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The Mail Bag

Where are the balls?

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Looking at our games against the so called "big 4" over the last few months and one thing that really annoys me most about us is our lack of fight and bottle.

I travelled back for the Liverpool game and genuinelly thought "Let's have them". With them having their major knock out tournament on their mind, it was my thinking that Moyes would tell them to get at them, see how important they really think this Chapoions League is and see if they fancy it.

To mine, and I guess many an Evertonian's disappointment, it was clear from the offset we were never going to do that. Not once did I see a player launch into a 50/50 with a bit of fight.

Liverpool played around as and ultimately, battered us. Last night, I thought the same thing, lets get at them, they have Tuesday on their minds, lets see which one of them fancies it; again ? nothing. Not even one player booked last night.

Now, I am not an advisory for bad tackles, far from it, I belive in the beautiful game, but you have to be able to mix it up a little. This has led to me kind of agreeing with the Tony Marsh theory (never thought I would say that) and thinking, are we just too lightweight in our tackles? Maybe so, but one thing is for sure, if we do not get our heads back on the ball soon, this season will turn out to be a major disappointment.

As an Evertonian I don't believe what we have acheived this season has been amazing, merely continued progress, but not getting 5th would, I think represent major failure!
Garry Lloyd, Jersey     Posted 18/04/2008 at 09:34:57

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Lee Smith
1   Posted 18/04/2008 at 14:17:39

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Having just read this article something has popped into my mind. Now I know this is probably WAY off the mark, and I hope it is, but here goes....

One thing that seemed strange to me about last nights game was an instance when Carsley and I think Essien were both going head to head for a 50/50. Now 99 times out of 100, Carsley would have gone for it 110%, taken the ball, and no doubt a fairly large chunk of Essien as well, but on this occasion he seemed to pull out of it at the last minute. Very odd I thought. Now this is my thought that will no doubt get me shot down...

With our form being so bad at the moment, could Moyes possibly have one eye on qualifying for the UEFA Cup via the fair play league? We are currently the highest ranked club in the English fair play table who haven’t already qualified for Europe through the ’normal’ channels, and at the moment England are in line to recieve one of the two extra UEFA Cup places through the European fair play league. If we keep our card count down over the last few games, it looks likely that we will qualify for Europe anyway.

Take it away conspiracy fans!!!......
Andy Hudson
2   Posted 18/04/2008 at 14:34:44

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Good question Lee. Could be possible, but i’d think its unlikely. More chance of it being that with our current injury list he didn’t want to risk an injury from a player who has been known to go over the top with studs showing in the past. I think his experience would tell him that he’d be better of losing out on that one then be injured for the rest of the season.
Patty Beesley
3   Posted 18/04/2008 at 15:01:06

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Where are the balls? Certainly not in our opponent?s net!!
Richard Harris
4   Posted 18/04/2008 at 15:18:19

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Garry asked "are we just too lightweight in our tackles?"
Unfortunately we are too lightweight in most areas !
How many times in the last few years have we gone into a game saying we can get a result here, only to be disappointed. As long as relegation isn’t an issue then I’d rather have a glorious failure but have seen a team at least battle, create chances and excite than the generally effective but ultimately meek show on offer that doesn’t win crucial games to actually achieve success.
Gavin Ramejkis
5   Posted 18/04/2008 at 15:59:29

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I replied to another post about last night’s shambolic display that DM’s huff and puff team have hit their zenith, as Chelski showed us last night the need for actual footballers and not just hard grafters is all too apparent, you can huff and puff all night but it’s pointless if you come across a footballer that will turn you inside out without skipping a beat or breaking into a sweat and show your team up as what it has sadly become - one dimensional and tactically unable to change. Heard many a fan around me in the Park End last night say they could defend against half of Everton’s play; for example high ball to AJ’s head and him running like a scolded cat into a corner, an old woman could defend against that and I don’t want to hear the lads worked hard but it didn’t quite go our way. Chelsea were not brilliant last night but a few of their players (non English ones predominantly) showed how you can pass and move quickly and go past your opposition. Unless DM starts looking to add this multi-dimensional footballer to the team instead of grafters we won’t see the next step.
Patty Beesley
6   Posted 18/04/2008 at 16:11:34

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According to the official website, Stevie P thinks the past weeks are all down to being absolutely fatigued!! I am 68, have supported the Club for ovr 50 years, I work full-time five days a week in a very hectic Architect's Practice. I go home shattered but have to think of the domestic side of my life and the work it involves i.e. ironing, housework, cooking etc. etc. and tend a big garden. I get paid a pittance to what they get paid for training during the week and playing one game a week [on average]. Yeah, I get fatigued as well!!!
Joe McMahon
7   Posted 18/04/2008 at 17:31:02

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I had a thought last week, these dreadfull performaces started before the last game against Fiorentina. Portsmouth at home & Sunderland away. We won both one nil, but were not convincing.....just a thought.
Joe McMahon
8   Posted 18/04/2008 at 17:34:17

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SORRY- Portsmouth at home was OK- I meant Reading.
Peter Eastoe
9   Posted 18/04/2008 at 17:59:03

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One thing I won’t do is blame the manager.
The players have just given up and look as if they are counting the days when they can bugger of to Marbella with their WAGS and put their feet up.
Ironic really as they had they’ve feet up for weeks !
Jay Harris
10   Posted 18/04/2008 at 18:21:32

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Gavin I normally agree with a lot of your comments on here but whilst I agree we didnt do much in front of goal except for Manny neither did Chelsea and I thought Essien controlled it with his arm for the goal.
Both sides looked a bit tired to me but the difference in quality looked about 200 millions worth.
The only consolation is we are now seeing less of the Blue Bill for president posts.
Gavin Ramejkis
11   Posted 18/04/2008 at 18:58:59

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Jay I know Essien used his arm, me and the entire Park End screamed as much when he did it. I was talking about Chelski’s assembled African and European footballers that when they did pass did so with great aplomb, yes their ability to put sides to the sword saved us getting a kicking, but did show us up big time as our players reminded me of those I watched in ’74 in the World Cup when faced with Johann Cruyff when he first introduced his turn leaving looking the wrong way as he was already going past them.
Dick Fearon
12   Posted 19/04/2008 at 01:09:09

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It is a bit depressing when our manager is almost pleading with his monstrously paid players not let slip our 5th place.
Instead of that kind of whimpering he should be publicly kicking a few of their well padded arses .
Trevor Thompson
13   Posted 18/04/2008 at 18:42:33

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Let's wait til they score... before we start trying to attack them. We always start caustiously against the 'big four' then as soon as they score we start attacking. The full-backs get involved sometimes the defenders start bringing the ball out from defence and we look slightly (not much) dangerous and more likely to cause the oppo trouble. Weird.

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