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The Mail Bag

Players wages, too much?

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Watching something the other night on Sky Sports News regarding the wages John Terry gets at Chelsea, supposedly now 150,000 a week, and the agruments the guy on the news was giving in favour of players getting huge wages because of their 'short' career as a footballer got me so blinking mad I had to change the channel in favour or Cornation Street.

Yeah, ok, players do have short careers, accepted, but most earn more in a week than I do in a year and the feckers can retire when the game is finished with them or if they 'can't' retire when finished playing football there is a host of opportunites available such as management, footy tv shows, or selling your name to the latest add for Durex!

Point of this rant is that surely players are well beyond the point of being paid fairly for their profession and that £150,00 a blinking week is about 100,000 to much!? I mean who else works in a job where the win the lotto every week? More of this money should be to improve the club and not the players' fancy lifestyle.
Anto  Doran, Wexford, Ireland     Posted 02/11/2007 at 15:56:28

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Seamus Murphy
1   Posted 02/11/2007 at 18:29:41

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Yep its outrageous, it really is. I wonder will they ever be able to introduce a wage cap?
Carl Hamlet
2   Posted 02/11/2007 at 18:44:23

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Football is a huge business, they are just getting there slice of the money... Premiership players are the weekends entertainment for 160,000,000 people world wide.

I cant think of many people who’s lives and careers are under so much scrutiny.

Should they get paid 150k for kicking a ball? no
Should they get a slice of the money made from the huge footballing business which they play a major part in? yes.
titus mccready
3   Posted 02/11/2007 at 19:03:39

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Carl, it’s logic like yours that allows these buggers to be paid so much and get away with it. Tescos also make a packet every year but I don’t see the checkout staff getting 50k a week. The point is that the percentage of money which is spent on players wages in football clubs is far far above that for just about any other business there is. Football may make lots of money but the wages are still obscene.
ed casey
4   Posted 02/11/2007 at 19:12:14

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Yes, the amount players get paid is obscene but as Carl points out they are just getting their slice of a multi-billion pound industry. Whether they should or shouldn’t get paid large amounts of money is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is they do because the clubs are happy to pay them it. It is only in recent years that player wage demands have started to come in - if a player like Terry says I’ll only sign a new contract if I’m on parity with the clubs top earners then its up to the club to say yes or no depending on whether they think hes worth it. It sucks but until FIFA (just FA or UEFA acting will change nothing, the players will just start going abroad again) make salary caps compulsory in all major footballing countries very little will change. And lets be honest if Arteta or Cahill decided to up sticks to play for West Ham or Portsmouth because the board wouldn’t pay their wages we’d all be up in arms shouting at the board again. Ultimately, fooballers get paid shitloads but IMO as long as they remain level-headed and have at least some humility and put there all in to the club (and don’t behave like the spit-roasting baby bently lot) then whats the problem?
Bill Roberts
5   Posted 03/11/2007 at 00:24:54

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Footballers aren’t paid too much ? why is it of anyone’s concern how much somebody is contracted to? After all, the more a person is paid ? the more they pay in tax? If market forces mean there are people willing to pay others £100k a week to do a job, then this is exactly the amount that it needs for the job to be done by that person? If a anyone is offered £100k a week contract to do their current job, surely they’d take it? I’m almost confident that any employer would not want to overpay somebody to do a job which can be done exactly the same by somebody else. A ’fair’ wedge of any earnings are taxed anyway ? I simply don’t understand what concern it is of anyone to question somebody else’s pay packet.

I can understand people’s opinions that such amounts are morally obscene, but surely there are far more morally questionable scenarios; for instance, the practice of dentists only accepting private patients for financial gain.

How is it physically possible to be paid too much?
Gary Brereton
6   Posted 03/11/2007 at 00:53:20

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I do not usually comment on most topics, however this is one which is close to my heart. Footballers, their wages/ money and their lifestyles, are nothing more than obscene. Unfortunately when the whole game is corrupt what can we expect (the head of the beast is Blatter). Unfortunately it is I and my fellow football supporters, from all clubs, who are to blame. If we didn’t go the match or didn’t subscribe to Sky, the whole house of cards would come tumbling down. This, however, is not an option, because unlike most of players that have come through Goodison’s doors, I do love Everton and always will. There is no other profession where failure is tolerated, let alone rewarded with such vast sums of money. I actually think John Terry is a fantastic centre half, however nobody is worth the wages that are mentioned on this website.
I believe clubs do have a solution that’s right in front of them and that is to offer short contracts and make these "prima donas" self employed. No long contracts, not even six months, not even three months. Therefore no transfer fees. Yakubu has just been bought for over 11 million, how far could that go to making mine and your life easier. That would pay for 40,000 fans to watch 10 free games at £30 a ticket (approx). Now I hear everybody shouting in chorus, "there’s no way, players, agents, clubs, or the govern bodies would go for that. They’d never do it".
Let me remind you and them whose fucking game it is. It’s mine and yours, not some corrupt politician wannabe at FIFA, or Brian (kopite) Barwick.
Suppose, just suppose that the clubs other than Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea & Arsenal (their the only ones benefiting out of the current Status Quo) did go with a "lets make these prima donas, self employed" policy, then lets try and draw it out to some sort of conclusion.
Please let me run a scenario I believe could or would happen if the other 88 league clubs demanded players become self employed. Let’s say all clubs make their players "self employed" tomorrow. (realistically, it would be when players contracts come to end, therefore it would be staggered) I believe the first thing that would happen is that the top players wages would go up. However I believe that after a short period of time players would start to realise that they have to dance to the tune of the clubs. If we take Everton as an example; we would only need about 15 players on our books (although, their not on our books, because we don’t employ anyone). If any player gets injured or under performs, or worse causes problems, such as Van de Meyde, then the club simply gets rid. If any club gets relegated, once again get rid.
The main reasons I believe this policy would work and that genuine football supporters would benefit are as follows:

