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The Mail Bag

We we're robbed... again!!!

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WE should have had a 1-0 win if not for the stupid linesman. How was AJ offside when Vaughan played him through? He was only offside when Vaughan made the initial header but wasn't involved in the play. If we miss out on Champs League through this we should riot!!!

Now I'm off back to bed with that off my chest as its 4am here.
David Moore, Sydney, Australia     Posted 02/02/2008 at 16:56:43

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Michael Kenrick
So I couldn' figure it out... was it because AJ was originally in a (totally passive) offside position, running back, when Vaughany headed the ball? Or was AJ offside at the instant Vaughany squared the ball to him when on his arse. Either way, a tad more than harsh. It's a bloody cponspiarcy, I tell ya. Clattenburg's red lover running the line methinks...
Eddy Bundell
1   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:08:05

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How many times these have to happen?
Penalty not given, perfectly legitimate goal not given.
I am fed up with FIFA and the English FA. TV technology, what so difficult?
Michael Hunt
2   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:13:34

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Another injustice for sure. The guy clattered right through AJ for what should have been a pen. Even more blatent was the GOAL that was wrongly disallowed. AJ was ’not interfering’ when Vaughan had the first touch, that Vaughan then competed with Friedel to win again, then when Vaughan involved AJ by playing the ball to him AJ was WELL ONSIDE. To use the classic parlance, ’WE WOIZ ROBBED’!! PS. Agree with MK’s comments that Vaughan could have come on (for a below par Cahill) earlier, but really that should be acedemic because the result should show we won this match fair and square, but yet again we were robbed by incorrect officiating. Time for video replays...NOW (well from 19th October actually!!) We’d be 11 points ahead of the RS now!
Tony Williams
3   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:19:12

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It was more the linos fault than the ref, as he was behind play so has to look to the lino.

He was a cunt all game and the incident with Arteta probably made him even worse when the ref over-ruled him and Arteta was in his face.

Ah well, back to normal then in that we don?t seem to get the important game-changing decisions.

How we never got the pen either when the defender just booted Johnson?s legs out from under him I have no idea.
Hakon Raustol
4   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:20:19

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Lets not forget Should have had a red card for his handball in the first half!

I just can’t take it anymore..
Paul Lambert
5   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:22:10

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Everton has a chance at top4, Sky sports to be proved wrong agian, RS in a state of turmoil and convently EFC is being denied a clear penalty agianst spurs, a good goal not given.

Fellow blues the reason they do not want TV replay is because SKY and satanta and the FA would not be able to get away with these screw jobs.
Stefan Tosev
6   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:24:40

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I think you got it wrong - we delivered the goods with perfect goal and it was rulled out, what were the chances of another last minute disallowed goal. We?ve done to win it and we were robbed and right now I am mad about it.
Ajay Gopal
7   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:26:33

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The analysts at ESPN Star here in Asia said that it was a correct decision - said something that since the goalkeeper was ahead, the defender was the last person on the line (or something like that). Anyway, both were unanimous that the linesman made the right decision.
Joey Brown
8   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:29:55

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I?m so upset.
Stefan Tosev
9   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:32:01

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Of course they would be, ask yourself who are the pundits??

Former RS
Ajay Gopal
10   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:40:56

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Yes, I should have mentioned that one of the ESPM Star "experts" is an ex-RS - Steve McManaman.

Reading the BBC and SkySports match reviews, both felt that Everton dominated the game, but a "controversial decision" denied them a goal in the end.

So near, yet so far.....
Stefan Tosev
11   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:07:58

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Well what can I say we battered Blackburn all over the way and in the end were undone by another referee blunder. I already gave up hoping for a penalty or some important decision in our favour but today was the icing on the cake.

Apart from Dunn playing INTENTIONALLY volleyball and not being yellow-red carded, and another strong penalty shout turned down this time we were denied well deserved perfect goal. I am really fed up and not buying into the cliché that the things are evening themselves up in the long run, we were robbed once again and lost precious points in the battle for 4th.

Well done to DM and boys but I am afraid that its not in our hands whether we will finish 4th.

