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The Mail Bag

January Transfer Window

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With DM adopting the familiar 4-5-1 formation at the moment, and it doing quite well with us winning the last 4 games in all competitions, where should he look to improve the squad? I believe a left winger/midfielder is a must. I've never been a big fan of his, but someone like Stuart Downing would be a good addition. As would Matt Taylor of Portsmouth.

With a quality left footed midfielder (as opposed to Leighton Baines filling in there when Lescott plays left back), a midfield five of Piennar and Downing/Taylor on the flanks, Carsley holding and Arteta and Cahill in the centre sounds mouth-watering to me.
Simon Gemine, Neath Abbey     Posted 04/11/2007 at 14:34:18

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Martyn Valentine
1   Posted 04/11/2007 at 17:31:33

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Personally i’d like to get Pienaar on a permanent deal instead of the rest of the season on loan, he was superb yesterday and seems to be linking up really well with Arteta and the Yak.

He has been excellent on the left this season so hopefully we wont dither around and have someone come in and swipe him off us with a better offer!!
Connor Rohrer
2   Posted 04/11/2007 at 17:41:22

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If anything we need a dominant central midfielder who can play a bit (not Kevin Nolan). Leon Osman is a good stop gap in a 5 man midfield but we can look a little light at times so a bit of presence would be nice. If Fernandes is to come back I’d gladly welcome him back but it looks doubtful although I did see a picture of him getting out of a car with Arteta in town lately.

Arteta is a right midfielder in Moyes’s eyes so people just have to get used to it. If Moyes seen him as a centre midfielder then he would be playing there instead of Osman but he doesn’t. Osman is more disciplined, tracks back more and doesn’t take as many risks on the ball. If anything you give Arteta a free role in a five man midfield but that is the position Cahill operates and he operates it well.

To be honest I’m a fan of Mikel out wide. Being in the middle limits him. He gets less of a free role, is involved in all the physicality and cannot use his dribbling and technique to drift past players. But thats just my opinion.

I dont think we need a winger and if we did get one I’d want a pacy, byline hitting winger and Downing and Taylor are not in that mold. Downing is average at best and has nothing on Arteta and Pienaar out wide. The only reason he plays for England is because he is left footed. He’s not skillful and doesn’t have the pace to go past the full back. He’s more of a Kilbane than a Giggs in my opinion.

Matty Taylor is the better option but even he would struggle to get into our team. He’s more of a wing back than a winger anyway and the only thing he offers is a left foot. He reminds me of Riise at Liverpool as he has a good engine, good left foot but no pace or trickery.

Lets see what Moyes goes for but I doubt we’ll get someone in January.
Jeremy Benson
3   Posted 04/11/2007 at 17:56:43

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I tend to agree - I really like the look of Pienaar - he might not get the plaudits of arteta, but he often delivers a killer pass and is just as creative in the games that I have watched. He just doesnt do it with the fanfare, he blends into the background, but is almost as effective. He is our second most creative midfielder.

Buying him is essential - not only because he offers a good addition to the team, but its inevitable that at some point arteta wont be available (injured, rested, poached) - which will leave piennar as the main catalyst for attack.

So Pienaar I’d like to see be our first buy (unless fernandes is somehow available now....)

We seem to have 3 players around the holding midfield, and right back, position, but none excel.

Holding midfield: neville, carsley, jagielka. Carsley is the one, but not for next season. The other two have not really delivered in that role. Although Neville is fine there as long as there are no other defensive midfielders in the team.

Right back: hibbert, neville, jagielka. Hibbert is last, neville or jagielka should make it there own, thus leaving us short in the holding role.

Therefore, I think we should buy either a holding midfielder, or a right back, depending on the above.

Carl Bloxam
4   Posted 04/11/2007 at 18:21:27

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Thats the annoying thing about Van der meyde. He is a left sided player with heaps of ability. I have seen him playing previously but he seems to have gone off the rails. Such a pity because he would add another dimention. I would like to see us poach Ryan Nelson from Blackburn.
Team him with Yobo in the centre and have lescott on the left.
Connor Rohrer
5   Posted 04/11/2007 at 18:42:06

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Carl, Van der Meyde’s more right sided than left. He cuts inside when he plays on the left whereas on the right he is more comfortable.

