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The Mail Bag

Thanks for coming, Dick

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Cheers for coming Dick. So nice to see Mr. Advocaat leave with what he deserved.... nothing. What an obnoxious prat, spouting off to anyone who'd listen with his derogatory comments.

I watched a good game of football with both sides getting the ball down and trying to play. They were the team with the big man up front and I don't remember how many times Tim had to come out to catch a high bouncing ball in the area.

Obviously the sending off had a bearing on the amount of possesion we had but even before that we were in control and keeping the ball well. I just can't fathom the same old "Everton are physical, hard-working, direct" rubbish that we have levelled at us like Blackburn. Especially from that Dutch tool who won most of his Scottish league titles by bashing the ball up to Marco Negri in the great tradition of Mark Hatley and co before him.

Given the other result in the group tonight, I wouldn't mind if AZ beat us and Nurnburg beat Larissa so Dick can go back and Dick about with his fancy football in mother russia with no more UEFA Cup. Hopefully they'll get Liverpool in the Champions League next season and call them a long-ball side too with Crouch rivalling his own centre-forward in the bean-pole stakes.

Anyway, best to focus on how good we are doing at present. Clean sheets, creating chances, big squad, competition for places. Let's keep it up and get 3 pts against Fulham and a big performance in the cup Q-final next week. Safe home Dick. COYB
Niall Clinton, London     Posted 05/12/2007 at 22:16:17

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Jimmy Crack
1   Posted 05/12/2007 at 23:27:25

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Advocaat sounds like a dick.
Anyone listen to Fox Soccer Channel in the States??
At one point they were blabbing about how Russia is the "largest exporter of natural gas in the world" and other bullshit that had nothing to do with the game!
Sometimes I hate living in the US...
Ciaran Duff
2   Posted 06/12/2007 at 01:36:59

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He is a dick (pun intended)!.
Actually, he was meant to take over as the new manager of the Socceroos but reneged at the last minute because Zenit offered him more money (they seem to have plenty of $dosh). In fact, the FFA were looking at the legal options for sueing him. So, it is a happy irony that Tiny Tim got the goal.
Andrew Hamilton
3   Posted 06/12/2007 at 08:15:15

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Spot on Ciaran, you stole my thunder. He had agreed to coach Australia then reneged when Zenit qualified for the Champions League.

Brilliant that Tim could send him packing like that!
Rick Cole
4   Posted 06/12/2007 at 10:59:06

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yeah, he got what he deserved, great for timmy to get one for both everton and Australia in one hit!!!
the guy has no honour, and has freely admitted that the cash (offer by Zenit) was more than double, as if that makes it ok
Stephen Davies
5   Posted 06/12/2007 at 11:20:28

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I would like Nurnberg to go through to be honest. There fans were great and the city showed us a great time. I would like to draw them in the latter stages so we could show them the same hospitality in our city.
Keith Glazzard
6   Posted 06/12/2007 at 15:19:25

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Lokked at the recording of the game when we got home - the interview with Moyes produced one of Davey’s little magic moments. Asked about Advocaat’s comment, he smiled and said that he knew a lot about DA’s team play from his time at Rangers. Moyes is really getting better at this part of the job - a run of good performances must help - and that includes our showing in the Clattenburg derby come to think of it. DM erainly found his voice after that one.

linguistic note - advocaat is the Dutch for eggnog, and comes from the practice of lawyers in Holland, or advocates, sipping it to clear the throat.

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