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The Mail Bag

Conspiracy bollocks

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I wish everyone would stop with this 'we are being robbed by a conspiracy' shite.

We've had a few decisions go against us, fair enough, but enough is enough. I will go as far as to say that the Clattenberg derby was an unbelievable exhibition of a referee being influenced by the opposition. The yellow/red card switch left me gobsmacked.

But let's face it, if we hadn't fallen apart against Fulham and the shite at their place, we'd still be 4th.

The dirty half of Merseyside must be pissing themselves listening to all this whining about our lot being cheated by the powers that be.
Richard Parker, Paris, France     Posted 10/04/2008 at 10:03:16

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Shaun Brennan
1   Posted 10/04/2008 at 14:55:49

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Just to play devil's advocate Richard,

What about the disallowed goals agianst West Ham (h) and Blackburn (a). What about the penalty decisions that have not gone for us?

We may have been closer to 3rd???

Anyway heres to cheering on the lads so that we do at worst finish the season in 5th.
Mike Bates
2   Posted 10/04/2008 at 15:14:11

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To be honest, I agree with you. Things go against you in a season you have to learn to deal with it. But when you check, you can't help but start to feel a little pissed off when you see what the table could stand like

But here's hoping we can show em no matter what you do to us we will prevail!!

Joe McMahon
3   Posted 10/04/2008 at 15:26:01

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It certainly seems like something is againts us when the Yanks at Anfield seem to always get decissions their way (just ask Arsenal) Bad decisions againts Torres FC have cost them the Champs league, and a real chance of the title.

I can only think of one thats gone in our favour, AJ’s goal at Sunderland, came off his elbow...Huh another well taken confident, crafted goal from AJ...but thats another matter!!!
Stefan Tosev
4   Posted 10/04/2008 at 15:38:51

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You are right Richard,

Every single decision went our way so we should be happy enough with disallowed goals, we could and should have scored 5-6 goals every game to be sure we will win it, as for the penalties well they are not part of the game and they dont influence games.

Speaking about penalties there are at least 5 blatant handballs by Liverpool players this season (there were some video on Youtube) and they got away with all of them - winning 8 more points, now to be perfectly clear we were denied 2 regulate goals resulting in 4 lost points plus the home derby.

You see Richard that makes 14 points difference, somehow every time we are on the receiving end of a wrong decision and RS always get away with good ones but hey lets swallow it and wait for more next season
Alan Clarke
5   Posted 10/04/2008 at 17:37:45

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Every game I keep thinking today is the day our luck will change. I turn to my dad before every game and ask, "what do you reckon? A penalty for us today?" Yet as each game passes we seem to get less and less ’luck’. ’Luck’ seems to actually be defined as a shit referee but one who rules in our favour. We just get shit ref after shit ref ruling against us every week.

I just think where so much money is at stake with gambling syndicates, marketing of the Premier League, characters like Abramovich involved that you can’t say our national game is whiter than white and some kind of fixing doesn’t take place. I mean come on, it has worked in our favour in the past hasn’t it? (Hans Segers!)
Keith Glazzard
6   Posted 10/04/2008 at 18:29:54

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There is certainly money changing hands in the game which is far from legal. A bribed ref is very hard - or difficult - to find, but look back at Collina’s chalk-off of Dunc’s clean goal against Villareal. Later he said that Bent was committing a foul (he was being fouled).

We have had refs disallowing goals for no apparent reason, and they have given no reason.

What this says to me is not that they have been bribed (although Collina never reffed another game) but that they think we don’t deserve to win. Not because we are a dirty team (Leeds would have won nothing), but because we are not a "big" team.

This is the Sky agenda - promote their in-house favourites and they all make money together. The refs just go along. Let’s face it, if they put their heads above the parapet, they’ll never get to Wembley, will they.
Alan Clarke
7   Posted 10/04/2008 at 19:11:04

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Exactly right Keith. It’s not about refs being paid, it’s about protecting the ’big 4’. The refs seem to want to be the star of the show on the biggest stage. For instance look at the way Mark Halsey refs a game with his over the top camp gestures every time he feels he has to explain a decision to the crowd. A ref giving a decision our way that would eliminate the RS from the top 4 would almost certainly rule him out of any future big ties.

