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The Mail Bag

Rallying Cry

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This Thursday, all I want to see is the boys give it their all. We know at the moment the season is petering out as a damp squib, but these boys during the season, have put in some maginificent backs-to-the-wall performances to pull through tough periods.

The Spurs match at the start of the season, the Chelsea League Cup Semi Final first leg, the Derby match at Goodison and most recently the Fiorentina match. Although the team may have failed to win some of those matches through sheer awful decisions or bad luck, they still gave their all throughout the match and really wore the badge with pride on their shirt.

Now, at this critical stage of the season- we know we have to be results driven. But at the moment, the type of performances the lads put in are hardly going to achieve the results expected. On Thursday against Chelsea, if the team, tired with injuries and all, just puts on a lion's performance under the lights at Goodison I'll be happy. I'll be happy if they still lose and they went for it. As at the end of the day, the players can then kick on from a performance like that and push home through the last couple of games. The fans will roar them on if we see they have given their all.

I know some people may disagree but all I want from these players in the next few games is ONE brilliant performance that really makes us proud. One performance will go a long way to securing 5th ? otherwise, the team will continue to wallow in its self-pity that we can't play well with so many injured players.

One decent showing against Chelsea- and I'm sure the whole of the club and the supporters will push on all the way to the end. NSNO.
Ric  Wallace, Cheshire     Posted 15/04/2008 at 16:45:26

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Gavin Ramejkis
1   Posted 15/04/2008 at 17:14:20

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The first leg against Chelski, instead of turning the screw we sat back and let them back into the game with ten effing men and a midget winning a header over the top of Lescott, wouldn’t call it a belter to remember.
Jason Cooke
2   Posted 15/04/2008 at 21:06:29

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This Thusday!!!!! What about every game untill season stops....if they want 4th then it doesn?t need us to be talking about it. Last week was crap we should beat them with half a fucking team. Bullet up their arse and secure 5th. PLEASE
Dick Fearon
3   Posted 15/04/2008 at 23:10:26

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Lowly Wigan thoroughly earned that point against Chelsea and with a bit of luck could have had all 3 points.
The question is, do we have a better side than Wigan? If they can do the business away from home then us at home surely should do better.
I am not concerned about Carsley or Neville. They are able to give and take with the toughest.
My main worry if they play are Osman and Pienaar.
At some point in the game they will face a physical challenge from Essien and that could be the end of them.

Steve Pendleton
4   Posted 16/04/2008 at 06:20:22

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You’re right Dick about the vulnerability of Peinaar and Osman against the size of Chelsea midfielders but at least they can fall back on skill when in doubt.

Carsley and Neville may be able to match it with their size but unfortunatley they don’t have the skill to match.

For mine, I’m more worried about the latter two as they have this uncanny knack of giving silly free kicks away from just outside the box which will be costly as the likes of Lampard, Ballack and Essien will capatlise.
Dave Lynch
5   Posted 16/04/2008 at 09:17:00

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Do we have a better side than Wigan ?
Not sure we do.
They have a very physical as well as skillfull team, trouble is there flair players are a bit hit and miss at times.
When they play well they are very difficult to beat.
Back to Chelsea though.
Can’t see us getting anything but a lesson in how to control a football match from start to finish.
They will be hurting after the other night and there strength in depth will be to much for us.
We are lacking in to many positions, especially midfield for us to trouble them.
Saying that though.
Someone once said. ’It’s a funny old game’.
Steve Ryan
6   Posted 16/04/2008 at 11:44:33

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Ric, sadly it’s not part of Moyse’s mentality to go for the jugular. If he didn’t encourage all out attack against low calibre teams like Derby, Fulham and Birgingham when the carrot was a Champions League place, what makes you think he will change his inherently negative approach against Chelsea. Hopefully, I will be proved wrong but I’m not holding my breath mate.
John Lloyd
7   Posted 16/04/2008 at 12:19:31

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FFS Dave Lynch, I know we are not playing well but are you suggesting Wigan are better than us? A team that contains Heskey & Bramble plus players we have offloaded Kilbane (at LB FFS & Bent) not to mention the overrated Koumas??? That is just daft, talk about knee jerk reaction.
The rest of what you say makes sense an that is how my head says thursday will go but as always my heart says we can get something & we owe them one but the opening comments are a bit out of whack mate
Dave Lynch
8   Posted 16/04/2008 at 12:49:03

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The players you have mentioned.
Beside Heskey. Are all squad players.
We all have em mate ie. Graveson.
The regular members of the Wigan squad
iie. Brown,Palacios,Sibierski, Valencia and Kupisz are all good footballers but a bit unpredictable at times.
Melchiot also is still a solid player. In squad terms i think they are stronger than us.
Bad management has got them where they are.
PS. How Bramble ever made it as a footballer is beyond me.
Tony Part
9   Posted 16/04/2008 at 13:02:24

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Wigan cant be said to be better than Everton, it's just that Everton are not as good as we think.. We had ambitions for fourth place but in a real world there is no way we are as good a team as Liverpool like it or not... They have a bigger squad and more match winners at this present moment in time.

I think we are and should be Uefa Cup contenders every season now really and anything less would be a step down again. Until we have serious financial clout to keep up with the big spenders then that has to be the maximum of our ambitions.

As regards to tomorrows game, Chelsea still have to win that match to give themselves a fighting chance, I think our season is dead now in terms of what we have left to offer. I think it will be close only because Chelsea are not prolific scorers.. My prediction 0-1 defeat..

John Lloyd
10   Posted 16/04/2008 at 13:06:45

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Micheal Brown is a hard working yet poor player who has a terrible disciplinary record, in short a horrible bastard.

Sibierski, are you sure you mean the same fella who got discarded by Man City & Newcastle and manages about 10 mins a game yet still looks knackered??

Out of Valencia & Palacios one is a good player who will probably move on to a better club yet the other on has found his level, but I don't know which one is which sorry!! ha ha

I?m sticking to my guns here, squad, team or man for man we are better than Wigan??
Of course they have a few good players they are a Premier League side, but even so....

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