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Throughout the last couple of months, there hasn't been too many days go by before i read about someone yet again bringing Riquelme's name up. Will he come to Everton? Could we possibly aqquire a player of such pedigree? With people discussing the January tranfer window at the moment, and his name again appearing a couple of time, I would like to inform you of what I have been told.

My brother works for a company that makes and maintains websites. One of the websites his company overlooks is the Everton one. He told me that one of the workers at the company was working on a feature of some sort, or part of the website. He was running tests and what have you.

Anyway, he filled in a news box with a fake bit of text. The text being about Riquelme and a possible move to Everton. They guy accidently uploaded the webpage with the fake Riquelme story, instead of putting somewhere else to run the tests. The page was on the Everton website for about 5-15 minutes before he realised, and took it back down again. My brother was telling me how he was quite bemused how the Riquelme story had managed to make the radio the day after.

So to conclude, it is my belief that the whole thing was an accident and everything we constantly hear about the situation is just makebelieve from hopeful fans.
Marc Lucas, Birkenhead     Posted 04/11/2007 at 18:06:14

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Michael Kenrick
The page was spotted at the time and it spread like wildfire, Marc. But I am heartily sick of reading about this speculation, it is really getting ridiculous. Yes, you can dream about having great players... but what exactly is the point of grasping after this particular straw? I'm far more concerned about the players we have and the chances that they will perform well as a team. There are are still almost two months until the transfer window opens again, and we all know it's one David Moyes has little apetite for. Let's get real and not spend our time wallowing around in fantasyland, please!
Michael Newton
1   Posted 04/11/2007 at 21:49:58

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Riquelme has no wish or desire to join us.
I wish people will stop going on about him and discuss more realistic targets in Jan.
Tony Williams
2   Posted 04/11/2007 at 23:27:42

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Amen Brother Michaels.

Pointless topic, as it will never, ever happen
Steve Williams
3   Posted 04/11/2007 at 23:36:40

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And the point of this article is ..... what precisely?

Absolute nonsense.
colin malone
4   Posted 05/11/2007 at 00:48:08

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yes by brother tests cars for fords, but he dont go on the main highway, bit dangerous, and he,d be sacked. whats happened to your brother?
Joey Brown
5   Posted 05/11/2007 at 01:03:56

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I can't say I don't like reading about any and all speculation linked to us but it is a little early for it all, we are 2 months and A LOT of games away. But I want to add my two cents to the "Where we need improvement" talk.

Honestly, looking at our line up right now, assuming we don't have another injury crisis we really need one super signing in the center of our midfield. I'm not going to speculate who, but we have at least £12 million to spend and probably more so we can probably get one.

That player can plug in for Ozzie. I love him but right now in this 4-5-1 he is the weak man. And if we can put another Arteta-type player, with a little more guff to him in for Osman's role, we will have a beast of a midfield.

One more thing. The 4-5-1 is the best for us. Arteta and Cahill play better in it. What do we do with all of our strikers? I have no idea.

Steven Templeton
6   Posted 05/11/2007 at 09:10:29

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I had it on good authority from a local journo that we did make enquiries with his management team in the days leading up to the transfer deadline but he made ridiculous demands.

Hence the reason why he will never pull on a blue shirt.
Dave G
7   Posted 05/11/2007 at 10:56:08

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Meanwhile, back in the real world...
Walter Peck
8   Posted 05/11/2007 at 11:35:40

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Its always good to be optimistic but theres more chance of Ronaldinho coming to the blue half of merseyside than getting the talents of Juan Roman Riquelme here.

I remember we was on loan with Boca Juniors, but think he is back in Spain now. Atletico Madrid tried to sign him recently but the deal fell through at the eleventh hour.

Its a shame that we wont get him as he is a great talent, with an impressive tally for a (attacking) midfielder . He could have been one of the missing pieces in our bermuda triangle of a midfield.
Chris Masey
9   Posted 05/11/2007 at 12:10:26

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This is old news mate, who needs him we have super Lee Carsley, who is performing like an aging wine, better with age.
Joe Daly
10   Posted 05/11/2007 at 12:52:12

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I don’t think anyone seriously thinks we will actually sign him. Another midfielder would be very welcome indeed however. Riqueleme was only on loan to Boca as he wanted to help them win the cup, which he did, when he wasn’t playing, but is now back.

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