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The Mail Bag

The Super Eagle has landed

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It now appears that Yakubu is back on Merseyside and heading for a showdown with Moyes. I think we would all do well to delay any kind of knee jerk reactions on his late arrival. It has always been the case throughout the history of the ANC and more so the COPA America that players invariably return a bit late. In fairness to them, they are out in sub tropical climates playing at times out of kilter with the rest of their season, I would imagine these guys want a break before heading back to the furore of the EPL.

Yes I know EFC pay his wages and he's expected back with Joey, but at the end of the day, we're all human and everynow and again need downtime. I would much rather an up for it Yakubu who is rested and ready, than a burnt out half arsed fella running about the pitch. I may be slated for being soft but we have to take a step back every now and again and realise that its not the be all and end all for everyone. COYB.
Chris  Lawlor, New Mills     Posted 08/02/2008 at 11:37:02

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Graham Nolan
1   Posted 08/02/2008 at 14:19:42

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I presume he has been fined his 2 weeks wages but I personally hope AJ goes on a run now and scores a few goals so we don't miss him....proabably won't happen though!!
Neil Styles
2   Posted 08/02/2008 at 14:26:00

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I just read on the official site that Yak returned this morning for training which was 2 full days later than anticipated. DM has since stated the Yak has been excluded from the game against Reading and so I guess AJ will continue up front (not that thats a bad thing either!).

I'm wondering though, of Blues reading this, does anyone think DM's treatment of Yakubu is harsh? This is the second time our manager (whom I love-dont get me wrong) has come down very hard on a player- the other being our troubled flying dutchman AvdM.

I'm not saying our players should be allowed run around like kindergarteners void of discipline a la Manchester United but couldnt DM have given the Yak a good rollickin' and/or a hefty fine instead of sidelining the striker which may result in the team as a whole suffering tomorrow?

James Brand
3   Posted 08/02/2008 at 15:49:36

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Sorry Chris...anything other than MAXIMUM punishment for the Yak will send out the complete wrong message to the other players in the squad.

We’ve got ourselves into a fantastic position with players who don’t think they’re owed something by God...

Moyes should use everything to punish the player...

Am I right in recalling that this is the Yak’s 2nd run-in since his short Goodison career...didn’t he have to train with the kids because if attitude???

I’ll welcome him back with open arms as he’s a great player but no player is greater than EFC...

Furthermore, if he needed ’downtime’, fair enough...but it appears that the Yak was ’uncontactable’...sorry, that’s just lame. He has plenty of downtime in the summer and if he doesn’t like the hours, he’s in the wrong profession...Admittedly tho, when I go out to work at 7am and home at 5pm, I do spare a thought for those poor footballers that have to put in a 2-hour shift mid-morning and take home in a week what I would in 2 years!!!
Neil McKinney
4   Posted 08/02/2008 at 15:51:36

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I agree that Yak should be punished as it is unacceptable for him to return late without at least trying to agree it with EFC first.

However, I think dropping him to the bench would have been sufficient. He’s going to feel a bit of a twat if we’re struggling for goals tomorrow with half an hour to go and he suddenly realises he’s without his top striker. Through choice!!

No point hurting the team just to teach Yak a lesson. Especially when I really don’t think it will change him.

Oh well. I hope AJ gets a bit more luck tomorrow and gets a brace.

5   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:02:19

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In a difficult week with players away on International duty Moyes has to prepare the squad.
Yak was supposed to report for training on Wednesday and didnt.
Although we will miss his goal threat and link up play it is more important to keep team discipline and respect.
He needs to eat humble pie something he apparently is not good at.
Paul Smith
6   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:04:59

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I think all this is way over the top. For me, he has done wrong and, as such, should be punished - a fine and not in the squad for tomorrow seems fair enough to me.

Now, while I understand his motives, surely the best thing for him to do would have been to ask Moysey for permission. The way I see it at this point in the season it would have done no halm him flying back yesterday and joining up today ready to be included in the squad tomorrow (lets face it, the way we have been playing at the moment I would guess he would only have been on the bench anyway). The same goes for Joey - if they wanted to visit family then fine.

