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The Mail Bag

Thinking ahead...

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This may be a premature posting but god i hope not! Mainly aimed at the younger lads out there, as if we do get to Wembley watching your team walk out to that roar is the most emotional feeling you will ever experience in your life.

Some cry, some fall dumb but most just go ballistic with pride. If we do get there enjoy and take in evey last second, because when you get home and think back on the day it all feels like a dream.

It is over in a flash - win, lose or draw. If the dream comes true and we get there take the go ballistic route.

It's much more fun.
Dave  Lynch, Merseyside     Posted 20/12/2007 at 09:29:56

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Tom Hughes
1   Posted 20/12/2007 at 15:08:38

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Nice post....

I’m not sure we have much of a say in how we react. The emotions get fully exposed. I felt sick with nerves in 1995, couldn’t even drink pre-match, made up for it afterwards. In 1984 against LFC and Watford, I just partied my way there. In 1985, I was confident as could be, and relaxed in the knowledge that we were the champs, and who cares what happens next..... 86 and 89 were full of emotion for different reasons. Been different every time for me. Can make all those years of mediocrity or worse feel worth it somehow though!!
Gavin Ramejkis
2   Posted 20/12/2007 at 16:54:26

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Agree Tom the experience has been so different, in the 80s went by train which was party all way there and back and in 95 was the driver so couldn’t party until I got us all home and party I did, phoned ahead and got the bar loaded for our arrival. The whole day is magical and so hard to describe, its like waking up on Christmas day as a kid wondering what you have got, the sights and sounds on the way to the game, the funny memories, the friends you make, the amazing sounds of a full Wembley roar and seeing seas of blue scarves and flags and as for winning........ christ thats the best feeling of all, remember as a young kid at Wembley when Andy Gray scored against John Barnes’ Watford being thrown by another bluenose about thirty foot in the air and not caring knowing I would land amongst my own. Magical times.
rob jones
3   Posted 20/12/2007 at 17:21:57

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I for one will be delighted if we get to the CC final and am already saving for it just in case, at 15 i can’t remember what it was like in the 95 final.

could anyone tell me what the prices are like for CC Finals
Dave Lynch
4   Posted 20/12/2007 at 18:34:27

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Must admit.
Cried like a baby after the Watford final.
Won’t mention the kopite one i went to as i cried then also (Shit just have).
But after the Manc final my mate said i just roared like a demented chimp for ages after the game.
Remember kissing the face of some fella i’d never even seen in my life, funny thing was he was happy for me throw the lips on him.
Oh happy days.
Dave Roberts
5   Posted 20/12/2007 at 19:03:24

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I cried like a baby after the ’66 and ’68 finals....but for very different reasons! The 1966 Final has been a considerable disappointment to me. It was probably the best Final I have ever seen for the football played, the fightback, the Everton support on the day and the journey home which ended in the’ Legs of Man’ the following day, just in time for the homecoming! Yet it has been conspicuously ignored by the media over the years. Before the Final this year, just wait for the discussion before the game about great finals in the past. You will hear about Stanley Mathews, Ricky Villa, Hutchison’s own goal (Man City) and any number of finals involving you know who. But the ’66 final.....not a fucking mention!

In 1968 we had already beaten WBA 6-2 away and 4-1 at home and I just KNEW something was going to go wrong. It was the most one-sided final I have ever seen and yet the ball would just not go in WBA’s net! A poxy, miskicked goal won the game for them and I wasn’t surprised! It was a travesty and an example of the terrible bad luck which always seems to plague Everton. I hope we have earned a little bit of good luck now....Jeez...we’ve earned it!

!984 was an easy game. We were never in danger. 1985 would have been different if we hadn’t have been knackered and 1986, well we had the bastards on the rack and....well...I’ll say no more!

1995 was payback time but there is a lot of 1966 in it. It is always portrayed as the Final that Man U lost...which totally ignores the fact that we were by far the better team on the day! Finals, especially the FA Cup Final are extremely emotional events for supporters and players. But I’d rather be a player than a supporter based on my own experiences as a supporter!

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