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The Mail Bag

They have got to go!

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I?m not going to slag my team off. I?m really disappointed with our form in the last month and a half, but we have had a great season and for the first few months we played teams off the park. Some of our play was the best I have ever seen from an Everton side.

I think it?s a sign of how far we have come that we are pissed at not nailing 4th place and getting knocked out of Europe. A few seasons ago I wouldn?t have given us a chance of being in Europe or playing for 4th place. I think we have some real class in our squad, and we some good young players coming through to back up the big names, BUT, we have got to get rid of the deadwood in our team. Carsley, Neville, Hibbert? and I know a lot of you we disagree, but also Johnson has got to go.

They are not world class, they are not even top flight players any more. We need to bring in 4 or 5 top players, no shite to sit on the bench (why does Davey never use his subs, he makes the big players work for the full 90 minutes and hardly ever brings on fresh legs?), but class players who can turn a game.

I know this is early to talk about transfers, but I think our season is pretty much over. No way we will get 4th, be lucky to get 5th with our run-in and current form, so lets start getting ready for next season and build a team around the Yak, Cahill, Pienaar and Lescott etc, players who have talent. But please lose the dead-weight we have! I want to see us play with some quality in our team not Carsley and Neville doing fuck all and boring the shite out of me. They have had their time and we have to move on? and next season is our time to really get up there and break into that top 4? and stay there.

Yes, I know Johnson works hard, he really works the channels etc etc, BUT HE CAN?T SCORE FOR SHIT. We need a 20 goal a season striker to play with the Yak.

Yes, I know Carsley has been great for the last couple of seasons, BUT HIS LEGS HAVE GONE AND HE CAN?T FUCKING PASS.

Yes, I know Neville has played at the highest level? 5 YEARS AGO, NOW HE IS JUST SHITE, simple as.


Bring in some fresh players so at this time next season, we don?t draw against shite like Birmingham and lose to crap like Fulham.
James  Elliott, London     Posted 12/04/2008 at 17:14:29

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Joe McMahon
1   Posted 12/04/2008 at 19:39:48

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James, well said, I agree with all said.

I was saying last year that Johnson ain?t gonna score the goals, of his 10 this year, one off his elbow another off his belly. £8.5 million, he had a clear shot on goal today that barely had the legs to reach their keeper.

And Yes, Carsley is a liability, can?t pass, and nearly gets sent off every match. I felt sorry for Lescott, Howard, Fernades and Yak today, as they all tried - but it?s difficult when you are surrounded by shit!

What do we always say- "Feed the Yak" will someone please feed him, all it takes is an accurate pass!!!
Mark Griffiths
2   Posted 12/04/2008 at 20:08:01

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We did feed him today and he fucked it up big time!

Is it just me or does Yakubu look half the player he has been this season at the moment?!
Alan Flynn
3   Posted 12/04/2008 at 19:50:14

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WTF? Andy Johnson is crap ? ........I have to laugh, some of you must yearn for the great days of James Beattie, Bent & Radzinski. The Yak missed from 3 yards last week but so what? - Let's fucking nail Johnson instead for the team not scoring.

AJ plays off the shoulder of the last man and if we had any quality in the midfield he would getting balls played in behind the defenders ?TOWARD goal ? not the fucking corner flags. If he isn't running his bollocks off down the channels for the team, he is having to compete with 6?3 defenders for mindless hoofs into the air.

This season he has been injured and he has also been selected to play in 4-5-1 formations, so he has his back to goal and chases lost causes. Cahill benefits from this ? Johnson does not. We play 4-5-1 because our midfielders cannot compete in a 4-4-2 against most of the teams in the Prem. When we do try to play 442, the likes of Derby County comfortably out-pass us.

The defence is sound, Johnson and the Yak up front are one of the best pairings in the Prem. The problem is the midfield ? always has been. If we get some decent creativity in the middle next year, Johnson will do the business for us. Until we can get some players with pace, power and quality in the midfield, the strikers will always feed off scraps.

Dutch Schaffaer
4   Posted 12/04/2008 at 20:22:08

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I think to be fair the Uefa Cup exit and effectively losing the race for 4th have been so crushing that its had a bad effect on the players. A lot of players have lost form (Pienaar, Johnson) and some appear to have already started their holidays (Yakubu). The injuries to Arteta, Cahill, Osman, Johnson and Anichebe haven?t helped either.

