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The Mail Bag

Best Striker?

Comments (22)

Now, since each striker we have at our disposal is in decent form, I have been puzzling to see who our best striker is:

Yakubu - Has the best goal scoring ability, incredible strength, brilliant finishing... but work rate is sometimes questionable.

Andy Johnson - Has undoubted class in him considering he's in the England squad consistently. Incredible work-rate, extradonairy pace but don't think he's scored enough for us this season.

James McFadden - The most inconsistent of the lot... but on his day, he is absolutely lethal, look at the Metalist game, his amazing goal at Charlton and does it consistently for Scotland. But again.. inconsistent.. doesn't show his great form often enough.

Victor Anichebe - the "New Drogba" apparently, according to the newspapers. His strength is phenonemal, and his all round play is impressive. Has tremendous potential.

James Vaughan - Quite similar to Victor except much quicker. Can't think of any weaknesses of him except maybe inexperience.. which will definitely dissappear in the future. Potential very, very good indeed.

Now, an overview of all the strikers. Maybe they were slightly inaccurate.. but that's my opinion of them. If I had to choose now.. it would probably be Vaughan.. just because his all round play is better than the other four.
Ben Jones, Anglesey, North Wales     Posted 12/11/2007 at 22:48:06

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Raid Ng
1   Posted 13/11/2007 at 04:04:22

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Its a difficult choice. But my vote goes to AJ. Vic and Vaughn are a little inexperience at the moment. They may have all the energy and enthusiasm but more exposure is needed.

Faddy is inconsistent to start with. He can score wonder goals like the one against Charlton last season and Fulham. But when he starts games, he goes missing especially against the so called "big" sides.

The Yak? Well, he can score goals but he needs to improve on his work rate. He is a good player and I think when he settle down a bit more with Everton style of play, he can become a great player for us.

AJ? Well his work rate is exceptional and he can score goals. What else can I say? Except that our midfield needs to supply the ammo for him to score.

Tim Dancey
2   Posted 13/11/2007 at 04:35:08

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My vote goes to AJ. Have to yet to see him get quality ball along the ground and be paired with any of the above for a good amount of time. Poor bloke has had to chase longballs hoofed up field. Wat a plethora or riches we have up front.
Richard Parker
3   Posted 13/11/2007 at 05:26:41

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It’s a shame that AJ’s op coincides with the run of form and more importantly, the improved football that we’re currently enjoying. I think he would have thrived on what we’re playing now.

Vic and Vaughan have still got an awful lot to prove. Have been impressed with some of Vic’s finishing of late, markedly improved in the last few months. Still have my doubts over his all round ability. Although he does cause a lot of problems to the opposition, up until the last few games he was as likely to stand on the ball as to get a shot in.

Vaughan, massive potential, too many injuries, not enough games.... if he is to develop into the player we all hope and believe he can be, he needs to play and soon, at such an important stage in his development.

Faddy - what can you say? Will he ever be a 90 minute player for Everton? Can he put a little consistency in his game? Can we afford a McFadden with the other 10 on the pitch covering for his weaknesses, for a momemnt of magic to score/create a goal? Who knows? Will we ever really know?

Yak is still to prove his worth. Again marked improvement in the last month, unsurprisingly coinciding with a return to form of the team. I reckon that when things are good, he’ll bang em in but I can see him going missing when the whole team needs to put a shift in.

So in summary? No idea who is the best... Yak, AJ and Faddy can’t be compared to each other. While Vic and Vaughan still have a lot to do, to call themselves proven class. But what I do know is that we have a nice array of attacking options. Hopefully, this is going to be a long, hard season of cup runs, a push for Europe and maybe even a shiny trophy if we’re lucky, in which all 5 of our strikers will play a significant role.
Connor Rohrer
4   Posted 13/11/2007 at 08:18:52

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My vote goes to Yakubu who just beats Vaughan. If we played 4-4-2 then that would be my strike force.

Ben Jones, you mention Yakubu’s strength and finishing but I have been impressed with his touch, hold up play, vision and skill. Technically he is probably our best striker. Yes there’s Mcfadden who is also good in that department but he suffer from a severe lack of inconsistency. Yakubu also can finish and has decent pace and power.

