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I am angry at today's result, not because I thought we were the better team (as I think a draw was a fair result) but because I am sick to death of our manager failing to deliver in the crunch make-or-break games! You could say "that's football" but for me it is what seperates winners from losers on the pitch!

I am beginning to think that there is now a mental block in the camp in regards to these must-win games filtering down from the manager! A few people have shot me down today because apparantly its not Moyes's fault but why not? Consistently in these games it's the same old drivel and dissapointment! The fella seriously needs to get a mean and ruthless streak!
Mike Mulhall, Portsmouth     Posted 27/04/2008 at 20:48:32

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Chris Leyland
1   Posted 27/04/2008 at 22:03:55

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It might not feel it right now, but you have just witnessed the most successful Everton Premier League Season of all time. We have more points than our previous best total of 61 which was Joe Royle's team in 1995/6 and Moyes 4th place finish a few years back. We have our best goal difference since 1988, and our 4th positive goal difference on the run.
Jay Harris
2   Posted 27/04/2008 at 22:57:35

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Well said Chris.
We have just played the most inform team at the moment with a weakened MF and I honestly thought we were unlucky not to win. I do however critisise DM for subbing Manny for Arteta who wasn't fit enough to close down Barry for their second goal.
John Sreet
3   Posted 27/04/2008 at 22:58:19

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Villa are the ABSOLUTE form team right now but we stood up and were counted today. Villa have totally destroyed their last three opponents, we?ve been short of our game... yet we stopped them in their tracks and they?ll need to win BOTH their last two games... Wigan who need a point and West Ham who need a win.

I think we turned the corner today, whatever, it?s been the best season I can remember since the seventies...

Andrew Wilson
4   Posted 27/04/2008 at 23:07:30

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I?ve heard this comment about our best ever Premier League points total a few times now. Okay I think we?ve had a good season, but what everyone seems to have overlooked is that this league includes a very, very bad Derby ? who have practically given every team, including ourselves, 6 points.
Kiern Moran
5   Posted 27/04/2008 at 23:07:07

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Chris/Jay/John - all right. We were fantastic today. Villa, given our run ins, had to win today. They didn't and we came very close to beating them.

So this season we lost twice to Liverpool, so what? Tha'ts two league games out of thirty-eight. Last season they couldn't put a goal past us, it's just a wave ? sometimes its us sometimes its then. But overall, season-wise we are up on last year. We had an excellent time in Europe and something to be bettered next season. Had our first real cup run under Moyles and came very close. Brought new players into the squad etc etc. If we beat Newcastle, it will be job done.

It was nice to see Neville get a goal as well especially for all the stick the boo boys have been giving him. A game we couldn't afford to lose and the captain scores, cant ask for more.

David Jones
6   Posted 27/04/2008 at 23:16:51

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I don't see what more he could have done today to be honest. Villa play long ball and play it well, how do you defend against that?? They were behind, threw about 6 men forward and it paid off. Just one of those things.
Bill Goodall
7   Posted 27/04/2008 at 23:29:51

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The only mistake Moyes made today was taking Fernandes off instaed of Pienaar. Everything we did was going through him and he is better at the back than Pienaar who tends to give away silly frees.
Steve Ryan
8   Posted 27/04/2008 at 23:35:18

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David Jones, are you joking when you say Villa played the long ball? The first half was dire with countless 70 yard punts from our defence, as has been the case for most of the past 6 years while Villa played thoughtful football on the deck. What game were you watching mate?
Andy Callaghan
9   Posted 27/04/2008 at 23:51:20

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David Jones is right, Villa did play a lot of long balls up top. They played around a bit in the first half, I agree, but it never looked penetrative at all.

About the game - we were much improved on recent performances. We looked like scoring more if we?d just been a little less careless in the final third.