Michael Kenrick
12   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:49:09

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Nah, Stefan... just anther wind-up. Don’t worry about it.
Kieran Fitzgerald
13   Posted 02/02/2008 at 17:59:41

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Are you people having a laugh? There?s a big conspiracy out there against us then is there? The FA, Rubert Murdoch, Sepp Blatter, every single match official, every ex pro doing media work who never played for Everton, they?re all out to get us then are they? What, they?ve all got ?protect the top four? birthmarks on their scalps.

Can you lot actually hear yourselves. You come onto this website and talk about wanting to be big time, about having lofty ambitions for Everton, about how you want Everton to be the best thing that ever happened to football, and yet when things don?t go our way you spout this paranoid nonsense. You?ll sneer at Tony Marsh, wet youselves laughing at Richard Dodd, and yet you?ll think it?s fine to post this drivel.

You?ll probably tell me now I?m either a wanker or a red shite in disguise. Fine. For what it?s worth I do think that referees and linesmen need the back up of technology, and simply because they?re prone to human error. All those media pundits who were once players are exactly that, ex football players. Not rocket scientists, not Jeramy Paxman or Bamber Gascoigne, not all dyed-in-the-wool Evertonians. Just ex-players looking to work a cushy number. The big four are the clubs that raise the profile of the English game abroad the highest. They will always be favoured a little because of that by the FA, but only for that reason. Not because they?re all free masons, or play out of the same golf courses, or because they want to keep us and Blackburn and Spurs and all the other plebs and scummers down.

Get a grip folks.

Desmond Prosper
14   Posted 02/02/2008 at 18:25:31

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Good match comments and posts, Michael.
Never mind the cheating/stupid linesmen and referees...we kept another clean sheet...Pienaar is back and hopefully will be ready to play next week...COYB!!!
Rob Wilkinson
15   Posted 02/02/2008 at 18:24:11

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Yakubu = 4 extra points lost. The way we've played in the last two games with the big man up front we would have been clear easily. We can?t rely on the rules of the game we love; we have to take the Champions League 4 ourselves. COYB
Eddy Bundell
16   Posted 02/02/2008 at 18:34:26

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What nonsense are you talking there, Mr Fitzgerald. Don?t tell me you think the referee's assistant who raised the flag well after the ball hit the net was fair and did a good job. Did you even watch the match? If you didn?t, maybe you should watch the game and check out how he didn?t give Arteta the clear free kick and also how late he raised the flag for that Johnson goal before you speak. If you did watch the game or at least the two incidents, then tell me or us (who felt we were robbed) how on earth he made the two decisions?
Are you having a laugh?
Stefan Tosev
17   Posted 02/02/2008 at 18:37:38

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The big four are the clubs that raise the profile of the English game abroad the highest. They will always be favoured a little because of that by the F.A,

Sorry Kieran, I though it should be a level playing field but when you put it that way... I guess we just have to eat this sh*t and wait for another to be served
Michael Hunt
18   Posted 02/02/2008 at 18:35:42

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I hope you feel better now Kieran after your hearty rant... haha, very good. The bottom line is that wrong decisions don?t seem to even themselves out over a season. Indeed, whilst I hope it won?t, it can be the difference between finishing making top four and then hopefully the CL group stages (with the £20M plus possibilities that come with it). For a club such as Everton, the financial implications are huge, therefore can realistically impact tremendously on our ability to muscle further into the top 4 in the coming seasons.

Perhaps you are a masochist that revels in our club getting fucked over big style!? As a club I am confident we will rise above the injustices and claim top 4 inspite of the handicaps imposed by incompetent officials. However, that does not mean we should not take exception to being shafted, whether intentional or not. NSNO should apply to officiating too you know, hence the need for technology that is readily employed successfully already in sports less popular and monied than the Barclays Premier League.

Ste Moorcroft
19   Posted 02/02/2008 at 19:07:38

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Get yourselves onto the right result website which shows a truer league table and who is and isn?t benefitting from dodgy decisions week in week out.
Kieran Fitzgerald
20   Posted 02/02/2008 at 18:49:55

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Eddy: unfortunately I didn?t get to see the game today but but I take your point about such decisions. However, do you you really think that these decisions only happen to cheeky upstarts that are trying to replace the high and mighty top four. If you follow these incidents as they happen over the course of a season, do you not think that every single team in the Premier League complains about them happening to them?

