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The Mail Bag

White men can't jump ....

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... and neither apparently can Yakubu or Anichebe. What's that about? If you're going to play high balls to the guys up front, then at least challenge! Even AJ does that! Better still, keep the ball on the floor - but that's a different story .....
Ray  Robinson, Warrington     Posted 12/04/2008 at 20:06:40

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Michael Kenrick
Keep the ball on the floor... what a great idea! But what if we lose it? Better to hoof it up field ? then at least we lose it in their half and not ours. And we can do our defensive thing from a position of relative strength.

And that, unfortunately, typifies the current extent of stratgeic thinking from our great young manager.

Iain McWilliam
1   Posted 12/04/2008 at 21:32:56

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Now, now Michael. Take a deep breath, he knows what he is doing. He obviously feels we will be out of our (his?) depth in the Champions league and has therefore decided not to motivate the players anymore.

In Moyes They Trust
Tery Mantle
2   Posted 13/04/2008 at 00:07:04

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Only six weeks ago anybody who came on here and criticised Moyes got panned.The odd one or two like me who suggested we should hold our service of worship for the great man in May rather than then were regarded as heretics.Perhaps now a few more are beginning to realise that the man’s tactical naivity and defensive outlook will always catch him out in the final run-in.They discovered that at Preston six years ago!
Mike Coates
3   Posted 13/04/2008 at 03:15:50

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Perhaps we need to be fighting a relegation battle to win games :) Works well for the clubs below us!!

Brainwash the players into thinking we’ll fall from the Premier league if we don’t win!!
Nick Marsh
4   Posted 13/04/2008 at 10:14:52

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Well I have my helmet firmly on so here goes, can someone explain to me ( without resorting to insults please) why we have an absolute right to go to st Andrews and win, some of the comments I feel have been way over the top, someone wrote in saying that Villa had beat Derby 0-6 where we were out played by Derby at home I think this typifies a ludicrous comment its like me retortin with we beat sunderland 7-1 yet the Villa lost 1-2 . I fully understand the all round condemnation of woefull performances though I do think they can be readily and reasonably explained with tiredness and injuries, and as for hoofball what is the alternative at the moment Jags passing along the floor to Carsley who plays a quick one two with Neville who releases the over lapping Hibbert who produces a cross ala Beckham for one of our forwards to leap like a salmon and head the ball into the net! Im not saying hoofball is the way forward what im saying is we do not have the personnel to play decent passing football at the moment, Neville and Carsley are not my first choice in midfield but then they would’ent of been playing against Man city one of our best away performances or against Portsmouth. Does anyone really think Moyes will not address the issues of concern at the end of the season, I think he will. There seems to be an air of frustration over Everton in what has so far been a pretty good season all things considered I wonder how much negativity is down to stadium move
Nelly Blythe
5   Posted 13/04/2008 at 10:49:12

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Nick Marsh....
I dont think he will ever deal with the issue of Neville and Carsley in midfield because he?s the one who created it. Every Evertonian I know can see that these two together in the centre are an absolute disaster , one at a time is bad enough but together they are arguably the worst pairing in the premiership. It would appear that only ?he who cannot be critisized? is the only person who thinks they are any good.Moyes created the partnership and its Moyes who keeps persevering with it, plse explain why you think he will change it and plse plse dont give me crap about injuries etc because despite this we have more than enough players available not to play these two clowns in the middle ever again !!.
Matt Gibbs
6   Posted 13/04/2008 at 10:51:30

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Well said Nick.

And given the vitriol of the last week or so, I’d also like to point out that Man Utd only beat Derby 1-0.

That said, however, I’m not happy with the performances since the Fiorentina game; but then again, we’ve played some great footy this year. I guess that’s part of the problem though, isn’t it?

I am happy enough not to be in another relegation battle. I’ve been supporting this club for nearly thirty years, and most seasons in recent memory have ended with me praying that we don’t end up in another relegation battle.

Blame Moyes all you like for his apparent tactical naivety, but the players, and I personally think, Bully and Kenwright are all equally to blame for the slide in performances. In fact, the latter needs to let someone else have a go at the train-set...
Gareth Hughes
7   Posted 13/04/2008 at 12:12:41

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Don?t know if anyone else noticed yesterday, Alan Hansen didn?t on MOTD.

