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The Mail Bag

International Breaks and ToffeeWeb

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I hate internationl breaks for several reasons:-
1) Everton aren't playing and I miss that 2) England are playing and are usually rubbish
3) The ToffeeWeb site draws out loads of people who are filled will spite and bile and choose to direct it at Bill Kenwright, Keith Wyness and anyone else who dares to be at all happy with the current Everton situation.

What amazes me is the aggression and vitriol expressed by a number of correspondents against fellow Evertonians.

The personal attacks and vicious comments should stop and a number of people need to calm down.

Personally I think a number of things are going quite well at the moment but I guess I must be a naive, stupid, complacent, short-sighted lickspittle who will swallow anything Everton tells me.

So here's looking forward to when we start playing again and people can comment on the football. Come on you blues.
Paul Hardy, Epping, Essex     Posted 17/11/2007 at 09:13:10

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Lyndon Lloyd
Editorial Team
1   Posted 17/11/2007 at 17:32:11

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Paul, I suspect your letter in its original entirety would have prompted yet more of what you’re talking about and this edited version still may. If it does, I’ll shut it down but I wanted to air your views for the sake of the balance we’re so often accused of not providing.
Gavin Harris
2   Posted 17/11/2007 at 17:40:05

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"2) England are playing and are usually rubbish"

I have never heard so many English people moaning about england playing and wanting them to lose.

English are so unpatriotic and I find it pathetic.
Gavin Ramejkis
3   Posted 17/11/2007 at 17:47:24

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Have to agree about the spiteful things said but in equal fairness they are often typed as a result of equally caustic extremists pro and anti BK and KW. What else do you expect on something as significant as the ground move? If people think the real world is like the cover of a copy of the Watchtower with a lion and lamb hand in hand they need more than help.
Paul Okell
4   Posted 17/11/2007 at 18:28:11

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It was always known the new stadium would be next to a Tesco. Now a picture comes out showing it next to a Tesco and people are up in arms.
Its not as if it was a secret where the stadium would be located.
Gerard Madden
5   Posted 17/11/2007 at 18:28:00

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I’ve got to chuckle over this because it’s something i’ve noticed too, at each international break the small anti-board and anti-Kirkby brigade have used the time to vent their spleen hoping to stir up the largely apathetic overwhelming majority (most blues I know have never heard of Toffeeweb or Bluekipper) into some interest in their pet subjects - with no ’real’ football to distract things.

Thankfully in just a few days all Evertonians (apart from a few perhaps) will be overjoyed that there’s no more international breaks for a few months so full concentration will be back quite rightly on our beloved team and it’s exciting cup exploits, vastly improving football and the upcoming transfer window.
Stuart Mitchell
6   Posted 17/11/2007 at 19:18:50

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Gavin Ramejkis you are one of the worst on here for anti everton comments, and the constant billy liar comments.

Its people like you that cause so many problems on here.
Peter Pridgeon
7   Posted 17/11/2007 at 22:20:01

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Get with it l!
This is scouse culture at its best and worst .I really enjoy it when some poor, unsuspecting, deeply committed fan comes out with some psycho- babble
and he / she is given exactly what they deserve.

Take for example the nutter on another thread who says he will, not attend the new stadium because he high principles.

For fuck sake its only sport!

Think about the people in parts of the world were they cannot get enough to eat or live daily in a war zone and this puts things in perspective.

In my opinion if you put up on this site its open to public scrutiny and you take what you get and be prepared to defend your point.

Or simply don’t put up
8   Posted 17/11/2007 at 23:25:25

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I happen to agree with a lot of what Gavin says about the board and I have followed Everton since 1960 home, away, Wembley , Europe and I believe the emotions that are being shown are extreme on both sides whether you believe in our motto NSNO or whether you trust our board.and those people that know me will tell you I am the most pro Evertonian there is but I would not allow Bill Kenwright anywhere near any business which is more what football clubs are these days.
He is the most inept untrustworthy chairman I have ever come across and believe me I have worked closely with quite a few over the last 40 years.
I can assure you that Gavin is far from a minority in not trusting our board and its based on facts not fiction.
Paul Hardy
9   Posted 18/11/2007 at 14:28:11

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Peter P,

My address is Epping in Essex but I am from Bootle. I know what scouse culure is or perhaps I only know what it should be.

Being smart and witty to put someone down is good - relying on stupid personal attacks that you wouldn’t make if you were face to face is not.

Alan Ryder
10   Posted 18/11/2007 at 17:10:43

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You’re right - The Internet is global- so you can’t really localise the culture - we’ve got a fella posting from Alaska (or is he?)!

It amuses me how often we move off the subject. It takes about 4 postings before we talk ourselves around and up our own backsides and the abuse starts flying. Does that REPORT ABUSE button work as someone seems to be getting it in the neck every other message? Post anything about the ground move and it’s like attracting flys to fly paper (whatever way your facing!)

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