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The Mail Bag

Vaughan Injury!

Comments (24)

So James Vaughan is injured again, surprise, surprise. No-one can question his undoubted ability and potentially he could be Everton's best striker but those injuries are a real problem.

Its been nearly 4 years since Vaughan burst onto the scene with a debut goal against Crystal Palace but in that time he's only started a paltry 7 games. His goals-per-game record is very good but how much longer are we going to excuse the fact that he's always injured?

As he gets older the injuries will take longer to recover. Are we ever going to see this guy play 10 games on the trot? I wonder how much we would get if we sold him?
Dutch Schaffaer, London     Posted 08/11/2007 at 08:16:51

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Phil Jones
1   Posted 08/11/2007 at 14:34:04

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He reminds me a bit of Ronaldo, who got injured at some really pivotal points in his career, even as a youngster. You make a good point about him taking longer to heal with time. He plays balls-out, which is great because he displays such passion, but it’s all you can do to not look!!! I don’t know, though... he just needs the time to recover from one injury. I felt like the were rushing off of this last one. What on earth did we need to put him in for?
Andy Mckenzie
2   Posted 08/11/2007 at 14:35:10

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its not serious and he could probably play but moyes said theres no way he’s gonna risk him because as you say he’s hardly played also there’s no need to rush him back as we are blessed with qute a few options up front, its also true that players pick up strains after serious injuries so i’ve no doubt that once he’s fully fit he will steer clear of this injury jinx.
Nick Entwistle
3   Posted 08/11/2007 at 14:43:23

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Doesn’t do much for the lad’s self confidence if you’re talking about selling him.
He’s spent most of his time out with one big injury and a few medium ones which weren’t his fault, such as the artery being severed and his broken ankle (I think that came from a tackle, then again I’m not sure if it was a break, then again, not sure it was his ankle... who am I again? NURSE!)
So no need to get in a panic just because he’s not going to Germany. I would presume it’s common to pick up something after being completely out of action for a while.
Don’t tell Timmy....
Allan Hobbs
4   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:00:25

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He has a slight strain, very common for players when coming back from longer term injuries - relax, he’s young, he’ll be fine.
Gareth Cooper
5   Posted 08/11/2007 at 14:53:07

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Sorry Dutch but that is a rediculous idea IMHO.

We are ’assembling’ a decent squad at the moment. Just as we have 5 strikers who are rotating and beginning to get goals in respective competitions, you want to sell one? and arguably our best young talent? Do we need to shed members of our squad currently, especially with the 4 competitions we are still contesting?

I just don’t agree that this would be the best course of action.

I agree with the others who say his rehabilitation should be completed, no matter how tempting throwing him in a game or two early is. This way we may get him fit and to his best. Fingers crossed for that 10 game run of fitness and plenty of goals.
Michael Newton
6   Posted 08/11/2007 at 14:58:04

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Wanting to sell a player who probably apart from Rooney is the best young player to emerge at the club in 20 years is crazy.
This lad is a gifted player he has a strain possibly caused by getting back too soon, would of been nice to give him 60 mins for the reserves at some stage if our fixtures allow.

Sell him then watch him develop into the best striker in England yes sure thing.
One of the reasons he gets injured is he gets stuck in and doesnt shirk a challenge, how many games has AJ missed since the turn of the year and we just gave him a 5 year contract.
James Elworthy
7   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:05:39

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You dont flog your Rolls Royce because it keeps getting a flat tyre. For F**ks sake.
Allan Hobbs
8   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:12:55

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Dutch ’kneejerk’ Schaffaer strikes again!
David Barks
9   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:15:59

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He has a slight strain and just played in two games in a week coming off a long term freak shoulder injury. Moyes has three completely game fit and in Yakubu’s case in form strikers to choose from for this game. Why should Moyes risk him exactly? By the way Dutch, I notice you haven’t been posting much about Yakubu lately after telling us all he was crap. So now that he’s scoring goals for us you’ve changed your attention to Vaughan getting a slight muscle strain and wanting us to sell him because of that. Just go away, it was much more enjoyable in here when you were hiding in your cave.
Dutch Schaffaer
10   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:20:22

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James Elworthy your right you dont flog your Rolls Royce because of Flat Tyres but eventually your gonna get fed up.

A Rolls Royce may be a great car but at the end of the day if you want to get from A to B you need a relaible car not something thats going to continusly let you down.

Vaughan would be a great asset to have in tonights tricky Euro tie. Yet again he’s unavailable, you cant blame the lad but still its bloody annoying.