When Birmingham scored thier free-kick we had a man on one post but no man on the post that Zarate scored at. Jags did make an attempt to run-back but to no avail. Now if we had a player on both posts, it would have been a simple header off the line. Another think with the goal was that Howard stood quite near to the post where we had the man on the post. If he shifted right, more to the unmarked post, maybe it would have been a simple save.
Steve Ryan
8   Posted 13/04/2008 at 12:48:20

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Nick Marsh, when talking about Moyes’s hoofball tactics and our midfield deficiencies you said that "does anyone really think that Moyes will not address the issue of concern at the end of the season" So after six years Nick, what makes next season any different? Furthermore, why do you think Everton are the only team to suffer from tired legs and injuries? I believe that three areas need to significantly improve to enable us to compete for silverware: 1. Consistency of certain players, (Arteta and Osman in particular - you don’t win trophies performing one in every five games), 2. Quality & technique throughout the team 3. Tactics (if the opposition dont have the ball they are not a danger so why revert to hoofball and give possession away cheaply?).
Trevor Thompson
9   Posted 13/04/2008 at 14:37:45

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Steve, this off-season will be a big one for us. It’ll prove whether the board are really ambitious or not. When Moyes had very little to spend he couldn’t go out and by midfielders that can actually pass the ball to feet. Slowly we are getting players there but, as you can see, when we have injuries we have to put the likes of Neville in the middle. If we have the money next season then midfield will be a priority. I think he as strengthened us at the back, up front is good but without the supply from midfield it’s going to be tough.
Ottar Gadid
10   Posted 13/04/2008 at 15:10:05

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Didn’t see the game this week end (sort of busy at the moment) but it doesn’t seem like I missed a classic...

Clearly we are in a slump right now, but get real; every team is at least once a season. For all those criticising hoofball, keep in mind that we played some absolutely lovely stuff during our long, lovely unbeaten run. Outarsing Arsenal? We did it, for my grandma’s sake! What we need, Steve Ryan, is consistency. Moyes showed that he wants to play the ball on the ground, tiredness, injuries and a wee crisis of faith keeps us from not doing that now.

Those bitching now are probably the same people who said we’d be crap this season, Spurs, Spammers, Barcodes, Pompey, Villa and blooming Sunderland would finish before us, and why on earth didn’t we buy Darren Bent, Scott Parker and Joey bloody Barton?

At the moment we aren’t very good, and our chances of getting into the CL are slim, but anyone with sense sees that this season has been a good’un: Cup run? Check. UEFA run? Check. Sixty something points? Check. Looking at the leaders without needing a freaking telescope? Check.

Moyes bought quality instead of quantity; this enabled us to pick up the amount of points we did around Christmas. Granted, it costs us now, but it is a step upwards on the ladder and a better way of improving than buying mediocrity which we would have to replace wholesale.

Look at Fulham, who bought shitloads of half-decent players. They will be relegated.
What we were looking for this season was an end to the yo-yoing that plagued us for the last couple of seasons, and we ended that thoroughly. We will have to improve next season too, but saying that is above Moyes is bollocks, considering how much we’ve improved since he came.

Sorry for the long rant, but the doomsayers showing their heads every time we hit a purple patch get on my nerves sometimes.
Nick Marsh
11   Posted 13/04/2008 at 16:01:11

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Steve Ryan, I suppose I see this year as different because we have improved and if you cant see that improvement then I for one am quite baffled, dont fall into the trap of judging our season on a run of 5 games, even Tony Marsh at one point this season was pleased with some of the football being played! "Furthermore, why do you think Everton are the only team to suffer from tired legs and injuries?" Here is why I think that although I did not say that, the top 3 and the shite have vast sums of money so tiredness wont affect them because they have huge squads, so lets take a look at the other teams who were in the uefa for the same time as we were, spurs got to the QF and played one extra game in the Carling cup and are performing poorly in the league, Bolton- relegation fight! Villa, Pompey, Man city, Blackburn all on our tails none of them have played nearly as many games as us so of course tiredness will play a part. I agree with your 3 points to improve and im sure Moyes does too.
Trevor Thompson
12   Posted 13/04/2008 at 20:42:01

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I never agree with tiredness being an excuse. Teams in the 70s and 80s used to play 44 games or more in a season. I think Aston Villa in 81 only used 14 players that season and still won the league. Players are much fitter back then than they are now and we all know Moyes loves his players to be fit and run around. Just think it’s a lack of quality on the park.

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