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The Mail Bag

Now That's What I Call... Class!

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No doubt like many, I was cursing not having Our 'Tater on board and Davey's decision to go back to 4-5-1. However, I have no hesitation in saying that was one of the most professional and well-organised displays our lads have put together in a potentially difficult top-flight Premier contest for a while, and it reveals a increased maturity about DM and the team.

I thought the defence was immense - obviously Jags (again!) and Yobo, but everyone else - including our defensive midfield. Hibbo had his best game for ages and completely nullified City and Petrov in particular! The midfield looked sparky on the counter and the Yak looked colossal up-front. I'll leave it to others and our superb away support to comment - but think that away win, at Fortress Eastlands, against a supposedly buoyant CL rival, ranks up there with any this year. It could have been 4- or 5-0 too! Superb lads ? keep it up on Sunday!
David Edwards, Darlington     Posted 25/02/2008 at 22:36:31

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Chris James
1   Posted 25/02/2008 at 22:15:25

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Talk about squeaky bum time... Liverpool had gone fourth, the rest of the results had all gone against us with the chasing pack all winning, our opponents are just 3pts off, have genuine class and are on a high after their best result in years. And our playmaker is crocked on the eve of the match...

A couple of years back I'd have given us no chance of winning this sort of game. Even this time last year I'd have been chewing my nails for 85 minutes as we held on doggedly before finally caving to an unlucky decision. Tonight however I was genuinely confident that we'd go over there and secure at least a draw. Suffice to say, the boys didn't let me down.

The summer signings all looked first class. Jags is proving he's got the class as well as the heart to be a top class centre back, Lescott is even better, Peanuts showed why even Moyes is making sure nice and early on this one and the Yak was simply different class.

Granted the rest of the team played well too. Cahill and Carsley were lions, Hibbert, Yobo and Howard looked solid, Osman was genuinely effective forward and back and Neville, well if he could pass he'd be dangerous. Fernandes is clearly still some way off the pace and boots aside he certainly isn't looking like a £12M player right now.

Overall though it was a top class performance from a team that has added some real class to our resilience.

In the Yak, Arteta, Cahill, Peanuts, AJ and Lescott we have genuine match winners all over the pitch. With Vaughan, Anichebe and Baines to come in plus the ever improving Osman and the promise of another one or two in the summer, this really does look like the start of something good.

Now let's crack on and nail 4th!

Joe Clitherow
2   Posted 25/02/2008 at 22:45:36

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Sitting here in deepest Cheshire and with Alex Ferguson as a close neighbour (no, really, I mean it!) I can often feel quite isolated when I go to my local and I am surrounded by supporters of an opposite persuasion.

The last time I visited the pub to watch the 'Away Game' (my erstwhile days of travelling having been curtailed somewhat by children and the natural effect of middle age...) was Manchester United away. Cock of the Pub at least on moral grounds until Pienaar's aberration.

Tonight I was surrounded by City fans. Don't be fooled ? like Everton there ARE more in the catchment area than the glory seekers!! When Roger put the second, and the clincher, in I was the only voice in the pub (though I was met at half time by a fellow Toffee who was less vocal)! What a performance!!

The second half was spent commiserating with City fans who were all of the opinion that they had been beaten by a side superior in all departments. I hope my contributions to this site are in the whole measured and well thought out, but tonight, with the ale consumed also a factor as I write, I salute what I consider to be a near-perfect away performance; Measured, controlled, disciplined at the back, and tremendous penetration going forward, always looking like scoring. By half time we should have been out of sight if it wasn't for Rob "Blackburn" Styles.

With some caution, and finally, I think we are THE REAL DEAL!!

Connor Rohrer
3   Posted 27/02/2008 at 19:31:43

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Excellent performance from the Blue boys. Organized, hard to beat and dangerous in the final third. We did look the part despite missing a few key players.

To be honest I fancied us to take the three points. I had a feeling It was going to be a similar game to the Spurs earlier this season. The odds where against us but we defended well and caught our opponents out.

I wasn’t happy with the team selection at the start of the game. Hibbert at right back and the Carsley-Neville partnership usually means defeat but each one of those three where suited to this game and played well.

I wanted to see Fernandes in there to be honest so we could have a little creativity in the middle to help Ossie and Pienaar out but it wasn’t really needed. I feel sorry for the lad. He has no confidence at the moment and Evertonians just don’t want him here whether he plays well or not. I’m a big fan and I’d love him to stay along with Pienaar but It would probably be best if he moved to a team where he is actually given a chance instead of being judged unfairly on 5 games.

I thought Cahill and Yakubu where excellent which probably proves the point that Cahill revels alongside the Yak and it is our best partnership with AJ, Vaughan and Vic waiting in the wings.

It was a typical Cahill performance reminiscent of the 04/05 season. He actually played as a third midfielder instead of a second striker which brings the best of him, he was winning header, making a nucinse of himself and was getting into some brilliant positions.

Yakubu bullied the usually reliable Dunne and Richards. This man is the real deal whether people like him or not. He’s got everything in his locker. Strength, pace, good touch, vision, excellent finisher and the ability to hold up the ball. And people say he switches off in the latter part of the season. He’s scored 4 goals in three games since he’s been back.

But singling anyone out would be unfair on the rest of the team as everyone played there part from Howard all the way to Yakubu. Excellent.

Nick Harrison
4   Posted 27/02/2008 at 20:10:05

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The two teams who have gone to City and beaten them this season in the league? Arsenal and Everton. Probably, in my opinion, along with Manchester Utd, the teams that have played the best football in the Premier League this season.
Gerry Western
5   Posted 27/02/2008 at 20:09:06

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4-5-1 it was. Have to say Moyes got it spot on. Cahill was outstanding, combining yet again with Yakubu who gave the City defenders a torrid time. Jagielka deservedly man of the match yet again. Carsley too played a huge part. At this rate I could go on to name the whole team ? possibly with the exception of Fernandes, who appeared totally out of sorts. However, as I understand it he was suffering from a some kind of stomach bug; hopefully he will have recovered in time for Sunday?s game. With Carsley absent he may just get the opportunity to prove himself to the fans. Let's hope he takes it as I?m afraid we simply don?t have a natural replacement for this guy who is without doubt our unsung hero.
Colin Southern
6   Posted 27/02/2008 at 22:38:28

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I was in Manchester over the weekend with the wife's family and had a bit of light-hearted banter with them as they are City supporters. You try and be the only bluenose with 50 Mancunians on the piss. The thing that came across though was of respect for our team and our manager.

However, they were VERY confident before this game that City would have a tough game but would win it in the last 10 minutes! I said to them we?ve still been winning or drawing without some of our best players available and this is first time we?ve had our full squad to pick from. I actually bet with them that we?d win 2-0 (Doh! wish I?d put money on it).

Normally a game like this would be squeaky bum time, so well done to the lads as I feel as confident about this team as I did about our eighties team.

Rob Sawyer
7   Posted 27/02/2008 at 23:45:19

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Joe Clitherow - are you in Wilmslow like me? Let me know as I feel outnumbered in this neck of the woods!
Joe Clitherow
8   Posted 28/02/2008 at 18:51:47

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Rob Sawyer

Yes I am in Wilmslow.

You weren’t the other guy in the Unicorn who told me you were a Toffee at halftime after I’d screamed ’Get in!’ for the second were you?

All eyes were on me at that point mate!


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