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The Mail Bag

Bad Calls

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The reason we aren't getting any decent calls is simple. It's not the ref incompetence, it's not some FA / Sky Conspiracy, and it's not personal bias from the officials (eg Clattenburg is a RS)

It's that we're not asking for them!

Look at Man U... they've got Ronaldo who screams for a foul every time he's touched.

Liverpool have Carragher and Gerrard...same deal, remember the derby?

On the other hand, there's us, and Moyes usually doesn't whine about anything in the press room and the players don't shout at the ref on the field a la Ronaldo.

We aren't going to get any calls on our side unless we appeal for them at some point! So come on guys, get unprofessional!
Jimmy Crack, Phoenix, AZ, USA     Posted 07/02/2008 at 17:21:39

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Steve Templeton
1   Posted 07/02/2008 at 20:42:55

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I think there is a semblance of truth in what you say there Jimmy.

Whilst I’d hate to see us become like one of the so called ’top four’ clubs whinging at every decision that goes against us I have felt for a while that we have gone too far the other way.

AJ is a prime example, he doesn’t even bother to contest the decisions any more - he needs to sort that out and start giving the officials some grief the next time he gets flattened in the box.
Nick Harrison
2   Posted 07/02/2008 at 20:49:43

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Arsene Wenger fudged AJ up royally. Before his comments last season, AJ was scoring and winning penalties, LEGITIMATELY. Since then we’ve seen him getting near enough raped in the penalty area and referees consistently do nothing. Does anyone know when the last penalty AJ won was?
Gavin Ramejkis
3   Posted 07/02/2008 at 20:49:42

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Dont forget the fine line between whingeing and those biaised bastards in the black giving red cards out against us, watch what McFadden said to get a straight red against EVERY SINGLE FOUL Rooney argues with the ref where it would take someone blind as a bat to not be able to lip read the full flow of industrial filth he spews out face to face with the ref without even a yellow. I agree in part with the need to stand up and argue with these bastards over the decision but temper it with the fact that a few of them will happily send our players for an early bath.
El-Ray Jackson
4   Posted 07/02/2008 at 21:24:27

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Changing the subject slightly. Think it’s official the Yak has gone missing. Here it is from the Sunday Mail.

Ayegbeni Yakubu faces an £80,000 fine and uncertain Everton future after going missing from Goodison Park. Everton’s £11million record signing was due back from the Africa Cup of Nations on Wednesday but had still to make any contact with Goodison officials last night, despite his Nigeria team-mate Joseph Yobo returning on time. Furious Everton manager David Moyes will fine his summer signing from Middlesbrough the maximum amount of two weeks’ wages and may consider offloading him, rather than risk jeopardising a spirit that has lifted his side into the top four.

Even if Yakubu makes a belated appearance at Everton’s new Finch Farm training ground today, it may not be enough to win him a place against Reading tomorrow.
Tony Williams
5   Posted 07/02/2008 at 22:47:15

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El-Ray, I am sure that if this was true that something would have been put on the official site by now, either to refute the allegations or to agree with them.

Moyes has probably agreed with him and lazy journalism does not constitute official proof
Dawn Clark
6   Posted 07/02/2008 at 23:30:37

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Hey everyone, where is The Yak?
Keith Glazzard
7   Posted 07/02/2008 at 23:09:42

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AJ - and EFC - are owed about, what? - 15 penalties over the last season and a half (and a bit). Say twelve goals, say five or six points last season, three or four this. And Andy Johnson would be rated as the quality forward and valuable player that he is.

I admire the effect that David Moyes has on our players. They don’t get booked for dissent compared to other clubs, while they compete physically.

There’s no doubt that we have to play mind games with officials - it was always the case when Leeds and our dearly beloved neighbours used to get away with murder (or close to it) in the ’hard but fair’ years of the 70’s. And our club, to its credit, has always lagged behind cheating bastards like them.

I just hope that DM’s victory over Clatterkuyt makes him think that we can take on the bastards in the black as well.

ps - I note that the dearly beloved RS have lost their goalscorer with a recurrent injury whilst away on international duty. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.
Ben Jackson
8   Posted 08/02/2008 at 12:14:06

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I’m sad to say it but I’ve been a big believer in doing what we can to gain an advantage with the referee. Honesty just doesn’t seem to get you anywhere anymore and we simply have to adapt, even if we don’t want to. I admit, we do get the odd foul that we shouldn’t when Mikel hits the deck, but think how many more chances we could create if three or four other players used this sort of gamesmanship.

In regards to Moyes highlighting these issues a bit more, it’s a fair point, but the like of Alex Ferguson demand respect from everyone and even when they’re crying about a decision that hasn’t gone their way, people seem to listen and agree! I just worry that when someone like DM comes out and complains, people think he’s just feeling sorry for himself! Sad but true. I think it’s down to the players on the pitch more than anything.
Ken Jones
9   Posted 08/02/2008 at 14:31:48

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To put this into perspective , just recall the 1997/98 season Final table.
17 Everton 40pts
18 Bolton 40pts relegated
19 Barnsley 35 pts relegated
20 Palace 35 pts relegated

Saved on the last day with a point at home to Coventry.
However at Bolton on Sept 1st 1997 we get a 0-0 result including this incident
There was mild hysteria in the middle of the half when at the other end of the field all the Bolton fans went mad when Everton seemed to clear the ball off the line, the referee seemed sure in allowing play to continue so we all had a good laugh at them. Only later, watching TV highlights was it apparent that Everton had got away with neither the ref or linesman seeing what every single other person at that end had seen in the ball crossing two foot over the line. That was a point’s-worth of a let-off.

This would have put us down and probably into oblivion.

Ravo Stanley
10   Posted 08/02/2008 at 15:27:34

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Ken I see your Bolton and raise you the stonewall penalty, last minute, against Wimbledon at home, against Branch I seem to recall.

Oh for the heady days of when these things did seem to even themselves out. Alas no more!

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