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The Mail Bag

Spoilt for choice

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Watching tonight's game was one of the most enjoyable for a long time. Not only did we have a strong first eleven we had a really strong subs bench with real genuine options. On top of that we had Joseph Yobo and Thomas Gravesen fit and ready in the stands.

I can't remember the last time an Everton Manager had so many quality players at his disposal and this bodes well for the season's run in. It means if any of our players form or fitness dips there will be another player ready and able to step in.

The other pleasing thing was how together the squad are, even the likes of Leon Osman and James Vaughan who had no involvement tonight looked genuinely pleased for their team mates who had done the business out on the pitch.
Karl Graham, Workington     Posted 21/02/2008 at 22:33:49

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Peter Bourke
1   Posted 22/02/2008 at 08:31:49

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I mentioned on another post how meritorious the win was considering the talent we had on the bench. I agree DM is spoilt for choice. Let's hope we stay injury free.
Dutch Schaffaer
2   Posted 22/02/2008 at 09:37:11

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I personally feel that having little Peanut back is a big big bonus.

He started off a bit slow (to be expected after injury) but soon he was his usual self. Hard-working, inventive and showing great ability on the ball.

Peanut has been a terrific find by Moyes and one that simply must be made permanent.

Manny Fernandes on the other hand still looks way short of the player we remember.

Although there are flashes of the old Manny he nows seems prone to making really silly passes and giving the ball away.

A couple of times Manny had time and space and picked out a pass directing to an opposing player. Tony Hibbert and Phil Neviille are continually slagged off for that sort of thing but most are forgiving Fernandes for some reason.

Since his return Fernandes has been prone to misplaced passes and giving away silly fouls. He looks a good distance away from being a supposed £12 million player.

Fernandes needs to pick it up or else Peanut’s loan will be the only one turning permanent.
Tony Andrews
3   Posted 22/02/2008 at 09:51:50

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Completely agree with both points, Dutch. Pienaar is a key player for us and provides a fluid link between midfield and attack. He makes a massive difference and really needs to be signed permanently.

As for Fernandes, he has been so sloppy in possession since returning. It’s almost as if he feels he’s proved himself last year and isn’t playing to 100%.

As an aside, highlight of the game was hibbo charging down the right, skinning the midfielder before passing the ball straight back to the opposition. The accompanying cheer and groan was f’in hilarious!
Dominic Duerden
4   Posted 22/02/2008 at 10:16:44

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I thought Fernandes played well when he came on .. yes he gave possesion away a few times but so did Pienaar..

I can’t believe that given a choice between fernandes and pienaar Moyes would rather have pienaar..

Fernandes and Arteta seemed to link up well , so I think we need to be patient , keep playing Manny , and he will be class for us again
Dutch Schaffaer
5   Posted 22/02/2008 at 10:25:51

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If there was a choice between Fernandes and Pienaar, I would take little Peanut every single time.

Tony Andrews found the perfect word to describe Fernandes. Sloppy. He’s very sloppy at the moment.
John Lloyd
6   Posted 22/02/2008 at 10:31:36

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I agree dutch, just downst look sharp, hope thats down to lack of games this season because in the flashes he has shown, he looks a good player. I love the way he fizzes his passes in, quality.

Hibbo, WTF??? Once the crowd starts openly laughing at you then your days are numbered. Whether thats right or wrong on the crowds part I dont know but its not looking good fo him at the minute & to be fair his seeming decline is becoming hard to watch.
Richard lloyd
7   Posted 22/02/2008 at 10:27:21

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On the subject of of Fernandes he really seems to go from the sumbime to the ridiculus. I do think if we stay behind Manny his form will return he wants the ball all the time and i believe the pospect of manny arteta and pienaar together is fantastic there were signs last night that with the 3 of them in the team we can play some great suff.
Dutch Schaffaer
8   Posted 22/02/2008 at 10:53:10

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Hibbo has always been defensively sound. He is probably the best tackler at the club. In the past Hibbo has done a job on Ronaldo.

