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First of all may I add my congratulations to the boys for a job well done. Mikel's performance was sublime.

I sat up last night to watch the coverage on Match of the Day and was happy to see us on second, granted Bolton's result over Man Utd probably deserved top billing. Now, I'm not one of these that subscribes to the conspiracy theory of BBC bias toward Liverpool FC (excepting the fact that both first choice pundits always want to turn the subject to that of the red half), but what do we have to do to get more airtime than our neighbours?

I checked it out and yes the difference was small, but given the torpid nature of Liverpool's brand of football, what do we have to do? It's our biggest win for I think 16 years, but events at St James' Park somehow warranted more coverage and discussion. Do we need an alien mothership to land on the centre circle at half time or something? Is a 7-1 thrashing with the best performance this year by any Spanish player in the league simply not good enough?

Sometimes you really have to wonder...
Mark Wynne, Bury St Edmunds     Posted 25/11/2007 at 07:45:46

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Dave Hall
1   Posted 25/11/2007 at 08:50:27

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A couple of years ago after a period of physical inactivity in the horizontal position, my missus agreed that we could have sex, once for every time Everton scored.

The last few years have been OK, nice and regular... until yesterday.

All I have to say is Andy Johnson, Leon Osman... Thanks very much. I am already knackered and she is demanding two more efforts.

Peter Carpenter
2   Posted 25/11/2007 at 09:21:10

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Irvine was holding us back all this time and preventing the true character of Moyes showing through. That's the caution to the winds, attack on all fronts, maverick style of David makes-Keegan-look-boring Moyes!
Ian Barker
3   Posted 25/11/2007 at 10:26:52

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I remember a few years back not liking Yakubu as he scored and then went and did some lame punches against a corner flag. Yesterday he seemed to be immitating a certain Mr Anelka

Is there a better reason for this or does Yak just have a wicked sense of humour? If so fair play to the lad!

Chris Odedun
4   Posted 25/11/2007 at 11:02:03

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Our 37 goals this season (by the end of November) have already surpassed our meager 34 in the whole of 2005-06. Keep it coming boys!
Terry Downes
5   Posted 25/11/2007 at 13:34:05

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Now it's official that Gilberto is up for grabs, Moyes and Co should do all they can to try and secure his services, he could the perfect foil for the team.
John Lloyd
6   Posted 25/11/2007 at 15:23:24

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Still fucking grinning after yesterday, you’ve made me day, weekend, week with that result lads, cant wait for next week and another test for the blues away to Pompey, hopefully we can pick up some more points and keep climbing up league!!!

If that is true about Gilberto, then I am 100% in agreement with Terry Downes, get him in. A world cup winner with top level premiership & champs league experience, its a no brainer that. Keeps Cars on his toes (outstanding the last few weeks btw) and keeps Moyes philosphy that the reason we are playing so well is because we have quality to come in from the bench/squad which we have............NEVER had before!!

"We’re on the march with Moysey’s army, we’re all going to man city"..........etc etc
Matt Kassell
7   Posted 25/11/2007 at 15:36:32

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The best thing about the BBC coverage was on Radio 5. Stuart Hall?s commentary was as ever poetic and dramatic, and he kept referring to Leon as "Russell" Osman! What era is he living in? He?s no relation to you is he, Dave Hall?
Ste Riley
8   Posted 25/11/2007 at 16:22:58

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Amazing result great stuff one thing to me personaly that was nearly as good as the result was half of the park end singing Everton oh we love Everton more please but next time i wana hear all ov the ground singin it!
James Dawson
9   Posted 25/11/2007 at 17:43:14

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The really pleasing thing for me was the fact that the obviously unbiased Lawro couldn’t bring himself to say ANYTHING positive at all about our performance. Shearer did virtually all of the review and summarising afterwards and was mightily impressed, waxing lyrical both about the result and also the squad that’s currently being built. Old Marky boy made one comment about Sunderland’s defending and how they’re going to struggle if they don’t improve. No shit Sherlock!! And the fact he couldn’t acknowledge how fantastic we were yesterday just underlines how threatened he and his fellow Red scum are by our current resurgence.
Well done Mr Moyes. You’ve made my weekend complete!
Chris Briddon
10   Posted 25/11/2007 at 17:49:23

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Oh dear, its another one of those ?living in Liverpools shadow? posts. Why do people have to compare everything to Liverpool all the time.

The fact is that as a combination Liverpool & Newcastle are bigger than Everton & Sunderland - the fact that Sunderland were poor is semi-expected due to their newly promoted status.

In the Liverpool game, there is the 'Liverpool playing well' aspect & the 'Newcastle falling to pieces with Allardyce under threat already' angle.

Plus the pundits were Shearer (ex Newcastle) and Lawrenson (ex Liverpool) so the game was obviously of more interest to both parties.

Just relax, enjoy the result & try to remove the big red chip on your shoulder please.
Alan Clarke
11   Posted 25/11/2007 at 18:36:40

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We should just accept that the press don’t like us. Fuck em. For example the game report in The Sunday Times just went on about how awful Sunderland were.

We all watched it, we know how good Everton were, we know that we’re finally coming good this season. Who cares what MOTD, Lawrenson or SKY have to say about us.
David Moore
12   Posted 25/11/2007 at 19:57:50

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If the thing about Gilberto is true, would he be able to play Uefa Cup for us or is he cup-tied?

Ray Robinson
13   Posted 25/11/2007 at 20:31:06

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Isn't everyone glad now though that we didnt splash out the money on Nugent or Smith and got Yakubu instead?. Far better footballer and far better goalscorer.
Bobby Robson
14   Posted 25/11/2007 at 20:54:22

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Come on you Blues Keep it up And you Dave Hall
Emma Nixon
15   Posted 25/11/2007 at 21:36:02

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Well in blue69, that little heir will be my new litlle niece/nephew, the song sheets are already in process, she will now all she needs to know about being a blue! i say Eva Toni Ann for the name????? or Dom for a boy!!!!!
Seamus Murphy
16   Posted 26/11/2007 at 11:07:03

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Ste - it was being sang in the Lower Gladys as well, it was brilliant!!! Should be sang more!

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