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The Mail Bag

Whatever happened to...?

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Pardon my french but where the fuck is Anthony Gardner? He is probably being paid £20k a week to sit in the stands, along with Gravesen (Chelsea game notwithstanding when he came on and was shocking) and Van der Meyde. Their combined wages must be 60 grand a week, a hefty drain on our meagre resources.

How disappointing it is that the press never ask Moyes where these players are, what their fitness is, and how he can justify signing them in the first place! How sadly typical it is also that the Moyes lovers amongst the fans choose to ignore these atrocious misjudgements in the transfer market.
Gareth  Hughes, Liverpool     Posted 21/04/2008 at 11:37:27

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Brian Baker
1   Posted 21/04/2008 at 14:23:25

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Good bench warmers don?t come cheap these days. Lol!

As we haven?t seen Gardner play yet, its a bit difficult to judge his worth. If we don?t find a replacement CB by the end of the summer transfer window, don?t be surprised if he is back on loan next season.
Matt Sweeney
2   Posted 21/04/2008 at 14:27:10

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Gravesen and Gardney were hardly ’atrocious misjudgements’ considering both only came on loan. Loaning Gravesen was a gamble, which unfortunately didn’t pay off. As for Garnder, he was obviously only bought in for back up. Luckily we haven’t had many injuries to our centre-backs, so he hasn’t been needed.

As far as Van Der Meyde goes, fans always put him under the ’worst everton transfers’ list - hardly being ignored is it?
Connor Rohrer
3   Posted 21/04/2008 at 14:17:14

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Anthony Gardner was brought hear to be back up and 4th choice centre half in case we had any serious injury problems at the back. With Stubbsy leaving we only had three centre halves and one was at the African nations so Anthony Gardner is useful cover in my opinion. He was never expected to play and considering how good Yobo, Jagielka and Lescott have been there was no chance he’d get a look in.

Gravesen was a last minute resort because of the Fernandes situation. He was brought to boost the numbers and nothing more. No one knew he’d be as bad as he was. He actually looked decent against Bolton but his fitness and injury problems have let him down.

Van der Meyde could have been a good signing. No one knew he had such bad personal problems. I like many other Evertonians approved of the signing and thought he was going to be the real deal. He had an excellent pedigree, he was an international and he was excellent at Ajax. A very talented player still but his time has passed and he’s obviously upset Moyes in some way and is no longer used unless we are desperate.

I don’t see the reason for the silly rant to be honest. The players mentioned are the least of our worries. The players that matter are the ones that are in contention to play and do the business on the pitch. All three will more than likely be shipped out at the end of the season and are only cover for our team at the moment. As I’ve said the least of our worries.

Moyes’s transfer dealings have been pretty good on the whole in my opinion. All three of his signings last season where good signings whereas Jagielka, Yakubu and Pienaar have also been excellent signings this year. There’s also the likes of Cahill, Yobo, Arteta and Martyn who I haven’t even mentioned. Obviously he’s had a few dodgy ones but more successful than dodgy in my opinion.
Ben Threadwell
4   Posted 21/04/2008 at 14:42:49

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Sorry Connor, minimal research would have shown that VdM had much previous as a scrimshanker and played only a handful of games for his previous club. As far as Gravesen was concerned every Scottish newspaper was saying his legs had gone early last season.

Anthony Gardener was an equally ridiculous signing as he had been injured for months at Spurs and was not fit to play at any level until he had been here five bloody weeks!

Juan Roman
5   Posted 21/04/2008 at 14:48:08

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Fundamental flaw there though: Gardner was brought in when Yobo was away at ANC. However, Gardner was himself injured so hardly likely to be wise cover for Yobo. As for the others ?on the pitch?, well Moyes has stated the reduced size of squad, one he was happy with, but now bemoans that injuries leave the other players tired. Diddums. I get tired doing twice the work for 2% of the salary. That money could have been used to loan players who could, ahem, play.
Erik Dols
6   Posted 21/04/2008 at 15:08:16

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Rumour has it VdM is on £30k a week, and Gravesen on £60k a week, but we only have to pay for Gravesen when he plays. That would make it a whopping £110k a week for these three in the weeks that Gravs plays.