Unfortunately as we all know Hibbo is not very good on passing. Its a real shame but I don’t see that as a good enough reason to get rid of him.

Moyes should keep Hibbo and use him. When Everton are playing a team they should beat then use an attacking full-back but when Everton are playing a tougher team then use Hibbo to keep things tight.

For example Fiorentina away will be a though game, one which Everton will have to be at their defensive best. So it would make sense to use Hibbo. For the return leg at Goodsion when we would be hoping to beat Fiorentina then play the better on the ball Neville.
chris mcmahon
9   Posted 22/02/2008 at 10:58:40

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For me pienaar is far more valuable than manny,i know manny needs a run in the team but he is very sloppy.
On another note tim howard seems to be making a few mistakes and he needs to start commanding his box better
John Lloyd
10   Posted 22/02/2008 at 11:13:28

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See what your saying Dutch, in the last few years TH has made some very good midfielders look average or kept them quiet. But even defensivly he has seemingly gone backwards this year, beaten by the man 4 out of 5 time last night & in other games against lesser oppo (sheff wed away being one) but that may be down to confidence I dont know but if it is then it i best for the team & also for himself if DM takes him out of firing line for a few weeks.

I’m not suggesting sellling him as we have to give him a chance to improve but at the minute he needs to be dropped IMO.
Alex Foxx
11   Posted 22/02/2008 at 11:19:04

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The squad is certainly looking very strong and the goals last night, especially Yak’s first and AJ’s last, were outstanding.

However, I have got to disagree with all this critisism of Fernandes. He did sometimes look a bit casual, but if he gave the ball away he would inevitably spritnt back to recover it. He also demonstarted what a talent he is with some wonderful passing and throughballs.

Carsley won’t last forever, and Fernanades is the perfect replacement - a quality young international with a price tsg that, although far from small, is certainly within our budget.

Oh and why is there all this talk about signing Pienaar or Fernandes? It’s simple. Peanuts is available on the cheap, and they are both clearly brilliant. Sign both.
Andy Callan
12   Posted 22/02/2008 at 12:01:14

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Pedestrian I would call Manuel; Peanut is twice the player he is.

We need to put last night in to perspective though lads; these are a shite 2nd rate team from a country who isn’t in-season at the moment.

We need to be MUCH better against Mutu’s lot.

Having said that, you can only beat who is in front of you and we did that with a certain swagger at times.

BIG EM ON I say...
Wayne Smyth
13   Posted 22/02/2008 at 11:55:04

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Fernandes hasn’t played an awful lot of football in this last year. He wasn’t played regularly by koeman, and has only had a handful of games under Moyes(one game out of position as well).

Its no coincidence that he, hibbert and valente all gave the ball away a fair bit, none of those have been regular starters for us, so it can’t have been that easy.

At least when fernandes passes it, it is forwards and across the floor. The ball usually ends up at its destination too. He is one of the few players who doesn’t hide and will always show for the ball(arteta being the other).

In the same way that AJ, for all the criticism, is coming good now, Fernandes will get back to his old form fairly quickly. I’d imagine he’ll also improve a fair bit when he gets a regular berth in a settled midfield.
Jimmy Rm
14   Posted 22/02/2008 at 12:20:51

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Just because Manny isn’t playing to his full potential doesn’t mean we shouldn’t sign him. As posted where are the Yak haters now? Stop being so fickle as all it would take is run of good performances for you to change your opinion. Getting on the back of players who aren’t on the top of their game just makes em worse. Makes me laugh all this he’s ’not a patch on Peanut’ rubbish. They’re different players and players need to be handled differently. Manny does need to improve, his attitude can change, like the Yaks and he undoubtedly has the talent. Last thing I want to see here is the boo boys coming out and getting their own way. Cool your jets until th end of the season, at least!
Rupert Sullivan
15   Posted 22/02/2008 at 12:32:25