Stefan: If we play a Uefa Cup game on a Thursday night, we get to play our league game on the Sunday, not the Saturday. That?s prefential treatment right there. But ask an Evertonian why we get it and you?ll be told that it?s only right because: A) we?ve had to travel back from some European backwater and need the extra day?s rest. Fair play to the FA for moving the fixture; and B) because we?re promoting the English game abroad in a respectable creditable way and deserve the nod to it that the FA gives by way of moving the fixture. Don?t be a hypocrite and complain about favouratism when we?re getting it ourselves.

Michael Hunt: incompetent officials I will refer to them as, that?s why introducing technology is important. I agree that we shouldn?t have to take being shafted by incompetence but that wasn?t the point of my post. I get annoyed by the accusations of biased officiating and conspiracy theries. That?s what I was railing against.
Stefan Tosev
21   Posted 02/02/2008 at 19:23:51

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Who is speaking about Thursday games?!?

"The big four are the clubs that raise the profile of the English game abroad the highest. They will always be favoured a little because of that by the FA..."

By stating that the Big clubs should be favoured by the officials FFS (and get appologies when they get/dont get decisions in their way), you are actually promoting "Sky 4" as sub-culture, "THE INVISIBLE ELLITE"


Arthur Jones
22   Posted 02/02/2008 at 19:47:03

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"The big four are the clubs that raise the profile of the English game abroad the highest. They will always be favoured a little because of that by the FA ..."

Does not that statement in itself allude to biased officiating? I don?t think there is a major conspiracy against Everton but history tells us that referees are not totally impartial , eg , Mike Riley?s comments about Duncan Ferguson when being brought on as a sub; the "Clattenburg derby" and his trip abroad with Liverpool... you know I could go on . I know all teams have dodgy decisions against them but some more than others and I?ll think you might find Sir Alex gets less than most, as does Wenger. In fact Sir Alex gets 10 minutes extra time if they?re 1 - 1 at home and on the attack, his watch is infamous!

TV technology would not have given us a goal today as they?re only planning to use it for "did the ball cross the line?" incidents . The assistant referee should be brought to task for this game more than Wylie, his decision to signal for a thrown in to blackburn when Arteta had his legs taken from under him when feet away from the incident is the worst decidion I?ve seen, at least Wylie overruled him.

Lets have a level playing field,.. please!

Niall Clinton
23   Posted 02/02/2008 at 18:54:04

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Robbed again, good goal, another pen not given, same old shite and now watching Jamie Carrager do his best Bruce Grobelaar impression saving point blank with an arm but Sunderland don't get the pen either. The Premier League must have the worst referees in the world, time after time we are getting humped. Alan Wiley has never given us a decision and yet his incompetence will go unpunished but we get the potential punishement of millions of pounds in lost revenue from league position if we miss out on 4th by a few points. Blood boiling isn't half of what I'm feeling and I'm sure I'm not alone.
Tony Conroy
24   Posted 02/02/2008 at 20:42:37

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Outplayed Blackburn all over the park today... we brought everything except the back kitchen sink too ? them fans were great. What a total fuck-up by the skinny linesman and it wasnt the first in the game. If we lose fourth place because of that fucking geek it would be a catastrophe. The night we should have been well clear of Liverpool!

The team are playin really well. i think vaughany should be selected up front with johnson as his introduction made a huge impact on the game. Johnson took advantage of his three knock-ons within 5 minutes.

Conor Feeney
25   Posted 02/02/2008 at 21:01:15

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So sick about that goal. Was frustrated on Weds nite but that was absolute robbery.

We deserved that 3 pts today which would really have sickend the teams just below us - and we got robbed by an awful decision.

Great work by James Vaughan and excellent finish by Andy Johnson.

Kieran Fitzgerald
26   Posted 02/02/2008 at 20:46:41

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Stefan and Arthur : I didn?t mean by that statement that the FA is telling every referee to give mad crazy decisions for the top four. (I think that the FA are just cowardly in general when it comes to dealing with the issue of refereeing standards.)

What I meant was that the CL is a very high-value, high-profile competition. The football eyes of Europe are on it and how the teams of each country do in it tends to be seen as a reflection of how that country runs the game domestically. If an English team won the CL for each of the next ten seasons then, rightly or wrongly, the English game would be seen as being very healthy and very well ran. Do you not think that it would be in the interest then of the FA to give that little extra in terms of support to it?s teams competing in the CL?