Whats the point of having a Rolls Royce if its always in the garage?
11   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:22:30

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I hink you will find he just has some thigh strain which happened during training.

Quite frankly, I would rather he was able to play against Chelsea on Sunday. He is an unknown element to them and might just sneak a goal. Quite frankly not relishing going there now Chelsea appear to be hitting form under their new Manager and to quote Tesco... if we have Vaughan playing then "every little helps"!!
Dutch Schaffaer
12   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:29:24

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David Barks, Yakubu is still crap. Sure he knows how to direct a ball into an almost empty net (although he did miss kick that goal against Birmingham) but his game offers very little else.

Vaughan is a far better player. Apart from the injuries. I think Vaughan has the potential to be a legend but his injuries are spoiling that potential.

I haven’t been posting much because we suffered a death in the family and football really gets put into perspective compared to losing a loved one.
Paul Duberry
13   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:23:36

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We Evertonian?s have seen quite a few strikers of vast potential burst onto the scene in recent times via our youth team.
Rob Wakenshaw
Michael Branch
Danny Cadamarteri
Phil Jevons
Francis Jeffers
All players that we thought would be stars, particularly Cadamarteri & Jeffers. Sadly they fell away for one reason or another.
In the case of Jeffers greed and fame meant he would warm the Arsenal bench during his prime years as he thought he was too good for the club and even during a loan period back at the club failed to grasp a second lifeline given to him.
Cadamarteri failed to be consistent and his off the field activities got him into the news more so than what he was doing on the pitch, we only got fleeting glimpses of the day he destroyed Liverpool and particularly Neil Ruddock.
Jevons went on to be a prolific scorer in the lower divisions, Branch disappeared off the scene altogether after being one of Englands top schoolboy players, and what I remember of Wakenshaw he couldn?t make the step up despite being a great scorer for the reserves.
Then of course along came Rooney, the best of them all. However despite his ?Once a Blue always a Blue? t shirt the fame and fortune of a move to Man Utd along with a greedy agent wanting his cut of the deal, caused us to cash in due to our then financial plight. We also heard he didn?t get on with the manager and his tough training regime.
Was the loss of Rooney the end of the world, would we now go downhill faster than an Olympic skier. No we started to build the team, the style was not pretty but we moved on, despite the fact we had Marcus Bent ahead of a five man midfield.
Then more exciting youngsters came through, Victor Anichebe, raw muscular and honest who has a nack of scoring goals many of which he gained through his power and strength.
The other was James Vaughan who breaks the record for the youngster ever scorer.
Though injury prone he proves that apart from the precocious talent of Rooney he is one of the most gifted youngsters of the modern generation.
Now I read the author of this posting wants go sell him off because he has an injury.
This caused my cheese sandwich to fall out of my gaping mouth when I read that.
Fortunately our fans most of whom know talent when they spot it have spoken up against this preposterous thought.
Believe me Dutch Schaeffer whoever you are, JAMES VAUGHAN will be the biggest name in English football by the 2010 World Cup, he and Rooney will lead the line I am sure by the time it comes around.
And one final thought watch out for Jose Baxter who will be then next young striker off the assembly line. Next season may be early for him but it wont be long before you see him.
David Barks
14   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:43:14

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Well I truely am sorry for you families loss Dutch. But to say that Yakubu offers very little else is ignorant. In the past few games Yakubu has done very well as the lone striker, controlling the ball and allowing the midfielders time to come up and get involved. He has been scoring goals and helping set them up. And it’s not a matter of directing the ball into an empty net, he first had to time his run perfectly and then drift away from the defenders into the open space. He’s very good at positioning himself in the right area, something Beattie was terrible at.
James Elworthy
15   Posted 08/11/2007 at 15:53:05

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Yakubu had been disappointing but he has impressed in the last 2 matches Dutch.
Isn’t a striker and a player who scores regularly, supposed to stick the ball in the back of the net from 6 yards by having the ability and knack of being in the right place at the right time.
I dont recall Tony Cottee touching the ball very often outside of the penalty area, though i hate to bring his name up on an Everton forum but I often watched Tranmere and no one was lazier than Aldridge but he was banging in 30 goals a season for them, because he had the instinct to be on the spot where it mattered, Greaves & Law were other players who did that.
Yakubu I also think is fitter because he is adapting to the Moyes work ethic as I am sure he got away with it at Boro under Southgate and ’arry Redknapp. He is looking sharper and meaner because he also didnt have a proper preseason.
Brian Waring
16   Posted 08/11/2007 at 16:08:59