These guys are overpaid in my opinion but is that their fault - no it is not. They are just the same as you or I and if I had family living far from me and my work took me closer to them I would expect to get some time off to visit providing it did not affect my work.

He’s done wrong will be punished, end of (hopefully).


PS. He did the same thing at Pompey a few years back!
Damien McKay
7   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:06:13

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Totally agree with James on this one. The Yak and the rest of the "Professional" footballers have it easy as it is. Their not exactly working class are they? then "some" players take the mick by returning late when others "Yobo" come back on time. This is unaccepted IMO and Moyes needs to make an example of him to the rest of the lads. If he didnt what would Yobo think?
Alan Clarke
8   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:32:54

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Yakubu has played well for us recently but I think for a lot of us, the jury’s still out on him. I’m disgusted at him and if he’s not producing on the pitch for the rest of the season we should get rid. Our squad and team spirit is far too precious for him to be upsetting things.
Jay Campbell
9   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:38:56

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Totally irresponsible and no excuses. He got what he deserved dropped and fined 2 weeks wages.

Now be a man Yak and f*ckin get on with it and get back in the team.
Brian Waring
10   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:36:24

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The only problem I see, is that if the Yak’s punishment is to heavy, what is his attitude going to be like for the remainder of the season? It was pointed out before he came to us, that he was a bit of a sulk, so he could just end up thinking "fuck it ".In my opinion, I would have left him on the bench (it’s not as if we have been banging them in, since he has been away ) for tomorrows game.
Trudy Boston
11   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:43:26

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The Yak returns late from the african cup on nations and is fined 80,000 pounds, or for those of use on normal salaries, the equivalent of two weeks wages for the nigerian. Joseph come home as scheduled on time, so im guessing moyes is sound with that and no action will be taken. I feel that if yakubu had been avaliable for the missed fixtures we could of had a few extra points. He could have been the difference between one point and three and ewood park instead it was the referee who got the plaudits for all the wrong reasons. I dont know why yakubu was late for training or if it will go further than a sanction but after a slow start he has redeemed himself. cant wait to see him terrorising opposition defences again. With him, Johnson, Vaughan and Anichebe up front its one way towards future prosperity.
Alex Taylor
12   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:47:04

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I think its fair punishment, although I’ll worry if he’s not on the plane to Bergen on Tuesday. It’s our only cup now, so i don’t think we can afford to be too stringent. I wonder what happens to the £80,000 that Moyes fines him? Should be given to charity or pumped back into the community.
james arnold
13   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:43:51

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I feel he had to be dropped and fined, otherwise it would have damaged team spirit. I think the biggest problem is he couldn’t be bothered to contact the club which shows a total lack of respect for Everton and it’s fans. He seems to forget who pays him his massive salary , I just hope he learns from his mistake but somehow I doubt it. He is a very talented footballer but like so many players has no discipline, if he had wanted an extra day or two off, why couldn’t he have asked David Moyes, I think the reason is he doesn’t have any bottle
14   Posted 08/02/2008 at 17:00:49

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Sorry not to haveYak available tomorow, but I think its fair. He does have a bit of "history" regarding attitude, but, to be fair, this is the first sign of a problem. I think Moyes sent out all the right signals by the fine and "demotion". After all, even if Yak was gutted after going out of the tournemant and wanted to visit his familiy, there are such things as mobile phones to at least ask permission of his Club. Hope he’s in the Brann squad and plays a blinder, though.
Paul Niklas
15   Posted 08/02/2008 at 17:05:38

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Stayed on aswell to play the fist leg of the semi final.

Is this what they mean when they say things even themselves out over the season.

Well Done Yak, you won us over and proved us all wrong,.

Screwed with one stupid decision.
Ian Ankers
16   Posted 08/02/2008 at 17:04:39

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Its a far from ideal situation that the Yak has put himself, Moyes and the club in.
I’m one of the Yak’s biggest fans on the pitch and its obvious we’ve missed him dearly, but the fact remains that he must be punished for what he’s done.
He’s let the whole squad down and Moyes has done the right thing in giving him a maximum possible fine and (as much as we could do with him) leaving him out of the squad. If Moyes was to just forgive and forget and put him straight in the squad it would send out completely the wrong message to the rest of the players.