Even though it is a much lesser competition I think that the FA does extend that same support to the clubs competing in the Uefa Cup. I don?t think this support manifests itself in allowing the top four to cheat at will, or do what they want.

I do not think either that the FA would offer the support to the detriment of other teams. I mean, do you really think that they would be as blatant as to tell referees to make sure that Arsenal, Liverpool, Utd and Chelsea get every single break in every single game? Do you really think that the FA would tell it?s referees to ignore blatant handballs, crude tackles, and yellow and red card offences in order to give the top four an edge over everyone else? I for one don?t.

I do think that referees now see themselves being above the law themselves, given that the FA are too cowardly to challange them on anything.

Art Greeth
27   Posted 02/02/2008 at 21:14:50

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Keiran, I had sympathy with your original post. I do not believe for one moment that there is an orchestrated conspiray to ensure that the (percieved) top four get prefential treatment, even in games they are not involved in (such as our fixture away to Blackburn today).

However, your subsequent posts just hold you up to ridicule, hypocrisy and contradiction.

Just what the beefburger are you on about when you spout: "the CL is a very high value, high profile competition. The football eyes of Europe are on it and how the teams of each country do in it tends to be seen as a reflection of how that country runs the game domestically... Do you not think that it would be in the interest then of the F.A to give that little extra in terms of support to it?s teams competing in the CL. Even though it is a much lesser competition I think that the F.A does extend that same support to the clubs competing in it. I don?t think this support manifests itself in allowing the top four to cheat at will, or do what they want."

I’m not a very bright boy, I’m the first to admit, but just what are your implying, FFS???!!!

Give it a rest Keiran... you are burying yourself in spades, lad...
Paul Maguire
28   Posted 02/02/2008 at 21:22:23

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Terribly incompetent decision from the linesman - either that or just plain cheating. On a day where Sunderland had 2 clearcut penalties turned down against the RS and they were given a soft one - the Blues disallowed goal just convinces me there is something more sinister going on here. I thought after the derby I couldnt be more pissed off but this one just about beats it.
Clive Tranter
29   Posted 02/02/2008 at 21:38:40

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It?s just turned 9:30 and I?ve watched three full games today. In each and every one of them decisions have been made by officials which have directly affected the result of the game. Basically, most referee?s assistants are crap but don?t believe it?s only our lads that suffer. Shit happens ? just get used to it. Believe me, we get away with as many decisions as those that go against us. They don?t register because you just don?t want to see them!
Kieran Fitzgerald
30   Posted 02/02/2008 at 21:56:31

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Art: I?m confusing myself even more. There?s not a conspiracy in my view. To others there is. I think I?ll just agree to disagree and leave it at that.
Gerard Horton
31   Posted 02/02/2008 at 21:33:40

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If the linesman believed that Johnson was interferring with play when the original ball was played then surely the linesman would have raised his flag at that point. Obviously he did not believe that Johnson was interferring with play!

The joke of it is that the linesman will get away with this. Referees get demoted when they have a shocker. What happens to linesmen?? Does anybody even know who this linesman is?

And I bet on match of the day tonight this is blamed on the old classic "grey area" that is the offside rule! Every fan knows the offside rules by now, is it too much to expect that the linesman reads the rule book before officiating a football match? The FA need to make linesmen accountable for their mistakes and maybe they would start interpreting the rules in the way they were meant, i.e., to stop goals being ruled out for an offside decision relating to a player who is NOT INTERFERRING WITH PLAY!!!
Jimmy Crack
32   Posted 02/02/2008 at 21:50:54

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Have to agree completely with Kieran, took the words right out of my mouth (only much more eloquently)
Stefan Tosev
33   Posted 02/02/2008 at 21:58:47

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Clive and Kieran,

that?s the point we cant say every time shit happens, because every fucking time we are on the receiving end. We have to voice our frustration and hope to get fair treatment in future

If you review all the wrong decision being made this season you will find that "Sky 4" are being favoured in more than 70% of the controversial situations against other teams and thus getting clear advantage and gaining Illegal points.

Its hard enough trying to catch them, given their financial resources and when you add the referee help they get its almost impossible.

