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The Mail Bag

What might have been!!

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Having watched most of the Uefa Cup first leg last night between Rangers and Fiorentina ? a boring game, I thought ? it did make me feel very sick at what might have been. The game, as you probably know, ended up 0 - 0. Rangers did nothing but defend using the excuse of a team depleted by injury and Fiorentina where there for the taking... and now, of course, have the advantage of a home game. On last night's showing we could have beaten either of them. Ah well, there's always next year ? provided we make 5th. COYB
Patty  Beesley, Carmarthen     Posted 25/04/2008 at 11:22:25

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Martin Cutler
1   Posted 25/04/2008 at 15:18:42

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You?re assuming of course that Rangers (had we gone through it would have been Rangers we played, not "either" team) are no better than Derby, Sunderland, and are worse than Brum and Fulham?
Unless our recent form is solely because of the PK shoot-out then our current form wouldn?t have helped us advance had we won the shootout.

That said, I have often wondered what might have been had we beat Fiorentina.........I wouldn?t be unduly worried taking on Rangers so, yes, a final it could have been!


Re: Villa..............
John Denton
2   Posted 25/04/2008 at 15:40:35

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Imagine if its a Zenith Fiorentina final. We have beat both teams in the competition this season!
Tony Williams
3   Posted 25/04/2008 at 15:41:26

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It is a wonderful dream and I find myself thinking the same...............then I think to myself that if my auntie had bollocks she would be my uncle and then try not to think of it and sit down in a darkened room for half an hour.
Martin Cutler
4   Posted 25/04/2008 at 16:06:52

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Let?s hope Tony?s aunt is not the final image we all finish with this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too funny!
Trudy Boston
5   Posted 25/04/2008 at 16:37:28

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It’s strange that we are on the verge of a Zenit St Petersburg versus Glasgow Rangers UEFA Cup final.

If the latter can maintain their excellent away record thus far in Europe then I don’t see any reason why they can’t grab a score draw in Italy and represent a Scottish team in the final of the competition since Dundee United way back in 1987.

I’m not exactly a fancier of the Glasgow side, far from it, but they do have Everton connections, and maybe even Duncan himself will be cheering on the dark blues in the second leg wherever he may be.
Steve Williams
6   Posted 25/04/2008 at 16:49:18

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Sorry Trudy, but Rangers were absolute crap last night - I hope they get battered in Italy. I’ve had enough of boring football, just scaping through - Walter Smith all over (unfortunately DM seems to have been similarly afflicted).

Patty, incidentally we couldn’t have beaten Fiorentina over two legs - in case it escaped you, they knocked us out!

We probably would have gone out against PSV in any case.

I’m rooting for Zenit - the best team we’ve played in the UEFA this season. Although we won at home (against 10 men!) we would probably have been taken apart away.
Glen Strachan
7   Posted 25/04/2008 at 17:03:36

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I watched both semi-final Uefa Cup games and they were poor but as the posters above have pointed out, our present form has us looking even worse.

I got a bit of strop from some posters when I suggested, at the start of the season, that the Uefa Cup is a crap competition to give the also rans and Champs League Wannabees something to do in the winter.

Five games in a section and then three of five teams qualify..... is somebody taking the piss here ?

We look across the park and see the best club sides in the world cowering at the prospect of playing our Red neighbours in the Champions League so tell me ?how hard is it to get excited? about Brann Bergen and a range of sub-standard opposition rolling into Goodison?

I couldn?t care less about the Uefa Cup ? this year or next year ? so if it all goes pear-shaped against the much improved Aston Villa, good luck to them next season and we can concentrate on building a better side for the Premier League challangw.

Would this still be a good season if qualification for the InterToto followed and we had a good run in that prestigious competition?

You just couldn?t make this stuff up!
Gavin Ramejkis
8   Posted 25/04/2008 at 19:10:45

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I was sat in the Govan Stand in Ibrox last night watching the game and we could have taken both sides to pieces when we were in full flow earlier in the season but as has been pointed out our last five or six games have been dreadful and we would have fared just as well. If you don’t go out and go for the win as Rangers didn’t last night the game will turn into a sludge match with neither side putting their stamp of authority on the game.

All the we could have should have is meaningless now as our chance was wasted. All we can do now is fight for our chance to appear in Europe again next season, surrender to Villa on Sunday and the season will have been wasted.
Joachim Alm
9   Posted 25/04/2008 at 21:09:42

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Trudy, wasnt Celtic in the Uefa Cup Final back in like 2004?
Nick Xenos
10   Posted 25/04/2008 at 23:55:25

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Glen, I get your point but there are always two sides to a story. Playing in Europe gives our club exposure and makes it a more attractive proposition when the transfer window comes around. Also, the experience gained from playing in a European competion is invaluable and will hold us in good stead if we one day do reach the Champs’ League.
Stuart Reid
11   Posted 26/04/2008 at 00:07:49

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Rangers worse than Fulham and Birmingham? This is Rangers who have beaten Lyon, Werder Bremen, Stuttgart and Sporting Lisbon this season? We should have beaten Fiorentina but we didn’t get a result when it mattered. Rangers have done so - good luck to them.
Iain Thomson
12   Posted 26/04/2008 at 10:19:59

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I think to talk down Rangers' achievement is pretty lame. We lost to the first European team with any real pedigree that we faced. Rangers may not have been good to watch last night but they didn't concede an away goal which is half the battle. Based on previous away results they have secured in Europe this season it seems to be a worthwhile tactic. The injury/suspension situation they had was significant so a 0-0 is a good result against a full strength Fiorentina side with Mutu returned to their side after missing the Everton ties.

All very well us saying we would have beaten Rnagers. On our current form I'm sure Rangers would rather be playing us than Fiorentina.
James Gormley
13   Posted 26/04/2008 at 11:58:03

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Trudy, for rangers to get a score draw in fiorentina, they?d have to attack. I can?t see them getting a goal out there. Hopefully not anyway, it?s anti-football they play.
James Newcombe
14   Posted 26/04/2008 at 12:27:18

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Celtic were in the Uefa Cup Final recently, think it was 2003 - I remember this, as it was one of the worst games of football I have ever seen!

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