I like the shout on Nelson but he wouldn’t join us. He is a quality player though.
Wayne Smyth
6   Posted 04/11/2007 at 18:30:01

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I think we are desperately in need of a central midfielder who can retain possession, use the ball well and also provide a physical presence.

This will allow us to revert sucessfully to a 4-4-2, and not get out muscled and out played in midfield.

Moyes obviously wanted fernandes for this role, and since that went down the pan, there have been rumours of Stephen Appiah who would be a good choice(although our exposure to ANC withdrawls would be increased).

For all his goals and technical ability, I dont believe that leon osman has enough to make it in a successful midfield 4. Likewise, carsley and (in particular)neville are both too limited in their ability.

Maybe Thomas Kahlenberg from Auxerre? I believe he can also play on the left, although he is not a out and out left winger.
Jay Harris
7   Posted 04/11/2007 at 21:01:25

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Just been watching Guthrie for Bolton (on loan from the RS I believe).
He looks a great prospect.On the same note Downing has been shite for the last 12 months and looks to have been a flash in the pan.
I really feel we need to look abroad at the likes of Appiah or another Fernandes type, strong on the ball with good technical ability.
Neil Pearse
8   Posted 04/11/2007 at 21:32:05

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Note that Sissoko is sounding unhappy at the Reds again, and there is talk of him moving on in January. He wants games, and is about fourth or fifth choice mid now. Not playing very well at the moment, but who is at the Reds?

Would we be interested? Moyes wanted him before, and I’m not sure whether there was bad blood when he went to the Reds at the last minute. He would certainly provide the defensive steel and presence we need in midfield, especially given that Carsley will not go on for ever. Fit perfectly into the emerging 4-5-1, freeing up Arteta, Pienaar and Cahill. Would he want to come to us? Was linked with Juventus in the summer. But at least he would know he’d get regular play with us. Thoughts?
Brian Wolf
9   Posted 04/11/2007 at 23:06:49

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You can stick Downing up your proverbials. He’s a right carthorse and he’s a right prima donna as well. Loves himself, he’s not exactly a looker, he’s just a young lad with a bit of cash. Loser with a capital L
Connor Rohrer
10   Posted 04/11/2007 at 23:53:48

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Neil, I wouldn’t mind Momo Sissoko but even he is an average footballer. Dont get me wrong he’s got all the physical attributes such as pace, energy, aggression and strength etc but his passing, technical ability and shooting are poor.

I’d much rather have Diaby at Arsenal. Standing at 6ft 3 he has the presence aswell as the physicality but he also possesses great skill, vision and technical ability. Believe me he’s a more attacking version of Viera and Sissoko has nothing on him. He had a great battle with Manny Fernandes last season when we won 1-0 and he’s not getting regular games at Arsenal.
Jason Broome
11   Posted 05/11/2007 at 01:57:37

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Right now we are cruiserweights on the verge of heavyweight contention. We need to step up to class. Any player arriving next year has to be as influential as Arteta... End Of.

Downing is a predictable, uninspired, lazy bastard. Taylor is his cousin!

Appiah, Fernandes... I like where this is going!
Jamie Barlow
12   Posted 05/11/2007 at 10:17:54

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I would like us to go for Giles Barnes. He is left footed but prefers central midfield I think. He’s a good prospect but Derby may want a ridiculous amount as he is English.
rich williams
13   Posted 05/11/2007 at 17:34:53

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Play Baines left midfield, makes sense to me:-

Piennar (RM)
Baines (LM)
Arteta (CM - re: ball for Piennar this weekend for the Yak’s goal)
Cahill (CM/supporting striker)
The Yak

Which still leaves us Johnson as first sub for Baines or Piennar - moving Arteta wide and going 4-4-2, or Vaughan or the Yak and Osman on the bench - wow an embarassment of riches! It has been sometime since we have said that.

Don’t forget Hibbert!!
rich williams
14   Posted 05/11/2007 at 17:39:31

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I mean Anichebe not the Yak as a sub...of course!

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