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First of all I would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations on "The deal of the century" no, not the Kirby deal of course but the signing of Pienaar. If the clubs rumoured to have been interested in signing him (Arsenal etc) were not, why not?

Secondly I also want to say that I am in agreement with Connor Rohrer (sp) regarding Fernandes. I don't think he is an attacking/defensive midfielder, rather a "deep lying playmaker". I'd also go as far as to say he reminds me alot of Pirlo at Milan. Ace players.

Anyway, I was really wondering about Dan Gosling. Moyes comments recently that he would have had a good chance of making the squad/team but for his recent injury (which he is now recovered from). I was wondering if he is a right defender/midfielder as different sites have reported different things. Also if anyone had seen the boy play?
Mark Cassin, Singapore     Posted 23/04/2008 at 18:21:11

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Ben Rogers
1   Posted 24/04/2008 at 07:26:40

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I live near Plymouth and followed Gosling's progress while at Argyle. He can play right back (where he often played for them when he actually did play), or centre mid, where he seems to have played for our reserves. Not many big Argyle fans I've spoken to rate him that highly and I'd be suprised if he ever becomes a first team regular at Everton - he only played a handful of games at Argyle. Still, he is in the international set up, so he must have something about him that people like. But for £1.5M pounds... I think Argyle fans will prove to be the happier from the deal.
James Davies
2   Posted 24/04/2008 at 07:44:53

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Interesting insight Ben. It would be great if a couple of our young reserve team players could make the step up next season and contribute meaningfully to the first team - not sure if there are many contenders though? I’d be interested to hear what people think about the prospects of some of our youngsters (especially those that have seen them play).
Graham Holliday
3   Posted 24/04/2008 at 08:48:32

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I’ve spoken to a couple of Plymouth fans that reckon he’s a gem. I’ve never seen him play so couldn’t comment though!

As for him playing centre mid for the ressies, I wouldn’t read too much into that - that is also where Rodwell is often deployed - I assume Moyes plays them in there to get them as involved as possible and to give them experience of the need to be composed in possession.
Marc Williams
4   Posted 24/04/2008 at 08:55:48

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I must admit that I?d not given much thought to Dan Gosling whilst lying awake at night wondering where the points will come from in our last 3 games. I guess I?d just mentally filed him away as " one for the future " as they say.

I now see from the above comments that he?s a right back who can play centre midfield who Moyes recently said was close to playing. This is potentially excellent news as I?m bored with just playing 2 right backs in the team at the moment.

Maybe there?s a secret competion taking place called ? How many right backs can you fit in your team? like in the 1970s when there were competitions to see how many people you could cram in a mini.

If we play Gosling at some point along with Neville & Hibbert we could potentially win this, who said negativity doesn?t pay & we wouldn?t win anything this season? If we bottle it & don?t we could always sign Stephen Carr (aka the recent link) and we?d be sure to win next season.

Who knows... Uefa may even officially sanction the ?How many right backs can you play in your team ? competion along the lines of the fair play league. Now thats got to worth a discretionary Uefa Cup place! Ah my worries are over, European football secured at Goodison.

Yes, I?m coming nurse, I know its time for my medication.

Mark Cassin
5   Posted 24/04/2008 at 09:57:05

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Heard that Chelsea had him on trial a while back and I would be surprised if moyes bought him if he isn't that good....

@Marc Williams -- I was actually wondering if he would play at right back instead of our 2 crap fullbacks or in defensive midfield, where we are also crap, or even as a back up to Arteta/Pienaar.

As for Villa, that has all the makings of a 1-1 draw.
Paul O'Hanlon
6   Posted 24/04/2008 at 10:16:12

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Can see where you?re coming from Marc, but if Gosling?s introduction meant less appearances for Hibbert and Neville wouldn?t that cheer you up?

Although I can just see us letting Carsley go in the summer with a view to playing Pip centre mid all next season!
Marc Williams
7   Posted 24/04/2008 at 11:05:41

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Yes Paul, less appearances for Hibbert & Neville would certainly cheer me up as I?ve seen enough of them, especially in the same team to last me a lifetime. To be honest I feel a let down by them as I generally try to be positive & can usually find a knid word for most people and have indeed stuck up for both of them in the past.

I?ve got my fingers crossed that Gosling may be a decent right back so read with interest what Ben, James & Graham know about him. I really hadn?t taken much interest in him as I thought he was a long way from consideration for inclusion in the squad.

