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The Mail Bag

Shearer for Mensa

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At the end of this Saturday's MOTD the pundits reviewed 3 contentious tackles: one which resulted in a red for Lee Bowyer; and two, including Carsley's on Hunt, which received no caution for the player. It was designed to highlight the inconsistency of officiating which we Evertonians know all too well.

Shearer commented Carsley should have seen a straight red for his tackle on Hunt. I'm not going to defend Carsley's mistimed high challenge on leprechaun Hunt but it amazes me this is the same barcode brainiac who thought Bednter's challenege on AJ at Goodison on 29 December, which resulted in 12 stitches in a leg wound, was only a (2nd) yellow card and not a straight red. His justification: "It was a striker's challenge and the ref got it right". Still a dirty cowardly bastard challenge as well, Shearer! The head of Mensa must be quaking.

Based on this we can now extend the old adage that, "good players do not necessarliy make good managers", to include, "good players do not necessarliy make good pundits either".
Peter Rea, N. Ireland     Posted 11/02/2008 at 10:09:51

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Nick Entwistle
1   Posted 11/02/2008 at 14:11:55

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Shearer’s an awful pundit. There because he is Shearer.
BBC should have done themselves a favour and got in quick to get Gabriel Macotti... but then the guy has an oppinion and that can’t be allowed on MOTD.
Saw on Football Focus they started a segment with ’four of the top five aren’t playing today’. Is this a nod towards Everton’s threat to the 4th spot, or just another way of referencing Liverpool... hmmm.
Oh and I think Carsley’s was a case of no intent what so ever... but hey.
Peter Corcoran
2   Posted 11/02/2008 at 14:16:51

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Let's face it Shearer was cannot hold a candle to Lineker as either a player or a pundit.

Shearer was always elbowing, kicking or stamping on opponent, but I suppose because he was a striker that it must have been OK then?

Pity he didn?t get to be manager of Newcastle, that would have ensured they got relegated, although KK is doing a good job so far.

Newcastle, the biggest city with just one team.

Newcastle, the place where they really believe they are a big club (well in ewcastle they are).

Newcastle, the place where the police duff you up for asking them a question in a civil manner.

Newcastle, the place where their fans take their shirts off in the winter - enough said.

By the way did I tell you that I don?t like Newcatle or anything that comes from there?
Simon Jones
3   Posted 11/02/2008 at 14:48:16

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Just bask in the fact that we are 4th. Ignore the idiot ex-barcode. He was a dirty player who has no right to judge anyone else’s tackling. Carsley was lucky not to get a yellow, but Bendtner should have been sent off for his horror challenge. Things tend to even out over a season. COYB!!
John Lloyd
4   Posted 11/02/2008 at 15:31:09

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Myself personally I’m starting to enjoy the negative press & lack of attention. It will probably just wind the manager & players up even more to finish fourth & to push on in Europe.

To be blunt, fuck the lot of em’!! Even on the BBC its like football didnt exist before the 90’s, how did they get so fucking biased towards this so called ’big 4’. That was something that was judged on the seasons previous results in the past, back when the league was a more even plying wasnt that long ago. Remember Norwich finishing 3rd one year, Villa 2nd another time, US WINNING THE LEAGUE in 87!!!

As I say, I know its hard, but take the lack of attention, the obvious biased towads sky4, the dodgy pundits an all that jazz & support the boys in shoving it up thier arses come may.
5   Posted 11/02/2008 at 15:38:50

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Shearer can’t talk - he is and was everyone’s blue eyed boy but he is one of the dirtiest players I ever saw and some of the bad fouls he got away with, against Everton players, still live inb my memory.
Lee Mandaracas
6   Posted 11/02/2008 at 16:03:18

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Shearer is a hypocritical bigot. How the hell can anyone entertain his opinions? To have the audacity to allege Mikel Arteta’s flailing arm leading to the sniper shooting of Fabregas was deserving of a red card earlier this season is utter nonsense. For that to come from the filthy thug that split Dave Watson’s face open with a blatant elbow smash (for which he checked over his shoulder first) who didn’t even get a yellow card for it is utterly disgusting. At least Watson was enough of a sportsman to say "These things happen in football." at the time. I would rather he had called for Shearer’s head on a platter. Then perhaps we wouldn’t suffer the media idolisation we now have to endure.