Personally I can see why Gardner and Gravesen were loaned although in hindsight of course we’d better saved ourselves the money. These are typical last-minute transfers just to fill the numbers.

And VdM at that time was considered a big signing. Personally I never rated him that high and thought he left for Inter way too early in his career. In Holland, articles on his mentality and doubts over his professionalism were published well before he left Ajax. On the other hand, had he at Ajax he didn’t struggle as much with injuries as he did here and I think Moyes hoped he could teach VdM how to live like a real pro. If that would have happened, VdM could have been a real star by now.
Andy Hudson
7   Posted 21/04/2008 at 15:37:16

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For all those saying ’I dont know why Gardner was signed’ then I can sum it up very easily.... as back up!

Yeah we’ve not needed him but if we’d had an injury crisis the decimated our back line like the one affecting our midfield it would have been a great signing. Yeah he was injured when we got him, but as far a who was available to replace stubbs then I can’t think of many better players we could have brought in for the run in. Yeah I agree he’s no John Terry or even Lescott, but he’s a decent player who would have been more usefull then playing one of the kids if we’d had an injury crisis.
Bret Davis
8   Posted 21/04/2008 at 20:08:44

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You obviously didn’t see his last game for Spurs then! He was a bloody embarrassment.
Ray Robinson
9   Posted 21/04/2008 at 20:11:34

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If Gardner was bought as backup, surely it made sense for the guy to be fit! It was a strange signing. Looks like the guy’s on gardening leave anyway.
Juan Roman
10   Posted 21/04/2008 at 20:38:09

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Eh Juan Roman, why are you using my name instead of your own?

Okay, so the two of you need to sort this nonsense out. Both of you (Andy R and Shane C) have been using Juan Roman...

No more, please. Let's be having your proper names. Thanks

Michael Kenrick,
ToffeeWeb Editor

Brian Waring
11   Posted 21/04/2008 at 20:36:26

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Andy, so Gardner is a decent player? So why then did Spurs loan him to us, when they were struggling with injuries at the back themselves ? A few times things were that bad, they were playing a midfielder as centre half. So if he is a decent player, then why didn?t they keep him there as back up?
Roy Coyne
12   Posted 21/04/2008 at 20:42:10

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Connor, of the players you mention VDM as some have already posted a little research would have shown a high risk factor; Grav As soon as we got him, two guys who travel to watch Celtic each week could not wait to take the piss; and Gardener likewise ? Spurs fans emailed me to thank Bill on their behalf. So, all in all, poor choices.
Brian Richardson
13   Posted 21/04/2008 at 21:37:26

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I was under the impression we only paid Gravesen when he played. Sounds fairly shrewd to me? As for Shandy Andy, Moyes took a gamble on a supremely gifted individual. The gamble didn’t pay off, but I don’t blame Moyes for trying. It’s a crying shame that Shandy has been such a disappointment - his alcohol and other personal problems have ruined an extremely promising career.

As for Gardner, it shows remarkable ignorance to slate Moyes for bringing him in on loan. What would you have said if Yobo and Lescott picked up injuries with 5 games to go? When you heard we had an opportunity to bring in a young centre back with Premiership experience, you’d have been going mad that Moyes failed to snap him up.
Jason Lam
14   Posted 22/04/2008 at 06:45:48

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Let’s pray that Lescott, Jags and Yobo get injured so Gardner plays and we get our money’s worth.