Clubs able to balance books immediately.
Small squads, with no payment to players who are injured or are problematic.
Players would have to seriously think before moving clubs because if they are not a ?top? player they could be out in the cold sooner rather than later.
Because of small squads there is a large ?pool? of players to offer work to should injuries/ illness or problems beset a player. This would in turn ensure wages are at a minimum (supply & demand).
Contract with Sky would still be astronomical but the money would stay with the club, making clubs very rich indeed.
Why would clubs need to charge £30 - £60 ( I know some clubs charge more). The price to gain entry could go back to what it used to be, the cost of three bevys - £6 - £8. ( You could take the kids then)
Top players would have to change their habits if they ?club hopped?. As I believe they would obtain a reputation for being unreliable and may not gain work because a manager could not rely on them.
There could not be a top four, if the last reason is valid, these sides would be top heavy with unreliable, ?prima donas? who couldn?t get on and would ?jump ship? at the first opportunity.
If the last reason is also valid then the most important thing within a football club, as it is today, would be players who are prepared to do sheer hard work which in turn breeds team spirit.
Local players would prosper and Everton have a wealth of local talent. As well as the ones we have, I wonder if Ian Rush, Michael Owen, Jamie Carragher, Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman would?ve stayed at Liverpool. If at the ages of 18 they could?ve played for the team the followed as kids, probably not all of them but one would?ve been good enough, Fucking Rush ( my memories would?ve been all the sweeter).
Agents could only make money from the players, I am sure a lot would be ?ditched?.
No ?bungs?, ?backhanders?. I am sure deals would be struck by unscrupulous people for the good of only themselves, but if the players are self employed it would only be the players that get ?fleeced?.
Clubs could invest in supporters, which would be demanded by supporters!

I am sure that others could put other reasons for making players become self employed. Remember it was that dickhead Jimmy Hill (PFA) who championed the cause to have the maximum wage abolished which today has caused chaos. These people and I mean FIFA, UEFA, The FA, The Premier League, the club chairmans, the players and uncle Tom Cobley and all are laughing at us. I am sick and tired of some pampered idiot such as Wayne Rooney stating that ?I? don?t know anything about football because I choose to make his life as uncomfortable as possible when he has the ball at his feet. I?m sorry Wayne but you don?t know anything about football because you have never loved just one club. You have never been involved in the highs and lows of my football club and you will never know what football is about because you wear red. I have a 2 ½ year old lad, he can?t say red, he say?s ?Stinky Red? and ?lovely blue?. I blame his old fella.

Gary Brereton (life long blue & scouser, currently marooned in Somerset, amongst a sea of red)
Neil McKinney
7   Posted 03/11/2007 at 09:10:06

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I don’t agree that it is their slice of the cake anymore, they have now surpassed that! I also don’t swallow this crap about tax. The money in football will get taxed a million times over, but that’s not an argument for paying people silly money!

The reason for my opinion is simple. Clubs are going out of business, fans are being asked to pay more and more each season to watch their team and it’s all so somebody who is already handsomely paid can have a bit more filthy lucre. How can a club pay players a certain wage, then hike up the ticket prices saying "if you want success and the best players you’ll have to stump it up". Fuck off!

Soon people will no longer be able to afford to go and watch their team and then where will the club be?

I think players should be paid more in bonuses and less in base rate. A player should get paid for success! it’s no good telling me that the club is paying this player £100,000 a week cos he great and he’ll help us win stuff. If he’s shit and we win nothing, he still gets his £100,000 a week. If you score goals/keep clean sheets you get a bonus. If you win you get a bonus. If you get through to the next stage of the tournament, you get a bonus. That’s fine, but why is that all on top of a hefty base salary. If clubs paid their players more in line with the success or revenue that they bring to the club then it would be much better. Performance related pay.

I don’t buy this crap about they deserve it. They deserve to be paid well for the pressure they deal with and the revenue they generate, but most Premiership players have now surpassed this point and are bleeding clubs dry. There’s only so many things that can be won, and only so much TV money, but every club is trying to compete and therefore every club has to pay these silly wages whilst only a few actually win anything!

It’s all bollox and I’m just glad that the Toffees have kept a grip on it and not let it get too out of control.

Bring in the wage caps before it all goes bust!

Neil McKinney
8   Posted 03/11/2007 at 10:08:28

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P.S. Bill - "How is it physically possible to be paid too much?"

When you are payed more than the revenue you generate, that’s how! Problem is that clubs just hike the prices every year and fans keep putting their hand in their pocket. At least until they put their hand in their pocket and all they find is a furry boiled sweet and a two pence piece! It can’t go on because it’s unsustainable.
Ed Casey
9   Posted 03/11/2007 at 10:55:53

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Gary Brereton - thats the maddest and most unworkable thing I’ve ever heard! Were you drunk?
Dave Roberts
10   Posted 03/11/2007 at 11:20:23

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It’s not what JT earns that’s obscene. It’s what I earn that’s obscene!
Pat whitty
11   Posted 04/11/2007 at 08:49:13

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At the end of the day its us that pay their wages.Just look at what it costs to go and watch Chelsea these days. Also by buying shirts etc. The players, through their agents,have got their fingers in every pie. Look how cheap it is buying a ticket for a game abroad. Its rip off Britain once again

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