As I’ve said before, Sky and the Premier League have an agenda and that is to make as much money as possible. They can make a lot more money if the status quo remains with those top 4.
Ron Leith
8   Posted 10/04/2008 at 19:20:43

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It funny you should mention Mohammed Al Fiad?s Fulham and conspiracy theories in the same thread. I think conspiracy theories have a grain of truth and if we all just except thingd without question then those big 4 crony refs we will always get away with the same excuses. I think the most stupid football cliche is that things even out over a season. There is a french expression for such wooley headed tosh. A dissalowed when you are 2 up with 20 minutes to play means nout. A disalowed goal when you are one up or nil all means a hell of a lot more.
Will Bruce
9   Posted 10/04/2008 at 17:42:30

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Now, I am normally quite quiet on this subject, but things are about to change. I never comment on the Red part of Liverpool, but I had to smile today to see the club's owners at each others throats. I used to respect Liverpool when they were a team, but to see them in disarray, both on and off the field, brings a warm glow to my heart. OK, we are the poorer team, financially, but at least our club has a heart, I am just glad we never sold out to a bunch of Americans, and a Spanish moaner. I love this club.
Guy Pierce
10   Posted 10/04/2008 at 18:08:31

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So Hicks has asked Parry to take up his warm leatherette executive chair and walk. Parry says, "No sirree" (unless, one suspects a small ocean of moolah exchanges hands). But who will replace him? Step forward a Merseyside-based football exec with experience of negotiating ground moves. Agent Bully, your time has come.
Baz Truran
11   Posted 10/04/2008 at 18:39:46

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Why are the red half of liverpool automatically assuming they are safe the blues have every chance of finishing above them?
Adam Doyle
12   Posted 11/04/2008 at 00:02:06

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I completely agree with you! I find it pathetic that so many Evertonians can be such sore losers in the race for 4th place. They completely ignore referee decisions that go in our favour and those that go against other clubs
Paul Smith
13   Posted 11/04/2008 at 08:29:26

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Which decisions would these be then Adam - maybe one or two but certainly not enough to "even out over the season" and not as clear cut as the disaollowed goals with West Ham and Blackburn never mind the Derby debarcle.

Thats at least 7 more points and if you take away "AJs elbow" goal (the only one i can think of right now!) we are still 4 points in credit which I think would put us a point clear in 4th??

Not saying there is a conspiracy but I do think that there are two types of luck on Merseyside - Our luck and their luck; I think you all know what I mean!!!
Gavin Ramejkis
14   Posted 11/04/2008 at 09:39:25

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Ladies and gents go to rightresults website to see clarity on ALL results using both for and against - eg "we got the rub" pish some of you are spouting and then PLEASE try to explain how a club playing top flight football in this day and age, with faster and stronger players, have Everton not been awarded a penalty in thirty three games, thirty five if you add since our last from last season and last season we know we didnt get all of those we should have as verbatim from Keith Hackett we still scored nine. The only penalties we have been awarded strangely enough have come from European referees not under the direction of the FA in the UEFA Cup.
Martin Kulkarni
15   Posted 11/04/2008 at 10:56:09

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Richard and Adam, what planet are you two living on?

A blind person can see the corruption of the FA, Sky and ?certain? clubs. They know who they are. One of them virtually runs/owns the FA.

Oh,incidentally, Richard, I think you?ll find that Arsenal have just found this out the hard way, or did you have a ?Ray Milland? moment on Tuesday instead of on a weekend! Or maybe you are just better at ?pretending? not to care what the RS say
or do!!

Steve Pugh
16   Posted 11/04/2008 at 13:01:39

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Not just limited to the premiership as far as the RS are concerned this season. Anyone not find it odd that as soon as it was clear that we might finish fourth the Shite start getting "lucky" in Europe too. 2 red cards against Inter, the none penalty at the Emirates and a very soft penalty at Anfield. Even if we did finish above them in the league methinks they will still qualify for the Champions league somehow.
Keith Glazzard
17   Posted 11/04/2008 at 14:59:37

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Flying back across the Atlantic years ago the captain announced jovially that The Yankees had just won the game. Many people around me mumbled and shrugged their shoulders at each other. I asked about the reaction. ’What do you expect’ I was told, ’its coming to the end of the season’. By this he meant that that the decisions miraculously started to go their way. He didn’t say why.

Let’s face it - its the American way.
Richard Parker
18   Posted 11/04/2008 at 18:08:19

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I’m sure that the whole of UEFA are making sure that Liverpool get to the Champions League final, at the expense of Inter and Arsenal, and the top-4 of the Premiership.

Stefan Tosev
19   Posted 11/04/2008 at 18:20:31

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I will put it that way agianst Inter 2 red cards against Arsenal 2 dodgy penalty decisions in Liverpools way - clue - which is the official sponsor of Liverpool and CL.

Even the official in the firs game wa born few miles from the birthplace of a certain player, who should have benn penalised.

Now tell me the last time Everton got that sequence of decisions in their favour?

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