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The Mail Bag

Phil Neville!

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I'm absolutely made up! Moyes has realised something that I wasn't sure he knew.

I'd always thought that he classed Phil as a midfielder and to be honest it worried me but now we have proof that he wants him at RB ? a quote from the man himself

"Look at Phil Neville. He has been a terrific captain since he has been here but he has got Tony Hibbert ? who did really well at Chelsea before the break ? breathing down his neck. Phil Jagielka can play there too." That's great news... haha!
Dave  Trudgeon, runcorn     Posted 28/11/2007 at 13:57:06

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Simon Smith
1   Posted 28/11/2007 at 14:54:44

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Of course he knew, come on lads, get behind him and the players, Moyes know?s what he?s doing he is one of the best managers around and we need to do everything to keep him here, he will be the next fergie soon {hopefully with us} .
Steve Templeton
2   Posted 28/11/2007 at 14:59:48

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He was only playing him in midfield because of injuries which anyone with a modicum of intelligence would have realised.
Phil Baroni
3   Posted 28/11/2007 at 15:41:55

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Neville has been played at CM even when other options have been available though so its news to me that he?s our first choice right back.
I?d always thought Moyes was off his rocker thinking that, but now i know different...
Keith Glazzard
4   Posted 28/11/2007 at 15:38:00

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It is good news all the same. And it shows how the squad is coming along - three right backs, two left backs plus Joleon, and so on up the field. And of course we’ll need them all even without injuries.

UEFA, Carling, FA Cup and the Africa Cup coming up. I don’t think any of the players will be complaining about a lack of opportunity in the next few months. And DM has gained masses of experience in the last five years and can juggle his players - not always prettily - but effectively. And they all play for him, a huge plus in these circumstances.

I think he wants to take on Clattenberg and the sweet FA for a bit of light relief.
Paul Coleman
5   Posted 28/11/2007 at 16:50:10

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Dawson Boyle
6   Posted 28/11/2007 at 17:10:53

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Justin Hoyte’s name keeps cropping up and Tony Hibbert’s about to sign a new contract.

Where does that leave Neville with three players vying for one position.

On another point, why doesn’t he try Jagielka at centre back. Every blades fan i’ve spoken to always said that he excelled there....
Lee Spargo
7   Posted 28/11/2007 at 19:46:17

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I agree that Neville is far better at full-back.

However, when Moyes first bought him, he said that he told Neville that he was primarily thought of as a defensive midfielder. They were his words.

I do like Neville though - he’s by far the best right-back t the club.
Stig Meacham
8   Posted 28/11/2007 at 23:27:09

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I love Phil Neville. I’m proud he’s thrown his lot in with us, and I hope he stays for an age.

He’s a winner, lads. Something none of our other more popular players are. He’s got silverware at home that we can’t even dream of at this stage. He knows how to conduct himself on the pitch, and by all accounts is a model professional.

The guy is a right back. Full-stop. He has been played out of position since he arrived. He has played poorly in midfield, but at least I understand why. Don’t you? He’s been filling in just in front of Cars, and it hasn’t gone well. At the very least he gave it his all and has received absolute shit from the crowd in return for his efforts.

I enjoy an over-35-league (yeah, I’m old!) every three/four days where I live. I would never, ever presume to know what a real amateur or professional league would be like, but even at my level I know how important a real, knowledgeable captain is.

Leadership on the level that we expect from Phil Neville isn’t and shouldn’t be based upon crowd popularity and whether or not the right-back boy can cover for injured midfielders. There is so much more to being a captain, and as I hesitate to write it, perhaps some of you guys don’t know what you’re talking about?

Joseph Yobo is probably a more proficient player at his position that Phil Neville is at his. Admitting that is not saying he’d be a better captain, though. There is a depth borne of experience that the lad has. He’s won what? Champions League, Premiership, FA Cup, League Cup (not certain about that one!) Isn’t that enough?

When he speaks, refs and players alike listen to him, as they should.

I wanted to puke the instant I read here that we got a Chuckle Brother a few years ago. Come on, who among us didn’t?! But I let go and put some trust into our management, and I’ve so completely come round to enjoying the fact that a player who would turn his back on endless European forays and silvery national cups is throwing his lot in with us.

FFS, the guy could’ve seen his career out on the ManUre bench and retired a mogul, but he didn’t; he came to us to play. And for that he gets shit from morons. For playing out of position.

Not only has he adapted quite well to the EvertonWay, he’s also taken a part in the community. Nothing will disguise the fact that he’s ManU at heart, but he never said he wasn’t, did he?

Let him in, you guys, he plays his guts out for us, and he was superb at the back last match.
dave trudgeon
9   Posted 29/11/2007 at 12:13:54

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stig i wasn’t having a go at neville
at rb i think he’s one of the better performers in the prem and he adds to the team
i just always questioned whether moyes thought of him as a rb or dm, thats all
he’s a model pro and im glad he plays for us
Erik Dols
10   Posted 29/11/2007 at 10:53:54

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"The midfield quintet continues to impress the England full-back."

More and more it seems that everybody, including Moyes, Neville himself and the pravda-writers have accepted Neville for what he is: a very useful right back! Yay!

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