You?re right I can see Cars going as Derby they will offer him a longer contract & you can?t blame him at this stage of his career.

I ?d like to see him around for aother year as cover but if he goes, good luck to him he?s been a good servant to our club, we certainly missed him when he had that spell injured the other year. I hope Moyes buys a replacement rather than letting Neville fail in that role.

Joe McMahon
8   Posted 24/04/2008 at 12:07:40

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ALL our worries can go away with Dan Gosling & Scott Spencer, just like they did with Le Tie & Linderoth.

If if Gosling is shit he can play right back, interesting though as he never set the world alite at Plymouth.

That?s the difference with Investment: we want Bentley... we get Gosling!
James Bird
9   Posted 24/04/2008 at 12:57:19

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i think gosling will prove to be good for us. i am looking forward to seeing him more now that i read the 1st post saying argyle fans will be happier with the deal. i have a friend who is a wolves fan, and when we signed lescott, my friend was made up that his club had "robbed everton of 5million pounds". if gosling is half as good as lescott i will be a happy man. come on you blues !!!!
Nick Whitham
10   Posted 24/04/2008 at 13:06:25

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I lived in Plymouth for about 5 years and all the Argyle fans I know rate him highly, he is a midfielder by trade but when he played for the first team because of injury it was at right back but that was mainly because Argle had a paper thin squad at that point in time.
Joanne Tooher
11   Posted 24/04/2008 at 13:14:33

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My best-ever signing in Championship Manager 00/01 was called Marc Williams.
Marc Williams
12   Posted 24/04/2008 at 13:11:08

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On balance, from the posts those who know any Argyle fans seem to think he’s ok - so fingers crossed.
James, You’re right about lescott. Due to work committments I’m pretty much exciled to the Midlands and know a Wolves season ticket holder ( The infamous ’’Tipton Bob’ ) very well. When we signed Joleon he couldn’t beleive we paid £5 mil for him & also reckoned he’d got dodgy knees so would be injury prone. Glad to say he’s been proved completely wrong.
Marc Williams
13   Posted 24/04/2008 at 13:30:05

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Joanne, you?ve made my day as in my dreams I?m sure your signing was based on me.
Carl Howey
14   Posted 24/04/2008 at 14:18:16

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Joe Mc - nice to see you backing our young players.

The kid - yes I said KID - is 18. Gosling played 24 times for Plymouth (9 as sub) in a season and a half and you are trying to destroy him before he has even kicked a ball for us.

That’s just typical of the head up your arse negative mentality of so many blues. If he plays and ends up not being good enough then have a dig. Until then leave him, and the rest of the kids, alone.
Joe McMahon
15   Posted 24/04/2008 at 15:57:23

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Carl Howey - yes I admit, he hasn?t even played a first team game yet- yes he may prove to be ok, I?m just hoping he?s not turning into another Scott Spencer, Micheal Branch, Danny Cadamatari. John Oster, Francis Jeffers etc.

I wish the kid luck and hope he?s part of our future. I suppose I?m negative is i?m just always so pissed off that we can never compete with our arsehole rich neighbours.
William Donaldson
16   Posted 24/04/2008 at 16:44:12

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I live in Plymouth and have seen him play on numerous occasions and i think he can be a great player. At Plymouth he played right back mostly but I thought when he shone the most when he played in midfield, so I think moyes should give him a chance before the end of the season, maybe against Arsenal?
Chris Leyland
17   Posted 24/04/2008 at 20:24:12

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Marc Williams Re: how many right backs can you play in one team? I think Moyes is trying to emulate the tremendous success we saw under Walter Smith who?s maxim of " why play 2 centre backs when 6 will do" saw us achieve consecutive bottom half finishes every year.
Mark Pendleton
18   Posted 25/04/2008 at 00:25:02

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Sick of this "how many right backs" rubbish. Moyes knows Neville is a right back (and I believe he?s pretty good there). The only reason Neville and / or Cars have been played in the centre of a 4-man midfield is the lack of any other options. And Cars is still excellent as a defensive midfielder in a 5-man midfield. He could have left for a 2-year deal to Wigan last year but stayed at EFC. Why is he going to drop a division to do it this time around? I think he?ll stay as if we invest in a couple more midfielders he?ll be able to play in his best position.

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