Losing out on 4th and a possible Uefa Cup quarter-final place have been very disappointing but if the players aren?t careful then they could loose out on European football completely next season.

So far it's been a great season with a somewhat disappointing ending; let's hope the players pull themselves together and avoid a truely awful ending by holding on to a European place.
Ron Leith
5   Posted 12/04/2008 at 20:58:09

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The usual suspects take the blame from those who know it all. Well I would point to other failings, these being the inability of some players to get fit. At least Neville and Carsley are tough enough to not be sidelined. I think we must be belly dancing in training. Why on earth do we get so many hip injuries?
Anthony Newell
6   Posted 12/04/2008 at 21:01:36

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I?m sick of this bloody ?it?s been a great season? bollocks. Has it fuck, we went out of the Carling Cup with everything to play for in the second leg, christ that trophy was on a plate for us. We went out of the FA cup meekly due to a shit team selection when that trophy as it transpires was also up for grabs. Then we had a major case of stage fright in the UEFA first leg against Fiorentina leaving us too much to do at home, as it proved. Sorry mate, ?great? for me means winning a trophy and always will do or failing that finishing in the top four. As such, neither is going to happen this season so it ain?t no ?great? shakes.
Matt Kay
7   Posted 12/04/2008 at 21:02:18

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Okay then, name the so-called youngsters who are coming through the ranks. If Myes thinks they are good enough why the fuck aren?t they in the 1st team squad?
Fck off sellin AJ, he?s one of the best players we?ve seen. Yeah, I might agree with Crsley and Nville but they are good for the rest of the team. Sell AVDM and Manny as they have done fuck all and we can use their wages to pay for other players. FFS get a reality check we are fuckin 5TH!!!!!!!!!!
harry charles
8   Posted 12/04/2008 at 21:19:47

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With being in Europe, and long cup runs,i think we have had an amazing season up too now. with heartbreak against Florintina.and nigling injurries, and Van da meda,and Gravisson,contributing nothing ,Mc fadden not being replaced,we have been left short and tired, three or four more players of the class that we got last season for next season,and we will be fine.remember the derby game at goodison when we were cheates anad robbed,well thats the difference between fourth and five spot.keep it up Mr Moyes your doing a great job ,and not a pen all season given . be proud to be blue.
John Martin
9   Posted 12/04/2008 at 23:27:53

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I agree totally with Alan Flynn, Our goalie and defence are more than good enough, The forwards if they get the service and Vaughan ever gets fit will score goals. However, our midfield is were the problem lies, its lightweight and not very creative, 451 suits our midfield because in a 4 they are not good enough as Alan says. We need at least 2 strong quick midfielders in the summer. Hopefully Moyes gets the backing to get the players we need.
Jason Heng
10   Posted 13/04/2008 at 03:02:40

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Great observation James!

Let’s bring in Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and friends next season. Nil satis nisi optimum
Mike Coates
11   Posted 13/04/2008 at 04:01:09

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Lescott 9.5 (KEEP HIM)
PRO : He Scores, he’s rock solid, whether a jumping header defence or offence.
CON : Fair amount of hoofball in recent times when he should keep it down.

Yakubu 9.4 (KEEP HIM)
PRO : Strong, quick and able to ALMOST put away anything this season!
CON : Failing to put the ball away in late part of season, and falling over.

Pienaar 9.3 (SIGN HIM!)
PRO : Our new playmaker this season. Able to work the flanks and set up our strikers.
CON : Injuries, of late, but can’t blame him. Also falls down a little too easily.

Jagielka 8.5 (KEEP HIM)
PRO : Able to get to the ball when it counts, and stop the goal chances.
CON : Not best up forward, or any other position. Stop hoofing it too!

Howard 8.4 (KEEP HIM)
PRO : Solitary figure sometimes in games, and a saviour of the match on several occasions.
CON : The typical keeper hoof, which ends up 20% of the time in the other keepers hands.

Fernandes 8.3 (SIGN HIM)
PRO : Slow start to season 2, but showing signs of his greatness, needs more time.
CON : Has great passing, but tends to play on the ball too long and lose it, will improve.

