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The Mail Bag

Striker crisis

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According to the BBC rumour section Moyesey has "admitted he shoud never have sold McFadden in January" and has lost the race for fourth spot because of this. Jimmy Mac is doing great at Brum and is clearly a very useful player. I for one am inclined to agree. Having him in the side at Fulham and in the derby and we could have seen a different outcome. So, I´m interested to hear people´s views on this one: Did Moyes boob by selling McFadden?
Robert Prince, Sevilla     Posted 14/04/2008 at 12:41:18

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Michael Kenrick
I think Moyes's words have been mis-construed. He said "If we'd known what was around the corner, we wouldn't have let McFadden go." ? which is not quite the same thing as saying it was a mistake or admitting we should never have sold McFadden in January.

The point being he could not have known what was around the corner... (or could he?). And the sale was generally met with approvoal by most of our readers, who proclaimed it to be "good business". I think it's called being wise after the event...

Barrie Hemsley
1   Posted 14/04/2008 at 12:35:50

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Surely selling him wasn't the real problem (he had his chances and we made a good profit from him) ? it was not actually replacing his place in the squad.

So with a replacement still needed for McFadden, Fernandes loan running out, and with Gravesen & VDM likely off in the Summer, that's a minimum of 4 players to buy ? just to stay where we are!

I think Moyes has proven he can find a good player, at a good price, more often than not - so has to be given funds to resupply the squad. Even if he gets £20M to spend (which, I think is more than he?s spent in any close season, and is a hugely optimistic transfer pot) that?s an average of £5M per man. That?s less than the cost of buying Jason Koumas last year!

Martin Cutler
2   Posted 14/04/2008 at 15:06:07

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Can you imagine Moyes admitting it was a mistake to sell McFadden? I?m not saying he?d lie about it (not at all) but just the notion that he would publicly say something like that, that?s not him.
In any event, it?s all hindsight... and very easy for anybody to say that we shouldn?t have sold him given our injuries....... it was right in my opinion to sell him at the time for the money on offer.
Of course McFadden looks good for Brum...he?s getting more game time (same as Defoe for Portsmouth) but game time just wasn?t going to happen at Everton.

Quick point:
I?m surprised that there hasn?t been more complaints about that idiot stood in front of Howard when Brum got the free-kick goal?? Technically not offside but surely he was interfering with Howard?!?!?!?!?
Erik Dols
3   Posted 14/04/2008 at 15:22:27

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No, he didn’t boob with selling McFadden. Faddy hardly ever played this season, never made a real impact for more than a short period and we got a decent fee for him.

Moyes could have bought or loaned another striker of course. In hindsight, he really should have done so, but on the other hand I can imagine Moyes thinking that with 4 strikers and Cahill he would have enough attacking options. And even if ha’d bought another attacking player who knows if that guy would have turned the world around?

Don’t get me wrong, looking back now I wish we’d bought/loaned/whatever an extra striker. But at that time I could live with the decision not to. And I’m not convinced that we would have pulled in a world-class player who wouldn’t need any time to adopt at all.

Alex May
4   Posted 14/04/2008 at 15:43:55

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It is sod’s law that after accepting an offer for a frustrating bit part player that you simply couldn’t turn down, you lose 4 strikers and a couple of midfielders to injury.

That doesn’t make it the wrong decision and his full statement suggests as much.
Ben Howard
5   Posted 14/04/2008 at 16:01:16

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Correct to sell
Wrong to not replace
Joe McMahon
6   Posted 14/04/2008 at 16:16:25

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Given the injury history of Vaughan the the prolific goal scoring records of AJ and Vic, it should have been imperitive that even a loan replacement was brough it. If we went further in ALL cup competitions it would have meant even more games, on top of the quest for 4th place. Moyes/Kenwright also knew that by far our best striker was leaving for several weeks for the AFCON.
Anthony O'Sullivan
7   Posted 14/04/2008 at 16:24:47

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At the time I said it was a mistake that we had no need to sell him and we would need him if we got a bad run of injuries.

Guess what happened?

Could have sold him in the summer for the same money and got someone in to replace him.
Mike Hughes
8   Posted 14/04/2008 at 17:27:23

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Didn?t we have Yak, Vic, Vaughn and AJ all fit at the time? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I was made up we got £5.5million for J McFadden. He was a squad player at best and his first touch and finishing were lousy at times. If I was DM I don?t think I?d have spent the money on another striker at that time but on a midfielder. Perhaps half the money has gone on Pienaar. Who knows?
Danny Broderick
9   Posted 14/04/2008 at 17:32:11

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Good bit of business, £5.5 million and we also had Yak, AJ, Vic and Vaughny, not to mention Cahill who had been playing more advanced.
Only if he’d had a crystal ball could he have foreseen injuries to Cahill, AJ, Vaughan and Vic...
Tony Williams
10   Posted 14/04/2008 at 17:36:59

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Ahhh we are back to the Jimmy McFadden, the saviour again.

He was shit for us and therefore we were right to get shut.