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Although I think that at times Manny was indeed sloppy last night, he did show his intent by tracking back and working hard to recover posession. I think that given time he will again be capable of what he showed us last season. As for Pienaar, the man is simply great and I have no idea why DM hasn’t bought him already!!!
Ben Jackson
16   Posted 22/02/2008 at 12:39:36

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There’s a lot of talk about Manny and Pienaar but I think the biggest plus was AJ’s performance. I actually think he’s been playing really well recently but hasn’t been able to put the ball in the back of the net. His touch looks good, he’s linking up well and as always is running his socks off! I honestly think this could be the start of a run of goals.
Patty Beesley
17   Posted 22/02/2008 at 12:58:33

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In defence of Hibbo, his heart is in the right place and sometimes his tackles are brilliant. We took crowed with delight and then groaned as he gave the ball back to the opposition and have come to the conclusion that perhaps he is colour blind, needs contact lenses or has a secret yearning for red shirts!!
Emyr Jones
18   Posted 22/02/2008 at 13:04:16

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I’d rather have Hibbo in the team before Neville due to the way the later is playing at the moment. He’s so frustrating to watch, if he doesn’t hoof it hopelessly long he just gives it away!
But for some reason I think Moyes is to scared of dropping him, maybe cos he’s captain. But unless he does get dropped and realises that he has to fight for his place, he’s just going to carry on performing well below par all season!!
Damian Wilde
19   Posted 22/02/2008 at 13:14:53

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Do we really have to give Piernaar the ridiculous nickname of ’Peanut’?! And please don’t someone say we should call him Stevey P!
Trevor Thompson
20   Posted 22/02/2008 at 13:19:21

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I’ve noticed the togetherness of the squad and it must be something that Moyes is well aware of when buying players, he doesn’t just look for quality he looks for personality as well; even if Yakubu may seemed like the odd one out I feel he now understands about the squads togetherness. Even ex player Kevin Campbell have fallen for the club and the fans.
Tom Rowe
21   Posted 22/02/2008 at 13:55:04

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I think we have to note, that last night, when Arteta moved into the middle of the park and neville was moved over to the right, Arteta and Fernandes were phenominal in the centre of midfield. I had always thought of Arteta as right midfielder but perhaps the rcm position suits him better. But what a game lads, what a game.
Tony Stephens
22   Posted 22/02/2008 at 14:03:49

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We might be able to take Manny on another 12 month loan - he signed a 6 year deal for Valencia last summer remember. I’d be interested to see what he looks like after a full Davey Moyes pre-season and we could make a proper judgment over the course of next year
Steve Dolan
23   Posted 22/02/2008 at 05:03:04

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A great all round result against Brann, even considering the opposition, if it was one of the other "big" teams it would be hailed from the rooftops, not that we are worried. We are quietly moving along, and even down here it is getting noticed. I always shout Everton from the rooftops and educate the idiots who only hear about the other shower via the TV and papers. It is amazing the reaction you get when you tell people the history and they hear for themselves how we are the senior club, the true "Peoples Club" in the city. So good luck to the Blues for the rest of the season, keep up the good work for us expats down this end of the world with this fantastic website.
Paul Coleman
24   Posted 22/02/2008 at 00:06:42

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Did we only loan half of Fernandes? I am assuming that the other half of him which is World Class stayed in Valenica. If ever I saw a player lacking in confidence then its Manny right now. He seems scared to take players on when we all know he can quite easily and his passing has been poor to say the least. I noticed today that he doesn't look part of the team, especially during goal celebrations.

I really hope he starts to pick up because he is running out of time if he wants to make the move permenant. If you're reading this Manny then chin up son and lets get back to the way you were last season!

patty beesley
25   Posted 22/02/2008 at 15:18:14

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I could only view from the sofa last night but would be interested to know what happened with the PA system - was there, in fact, a one minute’s clapping for Brian Harris [perhaps whilst we Channel 5 viewers were suffering the adverts?]

I really felt for Pienaar - he worked his socks off and the disappointment showed on his fact when he failed to score two marvellous attempts at goal. I kept wishing he would because he made others and deserved some lime light of his own.

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