Andy Johnson is far from our best striker. I would go as far as to say he would be third choice in my eyes. He gets top marks for energy and work rate but for me his touch, technique and finishing are championship level. He has all that pace and still cant go past a defender whereas slower players like Mcfadden, Anichebe and Yakubu can. People talk about chances created for him but when you look at the stats he actually has had a lot of efforts on goal yet has scored 1 in 8 or 9 games this season. In the games Vaughan and Johnson where paired last season Vaughan like the more accomplished striker. He scored more goals and generally offered us more. He has AJ’s pace but he also has strength, aggression and aerial ability. Johnson for me hasn’t been a consistent goalscorer since his honeymoon period and 13 goals in 43 games isn’t brilliant. Dont get me wrong I like the lad but I see more potential in the Vaughan and Yakubu partnership.

Anichebe is still raw but is improving all the time. I dont personally see a future for Mcfadden at Everton. He just hasn’t shown his talent on a regular basis. He had a great game when we beat Boro 2-0 and then against Newcastle he was awful. He’ll be gone either by January or next season.

Yakubu followed by Vaughan for me.
Chris James
5   Posted 13/11/2007 at 09:14:30

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It’ll have to be AJ for me, purely on performances for the club so far.

The rest are all close though, although ALL the strikers AJ included have something to prove:
Anichebe - That he can be consistent and a threat from kick off
Yakubu - That he can contribute more when not scoring
Vaughan - That he can avoid niggling injury
AJ - That he can find his shooting boots again
MacFadden - That he can be consistent and not over-elaborate

The really brilliant thing is that they all offer something different (raw power/awareness/pace and finishing/dogged pace and skill respectively) and provide options for Moyes at kick off or from the bench.

The even more encouraging thing is that whereas other clubs have players that resent being on the bench, I genuinely think that due to their differing skills, their need to prove something and our awesome club spirit we’ll be able to keep them all happy in a rotating squad for the next few years at least (until Anichebe/Vaughan become v.established).

Now if we could only add another two/three midfielders in January to create similar competition/cover in the centre (I’m thinking a sound left-winger in - with shandy out -, someone strong in the centre who can hold ball and pick a pass and cover for Carsley in defensive mid) we’ll have a genuinely brilliant squad.


Jan Fleming
6   Posted 13/11/2007 at 09:26:27

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If youare talking ’strikers’in the literal sense then it’s Victor for me every time followed by Yak,Faddy and Vaughan who seems destined to be forever injured.AJ is an excellent ’support forward’ who will run all day-often without end result but goalscorer?Forget it (I think he has!)
Dominic Duerden
7   Posted 13/11/2007 at 09:25:46

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In AJ , Vaughan and Anichebe we have three great strikers. In Yakubu we have someone who appears to be improving and should be able to do the job.

Personally , I am not sure where McFadden will fit in , I think he might be off to Scotland in the near future !
I also think it will be interesting to see how these 4 good strikers fit in when they are all fit , as Cahill seems to play best with one striker up front. And I can?t see Moyes dropping Tim.
Karl Masters
8   Posted 13/11/2007 at 09:51:48

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James Vaughan has the lot - pace, aggression, aerial ability, workrate and his finishing is improving all the time.

However, the other 4 all have something good to offer and isn’t it great we have them?! What is really pleasing is that they all work hard and don’t grumble if they are dropped, just concentrate on getting back in the team. We’ll need every one of them this season if we are to win anything, just like we have needed Valente in the last couple of tough away games.

Makes you realise we didn’t really need David Nugent and although he’s one of us and desperately wanted to play for Efc, Moyes head ruled his heart and so far it seems the right decision.
Sean Nagle
9   Posted 13/11/2007 at 11:01:13

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Personally i think whenever we keep the ball on the ground and actually play football we see the best of yakubu providing he is supported by the midfield. yakubu overall gets my vote but only just ahead of james vaughan. i believe in 5 years time he will be in the england squad and be regarded as one of the best strikers in the premiership if he keeps a cool head. i see no reason why AJ should be thrown straight into the side when he returns because victor anichebe is very effective at present. the only player i might replace aj for is mcfadden but his enigmatic play can also be his strength aswell as his curse. you only have to see the chelsea match for that. at present aj lacks something that the other strikers do not: confidence in his own ability. when Aj gets that back he will shoot up the pecking order.
Gavin Holland
10   Posted 13/11/2007 at 11:36:41