Whomever deals with the transfers out should be given a whopping bonus, £2M for Bent and Killbane, £5.5M for Fadds. It?s lucky that we are not getting investigated by Crimestoppers for daylight robbery.
Andy Spence
11   Posted 14/04/2008 at 17:44:50

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Tony Willliams@ SPOT ON M8.Best part of £10 million for them 3 is fukin brilliant buisness
Brett Bradshaw
12   Posted 14/04/2008 at 19:13:52

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It was a good deal! At the time he was 5th choice striker and with Jutks, and a few other youngsters coming through he didn't stand a chance.

His price was inflated because of his performance for Scotland, had he stayed with us and played a few games and scored none his price could have dropped a fair bit.
Mark Pendleton
13   Posted 14/04/2008 at 19:26:38

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Just think, had we not sold McFadden during out recent form we could have been berating him instead of Neville/Hibbo etc.

£6m for him - yeah, like we could hang around when that was on offer. Either that or £2.5m from Celtic in the summer and it wouldn’t have had ANY impact on our league position.
Mike Robinson
14   Posted 14/04/2008 at 20:06:53

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Looking back over the league matches since January, I only think McFadden would have only realistically made a difference against Fulham (+1 pt).

£6M was still a great deal and I think lower/mid table is about his level.
Kevin Gillen
15   Posted 14/04/2008 at 21:35:05

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I think it was shortsighted to sell. Yes we got good money for him and Faddy doesn?t owe us a penny, good luck to him, but he often performed well against the best teams and is better than either Vaughan or Anichebe in that he could also play wide left or right. I also think he was one of the best footballers we had and might well have made a difference in the derby, at Fulham, Birmingham, and even fiorentina and we would now be looking forward to a momentous Uefa Cup Semi Final. We didn?t need to sell and it wasn?t in the best interests of the team.
Neal King
16   Posted 14/04/2008 at 22:45:12

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Bollocks, he was shit and wouldn't have got us any points that we didn't get in the last few weeks. He had his chance and many more so let it go, good riddance!
Dick Fearon
17   Posted 15/04/2008 at 00:11:34

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Hindsight may be a wonderful thing but foresight is even better. I was one of the few who voiced concern at the McFadden transfer.

My reasons, he had never had a decent run in his proper, central striking, position and only in that position could his true worth be evalued.
Leaving aside the fact that he was not playing in his rightful position he was still a far better footballer with heaps more skill and more experienced than AJ, Victor and injury prone Vaugnn.

Some may think it sacriligeous to compare Jimmy Mac with the great Alex Young yet in many ways they were similar.

Slight of build though not small, a good header, out jumped taller opponents, cool under pressure, able to beat his man, powerful accurate shot, ball player not a battering ram.
By holding onto the ball he brought team mates into play and as shown at Brum and for Scotland he is a good finisher.
Bearing in mind the games many changes I invite comments from anyone, who like me, actually saw the Ghost or Vision as he was later called
Some of those ridiculous fees touted for untried youngsters and mediocre has beens makes what we got for Jimmy nothing less than bare faced robbery. It certainly was NOT the Sale of the Century.
18   Posted 15/04/2008 at 07:32:18

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Faddy and Alex Young in the same sentence?

Please alert an admin...something must be wrong with the server
Michael Brien
19   Posted 15/04/2008 at 07:47:39

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The biggest mistake is one that Everton have made several times over many years - selling a player and not having a replacement lined up. It may be good money that we got for McFadden - but we did not have a replacement signing in mind. Years ago Mr Catterick told us that £220,000 for Alan Ball was good business - but somehow getting a replacement didn’t appear to be on the agenda.
2008 - and yet again we do the same thing.When will Everton’s management ever learn? As regards McFadden - not in the same class as the great Alex Young - but it seems that some people have short memories - a good player.And if you want to move forward you don’t sell good players unless and only unless you have a better replacement to bring in.
Dick Fearon
20   Posted 15/04/2008 at 10:08:36

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I did not say McFadden was better than Young only that they had similar attributes.
Another point is that Young was older when he came to Everton than Faddy was when he left.
Young usually played his normal role of central striker in a good team.
Faddy was expected to chase after stupid wide high balls served up by the self same ones who are buggering up Aj and the Yak.

I worshipped the Ghost from the day he came to when he left and in no way was it my intention to belittle him.
I merely want to put on record that IMO McFadden did not get a fair run in his best position and we could live to regret it.
David Dunne
21   Posted 15/04/2008 at 12:20:40

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You are right; some may think it sacreligious to compare Jimmy Mac with the great Alex Young.
And they would be right.
Mike Allison
22   Posted 15/04/2008 at 14:30:31

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He was right to sell, but we’re three midfielders short of a squad. We’ve generally played a five man midfield, but only actually own four midfielders! Even if we sign Pienaar AND Fernandes (which I think we must) we still need three more good midfielders to complete a season challenging in four competitions. With apologies for the FM-esque nature of the following, I’d be looking at Jimmy Bullard, James Harper, Giles Barnes and Adam Johnson before going overseas.
Alex Spelling
23   Posted 15/04/2008 at 14:59:49

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Add to the mix the fact that we offered Faddy a new long-term contract, hence Moyes did not want to sell him, but he turned it down because he wanted guaranteed first team football. If he wouldnt commit and was honest about wanting regular action we needed to maximise the financial return on him: job done.
Mike Owen
24   Posted 15/04/2008 at 15:19:43

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Not occurred to anyone we may have needed the money ... and couldn’t spend it on a replacement.
Remember how much we spent last summer.

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