There is some fair play table with the controversial decisions being called right (can someone help me with link)So far we were clearly rubbed by at least 3 points (Liverpool & Rovers) and Liverpool gained 2 ineligible points from us and now instead of being 5 clear we are facing Sisyphus battle for 4th.
Sean Condon
34   Posted 02/02/2008 at 21:36:37

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Un-fucking-believable. How many times do we have to get completely shafted by the utter incompetence of those pricks in green? An absolutely cast-iron penalty appeal and a disgraceful offside decision. Turner, the linesman, got a half dozen calls inexplicably wrong. How does the Premier League justify the atrocious level of linesmen's work on display in at least 50% of EPL matches?

The team,with the exceptions of Manny and Osman, were absolutely brilliant today. AJ was first rate against a couple of brutally clumsy centre-backs, Jags and Lescott were supreme. Once Manny finds his feet again he will surely be a larger influence.

You can complain (with some justification) that Moyesie once again fucked up with the timing of his substitution; one thing that can't be doubted, however, is the motivational skills of the man. This is a team we should all be mighty proud of. COYB!!!

Stefan Tosev
35   Posted 02/02/2008 at 22:37:52

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"Do you really think that the FA would tell it?s referees to ignore blatant handballs, crude tackles, and yellow and red card offences in order to give the top four an edge over everyone else?"

They are not telling them, they are doing it ? ?blatant handballs? ? see no further than Liverpool-Sunderland; crude tackles ? why do I think about certain Mr. Kuyt ; yellow and red card offences ? again step up Mr. Gerrard referee-consultant; worst I can even reckon rules being changed to suit our lovable neighbours.
Kieran Fitzgerald
36   Posted 02/02/2008 at 23:32:19

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Agree with your comment on motivational skills Sean. Instead of getting down in themselves after the nature of the Utd and Arsenal results, especially with them being so close together, the team got on with things in a very positive manner. After losing a cup semi final, the team again picked itself up. The self belief within the squad must be amazing right now.

John Murphy
37   Posted 02/02/2008 at 23:50:14

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Come on lads, we all know the rules now. The Premier League rules state that Everton are not allowed to get too far ahead of Liverpool.
Tim Taylor
38   Posted 02/02/2008 at 23:53:41

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Stefan (and others):

We wuz robbed - absolutley....
Sean Condon
39   Posted 03/02/2008 at 00:05:11

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Thanks for the Right Result link... that?s some good shit.
I can?t get over how consistent our performances have been compared to recent seasons. What a pleasure to see us batter teams away from GP. We are most definitely pointed in the direction of the promised land.
Goddamnit, is Lescott any good, or what? He?s Bobby Moore with a scar on his head instead of his jewels.
Barry Cass
40   Posted 03/02/2008 at 00:29:28

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Gerard, the decision was so bad that even match of the day couldn?t bury it in the ?grey area? bullshit. They highlighted 3 major incidents that went against Everton, the handball (even showed Dunn heading the ball off the line and saying he shouldn?t have been there!!) the blatant penalty on AJ (we still haven?t had a league penalty by the way and its february) and the ?goal? saying it was a ridiculous decision !

Also, what a wanker Sparky is moaning about McCarthy not being awarded a penalty. You would think he would look at the incident again first and see that he slipped!! Although saying that, he also said disallowing the goal was the only decision the ref got right all day!!! Embarrassing!!
Gary Sedgwick
41   Posted 03/02/2008 at 00:25:12

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The same happened with Spurs today. Can?t remember the exact minimum time to be added on (two minutes I think) but Manure equalized in the fourth minute added.
Lyndon Lloyd
Editorial Team
42   Posted 03/02/2008 at 01:05:19

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Ajay: "The analysts at ESPN Star here in Asia said that it was a correct decision - said something that since the goalkeeper was ahead"

At the time Vaughan plays the ball across to him there are THREE Blackburn players between him and the goal. Whichever way you slice it, it was a fucking awful decision and we have been robbed of two points which, on balance, we deserved. The worst part of it is that we just have to accept it; there?s fuck all we can do but gripe.
David Barks
43   Posted 03/02/2008 at 01:46:26

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Those two points could prove to be a massive result at the end of the season and end up costing us in the area of £30 million if we miss out on the Champions League. Still no penalties given to us either. How can that possibly be, that not one of our players have been fouled in the penalty box all season, not one. It?s just getting to be an absolute farce.
Eddy Bundell
44   Posted 03/02/2008 at 01:45:19

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Yes Kieran Fitzgerald,
I think that and I am convinced that these decision only go against the "cheeky upstarts that are trying to replace the high and mighty top four". I can best my last penny with you that the Sky 4 will always have that goal given under the same circumstances, unless they are playing against each other.

