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The Mail Bag

Heart and soul

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When Wimbledon moved to MK did they stop being Wimbledon? Did they lose their uniqueness as a club? I would suggest the answer to both is yes.

Did they reap the financial benefits of a new stadium? Did they attract thousands of new loyal, life long supporters? I guess not.

Now before I'm ripped apart for even suggesting Wimbledon as a comparison for Everton, I know they do not have our heritage nor history and I know their move was a lot more than 4 miles and they were and will always be a small club. The point is they had their soul and heart ripped out when they moved. The same club, same name, same players but for many Wimbledon supporters it was not their Wimbledon anymore.

So, to those who say they cannot bring themselves to go to Kirkby, I for one will not judge you poorly. I only get back to Liverpool twice a year to see the blues (don't tell my Mum she thinks its to see her) and I will go to Kirkby but I don't expect to feel the same tingle of excitment pre-match and an easier purchase of a drink, pie and a visit to the loo will not replace the missing soul and heart which is being ripped out not just by the current custodians of our history and future but by the destructive nature of this debate by fellow Evertonians.

What will be left when the move finally comes I dread to think!
Mike Dishome, Bristol     Posted 18/11/2007 at 22:46:14

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Michael Kenrick
I was away for a couple of days and really hoped that, by the time I got back, this latest bout of Kirkbyitis might have blown itself out. Guess not...
Chris Briddon
1   Posted 19/11/2007 at 09:14:16

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Just one point to make on this.

I think you will find attendances in Milton Keynes are far higher than they ever were at Plough Lane.

We are talking of a club who managed gates of about 3,000 to some premier league matches here. In MK they are getting substantailly more than that and are in League 2 - so on that point alone the move was a good one.

However, where they went wrong was moving about 40 miles and changing the clubs name which is never a good idea.
Anthony Jaras
2   Posted 19/11/2007 at 10:47:05

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We are moving, like it or not.
Andy Ellams
3   Posted 19/11/2007 at 10:49:56

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Wimbledon moved to a town craving a football and became MK Dons. No comparison to the Everton situation, this is far more like the US city franchise thing that happens in sport over there
Dave Trudgeon
4   Posted 19/11/2007 at 11:02:34

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Wimbledon had no ground, they were renting Selhurst Park. yYou can?t compare the two.
Andy Mckenzie
5   Posted 19/11/2007 at 11:48:41

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Anthony i would’nt be so sure of that.

That will show what the people of kirkby WANT, NEED AND WILL GET.
Stuart Mitchell
6   Posted 19/11/2007 at 13:53:29

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I am from Milton Keynes.

Wimbledon had no stadium, they were attracting sometimes as little as 500 people to a home game. The club was bankrupt and heading into oblivion.

The move to MK, saved the club and they now play in a very very nice stadium, attendances are rising and they are looking good to get promotion.

Yes its a new club, and the FA cup has been given back to Merton Council, but this is an example of a success story.

I am a lifelong Evertonian and how you can compair the Wimbledon to MK Dons transfermation to the Everton moving a few miles to Kirby is a complete joke.

We are all going to be divided, on whether to move in the first place, how we would like the stadium to look, where its going to be. But whatever happens, its still going to be the Everton we would all shed blood for. That is never going to change.

So can we all try and just get behind the idea of the move, as its going to happen.

Michael Newton
7   Posted 19/11/2007 at 13:57:09

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Milton Keynes is about 50 miles north of London, Wimbledon was a team that played at Crystal Palaces ground in South London there is no comparison.
They had no choice to move as they were on the verge of extinction.
You cannot compare what happened there with a move about 4 miles away
mike dishome
8   Posted 19/11/2007 at 19:08:54

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I agree we need to move, and Kirkby is the only option for us. The point about moving for survival is the point for our club as well.

What I was getting at, obviously badly so my apologies for that, is that by moving to survive we will lose something. I think that something will be our heart and soul. Partly because of the move away from Goodison, partly because it is seen by many as outside the city, partly because of how it has been managed or percieved to have been managed, partly because of the bitterness within which some fans conduct their debate.

For those Evertonians who cannot bear the idea of moving to Kirkby and say they will not go, for them it is not the same, 4 miles or 40, the heart and soul will have gone.

I agree we need to move, Kirkby is likely to be that move, I disagree with that but accept the inevitale. I will try however and understand the enormous pain this is creating for some, enough for them to say they cannot follow a club that for them has sold out.

All I ask is that we recognise each others pain, even if you disagree with their point of view, accept that the pain is so great that they feel they have lost something too great to come to terms with.

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