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The Mail Bag

Should stewards keep their hands off?

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Is it just me or are club stewards, especially away from home, becoming a little bit too "hands on" when it comes to stopping players celebrating?

Andy Johnson was virtually assaulted by the West Ham stewards for simply going close to the Everton supporters after scoring our second goal... and it's not the first time this season that I have noticed this. It's not only when Everton have scored that this is happening ? I've seen it with Arsenal , Man Utd and Birmingham... Cameron Jerome being dragged back after simply "high fiving" his fans at one game.

In my opinion, some of this heavy handed over-zealousness could bring about trouble, rather than prevent it.
Terry Maddock, Toxteth     Posted 17/12/2007 at 13:30:54

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Dom Eaton
1   Posted 17/12/2007 at 14:22:05

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Quite agree Terry, that rather pissed me off on Saturday eve as I joyfully watched our extended highlights on Footy First. This needs to be nipped in the bud. Question - aren’t the stewards supposed to be watching the crowd...not the players???
Allan Hobbs
2   Posted 17/12/2007 at 14:32:10

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While I agree with you that its daft the way players get pulled away from their own fans, you have to look at it from the FA/PL’s opint of view. Its a health risk, plain & simple - if someone gets hurt while celebrating goals, be it a player or a fan, then who carries the can?? Either the club in question for failure to control their fans, or the FA for the same thing presumably.

Its one thing celebrating a goal with your fans, but if something untoward happens then there’ll be hell to pay. Its unlikely I know, but thats the reason why they don’t allow it - there has to be a level of public order thats upheld across the board.
Andy Ellams
3   Posted 17/12/2007 at 15:42:02

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I have stewarded at various events, football and non-football although it’s been a while. But as long as I’m aware the stewards at West Ham on Saturday overstepped the mark. They are there to conntrol the crowds in the interest of safety, not man handle the players. Especially in the mob handed way that they went about it at Upton Park. Controlling the players is the referees job.
Andy Callan
4   Posted 17/12/2007 at 15:55:09

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That steward was deffo over-aggressive in the way that he attempted to control Johnson. It just made the situation worse.

Maybe having travelling stewards would be the answer, on a club by club level.

The coppers and stewards are terrible at Newcastle; you’re not even allowed to stand up at St James’...!!!!!!!!!!
Graham Eaves
5   Posted 17/12/2007 at 16:11:12

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I did think the stewards were well OTT, BUT some knob’ead did run on the pitch and almost clotheslined Cahill(I think?) - I know he was one of ours but still....there duty is to protect the players from fans. I also thought they were well out of order when even after the game, AJ was the first to come over to the fans and he was about to throw his top in the crowd - they even tried to hold him back from doing that until all the other players started to do it too...
Nick Heady
6   Posted 17/12/2007 at 17:26:37

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Allan Hobbs,You and your kind are the reason that this country is in the state it is.Youd sue ya missus if you tripped over the hoover she left out in the front room .What exactly is going to happen to AJ when he goes into the crowd to celebrate?If something did happen hed think twice about doing it again.End Of.
Neil McKinney
7   Posted 17/12/2007 at 18:45:48

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I have responded to a similar thread on this matter and I too think the stewards’ behaviour was unacceptable.

I understand where Allan is coming from, but agree that it’s the nanny state gone mad. Fans celebrating will be banned next, then fans actually going to the game will be banned, then they’ll just ban the fucking game! I think it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to sue the club for that. They would have to prove that in someway the club (stewards et al) were neglegent and when you are jumping around like a looney and you get hurt, you’d do well to prove that it was the stewards fault. There is, however, no excuse for fans on the pitch. These days that is out of bounds for us and for good reason. Celebrate your asses off, but stay in the stands.

I don’t want to see this sort of reaction from stewards and I think the matter should be addressed by West Ham in house.

dave trudgeon
8   Posted 17/12/2007 at 18:40:26

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be honest lads, if you were a steward and gerard was celebrating a goal near you, wouldn’t you love to be able to just grip him and throw him back onto the pitch
these men are fans and their team had just lost, i’d WANT everton stewards to do the same!!!!
Richie Cunningham
9   Posted 17/12/2007 at 19:07:55

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See they wouldnt go near the Yak, he?s too fuking big, the guy is built like a brick shit house. Would have been good to see Big Dunc take on 5 stewards just for a warm up!
Roy Coyne
10   Posted 17/12/2007 at 21:18:56

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Sorry Dave cant agree I hate Gerrard myself hes a cheat, but once stewards start pushing players it could cause major problems if AJ had been hurt and our fans retaliated as lets be clear in these situations its us or them then all hell lets loose.from experiences in the 60s and 70s I have been grateful for the intervention of our fans at Leeds ,man u ,west ham and stoke and I am a short fat chap with no desire to cause trouble but any thing that can cause trouble should be avoided imagine if our stewards did man handle Gerrard do you think the redshite would not be retaliate of course they would.

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