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The Mail Bag

Champions league? We ARE having a laugh

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Wot the fuck was that? Fulham, WHU... now add Birmingham to the growing list of teams we should be steamrollering but fail to do so miserabley. Pip, Cars thank lads,.. now fuck off!

I just renewed my season tickets for next season'; glad I did it before I watched that pile of absolue, unadulterated shite. Since we got knocked out of Uefa Cup, we have been woeful.and please spare me the "the lads are down after losing in Europe, they are tired"shite. These are professional players, not little boys who sulk when things don't go the way they wanted. We all get tired, we all get pissed off at times, BUT we don't all get paid a kings ransom to do our job. That display of "football" was nothing short of embarrassing.

Sorry for the rant and maybe going OTT, but I love this club and when I see how they have played for the last month, I care about it. I care that we leave ourselves open to mockery from the scum across the park, because let's face it, these sort of displays are hard to defend. Got it off my chest now ...doesnt feel any better tho! Bring on Chelsea on Thursday night. Won't be too suprised if we get a result against them....or am I just hoping against hope? COYB
Andy  Spence, Huyton     Posted 12/04/2008 at 17:10:57

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Tony Wilkins
1   Posted 12/04/2008 at 19:27:21

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There is still hope even if Villa catch us and Pompey don't win the FA Cup

Intertoto Cup: England can gain an additional Uefa Cup place by entering a team into and winning the Intertoto Cup.

Uefa Fair Play League: In order to be eligible for one of the three places available via the Fair Play League, an association must score an average of over eight. The top association gets a Uefa Cup place, while all other associations with an average of over eight (there are currently eight) are placed into a ballot.

England are currently top of the Fair Play League. If they win the Uefa Cup place, it is given to the team placed highest in the Premier League Fair Play League that has not qualified by other means.

Joe McMahon
2   Posted 12/04/2008 at 19:27:43

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Andy - as I have alreday said "Carsley in the Neu Camp" it ain?t gonna happen. Today yet again they were awful, no chances being created, we need a massive cull to get rid of the championship players - that's not going to happen.

Even IF, Moyes got £40M to spend in the summer, will he waste another £8.5M of if on a striker who just runs, and nothing else. He had a shot today that was just pitiful.

Why coundn?t he at least try starting Gravesen, instead of Neville & Carsley. I don?t know what?s happeneing at this club, the Manager never has a Plan B, is never attacking enough, and makes poor substitutions too late. Our Chairman is how can I put it errrr........A Complete Wanker!! I feel a bit better now, but only a bit.
Barry Cass
3   Posted 12/04/2008 at 20:01:13

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Yes I agree; another useless and gutless display from us today. Fulham, West Ham , Derby and Birmingham! All shite and we?ve only beaten one of them and that was a struggle! Aston Villa have beaten Derby by SIX at Pride Park!

Now I?ve been saying it for 3 years that Carsley is shite but this year he takes the biscuit! He?s at best average when we play 4-5-1 but when we play 4-4-2 he?s a disgrace! He?s too slow, can?t pass and is just basically shite! Don?t get me started on the handball today for their goal.

What makes our predictament worse is when you throw Phil Neville into midfield as well!! No fucking chance of beating anyone! The lovable pairing played in there against Fiorentina, Fulham, Liverpool and Birmingham and we did not win any of those matches! In fact our only recent away win came at Sunderland when Carsley was suspended!!!

Just feel so depressed that we are imploding and Chelsea at Goodison does not fill me with optimism !

A pissed-off blue!
steve johnson
4   Posted 12/04/2008 at 21:13:56

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Got to agree. Watched the game on t’internet and saw woeful performances from Neville, Hibbert, Baines, Johnson etc etc etc. If Yak et al cannot raise their game for the last four games we are doomed to fail - ok so we are about to break our points record - but will that bring us true success? If we lose a European place then it will mean fuck all. Ok we have injuries but playing Neville in midfield HAS TO STOP - he is one of the worse passer/play making midfielders I have ever seen. No desire from anyone today - no idea how close we are to the Champions League it seems and they are alll thinking about their summer off. To think, he has just signed Hibbert for another 4 years...fuck me. Baines by the way is a liability - easy for someone to pick a forward out at the back stick - he has no chance in the air. Get Lescot back at left back, Yobo back in the centre and the little boy back on the bench - just an average squad player. Oh and Pienaar? What’s all the fuss about - another player who cannot perform CONSISTENTLY at the top level, wont lose any sleep if we miss out on him either.
Nelly Blythe
5   Posted 13/04/2008 at 11:34:44

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Barry Cass...SPOT ON MATE !!
Anyone who believes Carsley is a good player has NEVER played the game at a decent level. OK he may win a few tackles but only to give the ball back to the opposition almost immediately, so why win it in the first place. CANT PASS, CANT HEAD, CANT SHOOT ( two decent strikes in five years is not good shooting) HAS ZERO PACE, is more often than not the WRONG side of his man I could go on and on.... And whilst we?re at it how many more needless free kicks is he going to concede on the edge of our box because yesterday was by no means the first.. FFS there?s even talk of a new contract...the mind boggles!!
Peter Fearon
6   Posted 13/04/2008 at 03:08:16

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I'm usually as bitter and critical as anyone after a poor performance - and this was a poor performance - but the fact remains that without Cahill and Arteta Everton are a dramatically weakened team. I also think Yakubu is burned out for the season. He has been played too much.

The chance of a Champions League spot probably terminated with that disappointing performance against West Ham and was binned for certain after the derby match so I'm sure it's difficult to motivate the team for a final push when we can neither go further up the table nor, in all likelihood, drop further down. It is a lot easier to motivate an underachieving Birmingham side fighting for its Premier League life and those were the differences between the teams.

Even then, we would have been celebrating three points but for one moment of skill. It's always tempting to draw monolithic conclusions from individual reversals, but it's best to keep our eyes on the positives. We are doing well. We are well in touch with the so called top four with a fraction of their resources. I would have accepted fifth at the start of the season.

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