It really should set us up for taking a point off Arsenal.
Mick Gillian
10   Posted 28/04/2008 at 00:15:01

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I was disappointed we did not get the 3 point?s but I thought in the second half it was a little back to the vibrant Everton, pre Fiorentina. Quite why it took to the second half is anyone?s guess, but I thought we did enough to win this match. Now there seems to be a bit of doom and gloom but Villa would snap our hand?s off to be 3 point?s ahead with 2 games left. As we all know, looking at fixtures and expecting points never quite work?s out does it? The reason for Everton?s blip has been only through lack of personel, no creativity. Osman, who I thought was excellent today, made a massive difference in centre midfield. After the suffocation of the Neville/Carsley axis, Osman was like a breath of fresh air. I am not an Osman fan, but he has to play down the middle.
Tony Rice
11   Posted 28/04/2008 at 01:08:34

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Taking AJ off when they had taken off 2 of their back four was a strange one.
You’d think his pace and work ethic would have still have been a valuable weapon.
Paul Hardcastle
12   Posted 28/04/2008 at 01:38:59

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What a pile of crap, Kiern Moran. So Neville scores off a jammy deflection, and we "can’t ask for anything more." Behave! Of course we could have asked for more, you dolt. We DID ask for more... we asked for a fucking WIN!!!

Sometimes I despair at my fellow Evertonians. We were NOT "fantastic today", FFS! We were better than we have been recently, so yes, we must be thankful for that small mercies ... but "fantastic"!!! Don’t be fucking stupid.

And your next plus is our two gutless perfomances against Liverpool this season? They didn’t score against us last season. Well guess what, that was LAST SEASON!!! Hello!?! Are you certifiably mad!?!
Nick Xenos
13   Posted 28/04/2008 at 03:48:20

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At the end of the day, it was a lapse of concentration from Lescott for their second goal. If anything, I thought Moyes could've brought on Baines for Pienaar straight after we scored to shore up the midfield, but the goal came through our left so it wouldn?t've made much difference.

I?ve noticed a trend this season whereby we have conceded late goals in the big games when we have been leading or on level terms. Games that come to mind are Man U home and away, Chelsea 1st leg (League Cup), and now Villa. If we are to become a consistent Champs? League team year-in, year-out, we will need to improve on our mental stamina to play games out right to the final whistle.

Robert Chan
14   Posted 28/04/2008 at 05:01:33

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At the end, all those impressive statistics on our best season ever where simply contributed early and midway through the season and mean nothing now because that form has slumped, and that slump has destroyed all those mid-season expectations. Not one of our expectations were reached: no FA Cup, no Uefa Cup, and possible no 5th spot.

Top teams may drop a game occasionally but show consistency, something Everton lacked at the critical conclusion of this season. Who do we blame: the players? the coach? the funding?

A team that's hungry enough on home soil who know this game means Europe next season would have one that game, a relagation team would have showed more guts than that regardless of the excuse that the visitors Aston Villa are the in-form side. Aston Villa took risks when they took off 2 defenders as Everton sat back prematurely celebrating. No guts, no glory.

Peter Corcoran
15   Posted 28/04/2008 at 06:37:25

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I have always said hat DM has done a good job for EFC, which he has - especially this season. However, our "must win" games always start off as "must not lose" games with a must win attitude largely in the last 5 minutes.

Why when Villa put extra strikers on did we not follow suit and bring Victor on earlier instead of Arteta? I agree that Manny should have stayed on instead of Pienaar.

Why was Yakubu playing left-back at some stage during the game - he won?t score from there?

Did anyone else notice that Carew was offside for his goal and the studs up challenge on Carsley leading up to the cross?

I am also going to say something that will probably upset alot of fans. Why can?t Lescott read the game defensively and cut out crosses instead of standing there like a dummy watching what is happening around him and reacting far too late? I have lost count of the number of times that he has failed to cut out a cross which has resulted in a goal against us? These errors are worse than Phil Nevilles terrible passing yet nobody ever give Lescott any stick for it - why not? Don?t get me wrong, this is not a message of support for PN.

Recently I have said we should ditch Carsley next season and keep him only as a squad player but recently he has put in two great, thoughtful, crosses from which we have scored.

