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The Mail Bag

City's huge loss in revenue if EFC move to Kirkby

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As a North Wales commuter to GP since 1958, I have noted with dismay the way the Traffic Wardens descend on the areas [on the river side] of Walton Road every time there is a home match . Walking back to my regular spot I have seen literally thousands of parking tickets stuck on windscreens over the years.

This seems to have escalated over the last couple of seasons to near epidemic proportions.Why else would you see so many Wardens out in an otherwise quiet backwater of the City at the oddest times , 3-5 every other Saturday and Wednesday and now [because we are in Europe] Thursday evenings about 8-ish .

Has no one given a thought to the loss of revenue this would cause for LCC and the potential loss of valuable jobs in the area to say nothing of the share values of Doc Martens!

Seriously though the attitude of the city in making near derelict areas a revenue source instead of encouraging sensible parking astounds me , I hope that when when eventually find our new home , the parking facilities reflect consumer choice . It's all very well saying " use the park and ride" but realistically , people will still use a car while there is still fuel available , even when it £3 a litre , which will probably be the price by we eventually move . Although I expect there will be some kind of deal to encourage us to do a "bit of a shop " at Tesco and thereby get a 2p a litre discount at their pumps !
Graham Weigh, North Wales     Posted 24/11/2007 at 04:26:08

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Duncan McDine
1   Posted 24/11/2007 at 11:48:41

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A funny read, cheers.

Where do you currently park for games? Is the main car park still open or have the RS already started building on it?

I usually don’t drive to the games, but for the Zennit game have tied it in with a business trip (crafty eh?)... I’d be grateful for best parking tips.

Cheers, Dunc
Paul Okell
2   Posted 24/11/2007 at 11:50:08

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Yesterday a man in an Everton jacket came cold calling into our company with a business card stating he was a business development executive.
He was trying to sell executive boxes for games or wanting us to treat our employees to a day out in one of the lounges as if he was selling double glazing at your door.
When I spoke to him after he had a long chat to a Liverpudlian first when he actually confided he was a RS himself I spoke to him.
I mentioned the move to Kirkby his answer was its a Liverpool post code I said so is Ormskirk. Would Warrington rugby league club move to St Helens because St Helens has a Warrington post code.
I also told him I was embarrased as an Evertonian that he was knocking on doors like he was selling conservatories. So he left.
Has anyone else had experience of this.
Mike Homfray
3   Posted 25/11/2007 at 01:23:51

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This is one of many reasons why Goodison has its limitations. I used to live in Ismay Street. Parking was always a problem.

I now live in Waterloo. Liverpool postcode. Liverpool address. Not in city boundary, though - just like Kiirkby.

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