I pray that one day someone prepares a montage of Shearer’s disgusting behaviour to knock him off his BBC sponsored pedestal. Only thing is, who would show it? A national hero (appointed by whom and for achieving what beyond a purchased Premiership?) with an automatically valid opinion paraded by our national TV channel. Judge, jury, executioner and clearly bought, be it by money, envy or previously cultured bias! The guy makes me want to barf!
7   Posted 11/02/2008 at 16:26:43

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Shearer used to annoy me more than anyone in the 90’s with his behaviour on the pitch. Does he remember stamping on Neil Lennon’s head for no apparant reason? Fact was he used ot get away with regular murder as the England captain much the same way as Gerrard can dive over thin air and con referees into giving penalties now. Well surely big dunc should now be forgiven because after all all his fouls were a strikers - headbutt/punch/strangle/elbow etc etc
Gavin Ramejkis
8   Posted 11/02/2008 at 16:31:44

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What MoTD also failed to show was Hunt’s (silent C) catch Carsley just before his high boot, the afters too should surely on merit from Hunt trying to assault Carsley and having to be held by several of his own players also be deserving of a card under "intent" that fence sitting gobshite Shearer has already shown how much of a shithouse he is by turning down "his beloved Newcastle" when offered a job. Pundits are just pundits and not good enough to do a real job having retired like management they preach but hide when given the chance to put their money where their fat posturing mouths are.
Remi Murray
9   Posted 11/02/2008 at 16:30:52

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Shearer’s got some gall! He might have been a prolific goal scorer as a player but he was also one dirty b*****d; remember him kicking Lennon in the face. He chickened out of management and is now a suck-arse pundit favouring the skysports 4 and London based clubs liked Tottenham. I also think he resents Everton because he sees them as taking Newcastle’s rightful place to challenge for a top four finish.
James Byrne
10   Posted 11/02/2008 at 16:57:03

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I just cant be arsed with the whole BBC / Sky pundit thing; they all talk total shite and the fact that we are 4th in the league just drives them all crazy. I can’t believe how blatant the drivel and arse licking is towards the red shite; we are just not wanted in this Top 4 brigade simple as. I had to laugh on Saturday morning watching the Sky News sports summary as the reporter referred to the Top 4 as the Top 3! He actually said the Top 3; they are so full of shit it is unreal.
Keith Glazzard
11   Posted 11/02/2008 at 16:48:52

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Let’s have a bit of Christian (and any other) charity for the deluded hypocritical geordie git. The lad’s only just learnt how to talk, so he’s trying a few things out. He’s bound to get some of them wrong. If he had a few more brain cells he might get a few right as well. I have never heard him offer anything worth saying on MotD.

He must, of course have bags of animal cunning - ruthless or worse as a player, and smart enough to stay away from the bag of shite that is Newky Broon FK.
Ian Reddish
12   Posted 11/02/2008 at 17:33:43

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Well I’m gonna stick up for Alan Shearer, I grew idolising him in the 90’s, I have always been an Everton supporter but Shearer was always my favourite player. Lineker was a better player than Shearer, anyone with half a brain knows that, but Shearer was quality.
Mick Dempsey
13   Posted 11/02/2008 at 17:45:47

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What I hate about punitury of any kind, is the way they like to suck up to certain players, Shearer is a prime example, when he volleyed Lennon, just before a World cup and I remember all the pundits saying he gives as good as he gets, same as Owen plays shite for years but they still lick his arse, a theme starting here its them fucking barcodes. Cant we have some pundits who can have the bottle and say it how it is, like Keven Keegan is a raving loony or Michael saint Owen is actually shit who scores the odd goal once a year in fact, or Terry the spiff Venenables cant manage a pub team anymore they wont because they all arse licking no marks
Mick Simo
14   Posted 11/02/2008 at 17:58:12

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James Byrne I seen that on sky but did anyone see the facist mail on Sunday, slagging Everton off saying if we do get the 4th spot it will be a disgrace for English football and it will be the easiest way to kill this 39th game shit. They just dont like the idea of us gate grashing this elite club, if anyone as ever watched Sunday supplement nearly every hack supports one of these so called big 4, they are so biased towards them its embarassing
Stan Sheppard
15   Posted 11/02/2008 at 18:04:14

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Shearer, who I admit was a quality striker, is a poor pundit.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when it comes from a player who (particularly towards the end of his career) lead with the elbow for almost every header he went for, whilst recieving protection from referees, it makes it hard to accept.

