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The Mail Bag

Feed the hungry Yak!

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I know that the title is a bit corny but I had to have his name in the title as he was the difference between us this year and years past where we woulda had a goalless draw or even worse a late loss. No amazing goals but he did what you expect from a striker.. score goals.

I couldnt watch the match live on TV but was following keenly on the internet. Our early onslaught pleased me but it seemed like after that Fulham settled down well and made a match of it.

After a great night of European joy, we returned to the Premier League to see if we could play just as well there. Agreed, we played only Fulham but there are no easy games in the league these days (I'm sure the fat Spanish waiter and his shite crew realised that against Reading yesterday) so we did well to get the win... quite comfortably by the end.

We have a crucial run of games up ahead with the Carling Cup QF being the one I'm most excited about. The Hammers will pose a serious threat at home. After that, back to the league again where we need to just keep winning and not worry about the rest. Saying that, places 4-9 are separated only by 4 points as of now and teams like Villa, Man City, Blackburn and Pompey pose a tough test for any team these days!

I can't really rate the players coz I didn't watch the game but from what I gathered, Lescott, Howard, Yobo, Carsley, Pienaar, and Yakubu all had great games with Cahill doing well too. Sad about the injury to Baines... hope it's nothing serious. I also want to add that the team spirit we have continues to show what Moyes has instilled in the lads during his tenure... let's look forward to more great results.... onwards and upwards. Come on You Blues!
Santosh Benjamin, India     Posted 08/12/2007 at 23:17:11

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Jimmy Hoffa
1   Posted 09/12/2007 at 09:13:13

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I think Yak is our goalscoring solution. He scores all the scrappy goals that normally was never scored by us before. Notice most of his goals are scrappy by definition. I also think instead of wasting Johnson, we should relegate him to Attacking Midfielder role as clearly he has lost his scoring ability
Jack Daou
2   Posted 09/12/2007 at 09:49:28

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I agree with Jimmy, maybe Johnson could be made into a winger. He's got the pace and size of e.g Wright-Phillips, but isn't that skillful. Surely he can learn how to cross and the good thing is he can still score some poacher's goals coming in from the right.
Seamus Murphy
3   Posted 09/12/2007 at 11:32:45

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I think Johnson will be fine ? once the goals are going in it doesn't matter whose getting them. he will get goals
Mick Simo
4   Posted 09/12/2007 at 11:53:41

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Football is a funny old game... Reading some of the archive posts, is this the same player who was labled a lazy fat bastard only a few weeks ago? Also, the posts about Moyes dithering over buying the misfit Nugent ? you see we all have opinions but we are no experts are we? Well done, Yak. I love it when the boo boys are silenced, but no doubt they will turn their attention to another player soon... The club captain is still on the radar for the boo boys.
Connor Rohrer
5   Posted 09/12/2007 at 12:44:53

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Spot on Mick. Yakubu was getting alot of underserved critisism by people who dont understand the game. He joined a new club and it takes time yet people contunued to judge him on his 11.25 million pound tag and for me that is unfair. Thankfully the boo boys have stopped and Yakubu is reveling in the team. Although there are still a few doubters despite him scoring 9 goals in 14 starts. Nearly beating Johnson 12 last season already.

I continually heard people like Dutch saying he offers nothing to the team but that is far from the case. He holds the ball up, has great vision and can bring the likes of Pienaar and Arteta into play. He’s not a work hourse but there’s no doubting his workrate has improved which is good to see.

On Andy Johnson I think he should be kept on the bench and maybe start the odd game where Yak needs a rest or is out of form. You should be in the team on merit and at the moment Yakubu and Cahill are first choice. Johnson’s not a winger and wouldn’t offer much outwide. He got pace obviously but his lack of touch, technical ability and skill means he can’t go past people. Similar to Bellamy at West ham. Good forward but lost outwide and for me Bellamy is a lot more skillful than Johnson.
Micky Norman
6   Posted 09/12/2007 at 12:53:40

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As one of those who criticised Yak a few weeks ago(although I didn’t call him a FLB- I just said my nan could outjump him) I’ll happily eat twelve portions of humble pie. I think the difference is now that we are playing to the lad’s strengths by carrying and passing the ball into the danger areas instead of lumping it there. The Yak is now reminding me of SuperKev before his knee went wobbly. Credit to Moyes here as he has done wonders with the midfield to mould the style of play around the natural skills the players have. It always looked before as though Moyes was asking players to fit into HIS system regardless of their own strengths. Maybe this is why we never see AVDM and possibly why Beattie flopped. Pienaar has made a big difference to Ossie who now looks more comfortable in the middle with more options to pass to. As for Neville, it’s really very simple. Keep him at right back.
James Elworthy
7   Posted 09/12/2007 at 13:46:32

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Alan Shearer summed up Yak on MOTD.
Dont expect him to jump 3 foot in the air to flick on, dont expect him to hold up play, dont expect him to run around.
BUT expect him to score goals and plenty of them 8 in 10. Lawro agreed.
How many more goals will he score with a playmaker or an Arshavin there, 20-25 a season I bet.
Mick Mac
8   Posted 09/12/2007 at 13:49:16

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We have got a bench now which when brought on can change things. Not so long ago we had nothing there that could trouble the opposition. Andy Johnson offers a different tactic to Yakubu and Jimmy Mac offers something else, likewise Vic and James. We have waited a long time for an attack like that. I agree Arshavin or someone like him would be awsome and offer different options in midfield where I believe is the last section of the team which needs to be looked at. We have some good players there but we are limited with shape and penetration. We do mostly come in from the flanks, not always but mostly.
Connor Rohrer
9   Posted 09/12/2007 at 14:26:11

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James, I thought Alan Shearer’s analysis of Yakubu was wrong. Lets be honest he doesn’t stretch defenders. He’s quick over short distances and initial bursts of pace but he isn’t Andy Johnson. He wont run 40 yards at full pace and he won’t keep defenders on there toes but what he does do is give us alot of quality in the final third. His hold up play has been brilliant and the way he brings people into play lets the likes of Cahill, Osman, Arteta and Pienaar break from midfield. He’s also very strong and as we’ve seen he knows where the back of the net is. He could improve his heading but he wins a few flick ons. He’s not actually that tall to be honest.

All in all he’s the best striker we have and we will miss him come the the African nations. We may need to change to 4-4-2 when he leaves but when we get that midfielder and Vaughan and Johnson are fit I think we will be fine.

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