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The Mail Bag

Manny on the wing?

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With the short time he has to impress, why was Fernandes put wide on the right, then swapping with Piennar, wide left? For a short period of the Chelsea game he went in the middle and looked impressive with his passing ability. Moyes has got to play him in his rightful position.

There were a couple of occasions when the ball got rolled out to Jags, he then just hoofed it up field, when it should have been passed to Fernandes and posession would have been ours instead of blatantly giving the ball away. I'm Manny's biggest critic but give the lad a chance in his rightful position.
Colin Malone, Wirral     Posted 19/04/2008 at 08:04:27

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Connor Rohrer
1   Posted 19/04/2008 at 16:40:50

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Probably because we have no wingers fit and Manny whilst not a wide player is more comfortable out there than Carsley, Gravesen and Neville.

I personally would have played Baines on the left, Carsley and Fernandes in the middle and Pienaar wide right. Moyes didn’t see it like that though and went for the amazing Carsley and Neville partnership centrally.

Fernandes when he moved inside was impressive. He was dropping as deep as possible and demanding the ball and that impresses me. One of the main reasons I want to sign him is because he’s a flair player who turns up in big games. We lack that at the moment.

Personally Colin I’d go 4-5-1 like you said last week and get as many flair players in there possible. I know I disagreed last week but the football has to improve so getting as many footballers in there is key. I’d think about going like this in midfield:

Mike Oates
2   Posted 19/04/2008 at 17:00:15

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Fernandes best position is undoubtedly centre midfield and I think long term he is the solution to get us playing football on the deck - but the problem is that at the moment he gives the ball away too much and often in dangerous positions. On a number of occassions he lost possession on Thursday and Chelsea broke quickly and should have score.

I still believe that Fernandes has the class we want but I fear that if he screws up over the next 3 games - particularly if he costs us a goal then Moyes will give him th epush.

Ideal midfield
Arteta Cahill Fernades Osman and Pinnear
BUT only until we sign some decent pacy winger or class central midfield then Pinnear or Ossie should give way
Colin Malone
3   Posted 19/04/2008 at 18:11:14

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Connor, I agree, Carsley is the best ball winner, but his passing is not up to scratch, so if he can give that short pass to Manny not Neville, then we can keep posession and that is a plus, instead of hoofball from the back.
Jay Harris
4   Posted 19/04/2008 at 20:45:19

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We also have to remeber that Manny is playing in a deplted side and noone is looking to take the ball off him when he is under pressure so he?s bound to lose possession once or twice but I would willingly swap that for the Phil Neville hoof or the Carsley corner flag shot.
Manny was the only one who came close to a goal on Thursday.
Marc Williams
5   Posted 19/04/2008 at 20:35:45

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Connor, I was just discussing this with a friend today & came to the same conclusion as you.
If Arteta & Osman are fit then go with it but if not I think Baines should play on the left wing to allow Peanuts to go on the right & Manny in the middle.
Alot depends on the fitness of those carrying niggling injuries as to whos available but I think we have more options than just disaster of Neville/Carsley in CM if DM has the bottle to try them.
Colin O'Keeffe
6   Posted 19/04/2008 at 22:06:27

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Connor and Mike probably both have it right with the reasons for him playing wide at the moment - he can still do damage there as well if you remember the way he came inside and fed Osman brilliantly for the Derby goal 2 weeks ago. I think he?s got great potential and would like to see us get him on loan for a full season, or if not see if he can be bought for around £5 million.

On the subject of the present midfield, a lot has been written on this site recently about the deficiencies of Phil Neville in midfield, particularly in relation to his passing abilities. I just happened to be checking out the stats on the top performers in the Prem this season in various categories. Guess who figures in the top ten for completed passes this season? Yes you guessed it, Captain Marvel with 1380!! I guess there?s lies, damned lies.....

Rob Hollis
7   Posted 20/04/2008 at 02:23:31

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Neville may have completed 1380. The fact that 1368 of them went to the opposition seems to have been overlooked.

I don’t think a whole stadium full of supporters can be wrong every week.
Gerry Western
8   Posted 20/04/2008 at 18:50:45

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Why is it we are caught up in this continual Carsley and Neville discussion. The truth is one would arrive at the same conclusion irrespective of who partners Neville. I really do feel Carsley gets a lot of bad press as a result, largely due to the fact he more than anyone else has been unfortunate enough to have to play with Neville. The truth is that Neville should never play in the middle frankly just about anyone in the squad would be better than Neville. Sadly Moyes has yet to work that one out
Will Bruce
9   Posted 20/04/2008 at 19:59:57

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Brilliant post on the official website.....'Manny is close to full fitness' many games do we and him have left?

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