. Stevie clearly isn’t!

I still remember the tackle on Naysmith and it still makes my blood boil! I’ve seen less vicious bar brawls.

Here’s a tip Steven. Stop cheating or keep your fucking mouth shut. Either way I’ll be a little happier.

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