Baines 8.2 (KEEP HIM)
PRO : Fantastic down the left, great speed and skill. Hasn’t had enough game time.
CON : Not too many to speak of, our left side USUALLY keeps possession of the ball!

Yobo 8.1 (KEEP HIM)
PRO : Still a top player at Everton, and still regarded as one of our top centre backs.
CON : No longer at his best, but fairly decent. Not really that many bad things to say.

Cahill 8.0 (KEEP HIM)
PRO : Injuries aside, his speed, position and jumping kicking skills are top of the line.
CON : Lack of ability to play in any other formation on many occassions, but still top class!

Johnson 7.9 (KEEP HIM)
PRO : Insane speed, and ability to be there at the right place at the right time.
CON : His recent positioning, mainly down to the balls that are hoofed to him.

Arteta 7.8 (KEEP HIM)
PRO : He’s more of a leader I believe than Neville, and his old form was great.
CON : His injuries or whatever have turned his season into a nightmare.. hopefully fixes!

PRO : Great little goal scorer. Has recently impressed and improved his rating!
CON : Just hasn’t shined for long enough, only comes out of the woodwork now and then..

Carsley 7.5 (POSSIBLY KEEP)
PRO : Great stopper. And whenever you need that header out of the penalty box he’s there.
CON : Takes too many long range shots, fairly ineffective. Should play the passes.

Hibbert 7.3 (KEEP OR REPLACE)
PRO : Sliding tackles are extremely good, and has the legs and ability to defend.
CON : His offensive side, or what is lacking of his ability to play with the team.

Valente 7.1 (POSSIBLY KEEP)
PRO : Does a decent job of the left back position, but is second string to others.
CON : Hadn’t been all that fit of late, hasn’t had the games to excell with.

Anichebe 6.8 (POSSIBLY KEEP)
PRO : Great speed, agility and strength, and crucial knack of getting around defenders.
CON : His ability to leave all these traits out of his Premier League game.

Neville 6.6 (KEEP OR REPLACE)
PRO : Great captain, great thinking, probably one of our best right backs.
CON : His ball skills, his crosses, his passes. Has perhaps a great mind, needs footwork!
john sreet
12   Posted 13/04/2008 at 06:36:20

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Sad, but does Harry attract ’footballers’ like Glen Johnson etc, could do with a couple of those at full back, although Baines I think has got what it takes
Nelly Blythe
13   Posted 13/04/2008 at 11:28:58

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Alan Flyn...
If Johnson plays off the shoulder of the last man as you suggest please can you explain why he spends most of his time running into the backs of them??
Brian Donnelly
14   Posted 13/04/2008 at 13:10:35

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With Neville and Carsley in the centre of a four-man midfield is it any wonder we are struggling? Personally I think they are making some of our defenders and forwards look a lot worse than whet they actually are.

Yesterday, one incident summed it up perfectly - Jags passed the ball to Carsley, who was in about 15 yds of space, and Carsley immediately passed it straight back to Jags ? Carsley always plays the way he is facing and has got no awareness of who is around him (or not around him). Then Carsley has a go at Jags for passing to him. The game carried on but even a couple of minutes later, when they were close to each other, they were still obviously arguing about it. Needless to say, Jags was right!

As for Neville in midfield, well if he has one of the most successful pass rates, then it shows that you can prove anything with stats. Don?t get me wrong, I don?t think we have much choice of who we play in midfield ? Gravesen obviously hasn?t got the legs (otherwise he would be playing), although he did play the only quality pass that we did all day.

I just think it would have been better spending the £6m that Baines cost on getting a half decent midfield player. I am not completely convinced about Baines ? too often he gets beaten. Quite often it seems like a lucky ricochet that takes the forward past him, but it happens so often. Also his height is a bit worrying, especially with the other midgets that inhabit out team. People have a go at Hibbert, but defensively Hibbert is sound. Yes his distribution is perhaps suspect (okay it?s shit), but often there is a lack of options available. That?s why the big hoof is so prevalent.

Anyway must order my season ticket for next season, whilst it is still only half the cost of last season. Roll on the deal of the century, I?ll be so much richer and won?t have to watch a team concede 11 corners and win just one (MOD stats ? it seemed worse than that!).

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