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The Mail Bag

UEFA via CC final?

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Just wondered if anyone could help me out: I know we all want top 6 if not top 4 in the league, but I was wondering if we qualify for the UEFA cup if we beat Chelsea in the semi and Arsenal beat Spurs? Assuming Arsenal finish in the CL places would we qualify even as losing finalists? I know this happens in the FA Cup, but not sure about CC?

Hopefully we'll either win the Cup or qualify via the league, but just wanted to know?
Dan Sedlak, UK     Posted 27/12/2007 at 23:57:31

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Gerry Morrison
1   Posted 28/12/2007 at 04:09:45

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Unless they have changed the rules, the League Cup runners up do not qualify.
Fred Kwong
2   Posted 28/12/2007 at 05:57:21

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Gerry’s right. The 5th place team in EPL, Carling Cup Winner and FA Cup winner qualify for UEFA cup next season. If the Carling Cup Winner qualifies for the UEFA Champions League for next season, the place goes to the 6th placed team in EPL.
Dave Trudgeon
3   Posted 28/12/2007 at 09:04:41

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Millwall got into the Uefa Cup from being in the final of the FA Cup, I think that's where the confusion comes from.
Mark Allen
4   Posted 28/12/2007 at 10:07:42

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interesting you mention that only 5th qualifies (I had to go and double check that qualification and ’cause you’re right).

We’ve got into the habbit of thinking that 6th will qualify for Europe only because of the CL qualifiers’ recent monopolisation of the cups. Even the mighty BBC seems to have fallen into that mindset, 5th and 6th divided off on their PL table in the same way as top 4 and bottom 3.
Jez Clein
5   Posted 28/12/2007 at 10:32:07

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A couple of years ago when Wigan got beat 4-0 by Man Utd in the Carling Cup final they did NOT qualify for Europe despite Utd being in the CL
John Pickles
6   Posted 28/12/2007 at 11:04:45

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Then again if you change your name to Liverpool you can get a CL place no matter where you finish!
Paul Dewhurst
7   Posted 28/12/2007 at 12:18:17

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As I understand euro qualification:

Top 4 CL

5th Uefa Cup

Fa Cup Winners uefa Cup

League Cup Winners Uefa Cup

If one of the top four win FA Cup then the finalists get uefa spot if they are both finalis are top 4 then its transfered to the league.

If one of the top four win the league cup then the place is transfered to the league automatically and the finalists get nothing

If you finnish in the Uefa spot through league position and win the one of the cups that the adds another league placings.

This is how the EPL gets 7 euro entries as 1 of the top four usually win the cups its normally decided on league placings. But Millwall and west ham have both got uefa spots as runner up in Cup Finals in recent years.

Or as john says Paint yourself red sell your soul to the devil, and loose all manner of decency and then the rules above don apply!!!!!
Dan Sedlak
8   Posted 28/12/2007 at 13:40:00

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Thanks guys, very clear - although a touch disappointing!
Stu Johnson
9   Posted 28/12/2007 at 15:21:56

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WE?LL finish 4th anyway
Peter Pickles
10   Posted 28/12/2007 at 18:11:33

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