And the response to Stefan regarding preferential treatment just shows that you are a wind up merchant trying to get a reaction here. That is definitely NOT preferential treatment to us, that is call FAIR. If you insist that is preferential treatment, then it is, for all the teams in the league who have a mid week match.

As I said earlier, if you have not watched the match, it’s better you keep your mouth firmly shut and your fingers off the keyboard because you DIDN’T see what happened.

Sean Condon
45   Posted 03/02/2008 at 01:38:25

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Has Baines taken an attacking free kick for us yet?

When Johnson won a free kick just outside the box (about 20 min into the 2nd half) which Arteta placed placed well wide of the short side, Arteta and Baines had been standing over the ball. I was a little dismayed that the new boy didn?t get a crack at it. The position of the ball favored the lefty for one thing. I just had a feelin? at that moment that it was coming, y?know?

Baines came to sudden prominence a while back after scoring two or three long-range wonder goals in pretty quick succession. You would think that, on a club with a dearth of threats from outside the box, Everton would be salivating at the prospect of what he might be able to do from a dead ball situation. Oh well...

I wonder if, in that situation, it?s as simple as Arteta saying something like "Fuck you, man. I run the free kick business around here." Probably.

No offense intended to Mikel or anything...but Baines was gonna put that in...
Nick Xenos
46   Posted 03/02/2008 at 02:18:18

Report abuse

As a ref, I must say that the goal should have stood. I was jumping up and down when the ball hit the back of the net and urmm.. likewise when the goal was disallowed. I can?t believe the standard of refereeing in the Premier League. Might have to give it a go myself one day and make sure that I make up for every injustice that our great club has suffered over the years :-)

To clarify the offside situation:
In the first phase of play, Johnson was in an offside position but was not actively going for the ball... NOT offside. Vaughan wins 50/50 ball with Friedel, first phase of play is over and we now enter second phase.

In the second phase of play, Friedel is further ahead of Johnson when Vaughan makes contact with the ball BUT in between Friedel and his goal-line, he has two team-mates (one looks level with Johnson and the other is clearly behind), therefore Johnson is NOT offside. I?m pretty sure the referee?s assistant ruled offside for the second phase of play.
Just to add, the foul on Johnson in the box was a stonewall penalty.
Gareth Costello
47   Posted 03/02/2008 at 07:34:44

Report abuse

It is obviously a conspiracy, the top four (as the media would have you believe!!) are paying off the referees and linesman to make sure that they don’t lose the money that a champions league place will bring.
Look at all the decisions that have gone against us when the rs need a helping hand. The cowards at the FA should investigate!!
Laurie Hartley
48   Posted 03/02/2008 at 08:51:28

Report abuse

Definitely Robbed of the penalty and the goal. I feel like I did after the derby - lets hope the lads do because we all know what happened after that game.
On the bright side there were plenty of positives to take from the game not the least of which was Lescott’s performance (I call him Mr Incredible) :)
Also Andy Johnson’s contribution - who said he couldn’t finish?
This group of players believes in itself. The rest of the lads will be back soon - I’m feeling very optimistic. COTB
Paul Formby
49   Posted 03/02/2008 at 09:43:06

Report abuse

Have to take issue with Arthur Jones Ref the referee saying keep an eye on Ferguson when he came on. It was not Mike Riley, but none other than Alan Wiley at Arsenal 4 years ago. Yes thats it, the same Alan Wiley who was referee at Blackburn today.
Brett Shaw
50   Posted 04/02/2008 at 16:03:07

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Gerard Horton - the linesman’s name is Glenn Turner. He went to the World Cup as part of "Polls team" and was subsequently involved in the 3 yellow cards fiasco. If anyone cares to delve back and recall Everton games in which he officiates it soon becomes obvious we get nothing from him. The reason is simple, he is an ex SEASON TICKET HOLDER FOR THE RED SHITE! Sorry for the delay in replying but have only just got bavk home after a weekend away

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