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Not only a great result tonight but we've scored 11 goals in the last 5 games. Quite some difference from the 1-0, 4-5-1 scrape-a-win merchants of a couple of years ago. I'm hoping there is more of the same to come and that the last few years under Moyes really have just been a transition from years of mediocrity to establishing us back where we belong. Anichebe is looking like a great player, top finish tonight.

Only one minor point ? I wish the games weren't on in the bloody afternoon mid-week while I'm at work!

How comfortable we looked compared to our last European adventure. Just hope we're not peaking too early and we keep it going until the cup's in the cabinet.

I could possibly be right now the most overall content I've been with an Everton side in living memory (I'm 29). Too young to remember the 80s that well and 95 was just a blip. Get Pienaar signed!
Dan Parker, New York, USA     Posted 09/11/2007 at 02:20:09

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Peter Pridgeon
1   Posted 09/11/2007 at 05:22:25

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I agree with the contentment level Dan, its fantastic you get the feeling that we maybe on the verge of something, maybe not this season but with players like Victor and Jamie Vaughan breaking into the side still in their teens and what you hear about players like Rodwell and Baxter still to come. Moyes has the knack of getting something out of players, look at the (improvement in Yakubu) and this ability of Moyes seems to be developing and growing.
He has had his failures like everyone in all walks of life, but the mark of truly inspired is how you deal with those failures and how you learn from them, this is what really will set him apart.
Onward Evertonians
Azlan Deniel
2   Posted 09/11/2007 at 07:12:07

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Agree with you Dan. When kinda think of it that the schedule is tight by having to play a match for every 3-4 days, it is more impressive. Dont get me wrong, we/the players want to be playing regularly especially in europe, but having to win 5 in the trot, and oh not to mention, we kinda managed to win more away matches this season so far...Fuck! Is this real? May long it continue.

I dont know but I gotta feeling that the new training complex in Finch Farm is paying dividends as the players could recurperate and feel fresh faster? Hope it could be one of the reasons as we’re heading for a very hectic schedule in front of us.

The players’ confidence is sky high. Hope they will carry the confidence on to the next game.

Roll on Sunday!
Mark Stone
3   Posted 09/11/2007 at 11:28:56

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I?m 27 and remember the 80?s glory days like it was yesterday!
Neil Styles
4   Posted 09/11/2007 at 12:24:42

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I thought for the majority of the game we looked like a class act and a side who could certainly challenge in this competition. Going forward we showed signs of enormous maturity but at the back I still think we look a little suspect. Against teams like Villerreal or Munich we may get punished. Having said that, I was delighted to see Nuno Valente come in for Hibbert, if DM sticks with him at the back, I feel a sturner backline will enevitably develop and ultimately so will a better side.
Stan S
5   Posted 09/11/2007 at 12:48:04

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Good shout on Valente Neil. I thought Valente looked calm and assured at the back and put in one of his better Everton performances.

There is no doubt that more competition for places and a decent run of form is bringing the best out of the boys who come in when injuries hit.

Well done to Davy and the Team! Great result for the boys last night.

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