Then again, what else would we expect?
Tony McCann
16   Posted 11/02/2008 at 18:05:09

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To me Shearer was a great striker, but the BBC have a way of picking complete retards when it comes to Match of Day, Sky I honestly dont know what the criteria is for the interviews but look at the past and present panel, Alcholics, (Best & Merson), Racist (Marsh) Ugly men (Thompson & Le Tisser). So thats what you pay your licence fee and Sky subs for. You might as well watch an episode of the adams family then take them bunch of as beens serious
Dick Fearon
17   Posted 11/02/2008 at 19:06:47

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Pundits ( Is that from the Indian for codswallop?) also have agents. Many years ago it was known that while it was open slather on others pundits and match commentators did not criticise any player from his own agents stable. .
In those days we had a press that rooted out such gems and even went so far as to publicise links between agents, pundits, commentators and players.
Nowadays it is probably the case that reporters also have agents and a part of the same rotten system..
Andy Morden
18   Posted 11/02/2008 at 19:32:01

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I love Hanson and Shearer on MOTD - they both say things so seriously and with such sureity that a lot of people will take their word as gospel. Frankly, neither of them is too clever really. But face it, for punditry all you need to be able to do is string a sentence together, which is beyond a lot of Prem Footballers. Christ, even Paul Merson gets on TV. He has an IQ lower than the strenght of his fave vodka! let them continue to blindly and blandly belive their own press...
ste moorcroft
19   Posted 11/02/2008 at 19:36:03

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Regarding coverage of Everton on Sky.

Caught Sky news on Saturday morning at 1.00 am just to see all the days goals.

They started off with Villa and proceeded to go through the other six matches until last of all they came to the team in 4th and started the summary of the match with

"Reading slipped further into relegation trouble with a 1-0 defeat........"

Unbelievable.Let the Sky 4 fuck off to their own european league and take Sky tv with them.

We do not exist.
Alan Clarke
20   Posted 11/02/2008 at 20:00:06

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Didn’t Newcastle get hammered against Villa? Shearer is a bitter man because he never scaled the heights he should have done by playing in a very mediocre side.

What worries me by him saying that about Cars is that he now becomes a marked man - watch him get sent off for a totally fair challenge next time out.
robert carney
21   Posted 12/02/2008 at 00:08:21

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The only reason Shearer joined Newcastle was the same as the re-incarnated emylyn hughes (aka gerrard). You are a nobody amongst stars but playing here you will look special.

How many times did you see the cheating bastard trying to get players sent off. Remember Barry Horne, the twat grabbed his faced and jumpe backwards. Once a wanker always a wanker.

Keegan called his bluff, so did the board. The bastard is still with the outdated bbc and Wise as jumped ahead as keegans replacement. I dislike him and Newcastle immensley.
Gavin Goh
22   Posted 12/02/2008 at 01:58:42

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Cool down mates...

Everybody knows that Newcastle has been an underachieving side. I always have a good poke at my barcode mates about how much money they spent on players and going no where with it...

At the end of the day, they are losers... Including Shearer... Period....
Dave Kelly
23   Posted 12/02/2008 at 15:07:01

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Thank goodness at least a couple of posters can keep away from hysterical bile. Shearer was one of the top centre forwards we have produced. His loyalty to the Bar Codes led him to turn down Man Utd so that he could end his career at his hometown club. That is the sort of loyalty normally only given by die-hard fans like us, not by mercenary players.
And let us not forget our beloved Big Dunc could certainly dish it out.
Simple Simon
24   Posted 12/02/2008 at 17:09:45

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Never liked Shearer. Reminds me of one of those kids that used to suck up to the teachers at school, says all the right things, about the right people whilst being a snide get about all the others, the cool kids, like me!

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