Yes this may now cause future problems and at worst an unreconsilable rift between Moyes and the Yak, but if that’s how its got to be, then so be it!

I feel let down by the Yak so how the players and staff must be feeling is much worse. What the Yak needs to do now is knuckle down and work extremely hard to get back in the good books. He has the talent so its entirely up to him now to turn this situation around and if he hasn’t got the heart to do that, then he’s not what we need at Everton anyway.

That’s all what if’s and but’s about how the situation could continue, but personally I just hope that he’s back in the squad sooner rather than later and back scoring for us! Moyesy is 100% correct in how he’s handled him, he’s shown a lack of respect to the club. I have always been very impressed with the team spirit under Moyes and I am totally sure that he will have handled this situation in exactly the right way. Lets just hope the Yak is genuinely remorsefull and ready to right his wrongs.
Dan Parker
17   Posted 08/02/2008 at 17:19:11

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I’ve never been one to scive off work but I know most people do at some point or another (regardless of pay packet).

He probably sees little of his family as it is but could he not just have phoned Davey to tell him?
18   Posted 08/02/2008 at 17:33:41

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Chris...’knee jerk reaction’ and ’down time’ ? for a player we spent 11 plus million on, the man is contracted to Everton, his wages are paid by the Club, Joey Yobo seemed to find his way back? I hope this boy sorts it out, otherwise, ship him out, cash in, and lets get a professional in. I really hope I am wrong, I hold my breath.
Rich Grisdale
19   Posted 08/02/2008 at 17:45:35

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I can understand why moyes has left him out, he is making a stance by saying he is not playing. But is it the right decision to let his pride get in the way and leave him out? I ask you this, what is more important, 3 points tomorrow? Or moyes showing whos boss??
Jeremy Benson
20   Posted 08/02/2008 at 17:56:22

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For sure he should be punished. But I’m not sure not asking him not to come to work for a couple of days is much punishment. I’d be delighted if my boss took the hump with me and told me to take some time off.

Lets face it, the 2 weeks wages won’t touch the sides either.

I would prefer to see a punishment which might actually make some difference. A public apology would be a start, as would doubling his training so that he actually has to put a half-day shift in rather than 2 hours...

But most of all I would actually make him clean the boots of the first team squad after a days training.
stephen callaghan
21   Posted 08/02/2008 at 17:53:43

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He’s an embarrassment - and cannot treat us like he has the other small clubs. He has brought shame on himself - well done Moysey - hit him were it hurts in the pocket. AJ will do the business tomorrow and Brann. Yakubu has shown us how much he respects us. Tosser.
22   Posted 08/02/2008 at 16:36:50

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I think the problem here was that he turned his phone off, did not turn up and did not call to say he would be late coming back. I think that it is common courtesy to call someone to say that you are not coming in. Normal excuses you can say is car broke down, someone in hospital or something. If I was on 50 k a week and only so many hours a week I would turn up or call in. Maybe he thinks he is too important for that, and that is a bit worrying. I have done similar before though but I was working in a garden centre when I was a student for 4.50 an hour.
Barry Cass
23   Posted 08/02/2008 at 19:34:27

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Whilst I agree with him being punished and 2 weeks wages probably isn’t enough I am concerned that we’ll miss him tomorrow. I would have bollocked the fuck out of him and left him on the bench and let the supporters know the fatcs. However, we are missing a few players tomorrow and every game is vital now.

I just hope we are not left questioning the manager’s decision at 5pm tomorrow.
Alan Ryder
24   Posted 08/02/2008 at 22:09:36

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I won’t be questioning moyes on this one regardless of the score.

I take this personally. He is paid to wear the shirt. We pay his wages and he is jeopardising our season.

We don’t need this but if you are serious about success, team spirit, togetherness and any other characteristic you care to mention that makes for a successful team there is no way you can play him.

Drop him, fine him, check his attitude and if its right he’s back in the fold.
We don’t need this distraction we’ve got games to win.

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