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Our best striker is mighty tiny tim.
James Elworthy
11   Posted 13/11/2007 at 13:11:03

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You have to bear in mind Vaughan and Anichebe will get better and better whereas the other 3 probably wont improve.
My ratings out of 100

1. Vaughan 90
2. Yakubu 85
3. Johnson 82
4. Anichebe 80
5. McFadden 75
Neil Mallender
12   Posted 13/11/2007 at 13:27:48

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Sorry James,your posting is stupid.How you can say that James Vaughan is 90% a great striker ignores the fact that he’s only played a handful of games and gets injured in all of them!
Yakubu’s record is better than all of them but i would only put him at c65% the ’real deal’. Johnson’s return is modest in the extreme and as a goalscorer merits c40%.Faddy only really turns it on for Scotland and would merit anout 25% whilst the other two are kids who may or may not make it.
Gez Frinton
13   Posted 13/11/2007 at 13:33:47

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Lone striker ball to feet - Yakubu
Lone Striker long ball - Anichebe
Playing off a target man - McFadden, Vaughan.
Long Ball channels - AJ

All very good strikers with potential, none are the finished article.

Current ability:
1. The Yak
2. AJ
3. McFadden
4. Vaughan
5. Anichebe

1. Vaughan
2. Anichebe
3. Mcfadden
4. AJ and The Yak
Gez Frinton
14   Posted 13/11/2007 at 13:52:33

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Faddy?s a goodfinisher, but he lacks pace
He?s got great dribbling ability, but is easily knocked off the ball. etc.

The Yak is strong, but can?t head a ball, he has good close control and first touch, but is lazy.

AJ has pace, lacks a finish.

Anichebe has strength, lacks ball control.

Vaughan - Maybe he?s the shining light. What doesn?t he have in the locker?
Brian Noble
15   Posted 13/11/2007 at 14:09:30

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The great disparity of views above indicates that not one of the five is really outstanding.Moyes paid £20M for AJ and Yak and will be lucky to get a 15 goal return this season between the two of them! (I know,I know,Johnson runs about a lot.)
Mc Fadden has scored a few good goals-mostly for Scotland-but is usually crap whilst the other two have the POTENTIAL to be the real deal.
Cahill is our deadliest finisher,bar none!
Ed Casey
16   Posted 13/11/2007 at 14:34:43

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Best striker at Everton - thats easy, you only have to look at the stats! Please step forward Joleon Lescott!
Mark Stone
17   Posted 13/11/2007 at 14:48:04

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Is the Yak’s work rate questionable? He’s been busting his guts recently.
Gez Frinton
18   Posted 13/11/2007 at 15:03:37

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Mark, Chelsea
Tony Parks
19   Posted 13/11/2007 at 16:21:09

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At £6.5m Everton had the most talented and hardworking player in James Beattie. Unfortunately David Moyes did not play to his strengths and the boy is working wonders and been given a new lease of life under Sir Bryan Robson. Apparently Sir Steve McClaren is watching him closely and James truly believes that he will break into the England set up. When I had him at Blackburn he was a big daft lad, great physique and even represented the county at swimming, the coach said he was a splash. My message to Moyes with his spending on forwards to date would be play to your strengths, buy a centre back, keep out the black and in the red, you get nothing in this game for 2 in a bed.
Michael Newton
20   Posted 13/11/2007 at 21:32:45

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Tony Parkes had an e in his surname
Richard Parker
21   Posted 14/11/2007 at 05:44:53

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I’m pretty surprised at the opinions on here. I know that Vaughan is an exciting prospect, but so was Danny Cadamateri. Before someone screams, I know that Vaughan is better than that. But to say that AJ cant’ finish is incredible....

We know he’s a decent striker, but at the start of the season he hit a patch of low confidence, which very unsurprisingly coincided with the team playing awful football.

I’m sure that if we’re still playing the same style of football, when he returns, as we are now he’ll be far more prolific. Dixie Dean would have struggled to score in the pre-Derby team this season.

I wait to see you doubters all proved wrong.
Mark Stone
22   Posted 14/11/2007 at 12:50:36

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I think who is the most effective in a particular game would probably depend on the opposition. Different players have different strengths so it would be be difficult to state that ’Yakubu is a better player than Johnson’ or vice versa.

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