At least he’s tall.
Gavin Ramejkis
15   Posted 22/04/2008 at 08:20:48

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The first few games Gardner played for the reserves when he was deemed fit again we lost, if he can?t defend in a reserves game then no thanks, send him back to Spurs. Gravesen should have been sent packing in January with the constant "he?s finished" ringing around and if his last outing is anything to go by then off you pop Grav. VDM should have been shown the door LAST season, he?s done sod all for the club, oh he has family problems yeah sure so do many people that post and read on this site but would your bosses give a tinker?s toss? Form TS1 - Tough Shit and away you go.
Connor Rohrer
16   Posted 22/04/2008 at 10:22:52

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I don?t think Van der Meyde was that much of a risk at the time. The only thing that stands out for me was his injury around the medical. Yes there where rumours that he didn?t have a good mentality and he was a poor trainer but nothing ever came out like it has now. Rumors are rumours and there are many players who are poor trainers. Duncan Ferguson and Gary Liniker where supposedly terrible trainers.

At the time we where being rejected by players left, right and centre. The likes of Parker, Emre and Forsell wouldn?t even join us and our current left and right wingers where Kevin Kilbane and Simon Davies in the Champions League.

Van der Meyde had pedigree about him, he was an international and he would have been without doubt one of our better players. We where looking for proven quality with experience and Van der Meyde ticked both boxes.

The fact that he only cost £1.8 million shows he wasn?t a gamble. Thats fuck all in today's football and no one could have predicted the problems he would have had with his daughter and Moyes off the pitch.
Erik Dols
17   Posted 22/04/2008 at 10:57:50

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You’re right Connor. I just don’t like the guy. Never did.

Only thing I want to add: Van der Meyde played his best matches for Ajax either as the attacker on the right wing in a 4-3-3 system, or (and this were really his best performances that earned him his transfer to Inter) as one of the two strikers in a 4-4-2 setup. In both versions he had midfielders behind him that covered any defensive duties that you might expect from him. The guy is an attacker and nothing else. He will not and cannot track back if his opponent chooses to go forward. He even seldom puts a defender under pressure when the ball is lost. Inter made the mistake expecting they could use him as a wide midfielder, and I always thought Moyes either made the same mistake or hoped he could turn VdM into a useful midfielder. It’s impossible. VdM needs someone to cover for his total lack of interest in the game when his team is not in possession.
Connor Rohrer
18   Posted 22/04/2008 at 11:20:10

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Erik, I agree he’s a right wing forward if anything. You just can’t get the best of of him in a four man midfield as he can’t do the defensive duties that are asked of him. I see comparisons in Ryan Babel at Liverpool although he is learning. At first they where playing him on the left of a four man midfield and it didn’t suit him whereas now he’s playing in a 4-3-3 and is reveling. Babel is 20 though and will have time to adapt whereas Van der Meyde came at 26 and I doubt he could have ever adapted.

To be honest I never seen Vdm play as an out and out striker at Ajax. I always thought it was a 4-2-3-1 system they where trying to play under Koeman. Ibrahimavic as the centre forward, Van der Vaart as the link player, Van der Meyde and Pienaar in the wide positions. Obviously they had other options in terms of personnel but that or the 4-3-3 was always the system they used.

What Dutch team do you support Erik?
Erik Dols
19   Posted 22/04/2008 at 12:45:13

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Hehe, you don’t wanna know. MVV from Maastricht down in the south. Finished 5th in the First division, hope to get promoted to the Dutch Premier League in the play-offs. Average attendance: about 6500, although the general consensus is that in a new stadium and when back in the Dutch PL that would be doubled at least. In short: small stuff, but hey they’re my hometown team (although I don’t live there anymore). If I had to choose one of the ’bigger’ Dutch teams I would choose Feyenoord Rotterdam, but they don’t come close to the feelings I have with Everton and MVV. These two teams really are in my blood.

On the role of VdM: well it really depends on how you look at it. Pienaar and Van der Vaart at least did their defensive duties, VdM didn’t and left it to Galasek behind him most of the time, that’s why I (and enough journalists in that time) saw him more as an attacker than a midfielder. I agree that he didn’t function as a real striker, but he used to play deep out wide to create room for upcoming midfielders/right defenders (Trabelsi, ex-Man City) and to give Ibrahimovic the space to flourish. The general idea was to show that the guy is no midfielder though ;-)

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