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The Mail Bag

Respect is a two way mirror

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How refreshing to read in today?s Guardian that despite his wish to one day play in Spain where he believes his chances of playing for the national side would be improved, Arteta states that he feels at home at Everton and is desperate for us to do well even it does cost him international recognition. How refreshing that he cites the continued support of the fans, even during that dreadful start two seasons ago, as a major factor in his reasons for staying.

So anyone who thinks that the players don?t notice the fans loyalty and support, please take note when you next decide to hurl abuse. It could just be the difference between attracting / retaining a major talent.

And Yakubu, please take note and take a leaf out of Arteta and Cahill?s book and respect the fans that pay your handsome salary.
Ray Robinson, Warrington     Posted 09/02/2008 at 21:29:17

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Keith Glazzard
1   Posted 09/02/2008 at 19:49:36

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Mikel Arteta's interwiew with Daniel Taylor in today's Guardian (linked from the home page) should be compulsory reading for many posters who have contributed to threads about our Spanish gem over the last few months.

Our lad speaks eloquently for himself so I won't repeat him ? except for "I'm happy, I love this club and I wouldn't leave just for that (a cap)" When the biggies from Spain come in with multimillions, everything, of course, could change. But when San Mikel signed his latest contract with our club, we know that he knew what he was doing and was happy with his choice.

He's as much a club player as Hibbo or Leon for me.

John Pickles
2   Posted 10/02/2008 at 09:09:04

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He is one of the best players this club has ever seen and I would ’love it, just love it’ if at some time in the future he gets to be regarded as one of best Evertonians to play for this team. His comments indicate he could be well on the way.
Ram Gurung
3   Posted 10/02/2008 at 09:40:47

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Now if only he could start scoring more goals.....
Stan Sheppard
4   Posted 10/02/2008 at 11:05:17

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Interesting to see that the praise for Mikel lasted two posts before Ram piped up with a request for more goals.

To be honest I have been disappointed with his delivery from set pieces this season but to have a player like Arteta, who is the envy of most teams in the league makes us very lucky.

His overall contribution, team play and loyalty make him a true asset. His piece of skill in the second half when he skinned two defenders on the right hand side of their box before having his shot blocked lit up a truly awful match.

I hope he stays with us for many seasons to come.
ron leith
5   Posted 10/02/2008 at 11:25:37

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Arteta’s loyalty will only really be tested when a club like Real Madrid come knocking on the door. Or one of the big 4. Lets hope he is not on one of these clubs wanted list.

Yusuf Bobat
6   Posted 10/02/2008 at 12:09:56

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He could be lieing, saying what the fans want to hear, there no such thing as loyalty in football anymore.
David OBrien
7   Posted 10/02/2008 at 15:00:12

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Lieing? What does Lieing mean Yusuf? I think yow or wring aboot thot!
Ottar Gadid
8   Posted 10/02/2008 at 15:08:59

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I guess everyone felt love and pride reading that interview. Not many players have such decency, and all credit to everyone who has contributed to him feeling appreciated at our wonderful club.

Ron: There aren’t any big 4. There are three rich, mighty clubs leading the table, and then comes Everton!!!
Keith Glazzard
9   Posted 10/02/2008 at 18:51:04

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I spend a lot of time in Spain (Catalunya actually) and - would you believe it - we talk about football quite a bit. I have Barca mates and Espanyol mates . One thing that they all like about British players, is that they feel bad when they lose. They don’t think this is true of Spanish players, who just count their wages.

We have the best of both worlds here. A Spanish talent with a British attitude. Just pray that the big money doesn’t come in for him - he would be a god back in Spain.

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