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I can see where you are coming from Dutch.I can imagine it’s just a strain.I reckon you would have been better waiting to see if he makes the Chelsea game before you posted,and if he wasn’t in the squad you would have had more of a valid arguement.
Brian Donovan
17   Posted 08/11/2007 at 16:23:46

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Last Saturday i sat behind Valente & Da Silva, James Vaughans mum and dad and i presume his 2 sisters.
Valente & Da Silva did not come back to their seats after half time, probably went for a bevvy in the Wilmslow.
The Vaughan family patiently waited for him to come on and went crazy when he scored. I was pleased for them his dad was very proud waving away to him at the end.
Michael Rodgers
18   Posted 08/11/2007 at 16:22:28

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lets not over react. He has a slight thigh strain. If you are out for a long period in any sport at any level when you come back you tend to pick up niggling injuries. Its not as if his knee has packed it in. So i would not get too worried about it lads.
Charlie Percival
19   Posted 08/11/2007 at 16:57:55

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Just like Arteta had an injury against Luton!!! NOT

Moyes is just resting the lad, he could be the biggest player we have in years to come, Moyes thank you for looking after this special talent with kid gloves.

Hes not injured, hes just being eased in slowly.

If Moyes has anything in particular thats likeable, its got to be the way he brings up the kids. I still dont think Rooney is a better player now than when he left us. Moyes used to look after him. Fergies abuses him!

So chill out and get ready for Vaughan to play against Chelsea..
Connor Rohrer
20   Posted 08/11/2007 at 18:12:42

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Dutch, you posted the exact same thing last time Vaughan was injured so I am not going to go into the "Vaughan is Injury prone" argument because I have told you my views but to say Yakubu is crap is just ridiculous.

I ask you to take a closer look at him next time you watch the match because he is a very good player. No he’s not going to run around like a headless chicken but his hold up play, skill, vision, ability to bring people into play are very good. He is actually a better footballer than I thought he was. Yes his pace and power are his most recognized assets but he is capable of scoring a variety of goals. He offers us alot on the ball and if you watch closely you will recognize this.

He is far better than both Mcfadden and Johnson and anyone with any football knowledge can see that. Vaughan and Victor has the potential to be better but at this moment in time they are raw and its to hard to judge.

On Vaughan, please give the lad time. He is 19 years old and has had some bad luck. He wants to play for Everton and has many years to fulfill his potential. If think we’ve got a good player in the making but he needs time as does every young footballer.
Dave Wilson
21   Posted 08/11/2007 at 19:39:34

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Vaughany will always have more than his share of injuries, its the nature of his game, I?m not saying his game is the same but like Brian Robson a few years ago, James goes for balls that just arent his, Andy Gray was the same and he also had some bad injuries during his career, but sell him ? na lets treasure his total commitment game every time he wears the blue shirt
Glen Strachan
22   Posted 09/11/2007 at 00:46:36

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What a very silly post , Dutch.

Why don?t you answer your own question about James Vaughan?s worth.

If we have to sell him , fair enough but MAKE SURE WE START THE BIDDING AT £80 MILLION AND LET IT RISE FROM THERE.

If you are an honest little Dutch Boy , I promise you that one day you will think back to that post and laugh your poor silly head off.

Yakubu...........hmmmmmmmm....all he has been able to do throughout his career is score goals........ even playing for crap teams.................remind me Dutch...WHAT WINS GAMES ?

Ah yes that would be GOALS.

Would you like to sell big Victor as well , Dutch ? Well , he did hurt his hand last week but not quite as badly as he hurt that woeful German side tonight.

Johnson , Lescott , Carsley , Osman all lost pretty much whole seasons you want to sell them too ?

How long was Cahill on the sidelines............another ?must sell? , I suppose , Dutch !

Deepak Gidwani
23   Posted 09/11/2007 at 07:56:29

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The negativity of some people seriously amazes me at times.

Our team is doing well, 5 games on the trot! Yet some of you still need to find something or someone to bitch about.

How about being happy for once. It’s not been to often we get to see Everton win 5 games in a row!
Jack Calvert
24   Posted 09/11/2007 at 12:30:36

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One comment to make here and that is Leon Osman.
Recently he was on soccer am and they started talking about vaughan.
Osman said that the situation reminded him of when he was 19/20 struggling with constant injury.
However now he has been a virtual ever present in the last 4 seasons. Like Osman did, maybe he suffers from injuries more than most as hes still growing and to be fair the last 2 (severed artery and shoulder) were flukes sustained in a match. But the point is osman was able to get over his injury nightmare and sees no reason why vaughan can’t as well

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