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The Mail Bag

Will the punishment fit the crime?

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I've just been watching footage of the Italian 'football' weekend that I'm sure we all have seen (or heard of) I was just wondering about anyone's feelings about what punishment will be given out to the Italian FA? Just imagine if this scenario had been seen at Burtonwood Service Station between two sets of rival fans. Or indeed any other Service Station your care to mention throughout the UK.

I do feel that we are still tagged as a hooligan nation. The behaviour of the many travelling blues over in Germany and indeed any other English clubs the past week or so passed off with no mention of trouble. But, yet again, the problem seems to be a hell of a lot worse on the continent. Wether its racial abuse, violence on or off the terraces, I feel that the European clubs get off more lightly. Italian football is as bent/corrupt (fill in your own words here) Any thoughts????
Matt Kay, Manchester     Posted 12/11/2007 at 11:13:09

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Seth DeMerit
1   Posted 12/11/2007 at 13:49:26

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Matt - nothing will happen UEFA wont get involved they will insist it is dealt with internally. For some reason or other when it comes to football the Italians are a law unto themselves and dont have to answer to anyone. I dont know why or the politics behind it - maybe others care to comment. But I know sure as fuck if blues fans had played up in Germany last week UEFA would be alll over us, probably try and kick us out of the competition and so on. I’m also sure as fuck if over this weekend there had been rioting around the country on the scale there has been in Italy (and can u ever really imagine that happeneing now in this countery?!) then Mr Blatter would of passed comment by now. But it seems the Italians get away with this sort of stuff time and time and time again. Its like they are exempt from any type of repercussion and its just viewed as part of their culture.
I mean look at the roll call of shame over the last 2 years: Police beating up manc fans, corruption and bribnary on a grand scale carried out within the top teams where match fixing was rife, cop killed amougdst a huge riot, a supporter killed follwed by riots all over the country....
This country has in the last 10 - 15 years got its act together in terms of football related violence and racism / supporter safety and Heysel and Hillsborough were both appalling tragedies which acted as huge watersheds in terms of a change in attitude both towards supporters and the authorities. But whilst this country left the eighties footballing culture well in the past, it seems many other European countries are still stuck in these dark days and dont seem to be moving in any positive direction to make their domestic game safer.

But hey its always been the same - we just have to make sure that both home and abroad the idiots are eliminated so that we dont get into trouble with UEFA.
Kevin Hudson
2   Posted 12/11/2007 at 13:51:44

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Without doubt 100% spot-on.This has been a bug-bear with me for years.Continental coppers relish the opportunity to wield their batons against any English supporters,and mobs of shitbag Italians in particular are always looking to "test" themselves against British football fans,quite often innocents,such as dad?s with their lads.Even the Welsh got it at the San Siro a few years back when bottles of piss were dropped on them.UEFA has repeatedly failed to act against Europe,whilst maintaining that it will always act decisively against the "English Disease" on the eve of major tournaments. I remember a Swiss newspaper warning it?s citizens of the dangers of the " beer-swilling English masses" before the ( hooligan free ) EURO 2004 game between the two nations in PortugaI.Pathetically-they see us as a common enemy.It is basic European Anglo-phobia,inferiority and prejudice. We invented football.We invented hooliganism ( but have made significant strides towards combatting it. Hooliganism is still alive and well here.It?s just been driven underground) And we ruled the world,and the French in particular detest the fact that English is the world?s lingua franca.We?re an Island nation with defined characteristcs and an extraordinary history.Europe?s a hodge-podge of overlapping,inter-locking countries,with little discernable qualities,other than racism,football-inspired insurrection and bad hair-do?s..
Shaun Brennan
3   Posted 12/11/2007 at 14:32:26

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Remeber though it was a copper who was trigger happy. Not the fans. Although rival fans are banned from away games in italy. they have a massive problem like most of europe.
Matt Kay
4   Posted 12/11/2007 at 14:43:28

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Fair comment Shaun, but the copper who shot him was there for exactly what reason?
Steve Hopkins
5   Posted 12/11/2007 at 14:52:42

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With regards the disproportionate punishments dished out by UEFA to other countries I believe our FA has to take some responsibility for that, other countries seem to tell UEFA where they can stick their jurisdiction where as we seem to ask them what position they want us in so that they can give us a good rodgering. Mind you that seems to be our way when it comes to dealing with Europe. Before you know it we’ll be driving on the right hand side of the road...mark my words!!
Frank Duffy
6   Posted 12/11/2007 at 16:15:46

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Talking about punishment, what about the Essien tackle on Osman? You could hear the crunch on MotD2 but all he got was a yellow card and no comment from the commentatory or the guys back in the studio. I hear Cahill thinks Essien should aplogise but i thought it shuld have been astraight RED card. No doubt if one of our players had done a similar tackle on one of the players in the so-called big four we would have been castigated.
Surprised Moyes didn't comment on it.

But great result and pity no game this weekend. COYB
Dave Roberts
7   Posted 12/11/2007 at 19:24:00

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Kevin Hudson,

You say ’WE’ invented hooliganism? The first football hooliganism I ever heard of occurred during the Chile World Cup in 1962 when there were no Englishmen about. The baton was then picked up and run with by supporters of club’s in Argentina.... and wasn’t there a major riot in Columbia in the sixties when several hundred died? All this at a time when my dad was taking me to the match, home and away, in perfect safety in dear old Blighty. I agree that there is a perverted concensus all over the world, especially in Europe, that we ’invented’ football hooliganism but I can assure you we didn’t. We experienced it sharply for about 15 years (far too long I agree) but soon sorted it out once we got our act together.. Hooliganwise, football in this country has never been safer (with one or two exceptional examples that I will not mention for fear of upsetting the neighbours!)

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