Tactics must change for us to become a top team and this is not a Moyes out message!
Mike Mulhall
16   Posted 28/04/2008 at 08:00:56

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i am not criticising our season, it has been enjoyable, but under moyes when we have been knocked out of europe in a must win game the season crumbles! chelsea were there for the taking in the semi and again we were poor! moyes derby record is pitiful and do we ever beat the other top 3? hardly ever!moyes is a good manager i agree! but he seriously needs to be able to tactically outwit greater opposition and pick these players up when we have a hard defeat aka fiorentina/villareal
Carl Rimmer
17   Posted 28/04/2008 at 08:39:29

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Fact: Villa DID play a lot of long ball to Carew, whoever said they didn’t want’s to ask Lee carsley? Neville had an excellent game subduing the threat of ashley Young all game who has been flying. Sorry if you expect him to provide the team with the guile from right back to win the game for us. Moyes got almost everything spot-on today. How many more games than Villa have we played with our small squad? If Tim Cahill had been fit all season we would have been sitting pretty in 4th place now, but you are always going to miss one of the best goalscoring midfielders cum forward in Europe!!
Andy Ellams
18   Posted 28/04/2008 at 09:02:13

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I think the most damning statistic against David Moyes is that in all competitions we have we have played 15 games against the teams currently in the top 8 and won 1, drawn 5 and lost 9. Just not good enough.
Brian Richardson
19   Posted 28/04/2008 at 09:29:18

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Andrew Wilson, are you trying to wind people up? You are really so set on detracting from this year’s achievement that you attribute our best ever points total to Derby County’s presence in the league?!

Jeez man, that’s clutching at straws, even for the illogical Moyes-bashers. I’d suggest getting 6 points off the worst team in the league is a fairly common occurrence for teams in the top 5. Why does it matter that Derby are particularly bad?!

Patty Beesley
20   Posted 28/04/2008 at 09:45:32

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I think Carsley should have been man of the match - he really took some physical abuse from Carew - a player I took an instant dislike to!! Sorry to see him get Villa?s second goal and annoyed at the lack of concentration of our team that allowed him to score. Still in the celebration mode from Joey?s goal!!
Arthur Jones
21   Posted 28/04/2008 at 10:14:34

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Andy Ellams, it's great what you can do with statistics. There seems to be a line between the top 10 and bottom 10 in the prem this season but you choose to pick the top 8! Our record against the top 10 is won 4 drew 7 lost 6, admittedly not great but better than your "damning statistic".

I would expect most teams in the top 10 would have a better record playing against those in the bottom 10 ? that's why they are in the top half of the league .....

Jonathan Tasker
22   Posted 28/04/2008 at 11:14:05

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That match gave me nightmares last night... the result was disastrous.
Chris Briddon
23   Posted 28/04/2008 at 11:13:17

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Short memories you lot haven?t you.

What about the must win games against Man city away and Portsmouth at home. Do those games suddenly not count any more! Pompey and City are no longer threats but that was helped by our good results against them a short time ago.
John Mathews
24   Posted 28/04/2008 at 12:44:54

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Wwere Villa the Harlem Globetrotters in disguise? I have never seen such a big team before.
Ant Mill
25   Posted 28/04/2008 at 13:55:19

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I’m gutted. The only thing I wud av done differently is once we took the lead bringin Arteta on for Johnson, instead of Fernandes and goin back to our more effective 4-5-1 system rather than leavin Johnson on who can’t seem to win the ball ever. This would have made us harder to break down and give us more width as space oepned up for them when Barry cut into the middle to deliver the assist for the 2nd equaliser. Some fans already seem satisfied with the season we’ve had but we can’t afford to stop now because Villa and Portsmouth can still finish above us. We need to get something at Arsenal and beat Newcastle last game of the season or otherwise hope the likes of Wigan, West Ham and Middlesborough can do us a favour.It’s so disappointing when we were just 5 minutes away from moreorless claiming 5th place. Also, I don’t want to sound too OTT but I hope it doesn’t go down to goal difference, beacuse when Villa "battered" Derby 2 of their goals were clearly offside and the first one impeded the goalkeeper and those decisions could cost us. We need to go to Arsenal and deliver one of the performances of the season, because we need it more than them and if we want it badly enough a point if not three are there for the taking. COYB

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